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Wed, 23 May 2018
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Early spring snowfall and floods bring havoc to the Balkans

A municipal worker clears ice and snow from the platforms of the Gara de Nord, the main railway station in Bucharest, Romania, Friday, March 23, 2018.

A municipal worker clears ice and snow from the platforms of the Gara de Nord, the main railway station in Bucharest, Romania, Friday, March 23, 2018.
Heavy snow and flooding wreaked havoc across large parts of the Balkans on Friday, forcing road closures, flooding homes and stopping ferries along the Adriatic coast.

The spate of fresh snow came as Croatia was already struggling to contain overflowing rivers that were swollen from melting snow.

Croatian authorities said that only small vehicles were allowed on main roads leading toward the coast while trucks or buses could not pass. Citizens have been urged to avoid traveling.


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Super rare March snow for North Africa, southern Spain and French beaches

snow Algeria
European Superfreeze 2.0 brings snow on French Beaches, Record snow in Spain and what can only be considered super extra double unusual snow in Algeria during March. Dust storms with density of sand in the air that can only be described as a "Sand Blaster in the Atmosphere" and massive 1 KG / 2LB+ hail in the USA. The intensification of the Grand Solar Minimum has hit its step forward. You are on your own, you need to prepare.


Cloud Precipitation

Central and northern New South Wales floods as 13 inches of rain falls in 48 hours in Australia

Flooding of the Bellinger River, at Bellingen Bridge.

Flooding of the Bellinger River, at Bellingen Bridge.
In just two days, more than 300 millimetres of rain has fallen in parts of eastern New South Wales, resulting in flash flooding.

A low pressure trough moving slowly along the NSW coast brought persistent rain and storms to parts of the Hunter and lower Mid North Coast during the last 36 hours.

The heaviest falls so far have occurred on the Barrington Tops, where a rain gauge at Careys Peak received 339 millimetres during the 48 hours to 9am today, Weatherzone recorded.

Cloud Precipitation

Storm and floods leave 3 dead and 1,000 displaced in São Paulo, Brazil

Flooding in São Paulo

Flooding in São Paulo
A heavy rainstorm in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, 20 to 21 March 2018, left 3 people dead, dozens of homes destroyed and more than 1,000 people displaced.

The storm began during the afternoon of 20 March and brought lightning strikes and strong winds, as well as heavy rain.

Brazil's Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia (INMET) says that around 50 mm of rain was recorded in Sao Paulo's Mirante de Santana weather station between 20 and 21 March 2018.

The storm downed more than 80 trees across the city. São Paulo Civil Defense reported over 50 incidents of flooding. Levels of the Pinheiros river that runs through the city remain high after the storm.

Stock Down

Lloyd's of London reports £2bn loss after natural disasters in 2017

Hurricane Irma damage
© Chris Wattie/Reuters
Local residents look inside a collapsed coastal house in the wake of Hurricane Irma in Vilano Beach, Florida.
Lloyd's of London reported a £2bn loss after a year of natural disasters

Lloyd's of London has posted its first loss in six years, after what the insurer described as "one of the costliest years for natural catastrophes in the past decade".

The iconic insurance market reported an overall pre-tax loss of £2bn for last year, down from a profit of £2.1bn the year before, despite gross written premiums climbing to £33.6bn from £29.9bn.

Major claims in 2017 were more than double the cost of the previous year, at £4.5bn, which led to an underwriting loss of £3.4bn, compared with profit of £500m in 2016.

This led the group's combined ratio to deteriorate to 114 per cent from 97.9 per cent - a combined ratio of less than 100 per cent means a firm is profitable.

A series of huge storms in the second half of 2017, including Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, left homes and businesses across the south coast of the US and the Caribbean destroyed.

Earthquakes in Mexico and wildfires in California added to the financial losses due to natural disasters, with one study putting the total cost of global disasters last year at $306bn (£218bn).

Comment: The costs of natural disasters are likely to increase in the coming years. See also: World sees rapid upsurge in extreme weather says report


World sees rapid upsurge in extreme weather says report

Haiti floods

A Category Four hurricane which slammed into the Dominican Republic and Haiti in 2016 triggered major floods
A world addled by climate change has seen a four-fold increase in major flooding events since 1980, and a doubling of significant storms, droughts and heat waves, Europe's national science academies jointly reported Wednesday.

In Europe, where precise data reaches back decades, the number of severe floods has jumped five fold since 1995, according to the report, which updates a 2013 assessment.

