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Mon, 26 Feb 2018
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Fireball 3

Possible meteor fireball reported in southeast Newfoundland

Fireball - Stock image

Stock image
A woman in Deer Park is looking for others who may have seen what she believes was a meteor zipping through the skies in the early morning hours.

Danielle Dewling was outside her house just before 2:00 a.m. Wednesday morning when she noticed a dazzling sight in the sky.

She says she looked up and saw a big flash of orange streaking through the sky that looked like a meteor from the movie 'Armageddon.'

The Royal Astronomical Society says it hasn't received any reports as of now, but urges anyone who may have seen the supposed meteor to report it to the group.

Fireball 2

Bolide captured over western France

France bolide 12 Feb 2108
The bolide of February 12, 2018, 05:06 min UT, recorded with FRIPON cameras located at Vannes (left), Nantes (middle) and Angers (right).
A bolide (meteor brighter than the planet Venus) was captured over western France on Tuesday, February 12, at 06h 06min 30s (French local time, or 05h 06min 30s UT). According to Vigie-Ciel the object was recorded by cameras of the FRIPON network (Fireball Recovery and Interplanetary Observation Network) and initial analysis indicates the bolide entered the atmosphere almost vertical above the city of Nantes, with a trajectory roughly East-West.

The American Meteor Society (AMS) has received over 75 reports of this event, some from parts of the UK. Some witnesses describe the event as having "a trail of fire", Ouest-France reports. "She arrived suddenly. It made a kind of white trail, and at the end of the trajectory, like a small implosion. It was very impressive, I wondered if it was not a plane, even a UFO! " says Jason, living in Saint-Senoux (35), who viewed the scene from the window of his room.

Bolide over France 12 Feb 2018
Location map of people who reported their testimony of the meteor fireball on Monday, February 12th.


The Big Burn - Global fire 13k years ago

YDB Event
© UC Santa Barbara
Black dots represent locations of 129 lake cores exhibiting charcoal records and purple dots represent marine sites with charcoal and/or soot spanning the Younger Dryas onset.
Some 13,000 years ago, a cataclysmic event occurred on Earth that was likely responsible for the collapse of the Clovis people and the extinction of megafauna such as mammoths and mastodons.

That juncture in the planet's geologic history - marked by a distinct layer called the Younger Dryas Boundary - features many anomalies that support the theory of a cometary cloud impacting Earth. The collision triggered a massive biomass burning event, and the resulting soot, ash and dust in the global atmosphere blocked out the sun, which prevented photosynthesis - a phenomenon called impact winter.

For more than a decade, UC Santa Barbara professor emeritus James Kennett has studied elements found at the Younger Dryas Boundary (YDB). He has collaborated with scientists around the globe, providing evidence at the YDB for a platinum peak as well as for spherules, melt glass, nanodiamonds and other exotic materials that can be explained only by cosmic impact.

Kennett and his colleagues have now published new research in the Journal of Geology. In two papers, they analyze existing published scientific data from ice, glacier, lake, marine and terrestrial sediment cores, finding evidence for an extensive biomass burning episode at the YDB layer representing one of the most extreme events - if not the most extreme - ever experienced by our own species, anatomically modern humans. Recent extreme climate and burn events like those in California pale by comparison, Kennett said.

Comment: 12,800 years ago: Cosmic impact produced global fires larger than dinosaur killer event - Research


'Meteorite ball of fire' spotted in night skies of Horsham, UK

Fireball - stock image

Fireball - stock image
A breathtaking 'supermoon' visible in the Sussex sky last week led to another astral discovery for a Horsham woman.

Maggie Dellard went out into the garden of her home in Pines Ridge to look at the moon after seeing reports of the phenomenon on television - and was shocked to discover another startling spectacle. "I looked up and there was this big meteorite flying over Tanbridge School," she said. "It was a big ball of fire with a tail behind it.

"I called out to my husband Keith to come and look, but it totally vanished by the time he came out."

Maggie, 73, said: "I just can't believe I am the only person in Horsham to have seen it. It couldn't have been anything else but a meteorite.

Fireball 2

Meteor fireball reported over western skies in the US

A fireball was observed over a wide part of the western United States Tuesday night, Springdale, Utah, Feb. 6, 2018
© Heath Serna
A fireball was observed over a wide part of the western United States Tuesday night, Springdale, Utah, Feb. 6, 2018
A fireball seen Tuesday night over skies in the western United States attracted quite a bit of attention.

A fireball was observed over a wide part of the western United States Tuesday night, Springdale, Utah, Feb. 6,

The American Meteor Society reported on their website that the fireball, which occurred at approximately 7:33 p.m. MST, was seen by viewers in a wide swath over the West. Reports flooded in from California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Texas and one report from St. George.

