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Tue, 22 May 2018
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Snowflake Cold

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Climate pattern shift in Europe with vineyard & grain crop losses

predicted french vineyard losses
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Climate patterns are shifting in Europe as Atlantic waters become cooler, and as what happened with European agriculture will occur again and already is. Colder and wetter resulting in vineyard, orchard and grain losses. French vineyard loss map provided by ADAPT 2030. Romania orchard losses and historical wheat pricing in bad harvests circa 1770 Europe.


Footage shows passenger jet landing ahead of a massive sand storm in Saudi Arabia

Jet landing in Saudi Arabia sand storm
© twitter@AviationDailly
As the jet approached the runway, only a few hundred metres of the strip could be seen ahead of the sand storm
These are the incredible scenes as a Saudi passenger jet landed ahead of a massive sand storm which had engulfed the furthest end of the runway.

According to Saudi aviation bloggers, the jet, which is believed to be an Airbus A320 landed recently at Jazan Airport in the south of the country.

The footage, which was shot out of the cockpit, shows the jet being buffeted by wind as it approached the runway.

However, the pilot during the approach was unable to see the airport's control tower which was covered in sand.

Seconds after the jet touched down the video showed visibility disappear as the pilots slowed down while following the centre line of the runway.

Comment: Last week a fierce dust storm, known as a haboob, engulfed the historic Iranian city of Yazd.


Extreme winter storms and wave heights have been increasing over the last 70 years in the Western Europe

wave crash
© Tim Poate/University of Plymouth
Waves crashing onto Chesil Beach in Dorset during the winter of 2013/14.
Average winter wave heights along the Atlantic coast of Western Europe have been rising for almost seven decades, according to new research.

The coastlines of Scotland and Ireland have seen the largest increases, with the average height of winter waves more than 10mm/year (more than 0.7metres in total) higher than in 1948.

That has also led to increased wave heights during extreme weather conditions, with levels off the Irish coast increasing 25mm/year during the past 70 years, representing an average increase of 1.7m.

Comment: And it's not just the coastlines that are being affected: Also check out SOTT radio's: Behind the Headlines: Earth changes in an electric universe: Is climate change really man-made?

Cloud Lightning

Two men killed by lightning bolt in Cambodia - 16 such deaths for the country this year so far

Two men were killed by lightning on Saturday in Battambang province's Ek Phnom and Sangke districts, bringing the total dead from lighting strikes to 16 this year thus far.

Battambang provincial police said the first to die was a 21-year-old man from Ek Phnom district's Prek Loung commune. He was walking out his home when lighting struck him.

In another case, a 54-year-old man in Sangke district's Raing Kesei commune was riding a motorcycle during rain to visit his rice field when he was hit by lightning.

Comment: Elsewhere in Asia over the past week lightning strikes have killed a farmer plus another 3 individuals in Bangadesh while across India at least 8 have been struck dead.


Severe storms spawn tornadoes in southern US

Alabama tornado
© WeatherNation/Grace Sica
An Alabama sheriff says five people have been injured during a reported tornado
Four tornadoes were confirmed near the Gulf Coast on Sunday as a round of severe storms caused damage from southeastern Louisiana to southern Alabama and into the Florida Panhandle.

A pair of EF0 tornadoes that injured five people were confirmed by the U.S. National Weather Service in Baldwin County, Alabama, Sheriff Hoss Mack told WALA-TV. Five people were injured in the storm, one of whom was listed in serious condition, WALA-TV reported.

The first of these tornadoes overturned five recreational vehicles at the Anchors Aweigh RV Park in the town of Foley, about 30 miles southeast of Mobile.

Just 10 minutes later, another EF0 tornado touched down near Elberta, uprooting trees but causing only minor damage to a few homes.

In Florida, a waterspout roared ashore late Sunday afternoon on Okaloosa Island and Fort Walton Beach, about 140 miles west of Tallahassee, heavily damaging at least one home, downing trees and power lines and tossing vehicles.


Huge waterspout filmed off the Bahamas

American tourist Marty Cely captured this dramatic video of a huge waterspout spotted off Rose Island in the Bahamas.


Powerful waterspout hits Fort Walton Beach, Florida

© Dave Perkins
Video posted on Facebook showed a large waterspout came on land Sunday in Fort Walton Beach.

The video was recorded from a high-rise building and shows the waterspout start in the ocean, cross over the beach, then travel into another body of water before hitting land again.


Watch dust storm engulf historic Iranian city of Yazd

dust storm iran
© Matthias Schmidt / Reuters
Sandstorm bearing down on Yazd, Iran April 16, 2018
Incredible footage posted by social media users in the Iranian province of Yazd shows an intense sandstrom engulfing the region like a terrifying, giant dark wave.

The fierce dust storm, known as a haboob, swept across the province in central Iran earlier this week but, despite its force and apocalyptic appearance, it left areas largely unscathed. Among the cities enveloped by the dense sand cloud was the region's capital city Yazd - a historic site recognized on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Flood of tumbleweeds submerge Victorville, California

Heavy winds have caused a Southern California town to become deluged with tumbleweeds.

In Victorville, Calif., tumbleweeds accumulated so much, entire driveways and front sides of homes were covered in the dry, detached diaspores.

"Normally you get a few flying down the street or whatnot, but never this many that will stack up even this much," Victorville resident Tanya Speight told KABC-TV, referring to the hill of tumbleweeds in front of her home. "And this is mild compared to what it was actually in the back yard and in the front of the house. So no, it's never been this bad."

Comment: "Some good Ol' apocalypse weather": Thousands of tumbleweeds filmed blowing across frozen Montana lake


Child killed, 17 injured as fierce storm rips through Moscow

Moscow storm damage
© mskagency
A severe storm, toppling trees and flipping over cars and large trash containers, wreaked havoc in Moscow, killing one child and injuring at least 17.

Gusts of winds have reached 25 meters per second, turning over bins, small kiosks, and other objects with debris, injuring people

One child died after being taken to the hospital in critical condition. "Doctors couldn't save a girl who was in critical condition. I express my deepest condolences to her parents," Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin tweeted. Hundreds of trees were toppled by the storm across the Russian capital, he added.

Earlier, the Emergencies Ministry issued a storm warning.

A man has died after being hit by a construction cabin in a Moscow suburb, Interfax reported, citing their sources in the Moscow health service.

The Moscow health service confirmed that at least 17 people were injured in the massive storm, TASS reported.