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US, Tennessee: Crew stabilizing sinkhole that swallowed creek in Sevier County, building sluice

A crew is working to ensure that water continues to flow in a Sevier County creek where a sinkhole opened, draining a three-mile section of the stream.

The plan is to plug the holes that first formed last year in Middle Creek under the Collier Drive bridge.

The bridge had to be stabilized and now work is under way to ensure the stream continues to flow above ground. A dam was built and pumps are channeling the water through temporary pipes along the bank while the holes are filled and a concrete sluice is built over them.

Rain on Wednesday raised the water level in the stream and forced a temporary halt to the work, according to The Mountain Press.

Source: The Associated Press

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Canada, Yellowknife: Sinkhole Growing at Giant Mine Site

Federal officials in Yellowknife are worried that a growing sinkhole at the former Giant Mine could result in water seeping into the site's underground arsenic chambers.

The sinkhole first appeared in May and is currently six square metres in size. It is located between Baker Creek and an open pit that is connected to the underground section of the mine.

As well, the depression is close to four underground chambers in which thousands of tonnes of arsenic trioxide - a toxic byproduct of gold production - are being stored.

Officials with the federal Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development are concerned the sinkhole could make it easier for water from Baker Creek to seep into the arsenic chambers, should the creek flood again next spring.


US, Iowa: Sinkhole Results in Street Closing

© Cindy Christensen
South 26th St. between 6th and 7th Avenues has been blocked off due to a large sink hole spanning the width of the street. The sink measured 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep on Thursday and was caused by the high water table causing the sewer to collapse.
Officials say a large sinkhole in Council Bluffs started as a dip in the road and just kept growing.

South 26th Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues is now barricaded because of a giant sinkhole in the street caused by high water tables, a city spokesman said.

Cost to repair the sinkhole, which had grown to 50 feet long by 50 feet wide by late Friday, is $216,000, said Don Gross.

When water levels get higher than normal, underground pipes become surrounded by water, he said. If there are cracks or openings in the pipe, the water and soil material flowing in it will eventually create a "cavity" in the pipe and eventually the street surface will collapse.

It's hoped the repairs can begin next week, Gross said. MFT Construction has received the bid, he added.

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US: Massive Lake County Sinkhole Continues To Swallow Building

Leesburg, Florida. -- A large sinkhole has been swallowing downtown Leesburg and many neighbors said they are concerned.

The sinkhole at Main and East streets has already gobbled up one business, and the damage is getting worse.

City leaders said the mess is in the hands of the landowner, and city officials said since it's only been a couple of weeks, they're not ready to issue any ultimatums.

Douglass Anderson has a good view of the sinkhole because it's just 50 paces from his Leesburg home.

"No. I don't think we've got to pull out. I think the thing is going that way," said Anderson, pointing away from his house.

The sinkhole opened at the corner of East and Main on June 27. "There's no indication that this hole has been growing," said Robert Sargent, Leesburg city spokesman.

Sargent said even though half the roof of Main Street Hair and Beauty Supply caved in, the width and depth of the pit remains the same. The sinkhole is 60 feet across and 20 feet down.

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US: Sinkhole opens up in road, Charlotte, North Carolina

© DAVIE HINSHAW/charlotteobserver.com
A DOT crew is on scene of a sinkhole that developed Friday morning on Sharon Road.
Police closed a south Charlotte intersection Friday morning after a sinkhole developed.

The sinkhole was on Sharon Road at the Wendover Road intersection. Motorists began reporting the problem shortly before 7 a.m., and authorities closed the intersection a short time later.

Inbound Sharon Road is open, but the outbound lanes are closed. In addition, there is no access to Sharon Road from Wendover Road.

Typically, these holes are caused by broken underground water lines that need repair. But it is unclear if that is the problem this time. State highway personnel arrived at the scene about 8:30 a.m.

Motorists should consider using Sharon Lane and Providence Road as alternate routes.

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Guatemalan woman finds huge sinkhole under bed

© Johan Ordonez/AFP/Getty Images
A man inspects the sinkhole in Guatemala City.
Sinkhole, 12m deep and 80cm in diameter, forms at Guatemala City home of 65-year-old Inocenta Hernandez

You may sometimes wish the ground would swallow you up, but for some the danger of disappearing down a deep hole is all too real.

