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Sat, 23 Feb 2019
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Saudis complicit in 9/11 attacks (unless they kowtow to USA and get Russia)

Saudis 9/11

Now they're with us... Now they're against us!
Remember September 11th, 2001? Every man woman and true-blue child in the USA was up in arms. The outrage! The audacity! This is war! Who dunnit?! The American people were shocked, traumatized, and needed to chill and think things through, but their government had a better idea: ride the deliberately manufactured tidal wave of emotion over to the Middle East, with the US military in tow, to get the one man responsible: Osama bin Laden. Sure!

A few hastily-cobbled-together intelligence reports and a few weeks of mass news coverage later, and the whole nation was, predictably, baying for the blood of not just Osama, but all those sand-nigger, camel-jockeying, towel-head t'rrists, wherever they might be! (Or wherever the government claims they might be.) I mean, how DARE they! This is AY-MURIKA!

So where was he, this Osamy? His home country of Saudi Arabia? No! He was hiding out in Afghanistan with the Taliban! The very same Taliban that the US funded and armed in the 80s to keep the Soviets out. But, make no mistake, it was pure coincidence that the 9/11 attacks were once again leading to direct US involvement in the geopolitically strategic nation of Afghanistan, and for exactly the same reason. We'll have none of your 'conspiracy theories' here!


New maps chart mantle plumes melting Greenland glaciers

Greenland Mantle Plumes

Greenland mantle plumes
Many large glaciers in Greenland are at greater risk of melting from below than previously thought, according to new maps of the seafloor around Greenland created by an international research team. Like other recent research findings, the maps highlight the critical importance of studying the seascape under Greenland's coastal waters to better understand and predict global sea level rise.


United Airlines boots American family from flight because of 'how they looked'

muslim family flight
© Eaman-Amy Saad Shebley / Facebook
Beard? Check. Headscarf? Check.

American Muslim family booted from flight for 'looking Muslim'
A United Airlines pilot asked a Muslim family of five to leave a plane before it took off, citing "safety" issues.

Eaman-Amy Saad Shebley, her husband and three young children were about to take off on a flight bound for Washington at a Chicago airport when the pilot asked them to get off the aircraft.

The family had enquired earlier whether the air stewardess could provide five-point harness safety seats for their children.

Two videos filmed by Ms Shebley show the air stewardess and then the pilot asking the family to leave.

Ms Shebley asked the pilot whether it was a "discriminatory" decision. The pilot replied it was a "flight safety issue" but were not given any details.

Comment: Concern about the child's harness was, of course, just an excuse for booting this family off because they were Muslim.


Saudi Arabia Uncovered: ITV documentary exposes the West's original 'Islamic State'

Saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia, pathocrats' paradise in the Middle East
In what is probably a world-first, a team of British investigative journalists have put together this documentary exposing daily life inside Saudi Arabia. Public executions, including beheadings and crucifixions, 'religious' police enforcing Sharia law (but only on the mass of ordinary Saudis), horrendous conditions in jails teaming with political prisoners, spectacular wealth for the few and slums for the masses, and public 'education' that teaches children to kill Christian, Jewish and Shia 'infidels' - these are just some of the horrors produced by a regime that is sustained thanks only to its 'most-favored-nation' status with the Western banking cartel.

Meet the regime that sends head-choppers to Syria to 'bring it freedom and democracy'... with the full support of Western 'democracies'.


Sott Exclusive: Brussels Bombings Farce as Failed "Suicide Bomber" Released For Complete Lack of Evidence

Brussels bombers

The bombers who weren't.
Words fail us. Well, not really. Here are some words: BS, Farce, Con job, Sham, Travesty, Mockery. We could go on, but those should suffice for now to describe the official narrative around the Brussels bombings last week.

Suicide bombers, they told us, were behind the blasts in the airport and metro station. Yet a preponderance of lower leg injuries at both sites argued strongly for bombs that were placed on the floor, not attached to the chest of some wild-eyed jihadi of the type that appears only in the best wet dreams of NATO officials.

