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Study: 9/11 lung problems persist years later

Researchers tracking Sept. 11 responders who became ill after working at the World Trade Center site found many had lung problems years later in a study the authors said proves persistent illness in people exposed to toxic dust caused by the twin towers' collapse.

The study by the Mount Sinai Medical Center's medical monitoring program examined more than 3,000 responders between 2004 and 2007, repeating exams conducted between the middle of 2002 and 2004. Slightly more than 24 percent of the patients had abnormal lung function, the study found. In the earlier examinations, about 28 percent of the patients had similar results.

"We know people we are following are still sick. It's confirming what we've been seeing clinically," said Dr. Jacqueline M. Moline, who treats ailing responders and co-authored the study.


SOTT Editors Discuss 9/11 On UK Television

SOTT Editors Simon Davies and Joe Quinn appeared on UK-based TV show On The Edge on Thursday 9th October 2008.

Watch the 1 hour show (streaming video) below:

Comment: Towards the end of the interview, 9/11 film In Plane Sight director, William Lewis states that a few of the military personnel who were controlling planes as part of the military exercises that took place on 9/11 unwittingly flew Flight 11 and Flight 175 into the WTC North and South towers believing they were flying simulators. Lewis claims that the children of these individuals have been kidnapped to "silence them". While somewhat sensational, we at Sott.net are reluctant to believe this claim for several reasons. A discussion of this question is ongoing on our forum at this link


Cases Of Asthma And PTSD After 9/11 Terrorist Attacks Increase

Cases of asthma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are rampant among people who experienced the 9/11 terrorist attacks first-hand, according to data from the World Trade Center Health Registry, released on Wednesday by the New York City's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

The report, published in the Journal of Urban Health, is based on an analysis of health of 71,437 individuals who experienced the coordinated suicide attacks. Their health will be followed for another 20 years, The Associated Press wrote on its Web site.


American Airlines Flight 77 - The Key to the 9/11 Enigma?

Sophisticated and elaborate plots are often plagued with one or more serious flaws or oversights, which if followed up doggedly would expose them as malicious frauds. More often than not, such flaws are discounted or massaged by the architects and their abettors and although the explanations may not be generally accepted by astute observers they do contribute to the convoluted and tortuous pattern of evidence that keep researchers running in circles and chasing rainbows.

To solve the entire 9/11 puzzle - to connect all the dots - would certainly be desirable. But to dilute one's efforts by taking in all the broad aspects of the entire series of events at the outset would be unproductive.

Six years have elapsed since the attacks took place at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and many of the pieces to the 9/11 puzzle still remain scattered and disconnected. A broad overview of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon points to American Airlines' Boeing 757, Flight 77 as the weak link in the 9/11 incident. The official account of the Pentagon explosion contains inconsistencies and aberrations that can and should be explored and exploited.

Comment: The writer above says:
As accomplished technocrats the plotters were aware of the latest advances in video manipulation as is done on television every day. With real time video insertion the allegedly "hijacked" planes piloted by "Arab terrorists" could be shown crashing into buildings while at the instant of impact a series of low level explosives on the buildings surface would be initiated to etch the outline of a banking plane into its structure.
He doesn't realize that if this was what the "technocrats" did regarding the World Trade Center towers, it could also have been done regarding the Pentagon. That it was NOT done for the Pentagon Strike suggests strongly that this was not what happened. Instead, it suggests that actual airliners were used and did strike the WTC towers and the replaying of this event, over and over again, was the means of suggesting to the masses, in a state of shock, that the same thing occurred at the Pentagon.

As to whether or not those same airliners landed elsewhere, or did not, that is most likely the "easy method of confusion" that was utilized to distribute false leads to confuse and confound investigators such as the author of the above piece and others of his ilk.

We know the criminal Bush gang are trying to tie up loose ends before leaving office to put off indictments (the anthrax case, the silly explanation for the collapse of WTC 7). Perhaps they're getting ready to present a grainy image of a plane hitting the pentagon, all painted up to look light flight 77 and all those no-planers are going to take the truth movement down with them. Thus endeth the 9/11 "conspiracy theories" once and for all.


U.S. policy post 9/11 has increased terrorism: Syria

Rome - The "war on terror" declared by U.S. President George W. Bush after the September 11, 2001 attacks has caused more terrorism than it prevented, Syria's foreign minister said on Thursday.

©REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir
Syria's Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem waves upon his arrival to attend the parliamentary session for the presidential election in Beirut May 25, 2008.

On the seventh anniversary of the attacks on the United States, Walid al-Moualem said Washington had ignored Syria's advice not to rely on force to stop terrorism.

"As we said to President Bush shortly after the tragic events on September 11, the fight against terrorism must begin at the roots, at the cause of terrorism," al-Moualem told a news conference in Rome, where he was meeting Italy's foreign minister.

"The last thing we should use if that fails is the use of force, as a last resort. Unfortunately they have made the use of force the beginning and the end of the fight against terrorism and thus terrorism is much more widespread today than before."


