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Mon, 20 Aug 2018
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More cracks reported in Kenya as Africa's geographical divide deepens

Crack on the outskirts of Naivasha town in Nakuru County, Kenya.
© Daily Nation
Crack on the outskirts of Naivasha town in Nakuru County, Kenya.
A month after a huge crack was reported in Kenya's Rift Valley, another two-kilometre fault line has cracked open on Monday on the outskirts of Naivasha town in Nakuru County where farms have been swallowed.

Local media reports say at least 16 families have moved to safe grounds as several acres of crops were destroyed by the crack that was filled with water believed to be from rains in other parts of the country, reports Daily Nation.

"The heavy rains pounding this region have contributed in a way to the fault line ... It's a 20-foot deep fault line that runs across several agricultural farms. The families were asked to leave primarily for their safety," said Naivasha assistant county commissioner Joseph Opondo on Tuesday.

Comment: Miles-long crevice opens up overnight near Nariobi in Kenya's Rift Valley

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Car falls into large sinkhole in central North Carolina

Sinkhole in North Carolina
A car became trapped after a sink hole opened up on a Southern Pines road Sunday night.

Authorities said crews arrived at West Wisconsin Avenue and Southeast Service Road just before 8 p.m. and found a car that had fallen several feet into a large sinkhole.

According to officials, water had undermined a large pipe running underneath the road and caused the roadway to sink as the car attempted to drive across it.

Two occupants in the car were not injured, authorities said.

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Sinkhole swallows SUV in El Cajon, California

A driver crashed into a sinkhole Monday night after a water main broke under a major roadway in El Cajon.

The incident happened around 9:28 p.m. at the intersection of North Johnson Avenue and Vernon Way.

According to El Cajon police, law enforcement officials were on scene directing traffic around the flooded roadway when a female driver disobeyed the road signs and drove around the police barricade.

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Large sinkhole swallows car in Hobart, Indiana

Hobard, IN sinkhole
© CBS News
Police in Hobart, Indiana, are warning drivers to stay away from a stretch of State Road 51 in a residential area, after a huge sinkhole opened in the street.

The sinkhole opened on Lincoln Street (State Road 51) near 9th Street late Wednesday morning, according to Hobart Police.

The hole was nearly the length of a Kia sedan that fell in the hole, and several feet wide. Both tires on the driver's side of the car fell in the hole, while the wheels on the passenger's side were still on the roadway.


UK: Devon village rising 2cm a year, London suburb sinking, and scientists have no idea why

The village of Willand in Devon, which is rising 2cm every year
© SWNS.com
The village of Willand in Devon, which is rising 2cm every year
But the small parish of Willand in Devon is not enjoying an unexpected economic boom, but rather a strange geological upsurge.

Scientists have discovered the village is rising by 0.7 inches (2cm) a year, and are utterly baffled about the reason.

The curious elevation was spotted by researchers from the University of Nottingham's spin-off company Geomatic Ventures Limited (GML) who have been compiling satellite images between 2015 and 2017 to create the first country-wide map of land motion in Britain.

"We generally see this sort of uplift where there has been mining works and the pumps have been switched off, allowing the water to gradually seep back into the ground," said Dr Andy Sowter, Chief Technical Officer at GVL.

Comment: Mainstream scientists probably have no idea why because they're lost in a specialised bubble and are not paying attention to what's going on all over the planet: Also check out SOTT's monthly documentary: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - March 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

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Enormous sinkhole swallows an SUV whole in car park in Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Incredible footage from the scene shows the stricken car lying on its side in the sinkhole

Incredible footage from the scene shows the stricken car lying on its side in the sinkhole
This is the unbelievable moment a Russian SUV owner got the shock of their lives after returning to where they parked their car only to find it had been swallowed by a sinkhole.

The incident occurred in the city of Rostov-on-Don close to the border with Ukraine and was caught on camera by flabbergasted onlookers eager to get a closer look.

In the bizarre footage, filmed on a smartphone, the car can be seen lying on its side in the gigantic cavity in the road.

As the camera moves around the site the true scale of the sinkhole becomes apparent as it appears to be wider and longer than the stricken vehicle.

People can be seen standing just metres away from the wreck - coolly discussing and observing the phenomenon without fear for their own safety.

Bizarro Earth

Miles-long crevice opens up overnight near Nariobi in Kenya's Rift Valley

crack east african rift valley
© Buzz60
Experts say Africa will be split into two different continents in the future. Amassive crack appeared in the East African Rift Valley of Kenya.
It'll take tens of millions of years, but Africa may eventually split into two parts.

While geologists have known about this possibility for a while, it became news recently when a large crack, stretching several miles in length, made a sudden appearance in southwestern Kenya following heavy rain.

The tear, which continues to grow, collapsed part of a highway and "was accompanied by seismic activity in the area," said Lucia Perez Diaz, a postdoctoral researcher on tectonics at Royal Holloway, a university in London.

The crack is located in a region known as the East African Rift Valley. It measures more than 50 feet in depth and 65 feet across, according to National Geographic. A rift valley refers to a lowland region where tectonic plates rift, or move apart.

Comment: The earth has been literally 'opening up' in various locations around the globe, due in part to the current slowdown in earth's rotation:

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Massive sinkhole covering two-lane highway opens in Pretoria, South Africa

Laudium, Pretoria, SA sinkhole
© eNCA/Silindelo Masikane
The sinkhole in Laudium.
The cause of the large sinkhole covering both lanes of the R55 in Laudium, Pretoria is yet to be identified by the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport.

The sinkhole was identified by department officials, who identified cracks in the road, during a routine maintenance check two weeks ago, said provincial spokesperson Melitah Madiba.

"We sent out a statement two weeks ago informing drivers about the sinkhole," she said.

"Our technical team is still running tests to determine the cause of the sinkhole. We should have the report sometime next week."

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Large sinkhole opens up in Maidstone, UK

The sinkhole.
© Sarah Nickels
The sinkhole.
A sinkhole has opened up in Barming.

The void was discovered earlier today and has caused deep cracks in the road and a driveway to crack up. Part of a fence has also subsided into the hole.

It was found at the edge of a field off Broomshaw Road and it is understood authorities have closed off the end of the road and houses lost water for a time.

The area where the sinkhole was seen is near where Taylor Wimpey is set to build hundreds of new homes on the Pea Fields behind Broomshaw Road.

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Car falls into sinkhole in downtown St. Louis, Missouri

Car falls into sinkhole in MO
As the clock hits 5 p.m., many are racing to jump in their cars to go home. However, News 4 Assignment Editor Bob Cyphers didn't expect his Wednesday to end like this.

Cyphers was walking to get his car from a parking lot near Busch Stadium in St. Louis when he saw the back end of his Kia SUV had fallen into a large sinkhole.

"I was walking to get my car from work and we see the police scene here," Cyphers said. "And I think what is the excitement is over here and the closer I get the worse it looks."

Police said they do not know when the sinkhole in the lot opened up.