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Wed, 20 Feb 2019
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Convicted murderer wins order forcing State of Missouri to ban smoking in prisons

Smoking in prison
© MGN Online
Missouri prisons have been ordered to eliminate smoking after an asthmatic inmate serving a life sentence for two murders won a court judgment.

The Kansas City Star reports Missouri has been ordered to go smoke-free by April 1 because of the lawsuit Ecclesiastical Denzel Washington filed.

Missouri already bans smoking inside prison buildings, but it allowed it in designated areas outside. The evidence at trial showed that inmates are commonly written up for smoking in their cells.

State officials haven't announced details of their plan to eliminate smoking at 21 correctional facilities.

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University of Rhode Island receives grant to ban smoking on campus

University of Rhode Island
© University of Rhode Island
The University of Rhode Island has received a grant to help it become a smoke and tobacco-free campus.

The university received a $20,000 grant from the American Cancer Society and CVS Health Foundation to develop policies to prohibit smoking and tobacco use.

The American Cancer Society's "Tobacco-Free Generation Campus Initiative" is funded by the foundation to accelerate and expand the number of smoke and tobacco-free campuses nationwide.

URI plans to survey students, faculty and staff to see if they're ready to adopt the change.

School officials say they want a campus policy that reflects shared values and creates a healthier and greener university.

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Fascist Wales to ban smoking outside hospitals, schools and playgrounds by 2019

A new plan to reduce the number of smokers in Wales to 16% by 2020 has been launched by the Welsh Government.

Smoking contributes most to the current burden of disease in Wales, causing around 5,450 deaths each year and costing the NHS an estimated £302m annually.

The National Survey for Wales 2016-17 showed that 19% of adults in Wales currently smoke - a significant reduction from 25% in 2005-6.

This exceeded the Welsh Government target of reducing smoking rates to 20% by 2016.

A new three-year Tobacco Control Delivery Plan aims to build on the progress already made following the first 10 years of the smoking ban in Wales.

Comment: It's well past time to put an end to the anti-smoking hysteria. Not only is most of the research on the ill effects of tobacco basically junk science, but many health benefits can be attributed to the practice. Smoking tobacco may actually act as a protective measure against disease-causing agents.


IDF declares war on smoking among troops

No smoking sign
© Zest Magazine
The IDF is attempting to wipe out smoking among troops and has decided to implement recommendations put forward by the Medical Corps. The move comes as a response to recent studies showing that 4 out of 10 IDF soldiers start smoking by the time they finish their mandatory service.

According to the new plan, the IDF will ban selling cigarettes at 56 bases from where soldiers return home every night and is also considering extending the ban to bases where soldiers sleep for extended periods of time.

The IDF will also significantly limit the designated smoking areas on bases and will enforce a strict disciplinary policy for those caught smoking anywhere else. Soldiers smoking in non-designated areas can expect harsh consequences, such as restricting leave.

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Hysteria: Health workers attacked, abused over Victoria hospital smoking ban

''No Smoking'' sign at the Royal Melbourne Hospital
© Paul Jeffers
Smokers beneath a ''No Smoking'' sign at the Royal Melbourne Hospital on Saturday.
Rules banning smoking outside Victoria's public hospitals could be reviewed because health workers are being attacked and abused while trying to police the policy.

Calls for an audit of the ban are being led by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, which is concerned nurses are being put in danger.

"We're hearing that the policing of the ban actually leads to violence and aggression against our members," union state secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick said.

The calls come after the death of Melbourne heart surgeon Patrick Pritzwald-Stegmann, who was allegedly punched in the head in the foyer of Box Hill Hospital after expressing concern about people smoking near the hospital entrance.

Last month two patient transport officers were reportedly assaulted outside Dandenong Hospital after refusing a request for a cigarette.

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University of Nebraska-Lincoln bans smoking on campus

University of Nebraska
© Lincoln Journal-Star
Smoking, tobacco and vaping products will no longer be allowed on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus beginning Jan. 1, a move prompted by a student-led initiative.

A survey conducted by the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska showed wide support for blanket restrictions on UNL property. Nearly 84 percent of students and 88 percent of faculty said they supported a ban.

Under the policy, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookahs, e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, marijuana and synthetic smoking products are banned on campus, including parking lots and garages, in campus buildings, and in vehicles "owned, leased, occupied, operated, maintained or otherwise controlled by the University."

UNL will allow the use of "nicotine-replacement therapy" products approved by the Food and Drug Administration for smoking cessation.


Queensland's largest university to ban smoking by July 1, 2018

Man thumping a cigarette
© Courier-Mail
Queensland's largest university will become a smoke-free zone within 10 months.

The University of Queensland announced today it intended to be a smoke-free campus from July 1.

The university adopted the policy after consulting with the State Government and health experts, a spokeswoman said.

"The decision aligns with UQ's responsibility and desire to provide healthy and vibrant campuses, and reflects evolving societal norms," she said.

The university would offer support to students and staff who currently smoke.


California State University enforces system-wide smoking ban on all campuses

Smoking is better than Fascims
© kospan13/ebay
Executive Order 1108 will permanently ban smoking of any kind on any campus throughout the CSU system on Sept. 1, 2017.

Beginning with a letter originally issued by CSU President Mark Yudof in 2012 and ending with an executive order, the university system adopted the new policy.

Each campus president is being asked to comply with the system-wide policy and create a smoke-free campus by creating a task force, including a student representative that will serve on the Smoke and Tobacco-Free Policy Task Force to ensure the campus is moving forward. Over 1,500 other colleges and universities nationwide have already gone smoke and tobacco free.

Kim Comet, HSU Director of Risk Management and Safety Services, said the smoke and tobacco free policy is per executive order from the Chancellor's Office.

"It applies to all CSU campuses," Comet said. "Smoking has to occur off of campus."

Comment: For the record, California State University has 23 campuses, eight off-campus centers with over: 470,00 students, 24,000 faculty and 23,000 staff.


Ireland university announces plans for smoke-free campus, others expected to follow suit

University of Limmerick
© Irish Independent/stock photo
The University of Limerick has announced its plans for a smoke-free campus - and the news has left some students fuming.

UL president Dr Desmond Fitzgerald said the smoke ban will also include the implementation of vape-free zones.

The smoke-free areas will be all around the campus within the coming months, with some expected to be introduced next month.

Under the policy, 'smoking' includes the use of electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars, electronic pipes or other such electronic nicotine delivery systems intended to simulate smoking.

The students' union said it has "little control over the rollout of the initiative."


France to become priciest country in Europe for smokers

Woman smoking in Paris
© Reuters/Christian Hartmann
France will raise the price of cigarettes to 10 euros ($11.35) a pack within three years, the health minister said on Thursday, confirming a strategy that will push tobacco costs to among the highest in Europe.

At present, a packet of 20 cigarettes costs roughly 7 euros ($7.95) in France, well below the roughly 10 euros charged in Britain and Ireland.

"France is one of the slowest learners in the world on smoking," the minister, Agnes Buzyn, said. "Big price rises will be needed to have an impact on public health."

Buzyn told RTL radio station that smoking rates in Britain had dropped from around 30 percent to 20 percent over the past decade as the government pursued a policy of hefty price hikes, while the smoking rate was still around 30 percent in France.

The new government of centrist President Emmanuel Macron has announced several high-profile healthcare targets including the extension of compulsory vaccination, fuller public cover of the costs of dental care and eye glasses, and tobacco tax hikes.