1 in 8 Lower Manhattan residents had signs of PTSD 2 to 3 years after 9/11

For many residents of Lower Manhattan, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, had lasting psychological consequences. New findings, released today by the Health Department's World Trade Center Health Registry, show that one in eight Lower Manhattan residents likely had posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) two to three years after the attacks. The findings show that Lower Manhattan residents developed PTSD at three times the usual rate in the years following 9/11. The rate among residents (12.6%) matched the rate previously reported among rescue and recovery workers (12.4%). Residents who were injured during the attacks were the most likely to develop PTSD. The new study, published online this week in the Journal of Traumatic Stress, is available online here.


Financial Times writes editorial on 9-11 Truth Movement

The truth is out there

When Cynthia McKinney speaks the words of Martin Luther King Jr, they resound through the church with some of King's cadence. "A time comes," declares the former US congresswoman from Georgia, "when silence is betrayal." The congregation answers with whoops and calls of "That's right!" King was talking about America's war in Vietnam. More than 40 years later, before the packed pews of the Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, McKinney is speaking of the American government's war on its own people. The shock and awe phase of this conflict, we had been told earlier, began on September 11 2001, when the Bush administration launched attacks on New York and Washington, or at least waved them through.

According to a show of hands that February afternoon, several hundred people in the immaculate church believe this to be true. Some came in T-shirts bearing the words "9/11 was an inside job". One wore a badge demanding that you "Examine your assumptions". Quite a few bought the DVDs on sale in the foyer, most of which bore photographs of the Twin Towers spewing smoke. They had all come to hear the message of Architects, Engineers & Scientists for 9/11 Truth, one of the dozens of groups across the US which campaign to persuade us that everything we think we know about 9/11 is wrong.

Comment: The fact is that the events of 11th of September, 2001, were full of anomalies in many senses - including physical anomalies. There were enough to reasonably conclude that it was an inside job of which neocons and Zionists benefited the most. While the details of what exactly happened and how it happened may be open to debate, the fact remains that these anomalies scandalously contradict the ridiculous official story.

It is this official story that is challenged, and focusing on the debates and contradictions among the different factions of 'truthers' in order to discredit them is missing the essential point that we were lied to as never before, and that these lies have led the world into two wars and soon to a third, which may well turn out to be catastrophic.

And again, who benefits if the essential point is missed?


Book Review: 9-11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press

The mind of David Ray Griffin is refreshingly clear and logical. With his exceptional gift for discerning significant distinctions he has, once again, produced a meticulous critical analysis of documentary evidence that is astute and compelling. In "9/11 Contradictions: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press,"

Dr. Griffin presents a sequence of irrefutable facts drawn from documents and testimony that demonstrate twenty five internal contradictions in the official 9/11 story. As each contradiction is presented, the author juxtaposes documented timelines and official memos, eye-witness testimony, television broadcasts and news articles that are logically inconsistent with the narrative contrived by the 9/11 Commission.

Griffin objectively questions these contradictory narratives, some of them inherent within individual alibis, and observes that the Commission avoided confronting these inconsistencies by eliminating all mention of them in its report. Facts that could not be logically refuted were strategically omitted, thereby erasing from the historical record all evidence of possible perjury and complicity. Each chapter is devoted to one category of contradictions and ends with the request that Congress and the press investigate this inconsistency.


Brain's Gray Cells Appear To Be Changed By Trauma Of Major Events Like 9/11 Attack, Study Suggests

Healthy adults who were close to the World Trade Center during the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, have less gray matter in key emotion centers of their brains compared with people who were more than 200 miles away, finds a new Cornell study.

Magnetic resonance imaging of the brains
©Cornell University
Magnetic resonance imaging of the brains of healthy adults more than three years after Sept. 11, 2001, shows areas that have less gray matter volume in those who were near ground zero on 9/11, compared with those who were much farther away. This is three views of the brain areas that have lower gray matter volume in the 9/11-exposed group. Notably, all of these areas (which show up brighter in this image) are associated with the processing of emotion.

Star of David

Israeli involvement in 9/11: The Israeli military aircraft company tied to 9/11

A little-known and privately-held aircraft leasing company created by the Israeli military intelligence is connected to the Mossad-run airport security and passenger screening company at the center of the "false flag" terror network of 9-11.

Solving 9-11

I am not like those who claimed to be 9-11 researchers, but who now say they have "moved beyond 9/11." How can anyone abandon the pursuit of the truth about 9-11 before the crime has been solved?

Six years after the terrorist attacks in which some 3,000 innocent people died, not one victim's lawsuit has yet gone to trial. As a nation, Americans can not allow 9-11 to go unsolved.

How can we forget the hundreds of people who were roasted alive in the burning twin towers? How can we ignore the death and destruction that we, as a result, have wrongfully inflicted on the innocent people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Palestine?

Who can accept an unelected administration dragging our military from one illegal war to another in the utterly fraudulent "war on terror," which they have promised will last for generations?

Comment: What makes this article especially interesting is that it links to the site of Christopher Bollyn, a suspected COINTELPRO agent.

