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Tue, 22 May 2018
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Giant 3 km long earth crack in Kenya blamed on 'volcanic activity'

Kenya earth crack
© YouTube/Daily Nation (screen capture)
A section of the collapsed Maai Mahiu-Narok road near Karima in Kenya.
Hundreds of travelers were stranded for hours on the Narok - Mai Mahiu road at Karima in Kenya on Tuesday 13th March 2018, after a section of the road collapsed. The giant earth crack responsible is estimated to be 3 kilometers long and at least 6 meters deep and was initially blamed solely on flood waters caused by torrential rains that have left at least nine people dead across the country.

However the Kenya National Highway Authority (KENHA) Director General Engineer Peter Mundinia has rubbished such reports and stated that the road collapse was a result of volcanic activity in the area.
"The Mai Mahiu road was damaged as a result of volcanic activity. We can say rains catalyzed the destruction. However nobody can tell why the volcanic activity happened in that manner. If the development was caused by water alone, then we would have seen the road cut, but not the extent of this fault line. As you aware Suswa is in the Rift Valley and volcanic activities are still taking place in Suswa. We cannot be sure that tomorrow volcanic activities will take place in Suswa, it could be somewhere else."

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Rain and snowmelt cause landslides, flooding in Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina (VIDEOS)

Landslide in Hrvatska Kostajnica, Croatia, March 2018.
Landslide in Hrvatska Kostajnica, Croatia, March 2018.

Croatia's State Protection and Rescue Administration (Državna uprava za zaštitu i spašavanje - DUZS) reported on 13 March that a landslide in Hrvatska Kostajnica, Sisak-Moslavina County completely destroyed 6 houses and left several others severely damaged. No fatalities have been reported.

As of 13 March, several rivers were at red level warning stage (highest of five - green, blue, yellow, orange, red) including the Una in the town of Hrvatska Kostajnica near the location of the landslide, where streets and homes have been flooded.

Elsewhere in Croatia, the Korana river in Karlovac was at red level warning stage as of 13 March, standing at 7.81 metres.

Disaster officials said levels of the Sava River were cause for concern, in particular at Jasenovac where levels were at orange warning stage, standing as at 8.54 metres.

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Avalanche kills 2 women in Pakistan

At least two women were killed as avalanche hit them at Shudmela Darga

At least two women were killed as avalanche hit them at Shudmela Darga
At least two women were killed as avalanche hit them at Shudmela Darga area in Kurram agency here on Tuesday. According to details, the two ill-fated women were swept away by avalanche amid heavy rainstorm when they were bringing mud for construction of their house from nearby mountains.

Meanwhile, heavy rains and hailstorm wrecked havoc in the area, damaging standing crops of wheat and orchards besides badly affecting the routine life of the residents. The areas which were worst affected include Jaladar, Umar kot, Gosarr, Sumair besides other localities.

An Intermittent rain accompanied by gushing winds with lightning and thunder has been continuing for the last night.

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Terrifying moment woman is swept off mountainside by massive landslide in Peru (VIDEO)

In the footage, hundreds of people are gathered on a mountain road after earlier landslides made it hard to cross

In the footage, hundreds of people are gathered on a mountain road after earlier landslides made it hard to cross
Videos of a woman being swept away by a landslide on a mountain pass are being widely circulated after new footage suggests that she invited it on.

Santusa Nina Huallpa was swept over the side of a mountain by a forceful landslide in Huancarani, Paucartambo Province, in the southern highlands of Peru.

The 36-year-old's death was seen by several onlookers, with her remains later found buried under earth and stones by National Police in the community of Huayllatambo.

A new video taken by an eyewitness several yards away from where Huallpa was standing shows that she was aware of the onrushing landslip and seemingly beckoned it on.

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Disaster declared after rivers overflow in North Queensland, Australia (VIDEOS)

Flooding in Ingham, Queensland, March 2018.
© Queensland’s Fire and Emergency Services
Flooding in Ingham, Queensland, March 2018.
Several rivers have burst their banks in North Queensland after a 4 days of heavy rain. Many areas have recorded 500 to 700 mm of rain during that time. This is the fourth serious flood event in the state in the last 2 weeks.

