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Behind the Headlines: War against Syria - Never mind the comets!


Civil war in Syria, or civil war ON Syria?
With the U.S. poised to lead yet another bombing campaign, this time against Syria, a sense of deja-vu is hanging in the air. President Obama tells us it will be a quick two-day airstrike to knock out Syrian defenses and end the country's 'reign of terror led by the brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad'. The bad guys will be defeated and the good guys can award themselves peace prizes for making the world a safer place.

This grand narrative is, of course, all complete and utter horse-hockey. This week on SOTT Talk Radio we'll be taking a closer look at the alleged chemical weapons attack that precipitated the major recent upswing in bellicose war rhetoric. WMDs, evil dictators killing their own people, UN inspectors, quick little 'humanitarian' wars... we've heard it all before, we know what it led to and what was really behind it.

It's easy enough to see through the propaganda the American, British, French and Israeli governments 'catapult' out there to justify and reinforce the Big Lie that is the 'clash of civilizations'. We wonder though, with signs of major global climatological and environmental upheaval now manifesting daily, if there's a primary underlying reason for launching another major, and extremely risky, war that might easily become a regional or global war.

Do the Powers That Be know that 'something wicked this way comes'? And are they trying to deliberately embroil humanity in the chaos of war in an effort to distract us from the very real and present danger posed by incoming space rocks?

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Card - VISA

Behind the Headlines: Bitcoin, Gold and the Cashless Society

Back in April this year we discussed 'Bitcoin' - a so-called 'virtual currency'. Touted as a solution to people's concerns with online privacy and protection from overbearing and centralized fiscal authorities, Bitcoin has steadily risen in popularity and value since its launch in 2008. Its dollar value suddenly plummeted in early April, leading us to wonder what had happened to make people suddenly lose interest?

Later in May, the US govt began breathing down its neck by seizing one of BitCoin's biggest exchanges. This was followed up with the'Liberty Reserve' digital currency being shut down completely, allegedly because it was "running a $6bn money-laundering scheme that became a bank of choice for the criminal underworld." Is BitCoin also being used for this purpose? Or is that the official line to dissuade people from using a potentially viable alternative to the international central banking cartel's 'funny money'?

Just yesterday, August 26th, it emerged that the BitCoin Foundation has been meeting representatives from FinCEN (a U.S. Treasury agency), the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Reserve, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security, and legislators on Capitol Hill.

At a time when services founded on complete user privacy are folding left and right, is this a last-ditch lobbying effort to stave off govt-enforced closure? What kind of compromise can a virtual currency that attracts users because of the privacy it offers make with a National Security State that is determined to know everything about everyone?

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Magic Hat

Behind the Headlines: Global War on Terror: Fake terrorism and Empire

al-cia-da osama bin laden
U.S. President Barack Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize after spending his first year in office overseeing the expansion of the CIA's drone assassinations program in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere. Earlier this year, French President François Hollande was awarded UNESCO's Peace Prize for bringing 'peace and stability' to Africa, following two months of French bombing campaigns and ground troop invasions of several West African countries, notably Mali.

This was necessary, Hollande told French citizens, to protect their homeland from attack by "terrorists". The week we discussed this on SOTT Talk Radio, another three UK Muslims were accused of planning a "mass suicide bomb plot" that would have been "worse than 7/7″, according to hysterical British police and mainstream media. In the U.S., the FBI has been supplying "terror suspects" with materials to act out "terror plots" as part of sting operations the government then uses to justify all manner of criminal behaviour, at home and abroad.

When is all of this going to end? Never, if the advocates for "endless war" have their way. We're told "they hate us for our freedoms", so given that our freedoms are disappearing fast, we need to ask the question: Are the "terrorists" winning? Is there really a "Muslim terror threat"? Why do certain countries play leading roles in this stratagem? What are the real goals behind "humanitarian intervention" and "regime change" in country after country?

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Behind the Headlines: HAARP mind control, Pavlovian airports, exploding chemical plants, and weird wildfires

The U.S. Air Force announced recently that due to lack of funding it's shutting down a key part of its Space Surveillance Network... this at a time when fireball/meteor sightings are on the rise. While there is allegedly no budget left to keep an eye on the skies, the Obama administration is sending billions in 'military aid' to countries that are "important to U.S. interests," not least Egypt, where civil war appears imminent.

