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Wed, 23 May 2018
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Cloud Precipitation

Hailstones of the size of cricket balls damage hundreds of houses in Meghalaya, India

File photo

File photo
Hailstones of the size of cricket balls accompanied by heavy rain and thunder damaged hundreds of Assam-type houses at Shangpung, Nangbah and the adjoining areas in West Jaintia Hills on Sunday afternoon.

Around seven hundred houses were damaged in Shangpung alone.

Sources informed that the incident occurred around 2 pm. Rain accompanied by small hailstones also affected the Seng Khihlang Lympung at Sabahmuswang, Thadlaskein as most of the faithful had to take shelter either under a tree or inside their vehicle.

Cloud Precipitation

Over 1,500 houses damaged, crops devastated as hailstorms hit northern Vietnam

Hailstorms late on Saturday damages an orchard in Son La Province.
© VnExpress/Minh Thao
Hailstorms late on Saturday damages an orchard in Son La Province.
The storms have left many without a roof over their heads and destroyed crops that were ready for harvest.

Hailstorms and strong winds hit Vietnam's northern mountainous region on Saturday evening, damaging houses and destroying crops.

In the northeastern province of Bac Kan, authorities said that over 1,000 houses had been damaged in an hour-long hailstorm that bombarded three districts with hailstones of up to three centimeters (1.2 inches) in diameter, the size of a grape, according to local media.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes kill 10 people and 12 cattle across Karnataka, India

Ten people were killed and six injured in lightning strikes in separate incidents in Yadgir, Raichur and Vijayapura districts on Sunday. The lightning strikes also killed 12 cattle in Yadgir.

Many parts of North Karnataka and Hyderabad received rainfall coupled with thunderstorms. Hailstorms were also reported from many places.

Yadgir district alone reported death of six people due to lightning. In Halgera village, 35-year-old Kumar and Murgesh (30) died on the spot when lightning hit them. Four people who were with the victims suffered injuries and have been admitted to a government hospital in Yadgir.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 31 sheep on farm in Logan County, Kentucky

dead sheep
Crist Byler is a retired truck driver and now a sheep farmer in Logan County.

Byler spends his Sunday afternoon on the farm- an average day at work as he tends to his sheep.

"It's my livelihood, it's what I do," said Byler.

On Saturday morning, he pulled up to the farm to take care of his sheep to find a horrible scene - one he certainly didn't expect.

"This was all just covered in sheep right here. Dead," explained Byler as he shows the scene under the tree where the sheep once laid.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Spring blizzard Xanto, snow in Morocco and Arctic ice recovers, media distracts

Blizzard Xanto

Blizzard Xanto
With all of the media distractions underway, you know that a look right while the real action is looking left, which would be blizzards across the US and Canadian grain belts that will prevent planting until mid May at best. Spring blizzard Xanto rolls across the land shattering snow and clod records, decimating anything that bloomed, sprouted, budded , emerged or started growing already this spring. The agricultural losses will be stupendous, and add o the fact that two more winter storms are on the way, uhmmmm I mean two more BLIZZARDS. Heavy snow in Morocco, Spain, France and thick hail in Italy will round it out.


Snowflake Cold

3 killed as violent spring snowstorm blasts Midwest US

3 killed as ‘historic’ snowstorm blasts Midwest US
© Shannon Stapleton / Reuters
3 killed as ‘historic’ snowstorm blasts Midwest US
At least three people have been killed, including a sleeping two-year-old girl, as a violent spring storm has battered the Midwest with powerful winds and heavy snow.

The storm front swept across the Midwest this weekend, leaving large swathes of the region blanketed in snow. The city of St. Paul in Minnesota was forced to declare a snow emergency, while nearby Minneapolis is predicted to receive more than 50 centimeters of snow by the time the storm passes through the region.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, which serves the two cities, was forced to cancel nearly 500 flights. Airport officials said the snow was falling too fast for plows to keep runways clear. Hundreds of crashes were reported across the state. Some 300 thousand houses were without electricity.

Comment: The US has been battered by snow storms since the beginning of winter, spring is here and the cold weather is not abating:

To see how weather all over the world has gone haywire, as well as fireballs and a variety of other strange phenomena, check out SOTT's monthly documentary: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - March 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Bizarro Earth

Lake Michigan pier briefly submerged during 'Great Lakes meteotsunami'

Lake Michigan meteotsunami
© Todd and Brad Reed Photography)
These photos of the Ludington North Breakwater were taken just 10 minutes apart by Ludington photographer Todd Reed on Friday, April 13.
Photos taken by a Michigan photographer captured the dramatic rise of Lake Michigan near Ludington.

MLive Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa reports that a quick rise in water level known as a seiche caused the lake to rise 13.9 inches in just 42 minutes around 12:30 p.m. on Friday, April 13.

Photos captured by Ludington-based photographer Todd Reed provide evidence of just how dramatic the phenomenon also known as a "Great Lakes meteotsunami" was.

Thunderstorm induced seiche causes Lake Michigan to rise over foot in less than hour

Docks were damaged as the water level rose quickly.

The first photo taken around the time of the seiche shows the Ludington North Breakwater almost completely covered by water.

"The water was as high as (I) had seen since Nov. 10, 1975, the day the freighter Edmond Fitzgerald sank on Lake Superior. Water was also flooding the beach and the end of Ludington Avenue," Reed said in an email.

Comment: Meteotsunami? Ocean dramatically recedes on South American Atlantic coast as huge waves batter the Pacific side


Think the snowfall is finished? Over a foot of snow falls on the Twin Cities

The scene at Cedar Avenue in Richfield.
© Joe Nelson
The scene at Cedar Avenue in Richfield.
After more than a foot of snow fell on the Twin Cities Saturday in a historic storm, there's still more to come.

The snow will continue to fall throughout the day Sunday, producing another 2 to 5 inches of snow in the Metro, according to WCCO Meteorologist Matt Brickman. The snow will be light throughout the morning hours, producing heavier snowfall as the day goes on.

That is, of course, on top of an already historic snowfall. Brickman says it's already the biggest April snow event in history, and after Sunday's snow, it could even crack the top 20 biggest Twin Cities snowstorms ever.


Records broken with latest snow fall in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Streets were most deserted during Saturday's snowstorm, but not everyone stayed home.

Streets were most deserted during Saturday's snowstorm, but not everyone stayed home.
You need only look outside your window to know that it's been quite a day in Sioux Falls.

Well, according to the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls, the day has been magnified by the trifecta of records broken by today's snowfall of 13.1 inches as of 11 p.m.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 4, injures 4 others in Maharashtra, India

Four persons were killed in lightning strike as untimely rains lashed Umarkhed, Mahagaon, Darwha and Yavatmal today.

Four persons were killed and as many were injured after being struck by lightning at village Veni in Mahagaon tehsil of Yavatmal district this afternoon, officials said.

The victims had taken shelter under a tree during rain when the tragedy took place.