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Mon, 26 Feb 2018
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Cloud Precipitation

Paris floods: Seine river reaches peak of four metres above its normal level, though more rain is expected (VIDEO)

paris seine flood 2018 jan
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Parts of the greater Paris region are also affected Image
The swollen River Seine in the French capital, Paris, has peaked at about four metres above its normal water level for the time of year.

The flood level rose to 5.84m (19.2ft) early on Monday and is not expected to begin receding before Tuesday.

Weeks of rainfall have produced a relentless rise in the water level.

Comment: See this article for more on the flooding in Paris as well as a list of recent flood events from around the world:

Also see from 2017: And from 2016: Torrential rain delivers flooding from Paris to Prague

Cloud Precipitation

Lyon's twin rivers threaten floods as Rhone & Saone rise

The swollen river Rhone in Lyon, France
© The Local France
The swollen river Rhone in Lyon, France
The floods in the French capital Paris are getting all the headlines, but the rising waters in France's second city, Lyon, are also causing concern.

The Saone and Rhone rivers meet in the city, and have broken their banks in the past, most recently in 2003 when the road by the Saone was cut and homes flooded just north of the city.

"I spent all my childhood on the riverside and I rarely saw floods like this, it's pretty impressive," said one man.

"For the Saone, it's been years since we saw it in flood. In general, every winter it is in flood, but the situation is exceptional this year for the Rhône because it is not often that it is in flood. The meeting of the two rivers - confluence - is catastrophic," said one woman.

The lower levels of public car parks closest to the river banks were evacuated and closed, exacerbating the already difficult parking in the city.

Some private garages were preparing to pump out water if needed.

"The car parks are completely flooded and you feel the lack of spaces in the city center," said one frustrated motorist.

Comment: Meanwhile hundreds of people have been evacuated, tunnels and roads have been sealed off and the bottom floor of the Louvre has closed as Paris braces for more floods. The River Seine burst its banks on Tuesday and reached 5.6m (18ft) high on Friday morning at the Austerlitz bridge in eastern Paris following days of heavy rain.

Meteo France said the rainfall was double the average for this time of year. There are predictions of 6m (20ft) for the weekend - just below the 6.2m it reached two years ago, which led to two people dying and several being injured amid a state of emergency.

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Cloud Precipitation

France's wettest winter since 1959: Paris flooding worsens as Seine rises towards 6 meters (VIDEOS)

seine flooding 2018
The Seine River in Paris is expected to rise farther out of its banks through this weekend despite northeastern France catching a break from heavy rain.

The flooding has already inundated roads, railways and walking paths in Paris along the river, according to The Local.

The river is projected to challenge the levels recorded during the June 2016 flooding, during which the Louvre Museum was closed for four days as workers evacuated 35,000 pieces of art.

Comment: All over the world we're seeing an incredible increase in flooding with these articles below being just some of the stories that have happened in the last few months: And if we look back in history we can find a clue: Massive flooding in Europe during the Little Ice Age

Eiffel Tower

Flood alerts in 30 departments of France as rivers burst banks

Flood alerts in 30 departments as rivers burst banks Flood levels in Paris are expected to match the 6.10m reached in June 2016
Flood levels at Eiffel tower jan 2018
© Unknown
Flood levels in Paris are expected to match the 6.10m reached in June 2016
Seine and Rhine among rivers that have flooded, and while current drier conditions have offered respite, more rain is forecast from Thursday

The Seine in Paris has breached its banks in several areas after weeks of heavy rains in and around the French capital, reaching 4.82m above normal at 6am on Tuesday.

The river is expected to reach the 2016 high-water level of 6.10m by the end of the week.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods in the north of Mozambique leave 11 dead and affect 75,000

Flooding in Nampula, Mozambique.
© Marc Nosbach‏
Flooding in Nampula, Mozambique.
The government in Mozambique said that heavy rain and flooding in northern areas of the country has left at least 11 people dead and affected over 75,000 people.

The provinces of Nampula, Niassa and Cabo Delgado have all seen heavy rain since 14 January, 2018, triggered by a tropical depression. The city of Nampula recorded over 450 mm of rain between 15 and 19 January.

Local media, quoting sources from Mozambique's National Directorate of Water Resources (DNRH) said that, as of 19 January, the Messalo, Megaruma and Monapo rivers had all burst their banks.

Cloud Precipitation

Paris braced for floods after heavy rain causes River Seine to burst banks

River Seine flooded
© Stephane De Sakutin / AFP / Getty Images
A photo taken on 23 January shows flooded banks of the river Seine, which has overflown after torrential rain has battered Paris
Water rises to at least 3.3 metres above the normal level

Parisians have been urged to use "extreme caution" after the River Seine burst its banks and water levels rose at least 3.3 metres above the normal level.

