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Wed, 21 Nov 2018
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Double trouble: Twin tornadoes touchdown in Turkey

Turkey tornadoes
© Ruptly
The tornadoes descended on the coastal Turkish village without warning on Sunday afternoon.
A serene day at the beach was rudely interrupted by not one but two giant tornadoes that suddenly marauded through a provincial town in southern Turkey.

While the vast majority of the residents and tourists evacuated Salinas beach on Sunday, a few foolhardy photographers stuck around to film the massive sea spouts as they swept across the surface of the Mediterranean sea.

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"Considerable damage" to fruit crops from major hailstorm in Chile

crop damage
A major hailstorm has hit fruit production in Chile's central and southern regions, and although damage assessments are still being made, it seems that there have been significant losses for numerous crops including cherries.

The adverse weather event struck on Monday between the Metropolitan and Biobio regions, with the most severe impacts being reported in the foothill areas of the mountains.

While there was also heavy rainfall, most of the damage to fruit production was caused by unusually large hailstones, which appear to have had the biggest impact in the central O'Higgins region.

The storm comes at a key time as harvesting ramps up for many fruits including cherries, blueberries and stonefruit. However, evaluations on the full impact on the country's fruit production are not expected to become clear for some time.


Three unusually early snows make Kansas City weather history

Kansas City snow
© JOHN SLEEZER The Kansas City Star
If you think winter weather has come early to the Kansas City area this year, you're not wrong.

The first snow came on Oct. 14, when Kansas City had its earliest measurable snowfall in more than a century - .2 of an inch at Kansas City International Airport.

That broke a 120-year-old record. The last time it snowed this early in Kansas City was on Oct. 17, 1898, when 3.3 inches of snow fell, according to the National Weather Service in Pleasant Hill.

The average first measurable snowfall date for Kansas City is Nov. 28.

The metro's second snow, 1.3 inches at KCI, came on Thursday.

And on Monday, Kansas City had its third winter storm, which dropped 1 to 3 inches of snow across much of the metropolitan area. KCI reported .5 of an inch of snow.

This is only the third year in the city's 131 years of recorded weather history where it has seen three measurable snow events by Nov. 12. The other two years were in 1898 and 1992, according to the Weather Service.

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Qatar again hit by heavy rainfall - 6 months rain in just a few hours

A motorist drives through the flooded streets,
© Xinhua/Nikku
A motorist drives through the flooded streets, due to the heavy rainfall in Doha, capital of Qatar, Nov. 11, 2018.
Thunderstorms brought heavy rains, strong winds and fresh flooding to the desert state of Qatar on Sunday for the second time in less than a month, as bad weather battered the region claiming lives.

Some areas of Qatar received almost half-a-year's worth of rainfall in just a few hours as thunderstorms struck, said the Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD).

It said a northwestern part of the country received almost 31 mm (more than an inch) of rainfall, compared to the emirate's annual rainfall of 77 mm.

Comment: For details of the first event in October, see: Desert state Qatar drenched by floods as almost a year's rain falls in ONE day.


Winter is coming: Timelapse video shows 'snow tsunami' covering Siberian city

Snow in Siberia
© Reuters / Ilya Naymushin
An ominous video of a snow tsunami covering the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk reminds us to brace ourselves for the coming winter.

This winter, before complaining about running out of your house to heat your car in the morning, consider that the unfortunate residents of Krasnoyarsk Siberia are currently lucky if they can get their door open in the first place.

If it wasn't enough that the city's residents have to deal with temperatures as low as -50°, on Sunday, the Siberian Times posted a timelapse video to their Twitter account which captures a massive snow cloud rolling over the city like a tsunami. The video has been viewed about 12,000 times, provoking awe over the power of nature, along with stress over the coming seasonal-struggles of winter.

