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Wed, 23 May 2018
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Colombia: Floods kill a dozen people and displace 1,000

flood Colombia
© Reuters FILE
The rainy season in Colombia usually lasts until June
Marquez instructed all municipal and regional administrations to activate contingency plans and prepare for possible preventive evacuations.

Flooding from persistent rains have claimed the lives of 12 people in Colombia and displaced more than 1,000, EFE has reported.

Director general of the National Unit for Risk Management, Carlos Ivan Marquez Perez, told reporters that "flood alerts (have been issued) in the sectors surrounding the Magdalena, Cauca and Atrato rivers."

Marquez has instructed all municipal and regional administrations to activate contingency plans and prepare for possible preventive evacuations. "Do not let your guard down, you always have to maintain prevention and care mechanisms," he warned.

He added that Narino, Choco, Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Antioquia, Santanderes, Boyacá, Cundinamarca and the zone of the Coffee Axis, are currently under flood watch following heavy rains on Saturday.

The rainy season in Colombia usually lasts until June.

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Major flooding after rivers overflow in north-eastern Spain

© Policía Nacional ‏
Flooding has hit parts of Navarre and Aragon regions in north-eastern Spain after snow-melt in river catchment areas and a period of heavy rain caused rivers to overflow.

Some rivers have reached similar levels to those of the 2015 floods. One person has died in a swollen river in Zaragoza province, Aragon.

Areas of Navarre region, including in the district of Pamplona, are under water after rivers burst their banks yesterday, 12 April, 2018. The regional government posted videos on social media showing wide areas of land under water after flooding from the overflowing Ebro, Aragon, Araquil and Arga rivers.

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Yosemite National Park floods due to California deluge with 6 inches of rain in 2 days

In this Saturday, April 7, 2018 photo released by the National Park Service, floodwaters cover Cooks Meadow
© National Park Service
In this Saturday, April 7, 2018 photo released by the National Park Service, floodwaters cover Cooks Meadow and the pedestrian trail through Cooks Meadow in Yosemite Valley in Yosemite, Calif. Sections of Northside Drive, Southside Drive, and Sentinel Drive remain closed due to high water in the roadway. Parts of Yosemite National Park remained closed as the Merced River peaked several feet above flood stage through the Yosemite Valley.
Yosemite National Park reopened Sunday after flooding that washed out roads during a strong Pacific storm, park officials said.

Forecasters said up to 6 inches (15 centimeters) of rain fell over two days as rivers swelled in Northern California.

Roads within Yosemite Valley were swamped by up to 4 feet (1.2 meters) of water that affected electrical and water systems. Most facilities reopened at midday, but officials warned that traffic could be slow as cleanup work continues.

The area was closed Friday as a powerful "Pineapple Express" storm moved through. The heaviest rain was in the northern Sierra and in coastal counties from San Francisco north to Mendocino during a 48-hour period ending Saturday afternoon.

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Floods in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina after record rain

Floods in Río Gallegos, Argentina
© SMN Argentina
Floods in Río Gallegos, Argentina
Storms and heavy rain between 03 to 05 April, 2018, have caused severe flooding in Santa Cruz province, Argentina and Magallanes Region in Chile.

Evacuations have been carried out and schools and roads closed. The Santa Cruz provincial government said the flooding has "paralysed the city of Río Gallegos."


Over 50 people were evacuated and dozens of streets closed after flooding in Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz province, Argentina.

The floods came after a period of heavy rain between 03 to 05 April, 2018. Local media reported that the city received 3 times the amount of rain it would normally see for the whole of April.

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Expected flooding: Yosemite National Park campsites closed before storm

Yosemite National Park says it's closing campgrounds in the California park because of an approaching storm.

The park says all campgrounds and visitor lodging in Yosemite Valley will be closed to visitors beginning at 5 p.m. Friday and reservations through Saturday have been cancelled.

Campgrounds will remain open I other areas, including El Portal.

The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for the Yosemite area beginning late Friday night into Sunday.

Authorities say the storm could dump several inches of rain and flooding may be possible.

