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Fri, 21 Jan 2022
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2 giant sinkholes open up in central Turkey

konya turkey sinkhole
© AA photo
Two massive sinkholes opened up in a clover field in central Turkey's Konya province, spreading fear among locals living in the area.

The first sinkhole opened up in Reşadiye neighborhood on Friday, Anadolu Agency reported, adding that it measured 4 meters in diameter and 20 meters in depth. Teams from Karapınar Municipality put up a wire fence around the sinkhole to prevent accidents.

After three days, a 10-meter-deep sinkhole with a 7-meter diameter opened up in the same neighborhood at 3 a.m. local time.

Comment: Experts who claim that its merely due to 'structure' and 'rainfall', apparently unaware of any other factors, when sinkholes are opening up all over the planet, are clearly missing a significant piece of the puzzle:


Sinkhole swallows river in Indonesia

sinkhole swallow indonesia river
Normally, rivers flow horizontally. Now the water of this river in Babadan Village, Indonesia disappears in a deep sinkhole underground, drying up the stream. Very disturbing, isn't it?

This Youtube video was first uploaded today by the chef of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, via his twitter account @Sutopo_PN:

As seen in both videos, the water is vanishing in a deep and probably very large underground hole. Freaky! Hopefully the river will not completely disappear.

Bizarro Earth

Seismic swarm in progress between southern Cascadia and northern San Andreas Faults

San Andreas and Cascadia Faults
© Temblor
Four Magnitude-3.4 and larger quakes have struck in two hours, all south of Cape Mendocino, and west of the town of Petrolia, California. Based on the earthquake locations and their focal mechanisms (both by the USGS), the swarm appears to be occurring on a right-lateral reverse fault that connects the northernmost San Andreas-Mendocino Fracture Zone with the shallow portion of the Cascadia Megathrust (as shown by the black half- arrows in the map).


Sinkholes open up in within days of each other in Los Angeles and Chile

sinkhole chile 2019

The sinkhole opened up after the M6.7 earthquake in Quebrada las Canas, Olmué, Chile on January 20, 2019.
Residents of Quebrada Las Cañas, Chile, were left terrified after a giant 11 meters in diameter and 17 meters deep sinkhole opened up following the M6.7 earthquake of last weekend. The gigantic crater swallowed up a house and 9 farm animals. In the meantime, a sinkhole estimated at about 80 feet long opened up between two condominium complexes in La Habra, L.A., forcing evacuations.

Residents at a La Habra condominium complex say a loud sound late Wednesday, January 23, 2019, made them brace for a strong jolt from an earthquake - but the shaking never arrived.

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Large sinkhole in Maasdijk, the Netherlands: 100 households with less to none tap water

zinkgat maasdijk
© Omroep West
Sinkhole in Maasdijk.
Last Thursday, on January 24th, a 2-meter-wide sinkhole appeared in the Dutch city of Maasdijk. News reports say the cause was a leak in the water pipeline. Water supply to around a hundred households has been cut off as a result.

The water is being pumped out of the sinkhole to try to repair the leak. The sinkhole appeared at the intersection of Korte Kruisweg with Abel Tasmanstraat. A part of the road has been closed. Due to the sinkhole, a lot of sand has been pouring out on the street.

According to news reports, it's unknown what caused the leak. However, as explained in the book 'Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection':
Since none of the invoked causes can explain the sudden appearance of so many new sinkholes in so many different locations, we're left to consider that some new factor must underpin the sharp increase. It makes us wonder if the 'opening up' of the Earth is not this new factor."
It is likely that sinkholes are caused by the slowdown of the Earth's rotation as a result of an increase in electrically charged comet dust surrounding the planet, and the decrease in solar activity. This could lead to the Earth literally 'opening up'.

Comment: See also: Sinkhole appears in the center of Amsterdam

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Draining the swamp? Sinkhole near the White House will keep streets closed for up to a week for repairs

A sinkhole that opened near the White House on Tuesday and caused street closures will take up to a week to repair, officials said Thursday.

The sinkhole opened at 17th and D streets NW, causing the closure of 17th Street NW between C and E streets.

On Thursday, the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority said in a statement that crews are still working to expose a sewer line that was crushed when concrete fell on it.

Officials said 17th Street between C and E streets and D Street between 15th and 17th streets will remain closed until the repairs are complete.

Pepco is also at the scene to repair power lines, according to a spokeswoman from the utility.

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Massive sinkhole opens La Habra, California

Sinkhole in La Habra, CA
An enormous sinkhole opened up after an underground flood channel collapsed in La Habra, causing trees to collapse and endangering several nearby condos.

The sinkhole formed in a greenbelt between two condominium complexes at the Coyote Creek complex in the 900 block of West Imperial Highway at about 10:45 p.m. Wednesday.

"The whole house shook and it felt like a bunch of cars full on like hit the house," resident Matt Tucker said.

Tucker was at work when he got a call from his wife telling him the ground in front of their home had given way and a tree had slammed into the front.

The gaping maw between the two buildings is 80 feet long and 20 feet deep. The ground surrounding the sinkhole is so unstable, trees are collapsing into the sinkhole.

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Road near Delhi Metro station caves in, vehicles trapped in huge sinkhole

Road caves in  Delhi Minister Gopal Rai reached the spot to inspect it

Road caves in Delhi Minister Gopal Rai reached the spot to inspect it
A portion of a busy road in Delhi caved in, creating a huge sinkhole and trapping a car and an auto-rickshaw. The incident took place near the Maujpur-Babarpur Metro station on Monday evening.

Two people were in the car while the auto had one person. All the people were rescued soon after their vehicles got trapped in the sinkhole. The vehicles were later pulled out with the help of cranes.

The pictures from the incident showed both the auto-rickshaw and the car in the pit. A large crowd had gathered around the sinkhole after the incident.

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20-ft sinkhole opens up on expressway in Milpitas, California

A sinkhole that opened up on a busy highway in Milpitas caused a traffic nightmare for drivers.

Construction crews worked through Saturday to fill up the large crevice that's at least 20-feet deep.

The sinkhole emerged Friday morning on Montague Expressway between Main Street and Trade Zone.

A team from Granite Rock Construction sized up the hole and found some damage to a storm drain.

Ricky Smith said, "We're going to have to dig it up, expose it, repair what's going on with that storm drain, obviously do structural back-fill and get it up to grade and repave."

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Man rescued from sinkhole in Clovis, California

Repair crews with the City of Clovis spent the day fixing a sinkhole big enough to swallow a car after Public Works says a water main broke under a section of Clovis Avenue between Herndon and Alluvial overnight.

The sun hadn't even come up yet when officers were called to the scene to rescue a driver after his white sedan became submerged.

"Just a little bit shocking to enter a sinkhole but they were able to get him out and everybody is ok," said Scott Redelfs, Clovis Public Utilities Director.

Traffic in both directions was shutdown for hours.

One lane of traffic is now back open here at Clovis and Chennault, but drivers should try to avoid the area if possible as city workers continue to investigate the cause of the sinkhole.