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Thu, 24 May 2018
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Cloud Precipitation

Rivers overflow flooding areas of Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey

Floods in Erdine Province, Turkey, late March 2018.
© Government of Erdine Province
Floods in Erdine Province, Turkey, late March 2018.
Several rivers in the Balkans have broken their banks over the last few days, causing flooding in parts of northern Greece, southeastern Bulgaria and northwestern Turkey.


In Greece, the Evros (Meriç / Maritsa) river which forms the border with Turkey, has been at dangerous levels in the Evros Region since 25 March, 2018.

Local media said that officials have called upon the government to declare the region in a state of emergency after the river swelled above danger levels in Didymoteicho, Evros Region.

Cloud Precipitation

Italian farmers predict crop shortage because of heavy rains while El Niño causes Peru's grape exports to drop 11%

fucino carrot onion crop
Italy: Bad weather affects carrot and onion production in Fucino Due to the heavy rain of the past few days, Fucino producers haven't been able to sow anything, therefore carrot and onion quantities will be very low in June. This of course will have repercussion on the numerous businesses focusing on these crops.

"The heavy rain is causing delays in the Fucino area. The soil is soaked, so you can't even set foot in the fields. We usually sow spring and summer carrots this time of year, but everything's been compromised. Onions destined to the domestic market won't probably even be sown," explained Domenico Fidanza, Councillor for Agriculture at the Celano municipality.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the situation is going to improve, as another weather front will hit Abruzzo over the next few days, bringing more rain.

Comment: We're seeing crop failures all over the world as the seasons become more erratic with brutal Winters dragging on into Spring or frosts starting earlier than expected. While it will cause havoc on our misinformed planet, all this is to be expected as we enter an Ice Age:

Cloud Lightning

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Elements of the Grand Solar Minimum easily explained

deep snow
A graphic to describe all of the changes we as a planetary civilization will see unfold over the next 7 years culminating in reduced global crop production. We collectively need to start the conversation so we can begin to find solutions. What to expect: 1. Declining Solar Output 2. Weakening Magnetosphere 3.Out of season storms 4. Massive rain events, rivers from the sky 5.Huge and ever increasing size of hailstones 6. Increased meteor sightings and rattling explosions 7. Jet Streams wandering far out of their normal zones 8. Increases in cosmic rays which will trigger more eruptions and create thicker cloud layers 9. REDUCTION IN GLOBAL GRAIN YIELDS

Cloud Precipitation

Over 1,000 evacuated from floods in Altai Krai, Russia due snow melt and ice jams

Snow melt and ice jam floods in Altai Krai, Russia, March, 2018.
Snow melt and ice jam floods in Altai Krai, Russia, March, 2018.
Russia's Ministry of Emergency Situations EMERCOM reports that melting snow and ice jams have caused flooding in Altai Krai Region.

As of 27 March, flooding had affected 55 rural settlements, in particular in Krasnoschekovsky, Tretyakovsky, Charyshsky districts.

EMERCOM said that 1,146 homes were flooded and 1,029 people evacuated.
The two small settlements of Ust-Kozluha and Maralaha in Krasnoschekovsky district have been almost completely evacuated as a precaution when the Reka Maralikha river threatened to flood the villages.

Cloud Precipitation

Landslides and floods kill 3 and affect thousands in Indonesia

Sulawesi Barat, Indonesia
© Sutopo Purwo Nugroho ‏
Floodwater in Sulawesi Barat, Indonesia
Thousands of people have been affected by landslides and flooding in three provinces of Indonesia over the last few days.

Three people died and another was injured after a landslide and flooding in North Sumatra province. Meanwhile flooding has affected over 3,000 people in West Sulawesi and 9,000 in East Kalimantan on the island of Borneo.

North Sumatra

National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) said the landslide occurred during the evening of Monday, 26 March, 2018 in Aek Manis village, Sibolga district. Two people died, one was injured and three houses left severely damaged.

Meanwhile a young child was swept away by floodwater in Aek Muara, also in Sibolga district, during the same evening.

