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Sun, 19 Aug 2018
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US: Red River Crests at Grand Forks; Snow Falls

Grand Forks
© Reuters / Eric Thayer
A roadside sign is seen with its base submerged near Great Bend, North Dakota April 12, 2011. The Red River was spreading out in a record swath across broad stretches of rural North Dakota and Minnesota on Tuesday and swelling toward a near-record crest in Grand Forks expected within three days.
The swollen Red River crested at the third highest level on record at Grand Forks, and flood conditions were complicated by forecasts for snow and freezing temperatures, forecasters said on Friday.

The Red River reached a preliminary crest at 49.87 feet on Thursday at Grand Forks and continues to spread out across regions north of the city, reaching eight miles wide or more at Oslo, Minnesota, which has become an island amid the swells, the National Weather Service said on Friday.

The Red River forms the North Dakota-Minnesota border, flowing north into Canada. A tributary system stretching from southern Canada and South Dakota feeds into the main Red River as it reaches toward Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba.

"We will be dealing with flood issues throughout April and well into May," said Greg Gust, a U.S. National Weather Service warning coordination meteorologist. "It will be a long time before we push the last of the flood waters across the Canadian border."

At just under 50 feet, the Red River crest at Grand Forks was the third highest on record and three of four bridges are expected to stay closed at least well into next week.

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Canada: Manitoba Flood Reaching "Unprecedented" Levels

© CTV.ca News
A truck creates a huge splash as it drives on a flooded road near Melita, Man.
Officials in Manitoba say that this year's flooding is now covering an "unprecedented" area of the province, with 20 areas now under a state of emergency.

Flood waters have spread across the province, overtaken roads, tested dikes and threatened to shut down businesses in the area completely.

Both the Red and Assiniboine Rivers are expected to rise by more than a foot on Saturday after an ice jam backed up water flow.

Officials in Winnipeg say rivers could see a dramatic rise to the 20-foot mark by the end of the day, but are expected to drop down on Sunday as the ice jam clears.

The rise was not expected to threaten Winnipeg's flood preparations and city officials halting sandbagging operations over the weekend. Officials said they would be monitoring water levels for any sudden changes.

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US: Storms Cause Flooding On Way East

© WCNC.com Photo
Police in Boone report the parking lot at the Boone Mall, next to Kraut Creek, is flooded.
The immediate Charlotte area is in the clear for severe weather, but big problems were expected this afternoon to the east, where meteorologists are predicting the possibility of a major tornado outbreak.

Earlier Saturday, rescue crews worked in Caldwell County to help campers trapped by flood waters this morning.

A line of gusty thunderstorms raced through Charlotte at midday, and the storms intensified as they moved east.

Authorities in Rowan County report trees and power lines down, and there are reports that strong winds damaged several houses in the Farrington Meadows area along Old Mocksville Road, north of Salisbury. A funnel cloud was spotted in Davie County, but there is no report of a tornado touching down.

A tornado warning was issued for parts of Union, Anson and Stanly counties after the storms moved east of Charlotte, but there are no immediate reports of damage.

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Cut off by floods, Minnesota town accessible only by boat

Oslo MN Flood
© Eric Hylden / The Grand Forks Herald via AP
Locals get a ride on the Oslo Fire Department air boat on Wednesday after Red River flooding cut off road access to the town of Oslo, Minnesota
'By the end of the week I am assuming that people are going to get stir crazy,' mayor says

Residents of Oslo, Minnesota, are waiting out massive flooding that has turned their community into a tiny temporary island in the Red River for a third year in a row.

The last road to Oslo closed Tuesday night, leaving a boat ride of at least two miles the only option for residents to reach the banks of the Red River in North Dakota or Minnesota for at least the next week.

"It will be a long haul here," Mayor Scott Kosmatka said in a telephone interview. "By the end of the week I am assuming that people are going to get stir crazy."

Flood fighting efforts have turned to smaller communities along the Red River and its tributaries in North Dakota and Minnesota as the National Weather Service on Wednesday trimmed a foot off the river's projected peak in Grand Forks.