This discrepancy between 'waging peace' and wilfully ignoring the cosmic elephant in the living room is something no one but SOTT.net and SOTT Talk Radio is apparently willing to talk about. The historical reality of cataclysms brought on by 'fire in the sky' is daily merging with present reality as mysterious explosions, sonic booms, unexplained fires and other 'high strangeness' continue to proliferate across the planet.

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Behind the Headlines: Solar flare kill shots and theatrical wars of distraction

Wildfires in Russia
© Unknown
'Worldwide travel alerts' urging Americans to remain within the US; wild weather; missing crop circles; strange lights in the sky; trains running off their tracks; animals dying in droves; record profits for some while debt explodes for most; hunting down al-Qaeda in the War on Terror; sending weapons to al-Qaeda in the War on Syria; countless senseless murders; crops failing; food prices skyrocketing; chemical plants exploding; "solar flare killshots"; fireballs raining down from the sky... Is this the end of the world or something?

'All and Everything' returns to SOTT Talk Radio this week to offer our listeners a show packed with 'condensed Truth' on various different current (and perhaps not-so-current) topics. We'll aim to deal with each discrete topic in about 5 minutes and then see if our analysis leads us to an overall view of 'life on planet earth'.

What's the weather like where you are? More importantly, what are the people like where you are? Are they getting worked up about the state of the economy? Are they noticing the extreme and unusual weather events? Or are they just totally oblivious to anything beyond their daily routines?

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Behind the Headlines: Who was Jesus? Examining the evidence that Christ may in fact have been Caesar!

jesus pilate

'Jesus' before Pontius Pilate: Never happened!
On this show, the SOTT Talk Radio hosts went biblical, but with a strong revisionist bent.

The idea that a man named Jesus Christ, born of a virgin, performer of miracles, betrayed and crucified and declared to be the 'son of god', actually existed during the Roman Empire in the area of modern-day Palestine is the subject of long and often heated debate.

Historians and archeologists are adamant that there is no historical evidence for the existence of such a person, Christians on the other hand, just know in their hearts that Jesus lived and died to take away our sins (or debts). So what's the deal?

The skinny is that, while it isn't exactly widely known (to say the least), there is evidence to suggest that the details of the life of Jesus Christ were in fact pinched from another famous J.C. of the same era. So, seriously, who was on first here?

Have a listen as author and historian Laura Knight-Jadczyk takes us through the evidence that suggests 'Christ' may in fact have been Caesar...

Running Time: 02:27:00

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Comment: Check out part 2 of our discussion about 'Jesus' as Caesar here.


Behind the Headlines: NSA 'revelations', sinkholes opening up everywhere, and electrophonic meteors

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In this our second show on 'All and Everything', we discussed current events, including the mass U.S. embassy closure across the Muslim world, the latest NSA mass surveillance scandal, the West on the verge of obliterating Syria, the popularity of the new pope Francis, institutionalized pedophilia, and the North American mass EMP/nuke drill in November, electrophonic meteors, sinkholes opening up everywhere, the civilization-destroying solar flare Earth apparently narrowly escaped last month, the fatal high-speed train crash in Northern Spain (was the driver to blame, or is there more to that story?), 50-year-old remote-hijack technology for commercial aircraft, Benghazi, the murder of Michael Hastings, and a whole lot more!

Running Time: 02:06:00

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Behind the Headlines: Hank Albarelli Interview - CIA Mind Control, Frank Olson and JFK

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It has been almost 50 years since the assassination of JFK and 60 years since the 'suicide' of Dr. Frank Olson, two intertwined events that speak volumes about true nature of the so-called Cold War. Our guest on this weeks show is American journalist and author Hank P. Albarelli Jr., whose detailed investigations into these murders have shed much light on the decidedly murky activities of the CIA and friends.

Hank Albarelli is a founding member of the North American Truth and Accountability Commission on Human Experimentation, which seeks to raise public awareness about historical and ongoing human rights violations in North America, and works to establish an accurate and truthful historical record of such crimes, including human trafficking, organized ritual crime, child soldiering, mind control experimentation and other forms of torture, in both the private and public spheres.

Albarelli is the author of A Terrible Mistake, The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War Experiments, which documents and details numerous CIA and Pentagon sponsored experiments on unwitting human subjects, and A Secret Order: Investigating the High Strangeness and Synchronicity in the JFK Assassination, which explores the many little-known yet intriguing aspects surrounding the murder of President Kennedy.

Running Time: 02:18:00

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Comment: It's always curious to us at which point our radio shows are cut off!

