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Sun, 26 Jun 2022
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MindMatters: Follow the Science? A Peek Behind the Curtain of Institutional Science

How many scientists engage in unethical behavior? Does peer review even work? What is the reproducibility crisis? The "white hat" bias? Science has acquired a reputation of mythical proportions, but there are enough skeletons in the closet to warrant some skepticism about its many claims. At its best, science in an indispensable means of approaching truth, but at its worst it can be shortsighted and even just plain wrong.

Today on MindMatters we read some excerpts from Iain McGilchrist's recent book The Matter with Things on the nature of institutional science, with a case study on one of its worst offenders: public health.

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Objective:Health - The Great Narrative Shift: Are 'Easing Restrictions' a Good Sign?

O:H header
We are in the midst of a narrative shift, apparent in the about face we're seeing governments and corporate media take in the ever-present propaganda spew. What was unacceptable speech a month ago is now acceptable government and media talking points. What used to get you kicked off of social media are now BBC headlines.

The question we address today is: why? While the tweetosphere is ringing with cheers about how "freedom won!" and the like, there's no real reason to believe this is the case. Nothing immediately obvious has changed in the grand scheme of things.

Join us for this episode of Objective:Health as we look into the great narrative shift - is this just the next phase in the grand plan?

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NewsReal: Canadian PM Flees Freedom Convoy as Washington Seeks War in Europe

trudeau canada convoy truckers Ukraine biden newsreal
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The major mass mobilization of people from all over Canada - the second-largest country on Earth - to Ottawa this week to demand an end to all pandemic-related mandates, has caused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to flee into hiding. Practically ignored by Western media, when such events occur in countries run by tinpot dictatorships, it typically means the government is about to fall. But these aren't typical times, and Canada is a major Western country.

This week's NewsReal podcast is in three main parts: the first covers the extraordinary popular - and thus far peaceful - uprising taking place in Canada.

In the second part, Joe & Niall retrace the revised UK government death stats on Covid-19, which last week prompted a flurry of misleading media reports. Fact-checking these, Joe gets to the heart of the issue to explain what the updated government stats mean: essentially, no one 'died from Covid'. Some old (and some immunocompromised) people just... died.

In the final third of the show, they switch gears to analyze a crisis taking place at the other end of 'Westernia', which the media very much does want to cover: the 'Russian war against Ukraine'. However, the only 'war' taking place there is the frozen civil war within Ukraine, which Russia wants to see resolved NOW, and which the US wants to restart in order to marshal global support for crippling sanctions that could seriously sink the entire global economy...

Running Time: 02:02:14

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MindMatters: The Creativity and Humanity of John Lennon

beatles lennon
Peter Jackson's excellent new documentary Get Back provides an inside view of one of legendary rock band The Beatles' last recording sessions and their final public performance. Inspired by our viewing of the three-part documentary, today on MindMatters we discuss our thoughts about not only the Beatles and the nature of creativity, but also musical giant John Lennon's incredible artistry, the role he chose for himself post-Beatles, and how he chose to make constructive use of his considerable fame and talent to raise political awareness.

Few artists in history are gifted with such creativity and influence so as to make them the enemy of presidents and intelligence agencies, and yet that was exactly what John Lennon was before his life was cut tragically short by so-called 'lone nutter' Mark David Chapman. What Lennon might have done with a full life one can only, sadly, speculate. But we can look back at his all-too-brief life, celebrate his accomplishments, acknowledge his flaws, and recognize the power he had to move millions with his heart and with his message.

Running Time: 01:04:47

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NewsReal Short: UK Official Stats Reveal How Many People Died Directly From Covid-19

UK Covid deaths ONS Newsreal
© Sott.net
In this NewsReal short, Joe and Niall discuss a recent Freedom of Information request in the UK which revealed the official number of those who died there in 2020 and 2021 from Covid-19. That is, it reveals the 'excess deaths' during the two years of the 'pandemic' - deaths that could not be attributed to other underlying causes.

Dr. John Campbell, a retired senior nurse, broke down the numbers on his YouTube channel, revealing that the death toll from Covid-19 in the UK where Covid-19 was the only cause of death on the death certificate is lower by a factor of ten than what has hitherto been reported in the media as 'the Covid death toll'.

Not only that, the average age of death of those whose death was actually attributable to Covid-19 is higher than the average age of life expectancy in the UK.

Running Time: 00:13:31

Download: MP3 — 9.29 MB

Comment: Update 28 Jan 2022 - 18:30 UTC

YouTube banned this one too, again citing 'medical misinformation', after just 3 hours!

