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Mon, 19 Feb 2018
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Irma's storm water causes massive washout in Apopka, Florida

Washout in Apopka, FL
Storm water from Hurricane Irma has caused a massive washout situation in Apopka.

It happened behind Apopka Memorial Middle School, eating up a section of the West Orange Trail. It is located north of Votaw Road and south of McCoy Village Court.

Residents are urged to stay away from the immediate area.

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Large sinkholes open in The Villages, Florida in wake of Hurricane Irma

Cane Garden sinkhole
© Villages-News
This sinkhole opened up on the Jacaranda Nine at Cane Garden Country Club.
Two large sinkholes opened up in The Villages in the wake of a brutal pounding from Hurricane Irma.

One of the sinkholes opened up off Markridge Loop by Hole #3 of the Jacaranda nine at Cane Garden Country Club.

A second sinkhole, estimated to be 30-feet wide and 12-feet deep opened up in the Villages of Santiago.
Village of Santiago sinkhole
© Villages-News
This sinkhole opened up in the Village of Santiago.

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Huge sinkhole opens up in Lady Lake, Florida

A massive sinkhole has opened up at American Legion Post 347 in Lady Lake.

A massive sinkhole has opened up at American Legion Post 347 in Lady Lake.
A massive sinkhole opened up late Saturday afternoon at American Legion Post #347 in Lady Lake.

The sinkhole was estimated to be 70 feet across and growing. It is located in a retention basin about 100 yards from the parking area at the American Legion and is visible from County Road 466 and Rolling Acres Road.

Lady Lake police, Lake County sheriff's deputies and Lady Lake maintenance personnel were all on the scene Saturday night, monitoring the situation.

The sinkhole was located across from Recreation Plantation RV Park.

A sinkhole had swallowed part of a driveway this past Tuesday at a residence at Recreation Plantation. The sinkhole, located at Lot 229, was estimated to be 10 feet-by-10 feet-by 10 feet.


Large sinkhole destroys entrance to Florida country club

Indian Town sinkhole
The Martin County Sheriff's Office said Sunday that a large hole destroyed one of the entrances to the Indianwood Golf and Country Club in Indiantown.

Shopping carts and yellow tape were placed in front of the hole to prevent anyone from driving into it.

There is another entrance to the 55+ community.


3 water main breaks cause sinkhole in Woodland Hills, California

Woodland Hills sinkhole
© J.T. Alpaugh
A break in three water mains today opened up a sinkhole in a street in Woodland Hills.

About 25 customers were without water service as a result of the ruptured lines, which were reported about 2:30 p.m. in the 23000 block of Hatteras Avenue, according to the Department of Water and Power.

Crews shut off the water and were expected to be working on repairs until at least 10 p.m., according to a DWP spokeswoman who said two 6-inch mains and one 4-inch line broke.

The cause of the breaks was under investigation, she said.


Massive sinkhole discovered on bridge over Houston tollway

Sinkhole in Houston
© CW39TV
Talk about a sinking feeling!

First it was flooding, now it's a giant sinkhole to reckon with in west Houston!

The traffic nightmare there, caused in part by massive flooding on W. Beltway 8 Tollway near I-10, may not go away anytime soon.

That's because there's one more wrinkle added to the mess: a sinkhole blocking the Beltway feeder road!

A giant crater has formed on the bridge above the tollway on Boheme Drive at Beltway 8.

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Deep sinkhole several meters wide opens in Brussels, Belgium

Sinkhole in Brussels, Belgium
© 9News
A sinkhole several metres wide appeared on a busy street in Brussels on Thursday, shutting the road to traffic and worrying local residents.

The hole, caused by a leak in underground water pipes, did not result in any injuries according to local media, but restaurant owner Massut Ozkan said he had to hurry to halt buses and cars heading for the street when the hole appeared.

"We stopped the traffic. I went up to stop all the cars. There were also buses, fortunately they didn't go down the road. We stopped everybody, on both sides of the street. Honestly, we avoided a serious danger. If a big bus or a van had gone by, things would not be the same," he said.

The road has been closed for safety reasons and 200 people evacuated, according to local media.

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Colossal waterspout seen off the coast of Tropea, Italy

Waterspout off Italy's coast
A video uploaded to social media captures a spinning waterspout off the coast of Tropea, Italy on Sunday.

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Residents awaken to find their home being swallowed by sinkhole in Falmouth, Nova Scotia

When the family in the house first awoke, they thought the sounds downstairs were home invaders.
© Anjuli Patil/CBC
When the family in the house first awoke, they thought the sounds downstairs were home invaders.
When family members inside a Hants County home woke up early Sunday morning, they feared the racket they heard coming from their basement was created by home invaders.

A call to 911 followed but when officers arrived, they found a catastrophe that wasn't man-made.

A sinkhole had developed under the Mountain View Drive home in Falmouth and the danger was created by Mother Nature.

'Everyone is safe'

Chris Strickey lives at the house with his wife and two daughters who are 13 and 16. He and his 13-year-old daughter weren't home at the time the sinkhole opened.

"I received a phone call at one minute before 4 a.m. from my wife to tell me that literally the house had collapsed," said Strickey.


Moment of powerful sinkhole implosion caught on camera in Mexico City (VIDEO)

Mexico City sinkhole
© Paul Contreras / YouTube
The dramatic moment a massive sinkhole devoured part of a street in Mexico City was captured by a witness determined to get the shot despite the nearby road crumbling into oblivion.

An underground tunnel was exposed when a 10-meter-wide and 20-meter-deep sinkhole suddenly opened between Colon and Humboldt street in the city center on Thursday.