Here's something on this 'Jean Delay', a French psychiatrist, mentioned by Albarelli:

And something else from here:
According to a Nov. 20, 1945 memorandum addressed to Brigidar-General Wm. L. Mitchell, General Secretary for the International Military Tribunal [Nuremburg Trials], Cameron examined Rudolph Hess on Nov. 15 and 19, 1945 (Rees 1947, p. 218). The four signatories to the memorandum were Cameron, Dr. Jean Delay, Col. Paul L. Schroeder, M.D., a U.S. Army neuropsychiatric consultant, and Dr. Nolan D. C. Lewis of Columbia University. Lewis was an early supporter of both Sakel's insulin coma therapy (ICT) and Kalinowsky's electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) treatments (Shorter & Healy 2007, p. 77). The April 27, 1945 article in The New York Times alludes to "irreconcilables" and their "permanent internment," but no mention is made of giving ECT to 12-year-old Nazis. Maybe such a suggestion was put forth by Cameron, the 1944-1945 Columbia meetings likely produced many different ideas and approaches to the problem of reintegration, but without an exact citation further speculation would be counter-productive. As that memorandum was introduced into evidence Nov. 24, 1945 at Nuremberg (the signatories were not required to be present and, indeed, had already begun to return to their respective home countries), it stands as significant that in the official commission appointment (U.S. 1946, p. 98), the list names three Russians, three Brits, then introduces "Dr. Nolan D. C. Lewis, assisted by Dr. D. Ewen Cameron and Col. Paul Schroeder, M.D." The tenth and final name is "Professor Jean Delay," a French psychiatrist from the School of Medicine at the University of Paris. By this account, Lewis headed the American medical and psychiatric team and brought Cameron along for his expertise in memory.
Delay is named as one-time president of the World Psychiatric Association, and predecessor to Donald Ewen Cameron, of Montreal CIA mind-control experiments infamy, on the French-language entry for Cameron's Wikipedia page.

More here:
Delay's international work started very early, in 1945, when he was nominated as an expert at the Nuremberg trial, during which he examined Rudolph Hess and Julius Streicher. In 1950 he organized, in collaboration with Henri Ey, the first World Congress of Psychiatry in Paris. One of the aims of that congress which was attended by 2,200 participants from 52 different countries was to bring together psychiatrists from France and Germany, only 5 years after World War II ended. He became the first president of the Association for the Organization of World Congresses in Psychiatry, which was the parent association of the World Psychiatric Association.
And here:
Although Delay's works on psychopharmacology do not constitute the major part of his scientific contribution, they remain the most famous because of their scientific level as well as their topicality. Jean Delay invented the word "psychopharmacology" along with a whole field of research on psychological and behavioral modifications induced by drugs such as LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin.


Behind the Headlines: Meteor fireballs, mass demonstrations, and the science of crowds

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This week on SOTT Talk Radio we looked back through world events in the last few weeks. With the US celebrating 237 years of 'independence', what is the state of the nation? With meteor fireballs appearing at the mass demonstrations in Egypt and Brazil, we discussed the 'human-cosmic' relationship and the likely connection between global suffering and our increasingly strange climate. What global suffering? Well, if it isn't wars or economic austerity, it's cops out-of-control cops abusing - killing even - people.

Running Time: 02:13:00

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Ice Cube

Behind the Headlines: Ice Age Cometh? Extreme Weather Events and 'Climate Change'

ice age
It's midsummer in the northern hemisphere, where record rainfall and the coldest spring in living memory have European meteorologists forecasting 'a year without summer' for most of Western Europe. While climatologists got their long-term forecasts for global warming all wrong, do these environmental extremes nevertheless signal 'climate change', just not in the way the authorities have portrayed it?

Extreme weather events are happening globally. One direct result of this is widespread crop failure. This leads to food shortages, followed by increased inflation as billions of people find themselves priced out of being able to eat. Riots and revolution are never far behind. In fact, complex systems theorists calculate that we're less than one year away from a fireball of global unrest. And that's not all...

The geological record shows that the default climate for this planet is a very cold one. Ice Ages last up to 100,000 years and are separated by 'inter-glacials', narrow windows of relative warmth that last, on average, 11,500 years. Our civilization is currently situated on the tail-end of the Holocene inter-glacial, meaning that it's just a matter of time before the next Ice Age.

How much time? Nobody knows. But in this week's show we're also going to examine the evidence for a synchronistic relationship between climate stress and the rise and fall of human civilizations within a more recent historical timeframe. Is it possible that humanity does play a role in modulating 'climate change', but perhaps not in the way environmentalists are suggesting?

Running Time: 02:19:00

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