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Thu, 23 Feb 2017
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Snowflake Cold

Snow and freezing fog cover Taiwan; Winter typhoon off Kamchatka, Russia and Tottori, Japan buried again by record snow

© Central News Agency
'Freezing fog' at Hehuanshan, Taiwan
Taiwan received a fog freeze event which is different that snow, but after the bizarre fog freeze snow covered the peaks with 3 inches of snow. Japan smothered in 2nd record snowfall in Tottori, and an extra tropical typhoon off Kamchatka Russia.

Cloud Precipitation

National Guard re-evacuation of Oroville Dam, general denies but eight inches of rain falling

Oroville Dam
Some National Guard on station near Oroville Dam were asked by citizen journalists what they were doing in the area and the response was that "they were there to help with the re-evacuation", this was quickly corrected by a major general within an hour. Winter storm warnings for all northern California with forecast of 8 inches as Southern California slammed with Cat 2 hurricane force winds.


Cloud Lightning

42,000 lightning strikes recorded around Bulahdelah, Australia

© Kane Smillie
The Great Lakes and surrounds were treated to a spectacular light show during the weekend's storms. In a 50km radius from Bulahdelah Weatherzone reported there were 42,000 lightning strikes including cloud to cloud lightning strikes and cloud to ground strikes.

There were 5000 cloud to ground lightning strikes. A Weatherzone spokesperson said this amount of lightning was "quite intense" for one area.
The spokesperson said the majority of the lightning hit between Bulahdelah and Forster, with the storm heading in a southwesterly direction.They added 26mm of rain fell in Forster during yesterday's (Sunday, February 19) storm.

Bizarro Earth

Fires, storms and now snow? More extreme weather hits New South Wales, Australia

Mt Kosciusko has received a light dusting of snow overnight. (Thredbo Resort)
The alpine regions of New South Wales and Victoria have been hit by a dusting of snow in summer, following heatwaves and wild storms. Between five and 10 centimetres of snow fell on Victoria's Mount Buller overnight, as temperatures dipped to - 0.8degress just after midnight.

In New South Wales - which last week grappled with catastrophic bushfire conditions and then severe storms - a light dusting of white sprinkled snow-cams on the summit of Mt Kosciusko today.

Bizarro Earth

Storms and tornado rock San Antonio, Texas area, 150 homes damaged

© Marvin Hurst, KENS-TV
Severe storms ripped through northeastern San Antonio late on Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017.
More than 150 homes were damaged and several people were injured in San Antonio by severe overnight storms that ripped through south-central Texas. The National Weather Service confirmed Monday morning that a tornado hit San Antonio. Many structures were damaged but only minor injuries have been reported so far.

At one point Sunday night, 46,000 customers were without power in the San Antonio area. A family of five said they hid under a mattress to stay safe from what they describe as tornado-like winds over their home Sunday night in San Antonio.

Homeowner Lucy Duncan said the family was watching TV as the storms were starting to pick up. "I couldn't even describe it because I've never experienced it before," Duncan said. "I knew immediately something was wrong."

During the storm part of Duncan's roof was ripped from the house. Duncan said the swing set and outside structure that was in their backyard are both completely gone.

Bizarro Earth

Gale force winds, heavy rains and flood warnings for central South Africa

The rainy weekend weather is set to continue as we head into the new week, with widespread showers expected across central SA and flash flood warnings in place.

Flood risk continue

SA Weather Services warns Monday 20 February will see heavy rain leading to localised flooding in the eastern parts of the Eastern Cape, southern KwaZulu-Natal, southern and western parts of the Free State and eastern Northern Cape.

An 80% chance of rain exists for most of Gauteng, the Free State and the Northern Cape, while a 60% to 30% chance of rain exists for the rest of the central region, extending to the east coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

These rainy conditions are expected to continue into the rest of the week - with heavy flood risks expected for Joburg and the surrounding area.

Gale Force Winds

A watch has been issued for Monday, when gale force winds of up to 65km/h can be expected over Richard's Bay and Kosi Bay at first. While towards the south of the country gale force winds of up to 70km/h can be expected between Lamberts Bay and Cape Point.

