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Sun, 25 Feb 2018
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Three killed across three US southern states following reported tornadoes

Kentucky tornado

A screengrab from a video that a resident shot of a reported tornado near Alvaton, Kentucky.
Three people were killed across three southern states Saturday as the result of reported tornadoes, officials said.

In Arkansas, the Clay County Sheriff's Department posted to Facebook Saturday night, "Clay County Sheriff Terry Miller regrettably reports one fatality from tonight's storms, Albert Foster of Knobel."

The post continued, "Tonight's storms have resulted in severe damage to several areas of Clay County. Reports of power outages, power poles down, and flooded roads have been reported at this time. Sheriff Miller advises residents if they have any damage to their property to call the Clay County Sheriff's Department so information can be given to the Office of Emergency Management.

In Kentucky, an elderly woman was killed in her home in Logan County, the coroner there confirmed. The Logan County Sheriff's Department said the woman lived in a one-story home, which was was among many that were destroyed.

In Tennessee, another victim was found in Springfield. No further details were available on that fatality.

And while there were no reported tornadoes in Missouri, an extreme storm system caused widespread damage.

Comment: A few days ago three tornadoes hit North Texas.

Ice Cube

Intense hailstorm pounds Medina, Saudi Arabia with huge stones, damaging cars and creating traffic chaos

Large hail fell in Medina, Saudi Arabia on February 24, 2018
© twitter (screen capture)
Large hail fell in Medina, Saudi Arabia on February 24, 2018
An intense storm produced large hailstones which damaged cars and caused travel chaos in Medina, Saudi Arabia on February 24, 2018 as reported by local media.

Ice Cube

This brutal winter's record breaking weather documented in epic list - and it's not over yet

feb forecast polar split
© Dominik Jung
Latest GFS models forecast ferocious cold to grip Europe early next week
The long term forecast for Europe, where it is already colder than normal, shows temperatures plummeting to near -20°C in parts of Central Europe by early next week, extending what has been already a brutal winter.

Comment: Brutal cold likely to make comeback in Northeast US following once-in-100-year warmth

Since the list below is mind-boggling, you may like to check out SOTT's monthly documentary tracking these changes: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - January 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Europeans longing for spring will just have to be patient for awhile. Indeed this winter has been a harsh one across the northern hemisphere with record cold temperatures being set from Siberia to North America to Japan. Also a number of places have seen record snowfalls.

The European Alps have had one of the snowiest winters in years as snow continues to pile up meters high.


New island discovered in Russian Arctic region (VIDEO)

Melting Polar Ice Reveals New Russian Islands

Melting Polar Ice Reveals New Russian Islands
Polar ice melting has resulted in many new discoveries.

The following clip taken from Russian nightly news with a transcript below gives the details a new island discovered by two young Russian students recently.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning kills one, 200 injured after downpour in Ghana

One person is dead with hundreds wounded at Ngleshie Amanfrom near Kasoa in the Ga South Municipality following thunder and rainstorms that accompanied the heavy downpour on Tuesday, 20 February 2018.

A lightning that struck during the rains killed a 38-year-old man and the storm ripped the roofs of a cluster of schools as well as some houses at Ngleshie Amanfrom.

Accra FM's Evans Darko reported that the sheets wounded scores of individuals.

In other instances the roof caved-in and fell on some school children who were having lessons at the time.


Three tornadoes hit North Texas during winter

A mobile home is seen destroyed after a tornado struck an area outside Joshua, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of Fort Worth, Texas, Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018.
© Associated Press
A mobile home is seen destroyed after a tornado struck an area outside Joshua, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of Fort Worth, Texas, Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018.
The National Weather Service now says it was three tornadoes that hit North Texas.

It says two of the twisters struck early Tuesday in a rural area near Joshua, destroying at least two mobile homes and severely damaging several others. A mother and her disabled daughter were injured when one tornado demolished their mobile home.

The third tornado struck a short time later in the Dallas suburb of DeSoto. No injuries were reported there.

