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Wed, 21 Nov 2018
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Cloud Precipitation

One woman dead after storms and flooding hit Sardinia, Italy

The Italian island of Sardinia and parts of Liguria were on maximum red alert on Thursday as storms swept across Italy's western coasts.

The Italian island of Sardinia and parts of Liguria were on maximum red alert on Thursday as storms swept across Italy's western coasts.
A woman has died and one man is missing on the southern Italian island of Sardinia as storms battered the country's western coasts this week.

The woman's body was found following hours of heavy rain which caused flooding and swept away part of a motorway bridge.

The victim, aged 45, was driving near the town of Assemini with her husband and three children when floodwaters blocked their car.

The family became separated as they tried to escape and while the rest of the family was rescued by police, the woman's body was recovered on Thursday.


Cyclone Luban heads for Oman but worst hit may be Yemen

cyclone luban
© met.gov.om
Oman could escape worst of cyclone Luban but fears grow for Yemen Oman is likely to escape the worst of tropical storm Luban, and will probably head towards Yemen instead.
Oman is on alert after the meteorology center upgraded Luban to tropical cyclone category one on Wednesday while Yemen issued a warning.

Oman is likely to escape the worst of tropical cyclone, and will probably head towards Yemen instead, Omani forecasters said.

Meteorologists warned that heavy rainfall and strong winds would hit Oman as the storm makes landfall. And residents have been warned to take precautions.

Meanwhile, Yemen, worn by an ongoing conflict that has weakened the country's infrastructure, will face the full force of the storm.

Comment: Meanwhile the US is being battered by its second major hurricane of the season, evacuations are in progress as cyclone Titli is bearing down on India, and parts of Asia are still recovering from the devastating typhoon Magkhut: Extreme winter storms and wave heights have been increasing over the last 70 years in the Western Europe

Cloud Precipitation

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Great potato crisis, Italy flooding & USA chills

calabria italy flooding
Atmospheric compression events decimate Italian cities and initial estimates are all time record floods waters recorded. Great potato crisis begins as yields decline by 25% and sizes shrunk by 1/3. USA and Africa set to chill with record snows possible as Hurricane Michael collides with a cold front over the Appalachian Range.

Comment: Epic flooding in Calabria, Italy, turns streets into rivers, claims lives of mother and son

Cloud Precipitation

Floods and storms leave 9 dead and 5,000 displaced in Sri Lanka - 13 inches of rain in 24 hours

At least 9 people have died and around 5,000 displaced in Sri Lanka after a period of heavy rain and storms which have caused flooding, landslides and wind damage.

According to Sri Lanka's Disaster Management Centre (DMC), 4 people have died in floods in the district of Kalutara, 2 in Galle and 2 in Rathnapura. One person died after strong winds downed trees in Kegalle district.

DMC said that a total of 5,834 people from 1,318 families are currently displaced and staying in 21 temporary relocation centers in the districts of Colombo (5,654 people), Kalutara (58) and Nuwara Eliya (122).

Around 1,700 homes and buildings have been severely damaged, with around 35 totally destroyed.

Cloud Lightning

Torrential downpours and mudslides: At least 6 dead in Honduras after tropical storm Michael

A view of the ovCholuteca river rains Tegucigalpa Honduras Oct. 6 2018
© Reuters
A view of the overflowing Choluteca river after heavy rains in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Oct. 6, 2018.
Tropical Storm Michael has rained on Honduras for days, killing at least 6 and forcing over 3,200 to evacuate their homes. Several departments are on red alert.

Honduras continues to get hard hit by two low-pressure systems - one from the Caribbean and the other from the Pacific - creating torrential downpours and mudslides that have killed at least six people since Thursday and left another missing, according to local media.

The heaviest rains are falling mainly around the capital of Tegucigalpa and two departments that border the Pacific coast, areas that President Juan Orlando Hernandez placed on red alert on Oct. 6. The rest of the country remains under green alert.

Over 7,000 people have been negatively affected so far by the rains and mudslides that the Permanent Risk Commission of Honduras (Copeco) reports are the result of Tropical Storm Michael. Accuweather reports that the tropical storm is quickly turning into a hurricane and is predicted to affect Cuba and Jamaica before heading up the Atlantic coast of the United States this week.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills two siblings, injures one in Uganda

Lightning has killed two siblings and left another injured in Patrira West village, Purongo Sub-county in Nwoya District.

