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Sun, 04 Jun 2023
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Cloud Precipitation

Canadian River flooding forces evacuations in Valle De Oro, Texas after 10 inches of rain in less than 12 hours

Canadian River floods Valle De Oro homes.

Canadian River floods Valle De Oro homes.
Dozens of families who live near the Canadian River in Valle De Oro are facing a potential tragedy, as the Canadian River has overflowed its banks, triggering widespread flooding.

Several people and livestock have already been evacuated.

"Well, I wasn't expecting to see the river right here in my backyard but here it is," said J.J. Garcia, a resident of Valle De Oro.

The origin of the Canadian River Flood Waters comes from a 1-in-500-year rain event that fell south of San Jon, NM earlier last week. That storm brought 10" of rain fell in less than 12 hours.

Cloud Precipitation

Extreme rainfall in Turkey floods streets, properties

Ankara flood

Ankara flood
Following the warnings of Turkish State Meteorological Services, the capital Ankara was in the grip of the adverse weather conditions, as hail and downpours were effective in Keçiören district. Many streets, houses and workplaces were flooded.

Due to the rainfall, the football field in a neighborhood was flooded and some children playing soccer got stranded.

In his written statement, Turgut Altınok, the mayor of Keçiören, said that after the downpours and hail, the storm drains were blocked, and a major flood occurred in many regions throughout the district.

Altınok pointed out that it is the responsibility of the Ankara Municipality to evacuate the flood waters, claiming that the municipality teams are not properly executing their duty.


Waterspout spotted off Pärnu, Estonia

The waterspout spotted off Pärnu beach.
© Markus Vetemaa
The waterspout spotted off Pärnu beach.
A waterspout was spotted off the coast of Pärnu on Tuesday, ETV news show 'Aktuaalne kaamera' (AK) reports.

Water spouts, despite their name, do not suck up seawater but instead form in moisture-laden environments as their parent clouds are in the process of development. or thunderstorm. They sometimes appear in multiple groups.

Tuesday's waterspout was spotted from Pärnu beach, and filmed by several observers - though the beach was hardly crowded due in the relatively cool weather and this early on in summer.

The phenomenon lasted several minutes.

Water spouts, common on the West coast of Estonia's islands, but also off much of the rest of the coast and off the coast of Finland, are more usually seen in August and September, when the seawater is warmer, but colder air masses start to arrive.

Cloud Precipitation

Severe flooding after heavy rains in Najran, Saudi Arabia on May 27

The National Meteorological Center predicted in its weather report for Saturday that moderate to severe thunderstorms will lead to heavy rain followed by strong winds and hailstorms in parts of Najran, Jazan, Asir, Al-Baha and the heights of Makkah Al-Mukarram. as well as in the areas of Tabuk, Al-Jawf and part of the northern borders.

Rains have caused floods, water has flooded the streets, powerful streams rush from the mountains, washing away everything in their path.

The downpours are still going on, they can further aggravate the situation.

Cloud Precipitation

Flooding in Madrid after heavy rains

Heavy rain causes flooding in various parts of Madrid.

Eyewitness video showed slow-moving traffic on flooded highways.

Comment: Related: Terrifying floods ravage Spain's Mediterranean coast

Cloud Lightning

British man dies in Greece 'after being struck by lightning paddleboarding'

The man fell in the water after the strike (stock)

The man fell in the water after the strike (stock)
An investigation has been launched into the death of a British man who was reportedly struck by lightning while paddleboarding in Greece.

The unnamed man was in the sea off the beach in Agia Agathi, Rhodes, as his girlfriend filmed him from the beach, according to local media.

The port authority of Rhodes confirmed to the PA news agency the man was 26 and a British national but would give no further information.

A spokesperson said: "This is an active case so we cannot give more details at the moment."

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills 6, injures 9 in Thar, Pakistan

At least six people died, while nine others sustained injuries when lightning struck near Mithi after heavy rain coupled with a powerful thunderstorm pummelled the Thar region late on Monday.

The victims were heading towards a Hindu holy man, Parbharam, for offering annual rituals. They were residents of Mithi city and Satar village, near Mithi, according to reports reaching from Mithi.

Officials reached the spot and informed the media that at least nine others were injured in the incident, adding that all possible medical aid was being provided to them. The bodies, were handed over the families after completing the legal formalities.

Comment: Elsewhere recently lightning strikes killed four people in 3 districts of Bangladesh on May 27.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash floods in Caraș-Severin, Romania

Several streets were flooded, Monday afternoon, in Reșita, Caraș-Severin county, after a storm.

The cars were taken by the waters. Firefighters intervened. The authorities warn that there is a danger of flooding on several rivers in Timiș and Caraș-Severin counties.

A Code Orange warning has been issued.

According to ISU Caraș-Severin, fire crews operate in several locations in the municipality and the related neighborhoods to evacuate water from several households.

Cloud Lightning

Two killed in lightning strike in Andhra Pradesh, India


A lightning strike. (File)
Two youths died after being hit by lightning in Ullikallu village of Anantapur district on Sunday evening.

Singanamala Circle Inspector Asrar Basha said that the two were identified as Vadde Balakrishna, 23, and Vadde Sankar, 19.

Both cousins were working in their agricultural field, and they took shelter under a tree to protect themselves from sudden downpours at 4.30 p.m.

A bolt of strong lightning struck the tree resulting in their death, police said.

The bodies were shifted to their house in the village with the help of the police.


Italy: four bodies found after tourist boat capsized in storm

A search helicopter over Lake Maggiore.
© AP
A search helicopter over Lake Maggiore.
Italian firefighters say they have recovered four bodies from a northern Italian lake after a tourist boat capsized and sank in a sudden, violent storm.

The boat was reportedly carrying more than 20 people, including a group of foreign tourists celebrating a birthday, plus two crew members, when a whirlwind overturned the vessel on Sunday.

Firefighters said 19 passengers had been saved. Many reportedly managed to swim to shore, or were picked up by other boats after the boat overturned off Lisanza, at the southern end of Lake Maggiore.

The victims include a Russian citizen, an Israeli and two Italians.