But we have proof! Don't we? Video evidence even! We all saw the footage of the bombers as they nonchalantly pushed their baggage carts through the airport just before detonating their 'vests' and considerately leaving a few behind in a trash can for good measure (and authorities' ease in establishing a narrative from the get-go). Three guys, two dressed in black and a third with a hat, glasses and white coat. That's them! Those two in black, they suicide bombed themselves and the third one got cold feet at the last minute and put his bomb in a suitcase and took off. The 'authorities' later found him and arrested him; they'll certainly make him spill the beans. Right?


SOTT Exclusive: Reality check - The biggest victims of terror are Muslims

terrorism statistics victims

This chart shows index rankings of terrorism's impact across the world in 2014. Muslims are not the perpetrators of terror.
As has become common in the aftermath of terrorist attacks, shortly after the bomb attacks in Brussels, people have been blaming... oh, pretty much the entire Muslim population. How 1.7 billion people who are either adherents of, or loosely connected to, the world's second-biggest religion could be responsible for these attacks is beyond me. Many took to Twitter to tweet their support for 'the removal of Islam' via the hashtag 'StopIslam', blaming the religion for the lives lost in the Brussels terrorist attacks (and those before), thus pretty much pointing the finger at all Muslims for the existence of terror itself.

Tweets using the trending hashtag include either anti-Islam sentiment, or support for Islam by Muslims who use the hashtag to repeat the obvious: that they are "Muslim, but not a terrorist." Apparently, people forget that the biggest victims of terror are Muslim. Indeed, by saying that Muslims are responsible for these terror attacks, one is saying that (to name a few examples)... ...are all, in one way or another, responsible for attacks in the West.

It boggles the mind.


Who is Bombing European Civilians?

brussels attack
© vesti24 / Instagram
The last time a wave of bomb attacks were carried out against European civilian targets, 'leftist' or 'communist' groups were blamed. Eventually the truth came out that those groups were deliberately framed and the real perpetrators were 'commando' type groups working directly under the imperial aegis of NATO, which is to say, the USA, its agents and ideological sympathizers in Europe.

The point of this wave of bombings and shootings was to divide, manipulate, and control public opinion using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs, and false flag terrorist acts to achieve the strategic aims of Western governments, in particular the US government. These strategic aims were embedded in the 'Cold War' ideology of preventing left wing, socialist or communist parties from reaching executive power in Europe, reducing US influence and thereby increasing that of the former Soviet Union.

Last year the Chairman of the U.S. Join Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, stated that the US government and military was 'dusting off its Cold War playbook' in order to deal with Russia and the threat of it gaining influence over European countries. The Pentagon recently designated Russia as the number one threat facing the US today. One has to wonder then how closely the Pentagon's Cold War strategy is being followed today, and if it involves similar false-flag terror attacks against the civilian population of Europe in order to create a climate of insecurity under which more authoritarian policies can be imposed on the public. One also has to wonder about the strange coincidence of Turkish PM Erdogan warning just a few days ago that, "there is no reason why the bomb that exploded in Ankara [on March 12th] could not explode in Brussels."


Harvesting fresh water from fog

Bad Guys

The Terrorism Act: Death to freedom of speech

© Reuters

Police have used the Terrorism Act to seize the laptop of a BBC journalist, who had previously worked on stories concerning British jihadist fighters.

Secunder Kermani, who started working at the BBC's flagship Newsnight show in 2014, was targeted by police under a judge approved order.

Officers wanted to read communications between Kermani and an individual who had previously appeared on Newsnight, and who claimed to be a member of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Comment: The first video above poses an important question. How can a government declare a war on terror and simultaneously act in such a way that incites the very thing they wish to eradicate?

Heart - Black

Cuban cancer patient deprived of medicine by US blockade

© CubaDebate
A Cuban girl is being deprived of urgently needed cancer treatment due to the United States' blockade, doctors said Wednesday.

Seven-year-old Noemi Bernardez underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor in September, and is now undergoing further treatment including radiation therapy. However, her doctors say the likelihood Bernardez will survive is low without access to a specialized drug made in the United States, Temozolomida.

Comment: The US has a long history of acting hostile towards countries when it doesn't agree with a given country's government. Such behavior obviously harms innocent people, more often than not bringing about the early and unnecessary death of the victims.