The meteor was very noticeable in most areas. An observer in Emeryville, California, sent his description of the sighting to the American Meteor Society website.

Fireball 4

Oklahoma City resident captures meteor fireball on dash cam

Fireball over OK
© news9.com
An Oklahoma City resident captured video of a meteor streaking across the sky, early Monday morning.

Jared Catalano sent in the video he recorded on his dashboard camera to News 9. Catalano said he was traveling south on N. Portland Avenue, near NW 150th Street, when the meteor appeared, just before 7 a.m.

You can watch News9's coverage here.

Comment: A mysterious house-shaking boom was reported by residents in central Oklahoma (including Oklahoma City) on February 5th:

'It was loud!' Mysterious boom, shock wave rattles homes in central Oklahoma


'It was loud!' Mysterious boom, shock wave rattles homes in central Oklahoma

Mystery boom in central Oklahoma
Some people in the S.E. metro reported a large "boom" along with a shock wave Monday evening.

"Well, inside the house it sounded like maybe an M80 going off or dynamite. It was loud," said John Smith. "Vibrations. Big boom. First the big boom and then vibrations."

His neighbor, Donna Hood, was also shaken up.

"We thought we'd had an earthquake and we waited and looked on the news and everywhere else and nobody posted anything. So, we had no idea what it was," said Hood.

Data didn't show any earthquakes in the area and authorities say there were no explosions either.


NASA - 2 new 'potentially hazardous' asteroids careening towards Earth

© YouTube/NASA
Two previously unknown "potentially hazardous" asteroids will pass close to Earth this week, and once again we're reminded that a) NASA's ability to spot potentially cataclysmic near-Earth asteroids is currently limited to a few days' warning, and b) the area around Earth is swarming with dozens of giant space rocks, which are apparently stealthy enough to remain undetected until it's too late. Not an encouraging combination, especially after the two near-misses last month (YD7 and 2018 AJ).

Comment: It is a sobering thought but There is NO WAY TO TELL what might hit, and when. The world's observatories were focused on 2012 DA14 when, 6 hours before its scheduled fly-by, another large rock - from another direction - arrived out of nowhere to explode over Chelyabinsk, Russia!

The new asteroids are named 2018 CC and 2018 CB, and are between 9 and 38 meters in size. For comparison, a standard X-Wing is about 12.5 meters long, while the Space Shuttle is about 56 meters.

NASA deems any asteroid that comes within closer than 4.6 million miles of Earth to be "potentially hazardous." This might not sound close in terrestrial terminology but in terms of space distance, it's close enough to worry.

Comment: The skies have been noticeably active recently with an alarming number of space rocks:

Fireball 3

Did a satellite just crash to Earth? Day after spectacular fireball over Peru, three large metal spheres found (VIDEOS)

peru metal spheres
The mysterious spheres were found by peasants in southeastern Peru
Experts are baffled after large steel balls appeared to fall from the sky, terrifying thousands living in nearby neighbourhoods.

Reports have emerged that the mysterious object disintegrated above eastern Brazil and northern Peru.

The bizarre incident was accompanied with loud booms.

Comment: The booms probably wouldn't have been caused by the spheres per se, but whatever craft or larger object carried them through the atmosphere before disintegrating/exploding - assuming that they are indeed man-made and part of a satellite.

People living in Larancahuani, in the region of Puno, Peru, were reportedly left terrified when three metallic spheres crashed down.

The unexplained incident unfolded on January 27.

Video footage from the day appears to show a fireball hurtling through the sky.

Comment: Here's video footage of the mystery fireball:

It does indeed appear to have been a rocket reentry, according to an ID made by watchers.news:
The rocket was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on December 26, 2017, carrying AngoSat 1 Communications Satellite.

The SL-23 rocked body (international designation 2017-086D) re-entered Earth's atmosphere at 23:32 UTC on January 27, 2018, providing a rare opportunity to witness a rocket body slowly burning out in the atmosphere.
In 2016, three very similar objects landed all at once in Vietnam - loud booms were also reported in that case. In 2015, about 6 such objects fell to the ground in Spain. And in 2011, another metal sphere fell in Namibia.


Widespread booms perplex residents of Fox Valley, Wisconsin

boom boom
QUESTION: What was the source of the loud booms in Neenah and Menasha last week?

ANSWER: Your question is one that has perplexed residents and authorities alike.

Starting at about 8:45 p.m. Jan. 26, residents began posting to Facebook about hearing loud noises or booms in Neenah. Some also reported seeing flashes in the air.

The initial reports came from the neighborhoods around Neenah's Recreation and Doty parks. Soon, though, people said they heard the booms in other parts of Neenah and in Menasha, Fox Crossing, Grand Chute, Greenville, Hortonville and on the south, east, north and west sides of Appleton.

It didn't stop there.