There are many well established COINTELPRO techniques that we have witnessed. One such technique is the building of a 'straw man' argument, which will draw in lots of interest, and can then be swiftly demolished by revealing its previously hidden fatal flaw, thus discrediting by association either a particular line of investigation, or the whole truth movement in general.

Bollyn was involved in an example of this, when he publicised a Pentagon false eye witness (Sam Danner). See "FLIGHT 77: Fake Pentagon eyewitness IDs Global Hawk". This is very interesting because he appeared attached to the Pentagon strike as an issue, yet didn't particularly address the most fundamental weaknesses of the official version of events. Clearly the events at the Pentagon are of prime importance, because the attack on the Pentagon is THE fundamental weakness in the official story. When a 9/11 researcher dismisses or otherwise diverts attention away from the Pentagon attack it is suggestive of a hidden agenda. In this latest lengthy missive (possibly penned by Bollyn himself), the Pentagon is almost completely ignored.

If one is judged by the fruit of one's actions, rather than words, then it is clear that the fruit of Bollyn's actions was to undermine and discredit the attempts to piece together the most crucial events on 9/11, at the Pentagon, and to shift the focus elsewhere.

Not only that, part of this latest article is reminiscent of a similar (and dubious) tale of Bollyn's where he described himself being attacked and arrested for pursuing the truth. See "Christopher Bollyn Harassed and Beaten by Undercover Cops?"
Such a story furthers several COINTELPRO aims:

- it reinforces the general undercurrent of fear that if one starts looking "they'll come and break down your door", thereby acting as a psychological disuassion towards further research.

- it somewhat hystericizes the whole search for truth, sows discord, and adds to the gradual but persistent undermining of the '9/11 truth movement'. See Alex Jones and 911 Scholars: The Parable of the Good Shepherd

- it also displays such twisted mental chicanery that the average spectator is completely baffled, suffers psychological paralysis, and has to withdraw in bewilderment from investigating any further.

- it appears to reinforce the agent's legitimacy: "look, I'm being attacked, I must be getting too close to the truth"

It is also totally bogus. Whoever is responsible for the 9/11 attacks (be it Mossad or the CIA or anyone else), had the ability to strike successfully into the heart of the most rabidly militarized and paranoid nation on earth, and would therefore have no problem whatsoever permanently silencing any individual whom they deemed truly dangerous, and it would be done in such a way that it appeared to be an accident.

It is interesting to note that those who take part in this dance have a tendency to inadvertently reveal their agenda in some way. Often this is in the form of projecting their own behaviour onto their targetted victim. So, it is interesting that the article has this to say:
At every critical point where the events and circumstances of 9-11 should have been investigated and discussed, there has been a Zionist, a dedicated devotee of the State of Israel, occupying the key position and acting as the controller and censor of evidence the gatekeeper of information.
A Gatekeeper indeed!

The article is very persistent in its pursuit of Israel as the main culprit. Clearly, Israel is a major power who has had the most to gain from 9/11, but once again a possible truth is mixed in with a lie or a general 'fudging' of the issue. There are at least a couple of tricky problems with the way this is presented:

Firstly there is no distinction made between the Zionist elite in control of Israel, and the Jewish population in general. One has to wonder whether this is deliberate, because certainly, anyone who vilifies the entire Jewish people not only puts their own safety in jeopardy due to the powerful Jewish lobby, but also exhibits an extreme lack of empathy for the average Jew who will inevitably be caught up in the consequences of their leaders' actions, whether they agree with and understand it, or not. Perhaps the idea is not so much to draw 9/11 truth seekers into a 'straw man' argument but rather to involve them in a dangerous and unproductive one?

The second problem: the writer hints that blaming Israel gets the US administration 'off the hook':
"if we allow our minds and our nation to be so easily hijacked by a pack of lies construed by a foreign power that terrorizes our citizens and extorts our government officials?"
when clearly the fundamental problem lies with the psychopathic individuals who wield power throughout the geopolitical stage. Without a full understanding of the pathological nature of these people, nothing else will add up. So, again, the article deftly steers around the crucial issue.

The issue of Israeli involvement in 9/11 is extremely sensitive and contentious and one that most sources simply will not touch under any circumstances. SOTT has come under heavy fire for addressing this issue in the past, yet in this article it is not so much 'touched', as rampaged across with a bulldozer. One has to ask why?

Because of the extremely high stakes attached to discovering the truth of 9/11, it is obvious that those who have something to hide have taken extreme and sophisticated measures to keep everyone in the dark, chasing their own tails. So to even begin to peel back the layers of lies mixed with truth it is vitally important that one learns to see these manouvres and that the tactics become familiar 'currency'. To such an end, perhaps Christopher Bollyn has done us all a favour in providing another example.

Once again we see exposed before us, the workings of Protocol 12 (see half way down the linked page), the supposedly 'hoaxed' document which nevertheless somehow keeps 'coincidentally' predicting events and strategies in uncannily accurate detail.

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