The video cites UK government statistics exclusively, sourced secondhand from YouTube channel 'Dr. John Campbell', which is run by the retired senior British NHS nurse of that name, and who presented the UK government's data from the Office for National Statistics website. A link to Dr. Campbell's presentation of the government data - which is itself still on YT and has over 1.5 million views - was even included in our video's description on YouTube. So this censorship is not the work of a bot.

Anyway, to hell with them! Here's Joe and Niall's short discussion on Rumble:

Update 30 Jan 2022 - 12:00 UTC

YouTube accepted our appeal, thus reinstating the version of this video on the NewsReal YT channel.

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NewsReal: Ukraine Gambit - US Attempting to Destroy Russia

ukraine russia war newsreal
© Sott.net
** This video is a reupload following technical difficulties during the livestream! **

In this week's NewsReal, Joe and Niall discuss the almighty tensions building between the US and Russia over Ukraine, explaining that the key to understanding 'why this, and why now?' lies in American paranoia about increasing Russian economic and ideological influence in Europe as a whole.

The Americans and the British have been pumping weapons and 'advisors' into Ukraine for the last seven years, apparently with a view to helping Kiev recapture' the breakaway Donbass republics and Crimea, thereby forcing a military response from Russia, and providing the 'justification' the Anglo-Americans seek to, effectively, ban Russia from global trade - with disastrous economic ramifications for Europe and beyond.

Will war break out in some form? It's possible, and it depends on just how far beyond the pale the US regime has become. The greater threat to us all, however, is the global economic FUBAR that will result from the US regime pulling what amounts to a 'financial Samson Option' that - it hopes - will 'reset' the world back to 1945, when the USA stood tall amid an economic wasteland...

Running Time: 01:01:53

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MindMatters: Wall Street and the Russian Revolution, with Richard B. Spence

richard spence
History is rarely cut and dried, but important historical events are quite often portrayed in a very limited context, providing a very narrow understanding of how the world actually works. Or how the omission of a certain set of facts can almost completely upend our 'map of reality'; the commonly understood factors which brought about the Russian Revolution of 1917 being just such a story.

When we can begin to ask whether or not the U.S. government was actively engaged in undermining the Tsarist power structure in Russia, or how, at the same time, some of the largest and most powerful figures in American banking and industry helped organize and fund radical left causes there, or how U.S.-based media magnates twisted the news out of Russia to fit the agendas of the above - then we may start getting somewhere..

This week we speak with author and historian Richard B. Spence about his book Wall Street and the Russian Revolution, and delving into the data, agendas and dynamics that led to what is arguably one of the most profoundly destructive developments of the 20th century. And if the broader picture presented is more accurate than the more simplistic view, then we will surely be better equipped to see and understand what it is the Western world may be experiencing right now.

Running Time: 01:52:05

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Objective:Health - The Pandemic Charade is Making Kids Dumber

O:H header
A number of studies have come out recently showing that the lockdowns and social distancing have had a negative effect on children's cognitive development. This is hardly surprising, as an absence of social interaction, with peers and adults, lack of in-person learning, decreased respiration from masks, a lack of facial visual cues due to masks, not to mention constant fear and the instilling of the belief that a child has the ability to accidentally kill grandma - all these self-evidently will have a negative affect on children's neuro development. (This isn't even to get into the lack of exercise, which is directly related to cognitive function).

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we discuss how lockdowns and social distancing are making children (and adults, no doubt) dumber, and all it's wider implications.

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NewsReal: Collapsing Narratives: Medical Misinformation Now Indistinguishable From The Science!

Fauci vaccines newsreal
© Sott.net
There has been an extraordinary amount of backpedaling of late on 'The Science', with official positions morphing into those held by 'conspiracy theorists' for the last two years. At the same time, however, there is as yet no rollback of the 'crowd control measures' introduced on the basis of said 'Science'.

On this NewsReal, Joe and Niall cover the glaring contrast between official pronouncements about how mild the virus has become, and the increasingly extreme measures governments are nevertheless forcing on populations.

In the second hour, they switch gears to discuss the increasing geopolitical tension between the US and Russia over 'who controls Europe', and the highly explosive Tonga volcano eruption that literally shook the world...

Running Time: 01:55:24

Download: MP3 — 79.2 MB

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MindMatters: Books for the New Year, and Responding to a Reader Comment

Today on MindMatters we give a preview of what's to come in 2022, including some of the books we've been reading: Richard Spence's Wall Street and the Russian Revolution and Iain McGilchrist's The Matter with Things. We also respond to a reader comment. Are we ignoring the dangers of rightwing authoritarianism and overplaying the dangers on the left?

Running Time: 01:06:01

Download: MP3 — 90.7 MB