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Mon, 18 Jun 2018
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Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Gemstones and octopus fall from the sky, glaciers grow in Africa

Green gemstones

Green gemstones
Green olivine gemstones are falling from the sky in Hawaii as the erupting Kilauea vent is now send gemstones up 12,000 feet with the ash and when it comes down, you can find a bowl full if you look for 30 minutes.

A ferocious line of wind and waterspouts in china dropped octopus, shrimp, starfish from the sky miles inland.

Kilimanjaro glacier grows after massive record breaking rain season in Eastern Africa.


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At least 13 killed by landslides as monsoon storms batter Bangladesh

A landslide triggered by heavy monsoon rains killed at least 12 people in Bangladesh's border district of Cox's Bazar

A landslide triggered by heavy monsoon rains killed at least 12 people in Bangladesh's border district of Cox's Bazar
The victims of Tuesday's incident were buried under mud when surrounding hills gave way under a deluge of rain, Al-Jazeera reported.

Eleven people died in Naniarchar including a family of four, while several people remained missing, district administrator Mamunur Rashid told the AFP news agency.

Aid agencies have been warning of the potential for a humanitarian catastrophe over the coming months as heavy rains lash an area home to the world's largest refugee camp.

Landslides have so far killed at least 13 people this week, including a Rohingya boy who was crushed to death by a collapsing mud wall at the Kutupalong refugee camp on Monday.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike most likely killed 50 geese near Montreal

A Canada Goose takes off in this undated file photo.
© John Major
A Canada Goose takes off in this undated file photo.
A lightning strike is likely behind the death of some 50 geese that were found floating in a river northeast of Montreal, experts say.

Universite de Montreal veterinary specialists were brought in to examine the carcasses that were spotted Thursday morning near Contrecoeur, Que.

Veterinarian Stephane Lair said Friday evening that the geese had small lesions in their hearts that indicated a possible strike.

He said the level of decomposition indicates that they all died at the same time, which rules out disease or intoxication due to a pollutant.

Cloud Precipitation

Baseball-sized hail recorded in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Baseball-sized hail can do some serious damage.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan got hit with a brutal hailstorm yesterday. Cars are damaged, windows are shattered, and thousands are still without power. Unbelievable photos and videos show enormous chunks of hail raining down from the sky, accompanied by severe winds and thunder.

From Ontario's destructive windstorm on Wednesday to the snowstorm in Newfoundland last week, Canada's had a very bizarre start to the summer this year. At this point, no amount of crazy weather can ever surprise a Canadian.

Weather Canada has even issued a tornado warning, which remains in effect in parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan that are near the U.S. border.

Cloud Precipitation

Deadly floods and landslides in 4 states of India after torrential rain - At least 25 killed

Torrential monsoon rainfall has caused flooding and landslides in four states in India over the last few days.

As of 14 June, at least 3 people had died and around 36,000 displaced in Assam. Severe flooding has also affected the north eastern states of Manipur, where 6 people have died, and Tripura, where at least 3 people have died and 15,000 displaced.

Meanwhile monsoon rain, strong winds and high waves continue to batter the south western state of Kerala, where 13 people have died in the last few days.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strike kills man doing canopy tour in Monteverde, Costa Rica

The afternoon of this Friday a man died after being struck by lightning while doing canopy tour in Monteverde.

The victim was identified as Pedro Obando, 31 years old, who apparently worked as a canopy tour guide in the area. No additional information has been offered so far regarding the accident or the details on how the tragedy occurred.

This Thursday heavy rainfall affected most of the Costa Rican territory accompanied with an important thunderstorm.

In the past years the month of June registers close to 96 thousand lightning strikes, but this year the first 14 days of June have already registered close to 85 thousand.

Authorities recommend that during a thunderstorm people stay away from metal and water, do not seek shelter under trees and stay away from electrical poles, wires and equipment.

Comment: A day earlier a bolt of lightning killed 2 farmers and seriously injured another in the Philippines.


Sea creatures fall from the sky as storm batters coastal Chinese city - Residents post bizarre footage

Storm drops sea creatures on coastal Chinese city qingdao
The waterfront city of Qingdao, in eastern China, was struck by a severe storm Wednesday marked by strong winds, thunderstorms and hail, causing serious flooding and a number of broken trees. That wasn't all though: Chinese social media has also been flooded with an influx of images of sea creatures dumped into the city with the storm.

Photos circulating the web in China show people's windshields struck by everything from falling tree limbs to falling shrimps, starfish and even an octopus.

Comment: Following a brutal, record breaking winter, spring brought epic flooding and life-threatening hail to nearly every region on the planet: For more, check out SOTTs' monthly documentary: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - May 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: June 2018 showing signs of Grand Solar Minimum intensification

Staff at Igloo Lake Lodge stand amid six-foot-tall snowbanks that encompass the Labrador fishing camp on June 13.
© Jim Burton
Staff at Igloo Lake Lodge stand amid six-foot-tall snowbanks that encompass the Labrador fishing camp on June 13.
First week of June 2018 had blizzards in Canada, devastating frosts in Canada killing crops, volcanic eruptions making international headlines.Yet somehow the media still doesn't put the dots together.

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Horrendous moment freak gust of wind sends portable toilet 100ft into the air in Commerce City, Colorado

Liquid from the Porta Potty spilled out of the cabin as the portable plastic toilets swirled in the air.

Liquid from the Porta Potty spilled out of the cabin as the portable plastic toilets swirled in the air.
This is the moment a freak gust of wind sends a set of Porta-Potty flying into the air.

People were forced to dive for cover after a huge blast of wind whipped through a park in Commerce City, Colorado.

As they attempted to take cover by lying on the ground, the wind whisked two portable toilets straight into the air and flattened a nearby tent.


Dust storms claim 13 lives across Uttar Pradesh, India

File photo for representation purpose.
© Reuters/Vivek Prakash
File photo for representation purpose.
At least 13 people were killed due to dust storms across Uttar Pradesh yesterday.

The districts of Gonda, Faizabad and Sitapur were the worst affected. "13 persons were killed in dust storm in the past 24 hours. While six died in Sitapur, three died in Gonda, two died in Kaushambi and one person each was killed in Faizabad and Hardoi," an official spokesman said in Lucknow.

28 others also sustained injuries at various locations due to the high-velocity winds.

Comment: See also these others report for May and early June: Powerful 'freak' dust storms kill over 125 people in north India, highest death toll in decades - UPDATES

Over 25 people dead in dust storm in India's North

Another deadly dust storm hits Uttar Pradesh, India, 17 killed