"There has been, and continues to be, a significant increase in the frequency of extreme weather events," said Michael Norton, environmental programme director for the European Academies' Science Advisory Council.

"They underline the importance of avoiding greenhouse gases, which are fundamentally responsible for driving these changes," he told AFP.

For impacts that cannot be avoided, he added, "this makes climate proofing all the more urgent."

In Europe, efforts to shore up defences against river flooding have proven effective: despite an increase in frequency of such events, economic loses on the continent have remained static.

"Rather than just coping with disasters after they strike, we need to shift to proactive management of all drivers of risks," commented Munich Climate Insurance Initiative director Soenke Kreft, who did not contribute to the report.

In the United States, however, the damage wrought by storms doubled, on average, from $10 billion in 1980 to $20 billion in 2015, adjusted for inflation, according to the report, based in part on data from insurance giant Munich Re's NatCatSERVICE.

The update also assessed new findings on possible changes in the Gulf Stream, powerful ocean currents running between the Arctic region and the Caribbean that warm the air in northwestern Europe and the US eastern seaboard.

Comment: For more information on extreme weather from around the world, check out our Earth Changes Summaries. The latest video: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - February 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

To understand how and why these extreme weather events are occurring read Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

Cloud Precipitation

Record rainfall for a March day causes flash floods in the north of the Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata
© José Urtecho
Floodwater in Puerto Plata
Record rainfall in northern parts of the Dominican Republic have caused flash flooding in Puerto Plata province.

Local media report that over 500 homes and businesses have been damaged. Comedores Económicos del Estado (CEED), the social service agency in the Dominican Republic, has distributed almost 6,000 meals as well as food supply packages to the affected populations, including the areas of Montellano, Sosúa, Playa Oeste, Aguas Negras and Rescate Ambar.

The severe weather struck during the evening of 15 March when it rained non-stop for around 7 hours. Further rain during the following days caused the San Marcos river and other smaller streams to overflow, flooding the neighborhoods (barrios) of Invi, Barrio Haiti, Los Domíngues and Las Mercedez.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods kill 15 people in Kenya, scores of families displaced (VIDEOS)

A passenger is rescued from a submerging Matatu along Grogon area Near Kirinyaga road following heavy down pour witnessed in Nairobi and its Outskirts on March 15,2018.
A passenger is rescued from a submerging Matatu along Grogon area Near Kirinyaga road following heavy down pour witnessed in Nairobi and its Outskirts on March 15,2018.
Kenyan officials said Friday that at least 15 people have drowned and scores of families have been displaced across the East African nation during two days of heavy rainfall that caused flooding in urban and rural areas.

The deaths happened as flood and river waters swept through Kenyan towns that had experienced drought months earlier, officials said. Kenya declared the drought a national disaster that put thousands of people at risk of starvation last year.

Four of those killed were in a truck carrying charcoal in Kitui County that was swept away by the flooded River Enziu. Mwingi East Police Chief Paul Munene said four of the truck's eight occupants were rescued before the truck was engulfed with water.

Comment: Nairobi was also hit by extreme flooding at the start of March, see: Heavy rainfall pounds, floods parts of Nairobi, Kenya (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Cosmic rays, atmospheric floods and record snows - are they connected? (VIDEO)

Flash flood

Torrential rain causes flash floods in Belo Horizonte in Brazil
Cosmic rays are intensifying, there are now so many sources saying so. Now add into this the weakening magnetosphere, wandering jet streams and out of season extreme weather, then you see that the 400 year cycle in our Sun termed a Grand Solar Minimum, is here. Atmospheric compression event in Brazil, records snows on tap for Europe and Japan, but still the media won't connect the cosmic ray dots.

Comment: See also:

Cloud Precipitation

Flash floods leave one dead, several others swept away in Uganda

Flooding water at Rwizi Arch Hotel in Kamukuzi Division, Mbarara District after heavy downpour on Wednesday.
Flooding water at Rwizi Arch Hotel in Kamukuzi Division, Mbarara District after heavy downpour on Wednesday.
Police in Mbarara District have confirmed one person dead and several others displaced by floods following a heavy downpour on Wednesday.

A building under construction at Rwizi Arch Hotel in Kamukuzi Division collapsed also due to heavy rain.

Running water around the same area swept unspecified number of people who were traveling on Boda bodas.

The Rwizi region police spokesperson, Mr Samson Kasasira said police are doing all they can to rescue people.