The Department of Water Resources is also monitoring the Oroville Dam, where the partially rebuilt spillway may be used for the first time since its near-collapse in February 2017.

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Major storm bringing an "atmospheric river" to San Francisco - months worth of rain expected, temporary flood barriers erected

Major storm brings flood barriers to SF, closes campsites, could rain out Giants
© Art Frisch, San Francisco Chronicle
An uncommonly intense April storm powered by an atmospheric river was expected to swamp Northern California all day Friday, prompting San Francisco officials to put up flood barriers, Yosemite to close campgrounds and Giants fans to lament that a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers might be postponed due to a rare AT&T Park rainout.

The storm began late Thursday and was forecast to continue into Saturday, dumping a total of 1 to 3 inches of rain in San Francisco and Oakland, according to the National Weather Service. In the North Bay, 3 to 6 inches were anticipated.

"This rainfall event itself could provide us with our normal rainfall for the entire month of April," said Roger Gass, a weather service meteorologist in Monterey.

Comment: Major flooding is on the rise and just one of many signs that there are great changes afoot on our planet:

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Police retrieve 4 bodies following major flooding in Fiji

Fiji police are still searching for a 19 year-old man who was washed away by flood waters in Sabeto, Nadi.

Heavy rain and strong winds associated with Tropical Cyclone Josie, a category one, has caused major flooding in parts of the country.

Police have confirmed that five people have been washed away by flood waters and Police have retrieved four bodies.

A woman was found in Vatulaulau in Ba, a 55 year-old man was found in Lautoka and two people have been found in Uciwai in Nadi.


Study: Super typhoon may flood a third of Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan
A Tokyo Metropolitan Government report says 99 percent of Sumida Ward, where Tokyo Skytree is located, will be flooded if a supertyphoon hits the capital.
One-third of central Tokyo could be left under water and nearly four million people affected if a super typhoon were to strike Japan's capital, causing storm surges, a new study has warned.

The Tokyo metropolitan government unveiled on Friday its first estimate of the capital city's vulnerability to damage from typhoon-related high tidal waves, as risks of storm damage continue to rise globally.

According to the report, 212 sq km, or one third of Tokyo's central area, could be inundated to a maximum depth of 10m if a super typhoon creates high tidal waves.

A severe event of this type would be estimated to affect as many as 3.95 million people in the city, flooding business and entertainment districts as well as major railway stations, the local government said.

Tokyo has a population of 13.7 million people.

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Rivers overflow flooding areas of Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey

Floods in Erdine Province, Turkey, late March 2018.
© Government of Erdine Province
Floods in Erdine Province, Turkey, late March 2018.
Several rivers in the Balkans have broken their banks over the last few days, causing flooding in parts of northern Greece, southeastern Bulgaria and northwestern Turkey.


In Greece, the Evros (Meriç / Maritsa) river which forms the border with Turkey, has been at dangerous levels in the Evros Region since 25 March, 2018.

Local media said that officials have called upon the government to declare the region in a state of emergency after the river swelled above danger levels in Didymoteicho, Evros Region.

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Italian farmers predict crop shortage because of heavy rains while El Niño causes Peru's grape exports to drop 11%

fucino carrot onion crop
Italy: Bad weather affects carrot and onion production in Fucino Due to the heavy rain of the past few days, Fucino producers haven't been able to sow anything, therefore carrot and onion quantities will be very low in June. This of course will have repercussion on the numerous businesses focusing on these crops.

"The heavy rain is causing delays in the Fucino area. The soil is soaked, so you can't even set foot in the fields. We usually sow spring and summer carrots this time of year, but everything's been compromised. Onions destined to the domestic market won't probably even be sown," explained Domenico Fidanza, Councillor for Agriculture at the Celano municipality.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the situation is going to improve, as another weather front will hit Abruzzo over the next few days, bringing more rain.

Comment: We're seeing crop failures all over the world as the seasons become more erratic with brutal Winters dragging on into Spring or frosts starting earlier than expected. While it will cause havoc on our misinformed planet, all this is to be expected as we enter an Ice Age: