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Tue, 25 Jul 2017
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Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes blamed for three house fires in Flagstaff, Arizona

© Obsidian DeLeau
Lightning illuminates the sky Sunday night above the University Heights neighborhood in Flagstaff during a storm.
Lightning and heavy rains hit close to home over the weekend, with the Flagstaff Fire Department responding to three lightning-caused residential fires and the Coconino County Sheriff's Office conducting a number of weather-related search and rescue operations.

The lightning fires occurred at homes in University Heights, Continental, and Lake Mary Road. The first home was empty at the time of the fire while residents called the fire department to put out the blaze on the other two homes.

The fired was contained quickly and no one was hurt according to Flagstaff Fire Department Battalion B Chief Kristin Smith.

"We had some really close strikes this week," Smith said. "Each fire occurred on the roof of the homes and we were able to confine each fire to the area of origin so no serious damage was done."

Cloud Precipitation

Torrential downpours of rain and huge hail hit northern Spain

© Solarpix
The massive hail stones left windscreens with gaping holes
HAILSTONES the size of golf balls rained down in the northeast of Spain yesterday sending holidaymakers fleeing for cover.

More than 25 litres of rain fell per square meter in just one hour over the weekend with Castellon, Tarragona and Teruel the worst affected regions.

Images show several huge hail stones left behind after violently falling from the sky causing flash floods

The massive pellets were reported to have caused extensive damage to cars leaving windscreens with gaping holes.

Comment: Less than a month ago an exceptional hailstorm hit Girona, Spain.

Cloud Precipitation

Severe hailstorm ends football match in Bischofshofen, Austria (VIDEO)

Bischofshofen's game against Turkish side Kasimpasa was called off on Sunday after massive hailstones covered the pitch

While Jordan Spieth was claiming the Open title at Royal Birkdale on Sunday, hailstones the size of golf balls called an end to a pre-season friendly.

Kasimpasa were 1-0 up against Austrian side Bischofshofen through Hasan Bilal's goal when hail began to fall on the pitch.

The massive hailstones entirely covered the field and with no more play possible due to the storm, the second half of the match was cancelled.

Kasimpasa showed the amazing sight of the huge hailstones bouncing down on the pitch with a social media video - it's no wonder they could not play on!

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills 2 farmers in Bangladesh

Two farmers were killed and another was injured as they were hit by a lightning strike at Horihora village in Shailakupa upazila in Jhenaidah on Friday, reports UNB.

The deceased were identified as Ratan Mandal, 35, son of late Mohon Mandal, and Waz Mandal, 55, son of late Mansur Mandal, of the village while the injured was Akidul Mandal, son of slain Waz Mandal.

Officer-in-Charge of Shailkupa police station Alamgir Hossain said Ratan and Waz died on the spot and Akidul suffered injuries as a thunderbolt struck them around 8:30am while they were immersing jute plants in water bodies for rotting.

Akidul was first taken to Shailakupa Upazila Health Complex and later shifted to Jhenaidah Sadar Hospital from where he was referred to Faridpur Medical College Hospital as his condition was deteriorated.


Eight tropical cyclones spinning simultaneously in the north Pacific Ocean for first time since 1974

© Weather.com
Satellite image of the east and central Pacific from July 22, 2017 with four simultaneous tropical cyclones.
The north Pacific Ocean pulled off an impressive feat with eight tropical cyclones spinning at one time Saturday, July 22, something that hasn't been accomplished in more than four decades.

In the central and eastern Pacific Ocean on Saturday were two named storms, Fernanda and Greg, along with Tropical Depression Nine-E and Tropical Depression Ten-E. The two tropical depressions eventually went on to become Hilary and Irwin.

Meanwhile, the western Pacific Ocean had Noru, Kulap, Roke and Tropical Depression Eight-W all spinning in parts of that basin. Tropical Depression Eight-W would later become Tropical Storm Sonca.

