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Tue, 21 Aug 2018
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GARGANTUAN sinkhole swallows several cars and building is evacuated in Rome (VIDEO)

Road collapse Rome sinkhole feb 2018
Cars lay strewn in the crater after the road collapsed earlier this evening
The cars swallowed by the chasm fell about 10 metres after the road collapsed at around 6pm this evening.

Two nearby buildings were evacuated as a precaution and firefighters have since confirmed no one was injured in the incident.

Officials are checking other nearby buildings for structural damage.

Comment: Sinkholes and landslides are occurring with greater frequency all over the world and there is never much of a valid explanation forthcoming. But when we take into account the greater picture we can see it is one part of a series of changes happening on our planet: For more information, see: Sinkholes - A Sign of the Times? and Sinkholes: The groundbreaking truth

As well as our monthly documentary: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - January 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs


Crews working to repair massive sinkhole in southwest Bakersfield, California

Sinkhole in Bakersfield, CA
Construction crews have been working to repair a massive sinkhole at the corner of Harris and Ashe Roads since last Tuesday.

The construction site is surrounded by residential communities and city employees are advising that people take alternate routes and avoid the area when possible.

The sinkhole is so large it is taking up most of the road. Crews could no confirm when they think the damage will be repaired.


8 dead as massive sinkhole swallows eight-lane road in Foshan, China (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Massive sinkhole swallows eight-lane road in a China, at least eight dead

A sinkhole measuring about 30 metres (100 feet) wide and six metres (19 feet) deep appeared in Foshan, China, yesterday
Eight people have died and three remain missing in southern China after a massive sinkhole yesterday swallowed a major road in the middle of a city.

The eight-lane road caved in after a water leak occurred on the construction site of a subway station in Foshan, a city of seven million people, authorities said Thursday.

Nine people were rescued from the sinkhole, which is said to be as big as two basketball courts. The condition of the survivors are reportedly stable.

Comment: When we take into account the surge in sinkholes and other related phenomena being recorded around the world, there's a good likelihood of it being related to the changes occurring on our planet :

Blue Planet

'Sinking' Pacific Island is actually growing

hammock beach coconut drink man
Tuvalu - the Pacific island group often cited by climate alarmists as the nation most immediately at risk from rising sea levels caused by 'global warming' - is not sinking after all.

In fact it's getting bigger, scientists now admit.

Comment: Earth's rotation is slowing with scientists predicting an upsurge in earthquakes, and we're seeing a dramatic increase in sinkholes, landslides and other earth movements; wind speeds are changing, as is the gulf stream, and the behaviour of the jet streams are increasingly erratic; more cosmic rays are reaching earth, and in tandem with all this, the Sun is entering a grand solar minimum, its quietest in 200 years, and we're seeing solar system wide climate change.

Meanwhile on Earth, the evidence of these changes are everywhere:

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Huge sinkhole opens up on street in Fairfax, Virginia (VIDEOS)

A water main break left a massive sinkhole in the middle of a neighborhood road in Fairfax, Virginia.

Chopper4 footage shows the sinkhole is the size of at least five mid-sized cars.

A resident saw the beginning of the sinkhole overnight and warned his neighbors to move their cars.

A water main break occurred in the 4500 block of Twinbrook Road and caused the sinkhole, police said.


Sinkhole appears on beach in French Riviera (PHOTOS)

Big Crater Seen on Beach in French Riviera (PHOTOS)
The beach saw similar incidents at least three times over the last decade. Authorities plan to conduct a geological probe at the site.

A crater with a diameter of five and a depth of two meters appeared in Nice on Lido beach, French channel BFMTV reported.

Comment: Clearly this crater/sinkhole's appearance isn't such a common occurrence and, when we take into account the huge increase in sightings around the world, this could be part of a more concerning phenomenon: For a more in-depth look on the topic, see: Sinkholes: The groundbreaking truth

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Swimming-pool sized sinkhole opens in Toronto, Canada

Sinkhole in Toronto, Canada
© Steve Somerville/Metroland
A giant sinkhole, the size of a backyard swimming pool, swallowed several trees and a portion of the boulevard at Langstaff Rd. and Fairview Ave. in Richmond Hill.

The hole was created by a water main break the afternoon of Jan. 30, said Diogo Oliveira, the town's manager of water and waste water.

It forced the closure of Langstaff to through traffic for at least 24 hours.

Water main breaks are not uncommon with aging infrastructure, Oliveira said, but this one, which occurred around 1:30 p.m., caused more significant damage than usual.

The hole - six metres by five metres at the surface and almost double the size below ground - damaged the boulevard, swallowed trees on the embankment and will require the relocation of a nearby hydro pole.

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Man, motorcycle fall into sinkhole in Augusta, Georgia

Motorcyclist falls into sinkhole

Motorcyclist falls into sinkhole
Augusta firefighters helped pull a man from a large sinkhole that opened in the parking lot at Augusta Exchange shopping center Wednesday, information officer Michael Meyers said.

"We did assist in a rescue when someone fell in," Meyers said. "He suffered from minor injuries."

The man, as well as his motorcycle, fell in the hole, located near the former H.H. Gregg store. His condition was not available late Wednesday.

Augusta Utilities Director Tom Wiedmeier said the hole was near a storm drain on the private parking lot.

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Large sinkhole nearly swallows car in San Francisco Bay area

Hayward, CA sinkhole

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Sinkhole opens up in Belgium near infamous WWI battlefield

Sinkhole opens up in Belgium

Sinkhole opens up in Belgium
A large sinkhole opened up in a field in Belgium at the weekend, possibly the result underground tunnels dug more than 100 years ago during WWI.

The sinkhole, which measures five metres across, was found in a muddy field in Ypres, where three of the bloodiest battles of WWI were fought in 1914,1915 and 1917.

According to the filmer, networks of hidden tunnels and trenches still exist in this area and may have caused the ground to give way here, creating the sinkhole.