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Fri, 23 Feb 2018
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2 cars plunge into sinkhole in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Two vehicles were swept away in the Midah Ria flat landslip in Taman Midah, Cheras.
© Bernama
Two vehicles were swept away in the Midah Ria flat landslip in Taman Midah, Cheras.
A major landslide occurred at the Midah Ria Flats in Taman Midah, Cheras here this morning, leading to the collapse of a section of the parking area.

Two cars parked in the lot plunged along with other debris and landed in a monsoon drain about 100 metres away.

No one was hurt in the landslide.

The Kuala Lumpur Fire and Rescue Department was alerted to the incident by a distress call at 6:45am.

Its senior officer Shaharudin Abdul Wahid said that the landslide may have been caused by excessive underground water flow.

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200-foot sinkhole swallows two homes in Land O' Lakes, Florida

Florida sinkhole
© Scripps Media
A 200-foot sinkhole that swallowed two homes and emptied a Pasco County neighborhood this morning is still growing, officials warned, and may reach all the way to a nearby lake.

The home at 21835 Ocean Pines Drive in Land O' Lakes fell into the watery hole this morning and the muddy pit has now claimed much of a neighboring home. Firefighters said they got a 911 call just after 7 a.m. and the hole grew within minutes after that.

The view from SkyFOX showed a mess of mud and debris. A Pasco County Emergency Management spokesman estimated it was 50 feet deep, 220 feet wide, and expected to continue to grow.

Road Cone

Earth opens up under Mexican highway - Sinkhole swallows passing car, killing father and son

mexico sinkhole
© Tony Rivera/AP
Bystanders watch on as emergency services work to retrieve the car.
A father and son were killed when a deep sinkhole swallowed their car on a major Mexican highway on Wednesday local time, officials said.

Civil protection rescuers reached the rubble-covered Volkswagen Jetta lying on its roof at the bottom of the hole in the afternoon after working for more than eight hours on the closed section of road.

The sinkhole appeared before dawn, at around 6am.

A crane lowered rescuers into a yawning hole the width of two lanes in the middle of the highway.

The initial hole was widened in order to build a ramp for recovery purposes.

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Sinkhole swallows bus after deluge in Veracruz, Mexico

Transit bus lies in a sinkhole in Veracruz

Transit bus lies in a sinkhole in Veracruz
A massive sinkhole swallowed a public transit bus during heavy rains this morning in the city of Veracruz.

No one was hurt when the bus fell into the big hole while it was parked at the roadside in the Oasis residential area. Four nearby houses were evacuated initially and at least 20 more since because the rain hadn't stopped and the sinkhole was getting larger, said Civil Protection officials.

One said that 125 millimeters of rain fell between 8:00am and 1:00pm today.

Residents of at least 10 other houses in other parts of the city were also evacuated for fear they would collapse due to sinkholes.


Massive sinkhole shuts down highway in Oregon

Oregon sinkole
A massive sinkhole shut down Highway 212 in Damascus Sunday evening, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

Reported in the 20200 block of Highway 212, near South Wiese Road, the sinkhole is 20 feet wide by 4 feet deep, transportation officials said Sunday.

According to the Sunrise Water Authority, a water main broke, emptying a 1-million-gallon reservoir. Water service was restored to the reservoir.

Sunrise Water Authority urged customers who lost water pressure or service to boil any water that was used for drinking purposes only. All other uses, such as showers, baths, and watering, are safe, the bureau said. The boil water advisory was lifted Monday evening.

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Large sinkhole forms in Liverpool, UK

Edge Lane sinkhole
© Echo
A sinkhole on Edge Lane could take three to four weeks to repair, business owners fear.

The large hole, at the junction of the major commuter route and Beech Street, formed this morning and began at three metres deep and six metres wide.

Throughout the day the hole has continued to grow , as an investigation involving bodies including the council, gas experts and United Utilities gets under way to determine the cause.

John Brown, manager at the Devonshire House Hotel, which is close to the site of the sinkhole, said staff have been told it could be three to four weeks before it is fully repaired.