The people of Guatemala City are increasingly unable to trust what's beneath their feet because of treacherous sinkholes.

The latest person to get a shock was 65-year-old Inocenta Hernandez. "When we heard the loud boom we thought a gas canister from a neighbouring home had exploded, or there had been a crash on the street.

"We rushed out to look and saw nothing. A gentleman told me that the noise came from my house, and we searched until we found it under my bed."

Comment: What was once an occasional incident has become a alarmingly regular occurrence - we're getting reports of sinkholes every other day now!

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A collection of sinkhole images from around the world

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Gigantic Crack Opens Up In Mexico

Mexico Crack
© Before It's News
The crack appeared on 13 July in Santa Maria Huejoculco in Chalco, State Mexico, land has now reached 500 meters long and authorities have not taken preventive measures, warned James Espinoza Hilario, responsible for Social planning on the Sierra Nevada project of the Autonomous Metropolitan University.

In addition, after survey work was detected in Santa Maria Huejoculco yet another gap of about four km which reached La Candelaria Tlapala, in the community of Miraflores, in Chalco, explained Professor Martín Espinosa.

These failures are part of a family of cracks that exist in the region and threaten to spread across the entire east area of the Valley of Mexico.

This event began back 2009 in a small area of this region but since it has grown and is eating up everything around it .

Comment: On top of all the sinkholes opening up, this crack in the ground in Mexico joins a list of fissures opening up all over the world:

June 30: US: St. Clair Crack Remains a Mystery

March 18: Everett, Washington: Land Crack Appears, Neighborhood is Sinking

March 7: Pakistan: Giant Fissure / Crack Opens in the Ground in Seagi Gulistan

February 25: Large Crack Opens in the Earth in Southern Peru

January 7: Large crack in the ground appears in the Michigan Upper Peninsula

October 6 2010: Mysterious crack still begs answers


Utah, US: Girl dies, father hurt in crash caused by sinkhole

© Utah Highway Patrol
An image provided by the Utah Highway Patrol shows the wreckage of a car that ran into a sinkhole.
A 15-year-old girl died after heavy rains caused a huge sinkhole to open on a Utah highway, swallowing one vehicle and causing her father's SUV to careen off the road.

Authorities said the crash that killed Justine Barneck and injured her father, Michael Barneck, late Wednesday night happened when the road collapsed in front of them, leaving a patch of asphalt on the edge of the hole that the vehicle hit, causing the fatal accident.

At about the same time, a second car actually went into the 40-foot-wide, 30-foot-deep hole, said Utah Highway Patrol Cpl. Todd Johnson. The driver of that vehicle, 37-year-old Helen Paulson, was hurt, but the extent of her injuries was not immediately clear.

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Tennessee, US: Sinkhole beside Spring Hill's new high school stirs speculation

© Jill Cecil Wiersma / The Tennessean
A sinkhole is under repair near Summit High School in Spring Hill. Crews discovered the 60-foot-long, 18-feet-wide,14-foot-deep hole earlier this week
Cause of huge hole at Summit unclear

As crews scurry to finish work on Spring Hill's $40 million Summit High School, workers have found a large sinkhole on one of its athletic fields.

Geotechnical engineers are searching for the cause of a 60-foot-long, 18-foot-wide and 14-foot-deep hole discovered earlier this week, said Director of Construction and Facilities Kevin Fortney.

Fortney described the large sinkhole to school board members Thursday night at their work session, joking that it was not part of the school's swimming program.

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US, Colorado: Sink hole closes road in Longmont

sinkhole Longmont
© Joshua Buck/Times-Call
Weld County Sheriff Deputy Chad Walser talks with Longmont Emergency Unit crews and a firefighter from Mountain View Fire Rescue about closing Weld County Road 20 1/2 at Weld County Road 1 as a sinkhole grows Wednesday evening.
A 4-foot wide sinkhole in the roadway has forced emergency crews to close Weld County Road 20 1/2 between county roads 7 and 1.

A broken culvert has exposed a 15-foot by 15-foot cavern under the roadway and it is growing, officials on scene said as water gushed below. A Weld County Public Works crew left to pick up barricades in Johnstown and would return later this evening, Deputy Chad Walser said.

It was not known how long the road would be closed, but emergency crews on scene said they thought at least a week, as most of the area would have to be dug up.