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Fri, 23 Feb 2018
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Moment of powerful sinkhole implosion caught on camera in Mexico City (VIDEO)

Mexico City sinkhole
© Paul Contreras / YouTube
The dramatic moment a massive sinkhole devoured part of a street in Mexico City was captured by a witness determined to get the shot despite the nearby road crumbling into oblivion.

An underground tunnel was exposed when a 10-meter-wide and 20-meter-deep sinkhole suddenly opened between Colon and Humboldt street in the city center on Thursday.

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20-meter diameter sinkhole discovered in Waihi, New Zealand

Waihi sinkhole
© Via Facebook
A sinkhole measuring 20m in diameter has been found on reserve land in Waihi.

Hauraki District Council chief executive Langley Cavers said the sinkhole was found this morning on a council reserve between the Waihi Rugby Club and the Martha open pit mine.

Cavers said the site, known to be above historic mine workings, was classified as a hazard zone in 2002 and was cordoned off.

"While this is inconvenient, it is within an area where sinkholes could be expected."

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Harvey flooding causes massive sinkhole in Rosenberg, Texas

Rosenberg sinkhole
© Rosenberg Police Department
Since Tropical Storm Harvey began dumping unprecedented amounts of rain on Southeast Texas on Saturday, local and state officials have been warning people to stay off the roads.

On Sunday, police in Rosenberg shared another scary reminder - a photo of a massive sinkhole that opened on FM 762.

In the image, half of the road can be seen collapsing while water gushes from a pipe. The hole appears to be several feet deep and opens into an existing waterway on the northeast side of the 3900 block of FM 762.

The National Weather Service has said that Harvey is "unprecedented and all impacts are unknown and beyond anything experienced."

The National Hurricane Center says Harvey is expected to produce 15 to 25 more inches of rain through Friday over the middle- and upper-Texas coast.

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Small sinkhole swallows up leg of Brooklyn walker (VIDEO)

© Global Look Press
The fire department had to help retrieve the leg.
We sincerely hope that a man in Brooklyn wasn't trying to get anywhere in a rush after an inconvenient sinkhole opened up just enough to make his leg disappear. The unidentified individual had to be rescued from peril by the fire department.

Video from the scene which happened at the intersection of Myrtle and Walworth Tuesday shows the trapped individual, who from a distance looks like he is missing one leg. Upon closer inspection his leg appears to be trapped on the flip side of the earth.

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Large sinkhole nearly swallows couple in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Sphiwe Mbense's vehicle can be seen in the background after it nearly fell into the sinkhole with him and his girlfriend inside.

Sphiwe Mbense's vehicle can be seen in the background after it nearly fell into the sinkhole with him and his girlfriend inside
The Mzingazi travellers narrowly escaped with their lives after part of the road on the R34 caved in, forming a massive sinkhole.

A Richards Bay couple are lucky to be alive after their vehicle nearly sank when a stretch of the John Ross Parkway (R34) caved in on Friday afternoon, resulting in a massive sinkhole, reports the Zululand Observer.

Traffic was brought to a standstill as the gaping hole could be seen on the part of the road heading towards Richards Bay (before the Mondi traffic lights), leaving motorists stuck for hours on the parkway.

The sinkhole itself stretches about five metres in length, crossing the entire length of the double lane towards Richards Bay.


25-foot sinkhole closes road in central Ohio

Lancaster, OH sinkhole
© Matthew Berry/Eagle-Gazette
Weeks after paving crews left South Ewing Street, the city of Lancaster discovered a problem 25 feet below the surface.

When paving equipment moved out, excavation workers moved in after the city identified a large sinkhole just below the Ewing and Locust street intersection. The cavern under the pavement is about 30 feet in diameter.

"Luckily we were able to get on this repair before something catastrophic happened," said Mike Nixon, Water/Water Pollution Superintendent.

The fresh pavement on Ewing Street helped bridge the void, but there's no telling when it could have given way.

The sinkhole formed when there was a break in the line, causing the material above to fall into the pipe and be conveyed through the water. Over time, a sinkhole formed.

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Sinkhole swallows car in Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv sinkhole
© Arutz Sheva
A sinkhole formed on King Solomon Street in Tel Aviv Monday.

A car fell into the hole which formed when the ground collapsed. No injuries were reported.

The street and nearby buildings were evacuated for fear that the sinkhole could expand. Residents will be allowed to return when the vehicle is removed from the sinkhole and municipal engineers determine that there is no further danger.

You can watch footage of the event here.


Large sinkhole closes road in Lynchburg, Virginia

Virginia sinkhole
© Brandon Dunn
Lynchburg Department of Emergency Services says there is a water main break on Fort Avenue near Fenwick Drive, which is down from Crown Sterling and next to the pumpkin patch.

DES said the eastbound lane is closed as they try to maintain the sinkhole.

The water main break caused a pretty big sinkhole in the eastbound lanes of Fort Avenue and was growing while crews were on the scene.

The owner of Crown Sterling said the water main break was caused by a car accident and now the restaurant will have to close since there is no water.

As 12-inch valve ruptured underneath the road which caused the sinkhole; Dept. of Water Resources crews responded to turn the water off, but the sinkhole had already developed.

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Forklift driver injured after sinkhole opens up under sidewalk in downtown St. Louis, Missouri

Forklift driver injured when sidewalk collapses in downtown St. Louis

Forklift driver injured when sidewalk collapses in downtown St. Louis
Saturday as dozens of St. Louisans were enjoying the Rise Up Festival on Washington Avenue a sidewalk collapsed between 15th street and 18th street around 6:45 pm.

Witnesses at the scene say a man was driving a forklift on the sideway when the sidewalk collapsed. They've also told Fox 2 that they could see the man's hands and feet moving in the sinkhole.

First responders on the scene rescued the man and he was taken to hospital for treatment of his injuries.

The festival in Washington Avenue is celebration to recognize the revitalization the area surround Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis.

The festival is being held between 16th street and 18th street featuring painters, musicians and food.

Organizers say all of the vendors are local and from the surrounding St. Louis area.

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Man on disability scooter in China accidentally drives into a massive sinkhole

a scooter zoomed into view with the driver so distracted by their mobile phone they didn't see the sinkhole

A scooter zoomed into view with the driver so distracted by their mobile phone they didn't see the sinkhole
Checking your phone while driving can have disastrous consequences, but none more obvious than driving into a sinkhole.

Footage from Chinese television shows the ground suddenly give way in the middle of a street, creating a hole almost the whole way across one side.

Some time later, a scooter zoomed into view and drove straight into it without slowing down at all.

Both driver and bike disappeared into the hole just as another man frantically ran towards it in a doomed attempt to warn the driver.