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Tue, 01 Dec 2020
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Fireball 2

Meteor fireball lit up the night skies over several US states

On March 25, around 10:40 p.m. EDT, a smoke tow could have been seen on the night sky of several US states. Residents from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York reported that they witnessed a color-changing fireball crossing the sky.

The American Meteor Society receives seven different reports on the event. The common belief: it must have been a meteorite entering the atmosphere.

The interference with the atmosphere causes the object to burst into a meteor. Friction, pressure, and chemical interactions with the atmospheric gases are the ones lightening the piece of debris and making it look like a shooting star or falling star.

The visibility in some of the states, such as Pennsylvania, was impaired due to the clouds in the sky. Dan D., a Pennsylvania resident, stated: "I've seen shooting stars and this was definitely not the same," he noted in his report.

Fireball 5

Scientists agree: Younger Dryas impact event wiped out ancient civilization

© iStockphoto
The Earth was hit by a fragmented comet around 13,000 years ago at the end of the Pleistocene Era and scientists are now starting to agree.

A new research paper has been published in Scientific Reports regarding an ancient civilisation in what is modern-day Syria that was wiped out by the cataclysm, as academics finally come round to the idea that yes this event did happen.

Even the sceptic Michael Shermer, who famously debated Graham Hancock on the Joe Rogan podcast has tweeted Graham saying:

"Ok Graham, I shall adjust my priors in light of more research like this, and modify my credence about your theory."


New Jersey official believes loud noise, shaking was sonic boom

Mystery boom (stock)
© KY3
Favorable wind directions, temperatures and atmospheric conditions could have contributed to a possible sonic boom occurring on Thursday morning, officials said.

Between 9:25 and 9:30 a.m. Thursday, people as far north as Forked River, as west as Hammonton and south as Sea Isle City reported a loud boom and shake. The noise was described as a noisy truck going by, with something falling out of it.
My house was shaking in Hammonton, about 3 shakes over 5-7 seconds — Frank Intessimoni (@SJmedic911) February 27, 2020
Winds were very strong, getting up into the 50s in spots. However, winds would only caused localized reports.

Fireball 2

Video captures meteor fireball streaking over Florida

Florida meteor fireball
© YouTube/American Meteor Society (screen capture)
The spectacular phenomenon, often referred to as a "shooting star", occurs when a meteor enters the atmosphere where it then burns, producing a streak of light visible from our planet.

Captivating footage of a meteor entering the Earth's atmosphere over Lakeland, Florida has been posted by the American Meteor Society.

In a four-second video, the celestial body is seen streaking across the sky, leaving a blazing trail behind it before disappearing completely.


Meteor fireball filmed above Wigan, UK

The meteor (circled) as it flies through Wigan

The meteor (circled) as it flies through Wigan
A British man has inadvertently captured stunning CCTV footage of a meteor hurtling through the skies over Wigan. Blake Kerwin, 22, filmed the extraterrestrial incident on his home security camera in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Mr Kerwin was reportedly awoken by a notification on his phone linked to the home CCTV.

The flyby appeared so close his security system alerted him it had detected suspicious movements outside his home.

Only when the Wigan resident reviewed the footage did he release he had filmed a fireball.

The hi-res black and white footage clearly shows an unidentified object speeding across the screen from left to right.


Fireball meteor seen over Seville in Andalucía, Spain

On Saturday night, at approximately 8:33 local time, a fireball could be seen in the Andalucían night sky. It could be observed in Seville, Granada and Almería.

The Institute of Astrophysics of Andalucía and head investigator José María Madiedo has analysed the meteorite and concluded that it was a rock that had detached from a bigger asteroid and made its way into our atmosphere with a speed of 54,000 kilometres per hour.

The meteor was first spotted at a height of 78 kilometres above Ciudad Real, in Castilla de Mancha. It followed a northeast trajectory and burnt out at a height of 38 kilometres over the same province.


The Great Lake Tahoe comet tsunami

Lake Tahoe
© Epoque
One of the best things about the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis is finding catastrophic features that may date to the event, but have not yet been directly connected with it. Today I submit one of the finest examples: The Great Lake Tahoe Comet Tsunami.

Its is a well-published and uncontroversial fact that in the recent prehistoric past a gargantuan rock shelf on the western shore of Lake Tahoe collapsed. FIVE SQUARE MILES of rock and sediment slipped into the gin-clear waters of the deep alpine lake and vomited a 300′ high tsunami wave that raced across the lake in five minutes, crashed on the eastern shore, ran up a 1000 feet high, and retreated leaving scars on the landscape visible today. The oscillating "seiche waves," rocked back and forth and in and out of the lake for half an hour of lacustrine hell.

Lake Tahoe was a bad place on a bad day.

When was the bad day? As determined in the most recent detailed study by James Moore et al. (2014) link below, the youngest estimate for the catastrophic event is our favorite geological and cultural milestone of 12,000 years ago, and the outer limit is 21,000. This range is supported by two sets of data. The older limit is defined by dating a glacial moraine no older than 21,000 years, which was breached by the debris flow. (If it happened today, and was studied thousands of years in the future, it would also be constrained by this early date).

Fireball 3

Three fiery meteorites reportedly hit ground in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Meteorite in India
© Sanjeevni Today
One of the reported meteorites that fell near Sahibabad railway station, Ghaziabad in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh
Three meteorites have reportedly hit the ground close to Sahibabad railway station, Ghaziabad in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on March 5, 2020 according to the Mahanagar Times.

Local residents reported seeing three objects falling from the sky at about ten-minute intervals, with thunder-like sounds, which caused panic in the area.

Despite heavy rains at the time and attempts at extinguishing the objects by the fire brigade, they continued smouldering for several hours afterwards, producing a noticeable smell.

News station TV9 Bharatvarsh has the following report (in Hindi):

Fireball 2

Oregon and SW Washington see at least 2 fireballs in night sky

1 day ago kptv.com Doorbell camera catches 1 of 2 fireballs seen in western Oregon

Doorbell camera catches 1 of 2 fireballs seen in western Oregon
If you looked up at the sky last night, you may have seen a fireball visible from western Oregon and southwest Washington!

The American Meteor Society Fireball log says there were numerous reports on the night of March 4. The first one was reported around 7:15 p.m. due southeast.


Meteor fireball seen over Ohio

A meteor shot across the night sky on Sunday and people in the Miami Valley saw it! This was a special meteor considered to be a fireball. A fireball is just a meteor that is as bright as the planet Venus. These often have a bright tail and sometimes can produce a noise when they flash across the sky. The American Meteor Society keeps track of fireball sightings across the country and according to them, it appeared around 10:22PM on Sunday.

There were reports from 16 people that were from five different states. Majority of the eye witnesses were from Ohio. Three in southwest Ohio. The AMS created a map based on reports from the witnesses and it seems the fireball may have flashed somewhere in south central, Ohio, south and east of Columbus.