Cloud Precipitation

Flash floods in hit Malaga, Spain; 5 inches of rain in 6 hours

© Sergio Brenes
Storms in the Province of Malaga, southern Spain , resulted in widespread flash flooding on 19 February 2017 causing damage to damaged homes, roads and vehicles.

The city of Malaga was the worst affected area. Spain's meteorological office, AEMET, says that the the port of Malaga recorded 152.6 mm of rain in 24 hours on 19 February, with as much as 130.06 mm of that total falling in a 6 hour period.

Emergency services say they responded to 230 incidents during the heavy rainfall. However, there have been no reported fatalities or injuries.

Roads collapsed and buildings flooded. Torrents of water swept through the streets of the city, dragging vehicles along with it. There were also reports of landslides along the A-45 highway in Casabermeja, triggered by the heavy rain.

AEMET issued a red level (highest) warning for parts of the province of Malaga on 18 February, 2017.

Cloud Precipitation

California storm death toll increases to 5 as rain pummels Bay Area

© Getty
Firefighters prepare to transport a patient by ambulance at the scene of a car stuck in flooding as a powerful storm moves across Southern California on February 17, 2017 in Sun Valley, California.
The death toll in the recent powerful California rainstorms rose to five as the weather system moved to pummel the northern portion of the state.

In Thousands Oaks, rescuers discovered the body of a man in his 20s who was swept away by floodwaters, the Ventura County Sheriff's Office said Saturday. On Friday, one person was found dead in Victorville in a flooded vehicle, a 55-year-old man was electrocuted in Sherman Oaks when a power line fell and two people died after a traffic accident in San Diego because of water on Interstate 15.

Meteorologists have called the storm "bombogenesis," an intense extra-tropical cyclonic low-pressure area, or "a weather bomb." They say the system is one of the strongest in years.

The storm flooded roadways in Los Angles and San Diego as power remained out and cars were underwater. At least 8 inches of rain fell on roads in San Diego.

On Friday, two cars plunged into a massive sinkhole in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Cloud Precipitation

Severe storm batters Sydney and parts of New South Wales: Three women struck by lightning, large hailstones cause property damage

Tennis ball sized hail fell in the northwestern Sydney suburb of Castle Hill.
Three women have been struck by lightning and widespread damage has been inflicted by a hailstorm that swept through Sydney and parts of NSW. The storm cell hit the city's northwest about 4pm on Saturday, depositing golf ball- and even cricket ball-sized hailstones accompanied by wild winds and heavy rain.

Rouse Hill, Kellyville and St Ives bore the brunt, with the hail damaging roofs, smashing car windows and bringing down trees.

A retirement village in Glenhaven, near Kellyville, copped some of the worst of the battering, with "significant damage" to the roof, the NSW State Emergency Service said.

Meanwhile three woman in their 60s were taken to hospital after they were struck by lightning in Bowral, in the state's southern highlands.

SES volunteers have been stretched thin, with more than 630 calls for help relating to leaking roofs, hail damage, broken skylights and downed trees. "We've got hundreds of volunteers out at the moment, they've been working hard since yesterday's storms," SES spokeswoman Sue Pritchard told AAP. The phones had been ringing off the hook, she said, with at least 100 calls still banked up by 7pm.

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rain, flooding as ex- Cyclone Dineo sweeps over South Africa

As the tropical ex-cyclone Dineo dissipates over SA, heavy rainfall has hit the north-eastern parts of the country.

Flooding has occurred following heavy rainfall late on Thursday afternoon, 16 February in the Free State capital of Bloemfontein, as some cars appeared to be floating.

To the north-eastern side of Bloem, the expected areas over Limpopo also received heavy rain. In the Kruger National Park, specifically, gravel roads have been closed and select remote camps evacuated in the wake of the rains.

KwaZulu-Natal, on the other hand, where disaster management teams have been on standby since Wednesday, was not hit as hard by the effect of Dineo.

In Mozambique, Dineo has displaced thousands of people, while seven fatalities have already been reported, the country's government disaster centre said on Thursday. Heavy rains and fierce winds have destroyed about 20 000 homes, they say.

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