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Sun, 28 Nov 2021
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'Booming noise' prompts police investigation in Muskego, Wisconsin

Mystery boom (stock)
© myjournalcourier.com
Muskego police said Sunday, Dec. 27 they couldn't determine what caused some loud booming noises that caused a flurry of questions online. Several people said they got up to check for damage because the sound was so loud.

They found nothing, just like Muskego police. Instead, they may have witnessed a relatively rare weather phenomenon.

Just after noon on Sunday, the noise ruffled some feathers in southeastern Wisconsin.

"I was watching TV and then I heard a really loud boom," said Michelle Bykowski. "Kinda sounded like something happened in my garage, like it collapsed or something."

From Waukesha to Franklin, Caledonia to Wind Lake, Wisconsinites took to Facebook, asking if others heard a loud booming noise -- like an explosion...


Mysterious explosive sound and massive flash rattles Elk Grove, California

An explosion and massive flash rocked an Elk Grove neighborhood in the middle of the night.

The flash was captured in home surveillance video from Feickert Drive.

The Elk Grove Police Department said the incident is just one example of loud booms people have been reporting for weeks.

"We both jumped out of bed because one of the pictures fell from the wall," said Amy Mantanane.

Fireball 5

Meteor fireball captured over southeastern US

Observers map for event 8167-2020
© AMS (screen capture)
Observers map for event 8167-2020.
The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 37 reports (event 8167-2020) about a meteor fireball seen over GA, KY, MD, NC, NJ, OH, SC and VA on Tuesday, December 29th 2020 around 00:29 UT.

Two videos were uploaded to the AMS website.

Credit: Jason Sewell.


Cause of mysterious booms leaves Tucson, Arizona residents shaking for answers

Tuscon, Arizona
Whether it be from an earthquake, a UFO or something else entirely, Tucsonans are working on trying to figure out what shook the Old Pueblo Tuesday morning.

Loud booms followed by ground shakes were observed by various residents across Tucson at around 11 a.m. Tuesday. Reports of the booms came from various parts of the Old Pueblo, including Marana, the Catalina Foothills and the southwest side of town.

While many Tucsonans speculated that the cause may have been from an earthquake, News 4 Tucson Chief Meteorologist Matt Brode and experts with the University of Arizona said that there was not seismic activity observed near Tucson during that timeframe.

Comment: See also: Mysterious booms reported in the Tucson, Arizona area

Fireball 2

Did a huge fireball crash near a lake in Allegan County, Michigan?

Some Allegan County residents claim to have seen a huge fireball coming from the sky before crashing into Allegan Lake.
Holy crap did anybody see that huge flaming ball crash by lake allegan ~Robert James
Some residents in Allegan are left scratching their heads this morning wondering just what happened Sunday evening. An Allegan area resident posted to a social media group called Allegan County Informed on the evening of Sunday, December 27 stating he saw a large fireball come from the sky before crashing into Allegan Lake.

The alleged fireball and resulting crash into Lake Allegan was said to have happened around 6:50 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The resident that claimed to see it all said he saw a "Crazy purple greenish color it made a high pitched squeal going through the sky" before it crashed in or near Lake Allegan.


Meteor fireball lights up sky from New Jersey to North Carolina

A large meteor streaked across the sky along the East Coast Monday evening, prompting two dozen reports to the American Meteor Society with an hour.

The fireball was seen from New Jersey to North Carolina right around 7:30 p.m. People reported it as very bright, moving from left to right and seeming to dissolve or flame out at the end. Color reports varied from bright white to orange, red, yellow and ending in green.

One observer wrote it looked like a "trail of fire in the sky."


'Sonic boom' sends people into a tizzy in Chandigarh, India

Boom in Chandigarh, India
© Tribune (file photo)
A loud thumping sound echoed across the tri-city on Tuesday evening.

Residents were shocked wondering what had happened. People heard a thumping sound as their doors, windows and cars shook around 8 pm.

"I was surfing the Internet when I heard a loud sound as if someone had smashed my door. I ignored it, but later got calls from my friends, who said they had a similar experience," said Kunal, a Mohali resident.

"I was sitting in my car when it suddenly shook to my utter surprise. I do not know what is was," said Ravi, a resident of Sector 44, Chandigarh.

Fireball 2

Video captures meteor fireball blazing over Texas

Meteor fireball over Texas
© YouTube/American Meteor Society (screen capture)
The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 4 reports (event 8137-2020) about a meteor fireball seen over TX on Sunday, December 27th 2020 around 08:19 UT.

A video was uploaded to the AMS website. Credit: Kevin Palivec.

Fireball 5

Bright meteor fireball streaks over England

Meteor fireball over England
© YouTube/American Meteor Society (screen capture)
The American Meteor Society (AMS) has received 9 reports (event 8092-2020) about a meteor fireball seen over England on Saturday, December 26th 2020 around 01:03 UT.

One video was uploaded to the AMS website. Credit: Maggie.

Fireball 5

Meteor fireball falls from the sky north of Sandpoint, Idaho

Fireball over Idaho
A KREM viewer captured video of a meteor falling north of Sandpoint on Dec. 23.

In the video, a fireball is seen falling from the sky. It flares brightly before disappearing behind a small mountain ridge, according to the KREM viewer who sent in the video.

The video was captured at his mother's Upper Pack River Valley home about 15 miles north of Sandpoint.

There are three other reports of people witnessing a fireball in Idaho that night according to the American Meteor Society. However verification of those reports is still pending.