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12 months' worth of rain in 2 days and unexpected snow hit New Zealand's South Island

Bridge collapse on South Island, New Zealand
Bridge collapse on main road between Christchurch and West Coast, South Island, New Zealand on October 8, 2018.

A massive dumping of spring snow hit South Canterbury today, leaving the town of Fairlie looking like a winter wonderland.

Spring lambs were also feeling the cold, caught out by the unexpected snow.

One Fairlie resident told 1 NEWS: "I think it's global warming gone mad, November the 9th and look at it, it's incredible, who would have forecast this?"

The weather made for an unexpected day off school for kids, some who were out and about on their bikes embracing the novelty.

Road snowfall warnings have been put in place for Arthur's Pass and Porters Pass (SH73).

The snow comes as NIWA says the amount of rain which fell on one West Coast glacier between 12am Wednesday and 9am today was more than Christchurch typically gets in a year.

Comment: See also: Road closures as spring snow hits South Canterbury, New Zealand

Stormy weather: Woman swept away by floodwater in New Zealand - Over half a metre of rainfall in 24 hours


Road closures as spring snow hits South Canterbury, New Zealand

Snow at Tekapo Airport this morning
Snow at Tekapo Airport this morning
Snow has closed several roads as the South Canterbury region continues to be hit by wild weather.

The Waimate District Council advised the Hakateremea Highway was closed passed Cattle Creek due to snow, and it was unclear when it would reopen.

A council spokeswoman said an advisory would be put in place at Kurow to advise of snow further up the pass.

A Mackenzie District Council statement said it is snowing throughout the district.

The statement said Mackenzie Pass and Hakateremea Pass roads, and Glen Lyon concrete ford are closed.

Area warnings are in place for State Highway 1 between Washdyke and Rakaia, and SH8 between Washdyke and Burkes Pass due to flooding.

Comment: Elsewhere in the southern hemisphere on the 7th of November spring snow fell on the Drakensberg mountain range in South Africa.

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Stormy weather: Woman swept away by floodwater in New Zealand - Over half a metre of rainfall in 24 hours

The Goat Creek bridge on SH73 has been washed out in the deluge.
The Goat Creek bridge on SH73 has been washed out in the deluge.
A mother of 11 from the Glorivale community has died after being swept away in a swollen West Coast river.

A source told the Herald that Rejoice Steadfast had been missing since yesterday afternoon near the flooded Haupiri River, near Gloriavale, in the West Coast's Grey District.

Rejoice Steadfast is the daughter-in-law of Gloriavale secretary and treasurer Fervent Steadfast.

Police this morning said a Search and Rescue team had recovered her body at 8am.

Her death has been referred to the coroner.

A Gloriavale spokeswoman declined to comment this morning.

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Port Macquarie pummelled by 'life-threatening' tennis ball-sized hailstones in Australia

Photo of a hail stone from Upper Rollands Plains taken by Phillip Wilson.

Photo of a hail stone from Upper Rollands Plains taken by Phillip Wilson.
Rollands Plains and Kundabung on the New South Wales mid-north coast were pummelled by "life-threatening" hailstones measuring up to 9 centimetres on Wednesday afternoon.

Mark Wilgar from the Bureau of Meteorology described the hailstones as "extraordinary".

"That's probably life-threatening at that size," Mr Wilgar said.

"With an impact that would be like, somebody standing on a cloud and throwing a cricket ball at your head.

"Unbelievable stuff, mother nature showing off again. It seems so outrageous."

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Streets of Kuwait city heavily flooded

The Jordanian Embassy in Kuwait warned Jordanian citizens of extreme rainy weather conditions on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

The Embassy said in a warning through its Twitter account: "The Jordanian embassy wishes the Jordanian community to take precautions during the rainy weather and follow the instructions issued by official authorities in Kuwait, wishing all safety."

Heavy rain continued hammering across Kuwait since yesterday, accompanied by hail and occasional lightning and thunderstorms, which caused water to heavily flood the streets of Kuwait city.