Australia's Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said that the "flood situation has seen communities isolated, schools closed and highways cut, with overall flood impacts comparable to the February 2009 flood event."

A disaster declaration was issued on 09 March for the Hinchinbrook Shire Council Local Government area following flooding which has impacted homes and roads around Ingham and Halifax.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) swift-water crews were involved in two rescues in Halifax and Ingham.

Over 70 school children have been left stranded at an adventure camp site near Tully.

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Heavy rain and melting snow cause flooding in northern Albania (PHOTOS)

Heavy rain and melting snow have caused flooding and landslides in Albania over the last few days.

Shkodër County in the north west of the country is the worst affected area where the Drin and Bojana rivers have overflowed.

Local authorities there said that 2,285 hectares of land were under water. Military personnel are working to alleviate flooding, carry out evacuations and deliver relief supplies.

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Evacuation, roads closed as flash floods hit Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Heavy rain has closed a number of roads around Hawke's Bay, including theNapier-Taupo road, as a severe weather hits the region.

The Eastern District Police this morning said State Highway 5 between Napier and Taupo would be closed for the foreseeable future due to surface flooding.

NZTA have announced Makahu Road is closed, and slips have closed Glengarry Road and Waipunga Road.

Motorists are advised to use alternative routes.

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Heavy rainfall pounds, floods parts of Nairobi, Kenya (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Nairobi’s South C is one of the worst affected by poor drainage
Nairobi’s South C is one of the worst affected by poor drainage
Hundreds of motorists spent their Saturday night along Mombasa Road following a huge traffic jam caused by overlapping and stalled Lorries.

The traffic snarl-up jam that meandered from Makutano area to Athi River junction had been occasioned by an accident between a lorry and a pick up.

According to Police the heavy rains and impatient drivers compounded the situation, making any efforts to clear the jam impossible.

Sunday morning efforts to clear the traffic was still ongoing as some motorist had to search for fuel after ran out on gas. In the city, most roads are flooded with south C area among the most affected following heavy rainfall experienced yesterday and overnight.

Comment: See the following map showing where the large number of flooding events reported on Sott over the past year have occurred:

Also check out this chart for the time period 2010 to the present - notice the steep increase in reports starting in 2014:

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New rainfall record set for North Texas

Rain in Texas
© Star-Telegram Archive
February set a new rainfall record in North Texas.
In sports terms, the last day of February was like a walk-off home run or a Hail Mary touchdown pass for the win.

A whopping 4.72 inches of rainfall at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport on Wednesday pushed the region's official rainfall total from 6.59 inches to 11.31, according to the National Weather Service office in Fort Worth.

The February record was broken "only over the past seven to 10 days or so," said Matt Stalley, a meteorologist with the weather service in Fort Worth. "The first half of the month was fairly dry.

"We've had a really good batch of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and numerous disturbances that have brought a lot of rainfall," Stalley said.

The rain has cleared out of Tarrant County for now but could return to mess with the weekend. There's a 20 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms beginning Saturday night, which increases to 30 percent on Sunday. Monday brings another 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. High temperatures are forecast to stay between 60 and 70 by the NWS.

Even if there hadn't been a drop of rain Wednesday, last month would still have been the third-wettest February in the 120 years since records have been kept, trailing only 1997 (7.40 inches) and 1945 (6.96 inches).

Normally, North Texas averages 2.66 inches of rain in February, according to the weather service.

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Heavy rainfall triggers flash floods in Honiara, Solomon Islands

The damaged road at Naha 4

The damaged road at Naha 4
Heavy rain between 28 February and 01 March triggered flash floods in Honiara, capital of the Solomon Islands, and surrounding areas.

Honiara recorded 171 mm of rain in 24 hours, most of it falling during the daytime on 01 March.

Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) said stormwater drains, creeks and roads to be flooded by water coming off high ground trying to find its way to the sea. Some main roads in Honiara were flooded by mid-morning 01 March.

SIBC said that roads were damaged and left strewn with flood debris.