Those who were killed on Sunday afternoon are Aron Rwot Omara, 4; and his brother Patrick Otema ,18. Ambrose Ogenrwot,3; was seriously injured.

They were struck inside a hut where they had taken shelter following a rainstorm.

Purongo Sub-county chairman, Mr Ben Okot Lutinga said the incident was unfortunate for the family that lost young members at once.

Comment: The following day (8th Oct) in Pakistan lightning strikes killed two people.


Florida urges residents to brace for 'life-threatening' hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael
Clouds cover nearly all of Florida in this US government satellite image
Officials are warning residents along Florida's gulf coast to prepare for a possibly "life-threatening hurricane", which is due to strike later this week.

Hurricane Michael may reach category three strength before it arrives in Florida, possibly on Wednesday, and will then move up the US East Coast.

Michael, which is the 13th named storm of the season, is already lashing Cuba with strong winds and heavy rains.

Officials in areas hit by Hurricane Florence warn of damage from the rains.

North Carolina may receive 1 to 3in (2 to 7cm) of rain, officials say, which could trigger flash flooding due to the existing level of saturation in the ground from Hurricane Florence, which struck North and South Carolina last month.


Storm Michael: Midterm campaigning in disarray after Florida governor declares state of emergency

Florida National Guard
© Phelan Ebenhack / Reuters
FILE PHOTO: Members of the Florida National Guard
Florida has declared a state of emergency in anticipation of Tropical Storm Michael which is due to hit the US coast next week. The cyclone has already affected some of the campaign trails of the 2018 midterm election hopefuls.

On Sunday, Republican Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in 26 counties in the Florida Panhandle and in Big Bend, ahead of Tropical Storm Michael, which is now making its way through the Gulf of Mexico. Fearing that the natural calamity could become a Category 2 hurricane with winds up to 100 mph by the time it makes landfall next Wednesday, Scott has mobilized some 500 National Guard troops to assist with planning and logistics. An additional 5,500 guard members could be available for deployment if needed.

Comment: Caribbean depression forecast to be a tropical storm, may develop into Hurricane Michael

Cloud Lightning

Two children struck dead by lightning bolt in Kenya

A family in Emarti, Trans Mara West Sub County, is mourning after their two children were struck dead by lightning.

Two women escaped with injuries during the incident which occurred as they sheltered from rain inside their huts.

Area Assistant Chief Samuel ole Musekenya said the deceased were pupils at Emarti Primary School. The boys had returned from school when tragedy struck.

Mr. Musekenya confirmed that bodies of the deceased were immediately buried in their father's farm after the ugly incident as the Maa community believe that a person who dies in such incidents is a bad omen in the society and keeping such bodies for a long time would result to more deaths in the family.


Walaka and Kong-rey become first simultaneous Category 5 storms in 13 Years

Simultaneous Cat 5 storms
Simultaneous Cat 5s: Super Typhoon Kong-rey (left) and Hurricane Walaka (right) roil the Pacific Ocean at 10 pm EDT October 1, 2018.
Hurricane Walaka and Super Typhoon Kong-rey attained Category 5 strength in the Pacific Ocean on Monday, marking the first time in 13 years two storms of that intensity have roamed the tropics simultaneously.

Walaka was deemed a Category 5 by the Central Pacific Hurricane Center at 8 p.m. EDT Monday while it was well to the southwest of Hawaii. Kong-rey hit this top rating on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale a few hours later at 11 p.m. EDT Monday, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

Category 5 tropical cyclones have maximum sustained winds of 157+ mph.

Kong-rey and Walaka did not remain a duo of Category 5 tropical cyclones very long. Both were downgraded to strong Category 4 storms at 11 a.m. EDT Tuesday.

The last time two Category 5 strength typhoons or hurricanes coexisted was July 17, 2005, according to Dr. Phil Klotzbach, a tropical scientist at Colorado State University. On that day Hurricane Emily was raging through the western Caribbean as Super Typhoon Haitang pushed toward Taiwan over the western Pacific waters.

Comment: See also: The Day After Tomorrow? A record 7 named storms are whirling across the globe and Unseen in 35 years: Veteran weather reporter on oceans 'exploding with cyclonic activity'.