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Florida, US: Get ready for summer rain pattern in Tampa Bay area

You can't quite set your watch to them just yet, but the summer rains have begun to arrive in a more widespread fashion.

Showers and thunderstorms broke out across more of the Tampa Bay area on Wednesday, packing heavy rain and lightning in several locations. Much of the same is expected this afternoon and for the next few days.

"I would say we are looking at the beginning of the rainy season," said Richard Rude, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Ruskin.

That is good news for an area that has been thirsting for rainfall the last couple of months.

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US: Platte River in Grand Island nears flood stage

The Platte River at Grand Island was at 6.1 feet Wednesday morning, with flood stage at 6.5 feet, according to the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency.

According to the National Weather Service in Hastings, at 5.87 feet, water ponds around the Quality Inn at the junction of Interstate 80 and Highway 281; at 6.22 feet, water approaches property at 14570 S. 190th Road; at 7 feet, a few farmsteads may be threatened by overflows, but the city is not threatened by floodwaters; at 7.4 feet, minor flood fighting or sandbagging will occur in Hamilton County.

In light of flooding concerns, the Grand Island/Hall County Emergency Management Department has received a number of public inquiries about where sandbags can be purchased, said Wendy Meyer-Jerke, public information officer for the city.

So the department has begun to compile a list of local vendors who can supply sandbags to residents, Meyer-Jerke said.

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Floods kill 24 as rains pound north Nigeria city

© AFP/File, Issouf SanogoPeople in Kano say rain has been the most torrential in 30 years
Twenty-four people died overnight when unusually heavy rains flooded a neighbourhood in Nigeria's largest northern city of Kano, a local government chief said on Thursday.

Dozens of others were injured, 300 displaced and about 100 houses destroyed in the densely populated Fagge neighbourhood of Kano when rains pounded and inundated the city while residents were asleep.

"For now we have confirmed the deaths of 24 people from the floods that occurred Tuesday night through Wednesday following torrential rain in the city," Fagge local government administrator, Abdulmalik Ismail Rogo told AFP.

Rogo said local elders had told him the "area has never witnessed such torrential rains in the past 30 years."

"Some of the victims were buried alive when their (house) roofs collapsed on them, while others were washed away by the floods and deposited along a major sewer in the area," he said.

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US: Missouri River crests, breaking records of 1993 floods

© Brian GehringA home broke apart as it was engulfed by Missouri River floodwaters Wednesday in the Hoge Island area of Bismarck, N.D. In some parts of northwest Missouri, meanwhile, the river hit historic highs.
The Missouri River hit historic highs around northwest Missouri on Wednesday as officials prepared to unleash even more water into the area.

National Weather Service measurements taken near Big Lake and Phelps City, both about two hours northwest of Kansas City, showed crests beating every mark on record - even 1993's peaks.

"Missouri River water will remain dangerously high for the foreseeable future," said Col. Anthony Hoffman of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Kansas City office.

Residents in Holt County in northwest Missouri are already facing advancing floodwaters, which have defeated at least one levee there and are nearing the tops of others.

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China: Flash floods swamp Beijing, dozens affected by subway outages

Many Beijing residents were left stranded by a big thunderstorm that flooded many roads and forced the closure of some subway stations.

© Reuters/David GrayA man rides an electric bike as a pedestrian carries an umbrella during a heavy rain storm in Beijing June 23, 2011.
Hundreds of commuters had to find alternative ways home in the middle of the deluge, as flash floods forced at least three subway lines to be shut temporarily.

The evening downpour, which turned the sky black, left drenched pedestrians wading through ankle-deep water on many side streets.

Thunderstorms in Beijing during the summer months are typical, although such heavy rain is unusual.

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US: River floods North Dakota city Minot after evacuations

The Souris River has begun flooding into Minot in the state of North Dakota, following the evacuation of about 12,000 of the town residents.

© APThe Souris River, which flows south from Saskatchewan, Canada, is swollen from snow melt
Sirens sounded throughout the city around 1300 local time on Wednesday (1800 GMT), alerting residents of an impending deadline to evacuate.

Heavy rainfall has bloated the river, which flows down from Canada.

Meanwhile, an oil boom in the state has left few hotel vacancies available for flood refugees, local officials said.

The Souris River is expected to hit nearly 1,563ft (476m) above sea level this weekend, topping the previous flood record set in 1881.


Best of the Web: US: Storm looking like giant tidal wave sparks sideways lightning bolts

© Mike Hollingshead/SolentThis extraordinary photograph captures the incredible moments a 'supercell' storm reared up against a backdrop of lightning
A huge storm rears up like a giant tidal wave, sparking horizontal bolts of lightning.

Mike Hollingshead took this snap in Nebraska, USA.

The storm chaser, 35, said: "I've seen some cool storms but this one takes the cake."

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Czech Republic: Possible multiple tornadoes in the Pardubice region

Pardubice tornado
© Nikola Burkoňová Windstorm in Staré Čivice destroyed the roof of ten to fifteen houses.
Translation by

Pardubice - Tuesday's tornado not only struck Staré Čívice in Pardubice, but also other communities in the vicinity of Pardubice.

People reported damaged roofs in Staré Jesenčany, Mikulovice, and Blata a Hroubovice said the deputy of county firefighters.

Possibly multiple tornadoes rampaged through Pardubice, but meteorologists are still investigating whether in some cases these were so-called 'landspouts'.

The tornado caused most damage in an industrial zone in Staré Čívice, where it damaged the buildings of two businesses, leaving costs in damages running into tens of millions of crowns.

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Ireland: Funnel Cloud Spotted Over County Galway

Funnel cloud spotted over Galway on Tuesday. Image Kit O Sullivan
An eagle-eyed Irish Weather Online follower in County Galway has captured what appears to be a funnel cloud forming near her home.

Kit O'Sullivan from Ardrahan in the south of the county emailed with her shot of the weather feature forming from a storm cell on Tuesday evening (5.15-5.20P.M.)

Kit said the funnel cloud was located between Kilcolgan and Kinvara. She decribed the feature "growing quite long", but could not determine if it touched the ground, and consequently becoming a confirmed tornado.

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US: Rains, floods engulf St. Cloud roads

For a while late Tuesday afternoon, it seemed as though Central Minnesota was either going to sink or float away.

A line of storms dumped more than 2 inches of water on St. Cloud in a couple of hours before the drops finally stopped about 6 p.m.

And your umbrella might not dry out for the next couple of days.

Forecasts call for 1-3 inches of rain through Thursday, according to Bob Weisman, St. Cloud State University meteorologist.

That could bring about a repeat of flash flooding that occurred Tuesday, bringing cars to a halt on some streets and washing out the St. Cloud River Bats' game.

According to Weisman, a St. Cloud State rain gauge recorded 2.33 inches of precipitation between 4 and 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Low-lying areas, including several intersections in St. Cloud, filled with several feet of water. That caused St. Cloud police to divert traffic and, at least along Veterans Drive just west of 33rd Avenue North, assist drivers whose cars stalled in water that was over the wheel wells.

Other problem areas included Ninth Avenue South and Minnesota Highway 23, 25th Avenue North and Fourth Street, and a section of 18th Street South in the 10th-12th Street area, according to St. Cloud Fire Capt. Pat Ellering.

"We had several intersections closed and several cars stranded," Ellering said. "It was a lot of rain in a short amount of time and the system wasn't able to handle it."