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Fri, 22 Feb 2019
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Large sinkhole opens up on road in Upper Allen, Pennsylvania

A water main break eroded the soil under an Upper Allen Township road and a sinkhole opened Monday morning.

The sinkhole is in the 800 block of South Market Street.

A utility pole sank and needed to be stabilized, and a home driveway is completely cut off from the roadway.

South Market is closed between East Elmwood Avenue and Shepherdstown Road and could remain shut down for a while because the other side of the road started buckling in the afternoon.

Suez Water said the severity of the break required other utilities to repair lines. Several homes and businesses last water service and are under a boil water advisory.

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Huge sinkhole completely swallows SUV in Sheridan, Colorado

© Sheridan Police Dept ‏
A massive sinkhole opened up and swallowed a Toyota RAV4 SUV on Oxford Avenue in Sheridan Tuesday evening.

Sheridan police tweeted that the driver was OK and shared a photo showing the vehicle submerged in water 15 feet down.

Police say the woman was able to climb out before the SUV fell.

The sinkhole occurred on Oxford Avenue at the intersection of Natches Court amid a drenching thunderstorm. Police say the rain impacted a pipe below the pavement which gave way.

Witness Tye Adams grabbed his phone and took video just as the SUV began to sink.

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Sinkhole swallows pedestrian in the city of Jiamusi, China

The terrifying moment an octogenarian dropped into a sinkhole that suddenly opened up beneath him in northern China's Jiamusi City on July 20.

The CCTV video shows an elderly man falling into a dark abyss as he walks along the road.

Passersby go to check on him and try to pull him out.

According to reports, the road had not been built well after construction last year and the rain was too much for it to bear.

The man was sent to hospital. He sustained no lasting injuries.


Huge crack appears in rock wall in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming - Area not far from Yellowstone

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming fissure

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Grand Teton National Park has closed the Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point tourist attractions because of concerns that a fissuring rock wall could pose a danger, as growing cracks and fissures were observed in the large buttress above Hidden Falls. The main crack is about 100 feet (30 meters) long and runs horizontally along a rock wall that's at least 100 feet tall.

Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point are located in the popular Jenny Lake area and are among the park's busiest attractions. Other Jenny Lake attractions, including the ferry, remain open.

Grand Teton National Park officials say there is no estimate for when the park's popular Hidden Falls area will reopen to the public.

Comment: As demonstrated in the video below, with the dramatic increase in activity all around the world of earthquakes, sinkholes and general instability of the earth beneath our feet, one would do well to exercise extreme caution in particularly risky areas. Worryingly, Yellowstone has shown a surge in activity recently:


Sinkhole hole opens under bus full of school children in Swineshead, UK

sinkhole Swineshead

The road began to collapse around the bus in Swineshead
A bus carrying schoolchildren began to sink in to the ground as a huge hole opened up and road underneath it.

The Brylaine bus was transporting children home from Boston Grammar School and the town's High School at around 4.30pm on Wednesday, July 11.

As the bus pulled in to drop a student off in High Green Road, Swineshead, its back end began to sink as the road began to collapse.

Brylaine operations director Malcolm Wheatley said the only thing stopping the bus from falling further into the deep 6ft hole was the vehicle's frame.

Comment: Sinkholes are often blamed on excess rainfall, broken pipes, local mining tunnels or recent roadworks and yes, according to the article this road has been repaired multiple times, but all that tells us is that the ground underneath it is highly unstable. Also, the UK has seen over 50 days without rain and which has led to unprecedented wildfires. So what's causing this massive increase in sinkholes around the world?

For more, see:


Largest landslide ever to hit Iceland - Follows wettest May and darkest June on record

landslide iceland
A very large landslide detached from the Fagraskógarfjall massif near Hitardal in western Iceland early Saturday morning, July 7, 2018. The slide blocked a well-known salmon fishing river with mud and rock, almost completely changing the landscape. Although not everyone agrees, local media currently consider this event as the largest landslide ever to hit Iceland.

The landslide was mapped with drones, Icelandic Coast Guard airplane and satellites.

Comment: These massive landslides happening all over the world do seem to be connected to torrential rainfall, but there appear to be other factors to consider:

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Car drives into sinkhole in southwestern Minnesota

Car falls into sinkhole in MN
© ABC7
A 16-year-old driver in southwestern Minnesota had to climb out his car's back window Tuesday morning after heavy rains washed out the road and he drove into a sinkhole.

The Renville County Sheriff's Office says the sinkhole was formed after a culvert beneath the township road was washed out.

The driver wasn't hurt, thanks to his seat belt and the car's airbag.

Candace Leopold, the driver's grandmother, says the teen was on his way to work at a farm north of Redwood Falls. After falling into the sinkhole, the teen escaped by climbing out of the car's back window, she said.

Cloud Precipitation

Heaviest monsoon rain in decades creates 6m wide sinkhole, kills 9, leaves Lahore, Pakistan underwater - 3 more days of rain forecast

lahore pakistan monsson record 2018
© Xinhua
Featured image: Huge sinkhole opens in Lahore, Pakistan after record-breaking rains flood the city on July 3, 2018.
Heavy monsoon rains, described as the worst in decades, left at least 9 people dead and 10 injured in the Pakistani city of Lahore (population 6.3 million) on Tuesday, July 3, 2018. The city received record-breaking rain that left much of it under water and without power. Heavy rains are expected to continue falling across the region over the next 3 days. Residents are urged to heed official warnings.

The city of Lahore, capital of Punjab Province, received a total of 252 mm (9.9 inches) of rain in 24 hours on Monday and Tuesday, breaking the previous daily rainfall record set in 1980.

Floodwaters left many many people were stranded in their homes and damaged over 200 electricity feeders across the city, leaving much of it without power.

The storm also disrupted air and land traffic, as major roads turned into pools.

Comment: Extreme weather around the world is occurring with increasing frequency and humanity is entirely unprepared: And check this out from 2017 - last year they considered the monsoon's the worst in recent history, it looks like 2018 is set to be even worse: Worst monsoons in recent history kill 1,200 and displace over 40 million in India, Nepal & Bangladesh (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

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Fifty-metre long section of city road collapses in China

No injuries or deaths were reported as a result of the road collapse (pictured), which occurred just before 7am on Sunday

No injuries or deaths were reported as a result of the road collapse (pictured), which occurred just before 7am on Sunday
Terrifying footage has emerged of the moment a fifty-metre section of a major road collapses.

The street can be seen buckling and crumbling on video captured by CCTV cameras in the city of Guang'an in Sichuan province, south-west China.

No injuries or deaths were reported as a result of the road collapse, which occurred just before 7am on Sunday.

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Huge sinkhole opens up in Columbia, South Carolina

A huge sinkhole opened up after a water main break in northeast Columbia.

It happened at the intersection of Idlebrook Court and Boswick Ridge in the Summit neighborhood.

Officials with the Columbia Water Department say water service has been restored to the area, but a boil water advisory remains in effect.

Officials say it could take up to a week to repair the road.