Authorities closed several roads near the French's capital's City Hall and cancelled boat cruises as forecasters warned that the water is expected to keep rising in the coming days.

Expected to reach its peak later this week, fears are mounting that it could surpass the water level recorded in 2016, when the worst flooding seen in Paris for decades led to the closure of several monuments and tourist attractions including the Louvre.

Comment: According to The Local France, 29 departments in various parts of France were place on orange alert by Météo France earlier this week for the risk of flooding, downpours and avalanches.

In eastern France the Doubs and Jura were placed on red alert - the highest level of warning - for dangerous flooding. Météo France advised residents to remain in doors and avoid all unnecessary travel. "If people have to make a journey they must take all necessary precautions and follow any road diversions that have been put in place," Météo France says. The warning is due to the river Loue, which runs through both departments, having burst its banks.

The map below shows the other areas of France on orange - the second highest warning level - for flooding, which include Normandy as well as Paris and the surrounding Île de France region. Swathes of south west and north eastern France were also on flood warnings as downpours continued throughout Monday across much of the country.

France flood warnings
© The Local France

Ice Cube

Hundreds evacuated as ice jams cause flooding in USA and Canada (PHOTOS)

Ice jam on the Saco River in Fryeburg
© Adam Epstein
Ice jam on the Saco River in Fryeburg
Ice jams have caused severe problems along some rivers in north eastern USA and eastern Canada since 12 January, 2018. States of emergency have been declared and around 200 people have evacuated their homes and north eastern USA and a further 100 in New Brunswick, Canada.

Heavy rain over the last few days has also caused rivers to overflow and some surface flooding. Two people died in West Virginia when their vehicle was trapped in flood water. Flood rescues were required in Pittsburgh after a major road was flooded.

Ice jams in northeastern USA

Media have reported dozens of ice jams along rivers in north eastern USA. Below is a short summary of some of the floods.

Parts of the Connecticut River near Haddam are so blocked, ice breakers from the US Coast Guard have been called in to break the jam.

Comment: For videos see: Record-cold wave recedes, but now ice jams are causing flooding in US northeast

Cloud Precipitation

Thousands evacuated as river levels rise in Asunción, Paraguay

Floods from the Paraguay River, 12 January 2016.
Floods from the Paraguay River, 12 January 2016.
Over the last few days authorities in Paraguay have evacuated over 1,000 families from homes in low-lying areas along the Paraguay River in Asunción.

Levels of the river have increased by over 50cm since 13 January after days of heavy rain, particularly in the country's Eastern Region.

Dirección de Meteorología e Hidrología (DMH) said some areas recorded more than 100 mm in 48 hours from 12 to 14 January. More rain has been forecast and DHM say that levels of the Paraguay River are unlikely to fall any time soon.

As of 18 January the river stood at 5.56 metres at Asunción, which above the level of 5.5 metres, considered to be critical stage. "Disaster" level is 8 metres.

Cloud Precipitation

4 months' worth of rain in just 24 hours saturates Perth, Western Australia

Record rainfall in Perth
© 9 News Perth
Record rainfall lashed Perth overnight.
The remains of ex-tropical Cyclone Joyce has dumped more than four months' worth of rain on Perth in less than 24 hours, leading to power blackouts, flooding and causing havoc for planes trying to land at the city's airport.

The conditions were caused by the remnants of ex-tropical Cyclone Joyce, which pummelled Perth with heavy rain for much of Monday.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services received more than 330 calls for help, and Western Power said on Tuesday morning blackouts had affected about 1300 homes, with crews working throughout the night to repair damage to its network.

A spokesman for RAC said the insurer had already received more than 670 claims as a result of the weather event.

The city officially recorded 96 millimetres of rain - the wettest January day since 104mm fell on the city on January 22, 2000.

The total is equal to the average rainfall for the city for December, January, February and March combined.

It was also the the second-highest January daily rainfall ever recorded.

Cloud Precipitation

11 dead after floods and landslides in the Philippines

© Philippine Daily Inquirer
Heavy rain in the Philippines since 12 January has caused flooding and landslides in Eastern Visayas and Davao Region. Authorities say that at least 11 people have died and around 8,000 have been displaced.

Eastern Visayas

At least seven people died in Eastern Visayas due to flooding and landslide caused by heavy rains in the past four days, the Office the Civil Defense (OCD) reported on Tuesday, 16 January.

The fatalities occurred in Tacloban City (4), Mondragon (1) and Catarman, Northern Samar province, and also in Jaro, Leyte province (1).