The weather service says all three tornadoes were weak EF0 ones with winds ranging from 65 to 85 mph (105 to 137 kph).

After the tornadoes came the rain. Up to 4½ inches of it fell in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by 8 p.m. Tuesday, causing some flooding.

Source: Associated Press


New Zealand blasted by heavy dump of summer SNOW as ex-cyclone Gita wreaks havoc and turns weather patterns on their head (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The Remarkables ski field in Queenstown had on average 50cm of snow on Wednesday morning.
© NZSk
The Remarkables ski field in Queenstown had on average 50cm of snow on Wednesday morning.
New Zealand's weather has taken a bizarre turn as Cyclone Gita unleashes damaging winds and rainfall on the country, with a heavy dump of snow hitting the ski fields of the South Island.

Coronet Peak has had about 10-15cm of snow at the base of its ski fields, and snow drifts of more than one metre have blanketed the Remarkables.

Ski manager Ross Lawrence told Stuff across the area there was 50cm of snow on average, but he didn't expect it to last long.

'Remember it is only February so the sun will come out again soon,' he said.

Cloud Lightning

"Fireball": Lightning strike damages ancient Scottish castle (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

‘Massive fireball’ lightning strike damages ancient Scottish castle
© Wikimedia Commons
Castle Maol.
An ancient castle on the northwest coast of Scotland has been heavily damaged by a lightning strike that a witness compared to a "massive fireball."

Castle Maol on the Isle of Skye was left significantly damaged by the dramatic display of nature's power. Local hotel manager Robert Ireland captured dramatic footage of the powerful strike that blasted the ancient tower.

Duncan Barwise, who was safely indoors during the violent storm, described it as "a rare and unnerving combination of lightning, thunder, violent wind, and wet snow." Local man Barwise captured before and after photos of the ruin.

Comment: The nature of lightning as we know it is changing: From a review for Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk:
"electric universe and nemesis theories and ties them to explain how the nemesis and it's cometary swarm are effecting the Earth including the slowdown of the Earth's rotation, an increase in earthquakes, fireballs and meteors in our atmosphere, meteorite impacts on the ground, volcanic eruptions and sinkholes, global cooling, disruptions of the Gulf Stream and the jet streams, more frequent hurricanes, lightning and tornadoes, floods, droughts, strange and new types of clouds and anomalous sounds, crop failure, and pole shifts."
Also check out SOTT's monthly documentary: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - January 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs


Former cyclone Gita hits New Zealand; state of emergency declared in Christchurch

ex cyclone Gita
Christchurch and two other districts on New Zealand's South Island have declared a state of emergency as former cyclone Gita hit the country.

Dozens of schools have been shut and roads closed on the South Island as the storm made landfall on Tuesday.

New Zealand's national airline has cancelled all flights in and out of the capital, Wellington, on North Island.

Residents were told to expect floods and winds of up to 150km/h (90mph).

The Grey District and Buller Districts on South Island have now also declared a state of emergency.

"The full impact of the storm will be felt overnight and tomorrow morning," said Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel.

She urged residents in low-lying areas to evacuate, saying: "We are expecting homes to be flooded."

Comment: Earlier this month ex Cyclone Fehi caused major flooding in New Zealand's South Island.

Cloud Precipitation

Torrential rain causes flash flooding in Limassol, Cyprus (VIDEOS)

© Kitasweather
Limassol flood
Overnight torrential rain in Limassol caused thousands of euros in damage, as dwellings flooded and motorists were stranded on deluged roads and parking lots along the coast.

The fire service said it had received over 200 calls for assistance, mainly to pump water from flooded homes and basements but also to free stranded drivers.

Dozens of crews worked to restore the damage caused by the floods, which affected almost all areas of Limassol.

No major problems were recorded in the district's higher regions apart from small landslides that were dealt with immediately.

In the area near the city's old port, several restaurants suffered a lot of damage from the torrents and the cars swept by the rushing water.