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Tue, 06 Jun 2023
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Tornado hits North Hungary

Comment: From RSOE: Two tornadoes touched down last evening in two hungarian counties. First tornado landed in the Diósjenő, Nógrád County and tornado-like storm hit the Mezőkövesd, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County. A violent storm caused heavy damage but no personal injury. A tornado-like storms are becoming more common lately.

A tornado swept through Diósjenő, Nógrád county on Monday, uprooting trees and tossing them onto electricity poles and cars.

Gale-force winds lashed Mezőkövest, Borsod county early Monday evening, pelting residents with hailstones as large as walnuts.

It was not immediately known whether the hail caused significant damage, but the downpour of water on the streets halted vehicle traffic.

Sunday evening's storm affected about 40 villages in Szabolcs county, causing damage to houses in 15 villages. Some houses were so damaged that residents had to stay with neighbours and relatives.

tornado hungary
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Canada: Heavy rain floods roads west of Ottawa

© Shannon Purcell/CBC
Water floods the road at 5 E Concession and Gold Mine Road, about a 10 km drive northwest from a section of Highway 148 that was closed due to flooding.
A main road for people west of Ottawa has been closed due to flooding following a severe thunderstorm Sunday.

Police closed Dunrobin Road to all but local traffic from Kinburn Road all the way to Constance Bay Road after heavy rain raised water levels of a normally calm creek.

Water that usually drains into Buckham's Bay instead washed over Dunrobin Road and the surrounding area.

While thunderstorms were seen across the region on Sunday, Environment Canada said a localized storm in the Constance Bay and Woodlawn areas dropped between 75 and 100 mm of rain.

Woodlawn resident Lynne Wilson, whose property backs onto the creek, said the water from the creek came gushing down making the water level several feet higher than normal.

"We couldn't believe it," said Wilson. "There was so much rain."

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Three people die in flash floods in Cordoba, Spain

Flash floods in Cordoba, Spain.
The Interior Ministry says one man was found dead Tuesday morning in a car that had been washed away in torrential overnight rain in the small town of Aguilar de la Frontera.

Spain's government says three people have died in flash floods in towns close to southern city of Cordoba.

The Interior Ministry says one man was found dead Tuesday morning in a car that had been washed away in torrential overnight rain in the small town of Aguilar de la Frontera.

The ministry says the body of a woman who also had been in the vehicle was found some 150 meters (165 yards) away.

Another man was killed when an exterior wall of his house collapsed on top of him in the nearby town of Bujalance.

Television images showed damaged cars piled together along mud-packed streets in Aguilar while people mopped out their houses.

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Slovakia, Czech Republic hit by flood waters

Bratislava - Storms carrying heavy rain over central Europe have caused flash flooding in parts of Slovakia and neighbouring Czech Republic, local media reports said Sunday.

In north-western Slovakia, the TA3 television channel reported that heavy rainfall had caused a dam to break, flooding the towns of Handlova and Prievidza.

TV pictures showed flood water careening down streets, carrying cars away.

Unconfirmed eyewitness reports suggested that several people are missing, but no deaths have yet been confirmed. On the Facebook page of the TA3 channel, local residents appealed for information about at least two people.

In parts of the south of the country, flooding was also reported.

In the Czech Republic, the CTK news agency reported two missing people as a result of flooding over the past several days.

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Violent storm hits Russia after heatwave

A cold front has swept across north-western Russia, bringing with it driving rain and high winds in the wake of the devastating heatwave.

The storm hit St Petersburg, the country's second city, as trees came down and buildings were damaged.

Two 50-metre cranes fell on a construction site, seriously injuring the woman driver of one of them.

Across the region nearly 100,000 people had their power cut off.

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Six people injured in hailstorm in Prague

Wenceslas square hit by heavy rain.
Prague - Six people were injured in a hailstorm in Prague Sunday night, the rescue service told CTK.

One man suffered a serious injury after a broken roof window fell on him and the glass cut an artery on his leg.

Another man suffered a head wound and four women were treated with lighter head and back injuries after they slipped and fell down in the heavy rain.

Firefighters had to assist in the storm. They drained water from some cellars and removed fallen trees and branches from streets in the capital.

They also had to drain water from a hall of the Můstek underground station on Wenceslas square in the city centre.

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Summer storms bring chaos to parts of Spain

The after effects of the hail storm in Cuenca
Two people were hit by lightening when on the beach.

Summer storms have been bringing scenes of drama to parts of Spain.

A 15 minute long cloudburst flooded the streets to Cuenca to a depth of nearly a metre of water. Vehicles were covered in places and some people found themselves wading up to the waist. Shops, garages and some homes were flooded in several regions of the city, and the hailstones reached three centimetres in diameter at times.

Valencia, Alicante and the south of Castellón saw the worst of the storms and the weather forecasters said that as much as 40 litres per square metre could fall in some areas.

Storms in Tarragona and Valencia caused delay to both long distance and local train services. The drainage system overflowed in Murcia, while fires were caused by lightening in Fortuna, Yecla and Jimilla.

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Sweden: Flooding in Malmö as heavens open

© B. Larsson Rosvall/Scanpix
Bus passengers were involved in a dramatic boat rescue in western Sweden on Friday morning, 13 Aug 2010
Torrential rain showers pummelled southern Sweden on Saturday night, causing flooding and road closures in parts of Skåne.

Emergency services were inundated with phone calls from home owners whose basements were flooded as the incessant rain made its presence felt.

The region's main city, Malmö, was pounded by 66 millimetres of precipitation in a few short hours, according to meteoroligical agency SMHI.

Rescue workers were also called out to help motorists whose cars had stalled in the rising waters.

Per Bergkvist was out driving on Malmö's inner ring road when he ran into difficulties around the Fosie exit, local newspaper Sydsvenskan reports.

"The water reached up to the car doors," he told the newspaper.

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More Landslides as China Mourns Victims of Gansu Disaster

© AP
At least 38 people are reported missing in a new landslide Saturday in China's flood-ravaged Sichuan province, as the nation observes a day of mourning for victims of last week's massive landslide in the northwest.

The State Council ordered flags throughout China and at all Chinese embassies lowered to half-staff Sunday to honor 1,239 people killed in Gansu province. The official announcement said public entertainment, including all games, music shows and movies, should be suspended on Sunday.

Authorities said more than 500 people are still missing in the northwestern province. Soldiers are working around the clock to clear debris from Gansu's Bailong River, to reduce the chance of further flooding with any new rainfall.

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Terrified trekkers recount flood 'hell' in Indian Himalayas

The flooded Indus river passes through Leh. Hundreds of people were still missing in the Indian Himalayas on Tuesday four days after flash floods hit the remote region of Ladakh, killing at least 165.
Traumatised foreign trekkers caught in flash floods that killed 185 people in the Indian Himalayas recounted Thursday a week of "hell" battling rockfalls, raging mudslides and constant fear.

Exhausted and still clearly in shock, a group of mainly French tourists flew into New Delhi from Ladakh region, where a sudden, intense cloudburst one week ago turned their mountain trekking holiday into a battle for survival.

"There were mudslides and rocks tumbling down the mountains," said David Bressac, a mountaineering guide with a Franco-Indian tour agency.

"It was horrific. The mudslides were moving at an incredible speed," said Bressac, his eyes red from lack of sleep and a large rucksack flung over his shoulder.