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Thu, 30 Nov 2023
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Cloud Precipitation

Icy Rains Force 58,000 to Evacuate in Southern China

© Reuters
Frozen plants are seen as vehicles travel on a highway in Guiyang, Guizhou province January 3, 2011.
Torrential icy rain across five provinces in southern China has forced 58,000 people to evacuate from their damaged homes, causing economic losses of $203.8 million, the ministry of civil affairs said on Wednesday.

Freezing rain has pummeled the provinces of Jiangxi, Hunan, Chongqing, Sichuan and Guizhou in the past few days, killing one person and causing more than 1,200 houses to collapse, the ministry added.

The harsh weather in southern China, where winter is usually relatively mild, has damaged 142,400 hectares of crops in the provinces that produce rice, timber and coal and caused economic losses of 1.35 billion yuan ($203.8 million) as of Tuesday, the ministry added.

In southwestern Guizhou province, 22,800 people were forced to evacuate from their homes on Tuesday, state news agency Xinhua reported.


More than 20,000 Evacuated from Homes in Southern China Due to Freezing Temperatures

© unknown
Freezing temperatures have forced the evacuation of more than 20,000 people from their homes in southern China, as the region braces for more temperature drops in the coming days.

Ice and sleet have collapsed the roofs of more than 200 homes and forced the evacuation of 22,800 people across the southern province of Guizhou, the official Xinhua News Agency reported late Tuesday. Thousands of cars were stranded and some ice-covered roads were closed, the report said.

"People, especially those living in the mountains and the elderly, are being evacuated from their homes," a Guizhou Meteorological Bureau official, surnamed Zhao, said Wednesday. "Roads and homes with poor infrastructure are being impacted by the icy conditions."


Emergency declared as blizzards bring massive blackouts to Moscow region

© Denis Voronin
Emergency declared in Moscow region districts hit by blackout
Moscow region Governor Boris Gromov on Sunday declared a state of emergency in a range of the region's populated areas due to continuing massive power outages, Gromov's spokesman Andrei Barkovsky said.

The emergency situation regime will be in force until the appearance of new instructions from Gromov, the spokesman added.

Earlier in the day, Moscow United Electric Grid Company (MOESK) announced that heavy snowfalls and strong winds have cut electricity supply to over 88 populated areas outside Moscow.

Massive blackouts began in the Moscow Region on December 26 after an ice storm. Freezing rain broke many power transmission lines, causing serious power outages.

Bizarro Earth

Death Toll in Philippine Landslides and Flooding Rises to 13

The death toll from landslides and floods triggered by days of heavy rains in the Philippines has risen to 13 after rescuers found more bodies, officials said Tuesday.

Civil defense administrator Benito Ramos said nearly 13,000 people have sought shelter in schools and gymnasiums turned into evacuation centers in 12 provinces on the country's eastern seaboard.

The dead include six children, three of them dug from a wall of mud that buried their homes Sunday as they slept in the central Philippines' St. Bernard township. The town in Southern Leyte province had one of the country's worst disasters in 2006 when a mudslide buried the entire village of Guinsaugon, with more than 1,000 people killed.

President Benigno Aquino III ordered an investigation into why deaths again occurred in St. Bernard, a town known prone to landslides. He also ordered the quick evacuation of residents in areas susceptible to landslides and flood "to reduce the risk that these communities are facing."

Ramos said of the 13 dead, eight died of drowning while the rest were killed in landslides. One person missing in Southern Leyte, he added.

Cloud Lightning

New Twister Alerts in US After 6 Killed in Arkansas and Missouri

Stretch from Chicago to New Orleans on watch; survivor recalls 'Superman' flight

Tornadoes fueled by unusually warm weather pummeled the South and Midwest on Friday, killing at least six people and injuring dozens more across Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois.

Forecasters said storms later in the evening could hit as New Year's Eve celebrations begin along a stretch from near Chicago to New Orleans. Forecasters posted tornado watches for the region that were set to run until 8 p.m.

Three people died in the northwestern Arkansas hamlet of Cincinnati when a tornado touched down just before sunrise, and three others died when a storm spawned by the same weather system ripped up the Missouri countryside near Rolla. A number of storms were also reported in the St. Louis area.

Cloud Lightning

Tornadoes leave trail of wreckage in US, kill 6

A series of tornadoes in the south and mid-western US have killed six people and injured several others.

Three residents of Cincinnati in Arkansas were killed by a twister early on Friday morning.

Tornadoes were later spotted near St Louis, Missouri and were blamed for the death of three people in the southern part of the state, authorities said.

One resident of Robertson, Missouri said his neighbour's house was destroyed.

Life Preserver

Heaviest December snow in New York City in 60 years - 5th largest ever - hundreds of other snow records set across US

© Bloomberg
According to the Bloomberg article:
More than a foot of snow fell across the northeast yesterday, with some areas in New Jersey getting more than 30 inches (76 centimeters), according to AccuWeather. Central Park had 20 inches of snow by 8 a.m. yesterday, the most for the month since 1948, the National Weather Service said.
The snowfall was the fifth-largest on record for the city, Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty said on Dec. 26.

Ice Cube

Freezing Rain: Russian Ministry Says 21,205 People Remain Without Electricity

Residents in the Moscow region continued to face power outages after disruptions caused by freezing rain on Dec. 26, leaving 21,205 people in 140 towns without electricity as of 6 p.m. yesterday, the Russian Emergency Ministry said on its website.

OAO MRSK Holding, which manages Russia's interregional power distributors, aims to restore power by 6 p.m. tomorrow, Chief Executive Officer Nikolai Shvets told Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at a government meeting yesterday.

Bizarro Earth

Rare hurricane-strength winds batter L.A. area; more snow and ice on way

A rare blast of hurricane-strength winds was topped by a 94 mph gust measured by the National Weather Service at 3:57 a.m. Thursday at Whitaker Peak.

Forecasters said the winds in valley and mountain areas will continue at least until noon Thursday. A wind warning for the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys is in place until then.

The weather service said in a statement that a northerly flow is producing the wind and icy conditions and "will continue to bring dangerous winter weather conditions" on Thursday, producing 1 to 2 inches of snow in some mountain passes and generating "upslope snow showers across the northern mountain slopes."


Blizzard Causes 100 Car Pileup in North Dakota I-94 Blocked

Interstate 94, Highway 10 to close at 7 p.m.

Detroit Lakes, Minnesota - (6:30 p.m.) The Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Minnesota State Patrol will close Interstate 94 from Moorhead to Alexandria and Highway 10 from Moorhead to Detroit Lakes at 7 p.m. due to hazardous road conditions. The highways will remain closed until further notice.

Snow plows will be pulled from all area state highways and interstates in Mahnomen, Clay, Becker, Wilkin, Otter Tail, Traverse, Grant, Douglas, Big Stone, Stevens, Pope and Swift counties. Motorists are advised not to travel until conditions improve and Mn/DOT and the Minnesota State Patrol open the roads.

Motorists should plan accordingly. When a road is closed it is illegal to travel in that area. Motorists can be fined up to $1,000 and/or sentenced to 90 days in jail. In addition, if travelers need to be rescued from a closed road, other expenses and penalties will apply.