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Tradesman's ute falls into sinkhole in Perth, Western Australia

Jim Kennington, 50, was passing a roundabout in Perth's Wanneroo on Friday when disaster struck

Jim Kennington, 50, was passing a roundabout in Perth's Wanneroo on Friday when disaster struck
A tradie refused to let the sinkhole that swallowed his ute after a burst water main dampen his spirits.

Jim Kennington, 50, found himself in a hole lot of trouble when he came to a roundabout in Perth's Wanneroo on Friday and felt his tyres sinking.

But he managed to see the lighter side of things when his mate's began to take him to task for his misfortune, reports The West.

'Everybody's had a little laugh at me today,' Mr Kennington said.

'I tried to reverse out but it weren't going anywhere...So I climbed out the passenger side.'

The Water Corporation said an underground water main burst softened the road, causing the sinkhole.

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Massive sinkhole opens up in Janesville, Wisconsin

City of Janesville Department of Public works officials and crews discuss a sinkhole that opened up on North Washington Street in Janesville on Friday afternoon.
© Anthony Wahl
City of Janesville Department of Public works officials and crews discuss a sinkhole that opened up on North Washington Street in Janesville on Friday afternoon.
City crews worked Friday afternoon to fill a massive sinkhole that broke open on a street on the city's west side after heavy rains earlier this week had washed out the ground beneath the roadway.

Crews at the scene Friday afternoon said it took three truckloads of gravel to temporarily fill a sinkhole the length and width of a large car that broke open at about 3 p.m. Friday, leaving a 15-foot deep chasm on the east side of North Washington Street just north of Highland Avenue and the Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center campus.

Troy Egger, a city of Janesville public works department crew leader, told The Gazette that one of his crew members has worked for the city for 31 years.

He said that worker said he has never seen a sinkhole the size of the one that broke open Friday.


'Big bang' and 'pillar of fire' as two new craters form on Yamal peninsular, Siberia

New crater on Yamal peninsular
© Alexandr Sokolov
New funnel in Yerkuta is reported to be 8 meters in diameters and about 20 meters deep.
Local reindeer herder witnessed the tundra explosion that led to birth of new hole in river.

Scientists have located two fresh craters formed on Yamal peninsula this year, with the latest exploding on 28 June with the eruption picked up by new seismic sensors specifically designed to monitor such events, The Siberian Times can disclose.

First pictures of the large craters - or funnels as experts call them - are shown here, and add to four other big holes found in recent years and examined by experts, plus dozens of tiny ones spotted by satellite.

The formation of both craters involved an explosion followed by fire, evidently signs of the eruption of methane gas pockets under the Yamal surface.

People in Seyakha village heard a 'loud explosion-like bang' then saw a fire and clouds of black smoke, according to reports.

Deputy director of the Oil and Gas Research Institute, Moscow, Professor Vasily Bogoyavlensky said: 'We heard the news (about the new crater) from a friend who saw a flame of fire and then a rising pillar of smoke.'

The head of Seyakha village, Igor Okotetto, confirmed he had been told about the explosion.

In 2014 a mysterious crater-hole was discovered in the Yamal peninsular, northwest Siberia, Russia. It was 'probably caused by methane released as permafrost thawed' according to researchers, and the result of 'internal forces not seen in 8,000 years'. Since then new information has come to light, with witnesses reporting an 'explosion' and a 'glow in the sky' from 100 km away.

This would indicate an extremely powerful explosion occurred from below to form this 'crater-hole', in a region known in the local Nenets language as the 'end of the world'. The recent discovery by scientists of methane 'bubbles' on the remote Belyy Island in the Kara Sea off the Yamal Peninsula coastline may be another alarming sign of increased activity in the depths.
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Bizarro Earth

New island appears off US Coast

New Island
© chadonka
There's a new island off the tip of Cape Point.
A new island has appeared off the coast in the US, near North Carolina's Cape Point, attracting adventurous tourists and photographers.

The mile-long sand bank first started appearing in the spring. "It was just a little bump in April," visitor Janice Regan told The Virginian Pilot. She and her grandson Caleb, 11, explored it looking for shells on Memorial Day.

Instagram user chadonka posted an aerial image of the new island, showing just how large the new addition is.