Although it's not unheard of to see multiple tropical cyclones at the same time, this is impressive on any scale.

Eight tropical cyclones have not roamed the north Pacific Ocean simultaneously since 1974, according to Dr. Phil Klotzbach, a tropical scientist at Colorado State University.


Snowballs in July? St. Petersburg covered with piles of 'snow' after heavy hailstorm

© sergeypovoroznyuk / Instagram
Fancy throwing snowballs in summer or going barefoot and T-shirt-clad during a 'snowfall' in July? This weekend in St. Petersburg, Russia would have been perfect after a heavy hailstorm hit the city.

On Saturday, streets in St. Petersburg were covered with piles of snow and the roads resembled winter rivers. City residents took to social media to share the unusual summer scenery.

Just last month, Moscow also fell victim to the whims of nature when snow fell upon the Russian capital just as summer was beginning.

The miserable luck with the weather didn't end there as heavy rain hit the city over and over again, while temperatures remain below normal for this time of year.

Comment: Some extreme weather has hit Moscow recently. See also:

Cloud Lightning

Damaging storms leave nearly 100,000 people without power in the Kansas City area

© 2017 Scripps Media, Inc
Nearly 100,000 people woke up without power Sunday morning after severe storms swept through the Kansas City area overnight, downing trees and power lines. Some outages are expected to stretch into Monday amid potentially dangerous heat.

Widespread power outages were being reported across the Kansas City area after winds from the storms reached 70 mph and produced heavy lightning.

Kansas City Power & Light reported on Facebook that as many as 112,000 customers were without power at the height of the storm. Overnight, it assessed the total impact of the damage and called in all available crews to restore power.

By 8:30 a.m. Sunday, about 71,000 customers remained without power. KCP&L said it expected outages to continue into Monday.

"This will be a multi-day restoration," said Jeremy McNeive, manager of media communications for KCP&L.

"Right now it looks like the bulk of it seems to be downed wires and poles," he said. "We have around 180 linemen and contractors. We've reached out to neighboring for assistance so we expect to have more in the field here in the next few hours."

Cloud Lightning

Two boys killed by lightning strikes in Uttar Pradesh, India

Two minor boys were killed and three others suffered burns today in two different incidents after lightning struck them in Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradesh.

Aurai Sub Divisional Magistrate Keshav Nath Gupta said 12-year-old Kush Yadav was struck by lightning in Sarbat Khani village, killing him on the spot.

In another incident, Suraj Bind (15), a resident of Kakarhiya village, died after he was struck by lightning in the village, he said.

The bodies have been sent for postmortem while the injured were taken to a hospital, Gupta said.

Source: Press Trust of India

Cloud Lightning

28,000 lightning strikes recorded during 24 hours in Northern Great Plains

For the 24-hour period ending at 6 a.m. on Friday sensors detected more than 28,000 cloud to ground lightning strikes in the portion of the Northern Great Plains shown in the map above.

The National Weather Service issued Red Flag Warnings or Fire Weather Watches on Friday for areas in Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

The Red Flag map was current as of 10 a.m. MDT on Friday. Red Flag Warnings can change throughout the day as the National Weather Service offices around the country update and revise their forecasts.

Cloud Precipitation

Microburst slams the Catalina Foothills, Arizona (VIDEO)

© News 4 Tucson KVOA-TV
The power of the Monsoon was in full effect Thursday evening.

The Simply Bits Downtown Tucson camera captured a microburst blasting the Catalina Foothills area. On the right hand side of the video, you'll see a burst of rain fall out of the clouds & hit the ground.

Microbursts develop thanks to rain that cools the surrounding air. Because cool air is more dense than warm air, it falls rapidly out of the sky and fans out in all directions when hitting the Earth's surface. Winds within a microburst can exceed 50 MPH, potentially causing damage within a small area.

A rain gauge at the Finger Rock Wash near Skyline Drive recorded 1.85" rain from this storm. Most of the rain fell in a short hour time span.