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Fri, 28 Jan 2022
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Bus falls into gaping sinkhole in Pittsburgh

Morning commuters in Pittsburgh got an eyeful Monday when a bus fell backward into a gaping sinkhole, leaving the front half hanging several feet above the road.

The Port Authority bus was stopped at a red light when a rectangular hole in the street opened up beneath it, swallowing the back half of the bus, Port Authority of Allegheny County officials said.

Only the driver and one passenger were on board when the bus fell in. Both were safely able to exit, and the lone passenger was being treated for minor injuries, the Port Authority reported.

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Man possibly carried away in sinkhole in Hermosillo, Mexico

A man reportedly fell into this sinkhole late Monday afternoon.

A man reportedly fell into this sinkhole late Monday afternoon.
Authorities are searching for a man possibly carried away in a massive sinkhole in Hermosillo, the capital of the Mexican state to Arizona's south.

A man riding a bicycle reportedly fell into the more than 6-foot-deep hole late Monday afternoon. Since then, authorities have been searching for him between the sinkhole and a sewage treatment plant roughly 5 miles away, according to a city official.

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Huge sinkhole swallows two cars after opening up in Shanxi, China

A huge sinkhole opened up on a road in northern China's Lvliang, swallowing two cars. In the video, filmed on September 11, two cars can be seen upside-down inside a 50-metre-long and 10-metre-wide sinkhole as water poured in from the road. According to the witness, people in the two cars have been evacuated and no one was injured. The case is being investigated, reports said.

Comment: Another similar recent incident in the same country: Huge sinkhole swallows taxi after opening up on Chinese road

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Huge sinkhole swallows taxi after opening up on Chinese road

A taxi driver had to sprint to freedom from his cab moments after it was swallowed up by an enormous sinkhole.

The cabbie, named Guo, ran from his car after the 13ft deep chasm opened up in Ningxia, northern China.

The 33-year-old had just dropped off a fare. 'After my passenger got out, I drove forwards, then my car suddenly began sinking into the ground. I was shocked and immediately tried to open my door to get out,' he said. 'But my car became misshapen in the sinkhole, so I had to kick it open and ran out.'

Comment: The lowdown on sinkholes:


3 people injured after "substantial" rockfall in Utah's Zion National Park

rockfall zion national park
Three people were injured, including one who was hospitalized, after a "substantial piece of rock" fell about 3,000 feet off a mountain in Zion National Park in Utah Monday evening.

Park officials were notified at around 5:50 p.m. that a significant piece of rock broke off Cable Mountain and hit along the East Rim Trail, knocking down trees and "showering visitors ... with smaller rocks, branches and a plume of dust and sand."

The trail, which was closed at the time, sits approximately 3,000 below the mountain in an area called Weeping Rock.

Comment: This event may well merely be due to normal "erosion" but it's notable that all over the planet there has been a significant rise in landslides, sinkholes, and other related phenomena, that cannot:

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The ground sinks in Mazatlan, Mexico - at least 4 sinkholes reported so far

At least four sinkholes have been registered so far in August in Mazatlan, generating accidents and road problems, and will be resolved with 15 million pesos.

The Director of Welfare and Social Development, Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez, indicated that the resources will be applied through his address because Jumapam does not have extra resources.

"In recent days, due to the natural wear and tear that has been in the primary communication channels, there have been undercuts that we are already aware of, and since Jumapam has no money, the president instructed us that through Social Welfare, resources will be rebuilt to help the Board compose those four undercuts, "he said.

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100-ft-deep sinkholes appear with deafening noise in Andhra Pradesh, India

A sinkhole formed in Kadapa district.– File Photo

A sinkhole formed in Kadapa district.– File Photo
The mysterious formation of huge sinkholes with deafening noise at Eppenta and Bayanapalle villages on Sunday caused panic among villagers.

The mysterious formation of huge sinkholes with deafening noise at Eppenta and Bayanapalle villages on Sunday caused panic among villagers. The emergence of 100-feet-deep sinkholes in irrigation tanks is giving sleepless nights to villagers.

Farmers baffled finding a large sinkhole filled with water. People of these two villages are scared of entering their agricultural fields fearing formation of sinkholes. They said that sinkholes have formed due to lightning and heavy inflows from the Buggavanka project. The government must press scientists into service to ascertain the reasons for the formation of sinkholes and dispel fears of people, Ramamohan, a farmer said.


UK: Another 'mystery' event causes breathing problems at beach, this time in Essex

beach officials
© PA
A couple of officials in a dinghy warn people to get out of the water
Mystery of Essex beach breathing problems deepens as cause still unknown

Visitors to the seaside town of Frinton have been advised not to go into the water, following multiple reports of children coughing and struggling to breathe

The reason why children coughed and struggled to breathe at a packed Essex beach yesterday remains a mystery.

Hundreds of families were enjoying the sun in the seaside town of Frinton on Sunday, when a large number of people began to have trouble breathing.

Essex Police said they were investigating, but that the cause remained unknown and the force advised people not to enter the water.

Emergency services, including the ambulance and fire service, attended the scene at the seafront off Fourth Avenue shortly after 2pm.

Comment: Could it be related to the surge in outgassing events around the world? SOTT Exclusive: The growing threat of underground fires and explosions

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Massive 60-foot sinkhole opens up in Clay County, Florida

huge sinkhole in Clay County

Huge sinkhole in Clay County
Getting to the bottom of a huge sinkhole in Clay County is a bigger challenge than crews originally thought.

The massive hole is impacting traffic and homes in Keystone Heights.

Tabby Castro has been without running water for three days.

"I don't care if you don't fix the road, fix my pump," explained Castro.

Ever since a sinkhole, measuring 60 feet across, opened near her home on Auburn Avenue in Keystone Heights she's been dealing with this.


Calf recovering after falling into sinkhole in Luther, Oklahoma

cow sinkhole
A calf is recovering after spending days in a sinkhole on an Oklahoma ranch.

The Mohr family of Luther said holes have been popping up on the property over the years due to an underground pipeline, and people, vehicles and now the calf have fallen in.

Credit: Lauren Daniels KFOR-TV