Cloud Precipitation

More floods in Queensland, Australia after torrential rain from ex Cyclone Nora - 2 feet in 24 hours recorded

Flooded road in northern Queensland, Australia, after torrential rain from ex Tropical Cyclone Nora, March 2018.
Flooded road in northern Queensland, Australia, after torrential rain from ex Tropical Cyclone Nora, March 2018.
Torrential rainfall from ex Tropical Cyclone Nora in northern Queensland, Australia caused rivers to reach some of the highest levels seen in almost 20 years. Emergency services were called on to rescue over 40 people from the flooding. This is the fifth serious flood event in the state in the last few weeks.

Port Douglas recorded 593 mm of rain in 24 hours to 26 March, 2018. Abingdon Downs Station recorded 405 mm of rain in 24 hours the next day.

During Monday, Australia's Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said they observed rainfall in excess of 100 mm per hour to the west of Cairns and near Tully.


Switzerland at risk of potentially 'devastating' floods this spring

Flooding in Switzerland in 2006
© Fabrice Coffrini/AFP
Flooding in Switzerland in 2006.
The amount of snow in the mountains this winter and rainfall on the lowlands could have serious consequences for lakes and rivers in Switzerland this spring, one expert has warned.

"Devastating flooding" is a possibility, canton Bern's head of property insurance Ueli Winzenried told the media, saying he was extremely concerned by the situation.

Cantons should take steps to lower the level of lakes so they can absorb the coming meltwater, he advised, while owners of property in risk areas should empty their cellars and arm themselves with sandbags.

The aim is to avoid a repeat of the situation in 1999, when heavy rain after a snowy winter caused lakes and rivers to break their banks, creating millions of francs of damage.

However it is still too early to know if Switzerland will face the same risks of flooding as back then. "We are not, for the moment, in the same situation as in 1999," Philippe Hohl, head of the water division in canton Vaud's environment department, told 20 Minutes.

In 1999 there was more snow in the mountains and the month of May was extremely rainy, a combination that led to the flooding.

Comment: See also:

Cloud Precipitation

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Record rains, early snows in southern hemisphere and newest cosmic ray count

Flash flood

Torrential rain causes flash floods in Belo Horizonte in Brazil
Just weeks after David Taylor forecast record cold for Australia this year, early snows and frost appear, 8 weeks ahead of schedule. Record rains now confirmed for Brazil and Dominican Republic in March. Floods and Freak Storms during the dry season in eastern Thailand. Newest cosmic ray counts by Carlos Ramirez.


Cloud Precipitation

Raging river kills 8 people on board a minibus in Lesotho

A taxi carrying 15 people in Lesotho attempted to cross a flooded bridge in heavy rain (left) before being swept away (right), killing eight people

A taxi carrying 15 people in Lesotho attempted to cross a flooded bridge in heavy rain (left) before being swept away (right), killing eight people
This is the horrifying moment eight people including a mother and her newborn baby were killed after a minibus was swept away by a flooded river in Lesotho.

The bus, which was carrying 15 people at the time, was trying to cross a flooded bridge in central Thaba Tseka district when it was pushed into the river.

Video shot by another driver captures the moment the bus is swept away, and the desperate struggle of passengers as they try to make it to the shore.

Cloud Precipitation

Tractors stuck in mud, planting delayed and crops rot due to heavy rains in most parts of Narok, Kenya

Passengers got stuck at Suswa-Narok Road on friday 9 March 2018 following heavy downpour that paralyzed the movement for more than an hour.
Passengers got stuck at Suswa-Narok Road on friday 9 March 2018 following heavy downpour that paralyzed the movement for more than an hour.
Heavy rains have disrupted planting in most parts of Narok county.

This is because mechanised farming has been rendered impossible.

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Narok branch chairman David Mpatiany said the delay in planting may hurt crop production.

"We are happy the rains have come but it is unfortunate that most of the farmers, especially those who practice large-scale farming, can do little in their farms due to the soggy soil," he said.

Mpatiany said farmers will have to wait for the rains to subside so they can plant wheat, maize, barley, beans and sorghum.