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I-29 closed indefinitely north of Fargo because of flooding

© MPR Photo/Ann Arbor Miller
A stretch of Interstate Hwy. 29 will remain closed indefinitely north of Fargo, where overland floodwaters are running 8 inches deep across its driving lanes.

North Dakota Gov. John Dalrymple, in Fargo during the continuing flood emergency, said it would remain closed indefinitely. The highway is closed between Fargo and Hillsboro, nearly 40 miles to the north.

Dalrymple and other officials indicated that the flood crisis had moved from Fargo and Moorhead, where the Red River crested Saturday, to outlying areas to the north, downstream. Several people were evacuated from rural homes over the weekend and emergency agencies remained on alert for more Monday.


Canada: Manitoba floods claim driver's life

© CBC News
Breezy Point Road, also known as Provincial Road 320, was closed Friday after being washed over by the swollen Red River.
Floodway activated to shunt water around Winnipeg as more homes evacuated

About 50 homes north of Winnipeg were evacuated Saturday morning because of rising water levels, as police said the province's flooding was likely responsible for the death of a motorist.

The homes, mostly on Jenny Road in the Netley Creek area of the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews, are no longer accessible by road and residents are having to leave by boat. Evacuations began Saturday morning around 8 a.m. CT.

A provincial agency also opened the gates of the Red River Floodway to diver water around Winnipeg.

Emergency officials were asking other homeowners in the St. Andrews area to be prepared to leave quickly, gathering medications and other personal items of value so that they can move out at a moment's notice.

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West Virginia, US: Charleston area storms produce 'lots of water and tons of debris'

Trees knocked down, roads flooded 2nd time in a week

Heavy rains caused power outages, flooding and damage across the Charleston area for the second time in one week on Friday.

Kimberly Earl and her husband, Cody, were in their home on Bakers Fork Road with two of their four kids when a massive tree uprooted on the hill across from their house, slamming onto their roof.

"Every time it rains," she said, "a little more of that hillside washes away."

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Southern Thailand's flood death toll hits 59

The death toll reached 59 Saturday from floods and mudslides in southern Thailand over two weeks that caused damage estimated at more than 300 million dollars, officials said.

The Interior Ministry's disaster prevention and mitigation department said 26 people had died in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, 610 kilometres south of Bangkok.

Twelve deaths were confirmed in neighbouring Surat Thani province, with additional casualties in Krabi, Phatthalung, Chumphon, Trang and Phangnga provinces throughout the southern region.

Large areas of Nakhon Si Thammarat were reported still underwater on Saturday.

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US: National Weather Service Says 2nd Mississippi River Crest Will Be Higher

flood measure
© n/a
A second crest of the Mississippi River has started in Saint Paul Minnesota.

Major floods are expected by this weekend at Prescott in far western Wisconsin. The river is already a foot-and-a-half above its flood stage at nearby Hastings Minnesota.

The National Weather Service says the Mississippi's second crest will be higher than the first one. It's the result of melting snow, plus more precipitation expected on Thursday and into the weekend.

The Mississippi is not expected to fall at Hastings until early next week. But folks down the river in La Crosse and Prairie du Chien probably won't see a major impact. Only minor flooding is forecast in both those places. The Mississippi River is about three-inches below its flood stage today in La Crosse. It's expected to rise Thursday, and then drop below its banks next Monday.

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Namibia: 62 killed, thousands displaced by floods as more rain expected

The United Nations says 62 people have been killed and thousands forced from their homes since the start of the year by flooding in northern Namibia.

In a statement Wednesday, the U.N. children's fund says the numbers could "dramatically increase" soon.

U.N. officials in Namibia say a new wave of water is expected from Angola, and the forecast is for more rains in northern Namibia in the coming days.

UNICEF says northern Namibia is already vulnerable. It is among the most densely populated and poorest parts of the country, with a high number of people carrying the AIDS virus. UNICEF says one in every fifteen children dies before reaching the age of five in the region.