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Thu, 06 May 2021
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The Health & Wellness Show: Water, Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Drink

© Monica Mendez.
Students Karen Vallejo (background) and Ashley Garcia (foreground) examine triclosan extracts from plant tissues.
Water is the transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth's streams, lakes, and oceans. It also happens to be the main constituent fluid of most living organisms and an absolutely essential part of life. No known life form, including humans, can possibly survive without it. But what happens when our water becomes so polluted it's actually less harmful to go without?

Heavy metals, fracking chemicals, pharmaceutical waste, industrial pollutants, microplastics, agricultural chemicals, dangerous micro-organisms - it seems there's no limit to the amount of toxic stuff we find in our water. Gone are the days of pristine streams and clean lakes you could directly drink from. Now we need complicated filter systems just to get a drinkable glass of what we all need to live. And we in the modernized world are the lucky ones!

Join us on this episode of The Health and Wellness Show as we talk about this vital resource that the human race has managed to mess up for the entire planet. Is there a way out of this madness?

And stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment, where she talks about how to get your cat to drink more water.

Running Time: 01:14:06

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NewsReal: Mass Immigration And Climate Change: A Perfect Storm

newsreal climate migration
There are two major grievances that are motivating the ongoing 'Gilets Jaunes' protests in France (and similar protests in other European countries over the past few years). One is the the specter of mass immigration - 'accidentally' inflated by 17 years of the Global War on Terror - and the other is French and EU government policies aimed at 'preventing climate change'.

In their arrogance, however, European elites have decided to double down on these massively unpopular polices by:

(a) encouraging mass migration into Europe - with Macron currently in Morocco where he will sign the UN Compact on Migration, where signatory states are required to formalize and legalize structures for accepting and financing large numbers of migrants, and (b) implementing an EU/globalist 'ecology tax'.

So the question is: what do climate/earth changes and mass migration have in common, and what do governments know that they are not telling the people?

On this week's NewsReal with Joe & Niall, we reveal why the elites' view of the people and the people's view of the elites are so out of sync, and why the discrepancy is signalling an impending showdown of, literally, biblical proportions.

Running Time: 01:14:59

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The Truth Perspective: Herd Behavior: What Gustav Le Bon's Classic Book Can Teach Us About 'The Crowd'

madness of crowds
Today on the Truth Perspective we discuss the French polymath Gustave Le Bon's most famous work, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind. Le Bon was a physician, soldier, and author of numerous works ranging from anthropology, medicine, physiology, and even physics, where he is credited with anticipating Einstein's theory of relativity.

But it was defeat during the Franco-Prussian War, the radical mentality of the Paris Commune of 1871, and his extensive studies of peoples in Europe, Asia and North Africa that gave him that unique insight into the nature of crowds which, when he published them, resulted in a book which has been described as "one of the most influential books of social psychology ever written."

The Crowd may have been an instant bestseller in the late 19th century but it remains just as relevant today. From radical Islamists in Syria to Antifa in the US, and most recently the Yellow Vests storming Paris, Le Bon provides us key insights regarding the crowd's susceptibility to suggestion, the individual's loss of control, and its potential to be radicalized in the name of senseless violence. If nothing else this knowledge can help to keep us moored while others are swept away in the tide.

Running Time: 01:36:00

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The Health & Wellness Show: News of the Weird: Vaccinated Transgender GMO Babies Drink Glyphosate And Go To Jail For Scientific Discoveries

Health and wellness news is getting stranger and stranger as humanity is thrust into a dystopian future. Changes that beggar belief are occurring right before our eyes. Scientists are arrested for doing science. Rogue researchers are creating genetically modified babies. Big Business is hellbent on poisoning the food supply. Big Pharma is permitted to kill and maim at will with their biological products. Ideologically possessed nutjobs are supported in convincing children that they were born in the wrong bodies.

This isn't some B-movie horror flick. This is but a small sampling of the utter madness of life on Earth in 2018.

Join us as we delve into the weirdness and stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment on GMOs and their effects on pets.

Running Time: 01:31:46

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NewsReal: Révolution Jaune? France Revolts Against Macron

France MAcron yellow vests protests
As the gilets jaune movement continues in France, with protests entering their third week, the French government's response has been to hold firm with proposed increases in fuel and other taxes, and to task anti-riot police with beating back protesters in the heart of Paris. While this movement may also peter out like many before it, the scale, intensity and cross-party grassroots support for the 'yellow vests' speaks to the general discontent with corruption in France, and Emmanuel Macron in particular.

This week on NewsReal, Joe & Niall discuss the violent stand-off between elites and working people in France, the 'Ukrainian' Navy's provocation near Russia's new Crimean Bridge, the latest lunacy from the legacy media regarding the Russiagate affair, and some of the antics at this year's G20 Summit.

Running Time: 01:35:10

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The Truth Perspective: How To Survive A Totalitarian Nightmare: The Psychology Of Tyranny

kremlin leadership USSR
What is it like to live in a country with a brutal, totalitarian government? According to Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski, the only way to truly know is to actually experience it. Literary accounts and news reports can provide some data, but even that will only be theoretical. Actually experiencing it is something else entirely: a punch in the gut that can cause anxiety, depression, and PTSD. But there's one other way to get an idea: a first-hand experience with malevolence at the hands of someone with a severe personality disorder.

Today on the Truth Perspective we discuss chapter 6 of Lobaczewski's book Political Ponerology: "Normal People Under Pathocratic Rule". The reason people who have lived with a pathological individual know what it's like to live under a pathocracy is because the two experiences are analogous: they both involve personality-disordered individuals in positions of authority. And without an understanding of psychopathology, we can't understand totalitarianism.

In this chapter, Lobaczewski discusses the experience of living under pathocratic rule: the deformations of normal human psychology that result, as well as the skills and values that develop after years of terror. The current polarization we are experiencing in our own society is not a good development, but if we don't do something to stop where it is leading us, the time will come when both sides of the political spectrum are equally terrorized. Ironically, it may only be a real pathocracy that will bring both sides together: a solidarity bred by shared suffering that seems unimaginable to us now.

Running Time: 01:35:11

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The Health & Wellness Show: Chronic pain: Is it all in your head?

© Mikhail_Kayl / Shutterstock.com
Some people feel more pain than others.
Do you have low back pain? Do your joints ache? Do you experience the persistent pins and needles feeling of neuropathy? Or maybe you have fibromyalgia and hurt all over? If you do, you're one of the 39 million Americans who suffer from persistent pain. Being on the pain train is bad enough without the added insult of being told that it's 'all in your head'. But what if it is -- at least partly? There are some types of pain that are obviously linked to an actual physical insult and other types that cannot be traced to an easily identifiable medical condition. Research is now showing us that some pain really is in the brain.

Join us for this episode of The Health and Wellness Show where we'll discuss different types of pain and their co-factors, treatment modalities, the placebo effect and the brain's role in stopping or perpetuating this mental and physical misery.

And tune in for the Pet Health Segment at the end of the show where the topic will be signs of pain in cats.

Running Time: 01:16:29

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NewsReal: Populism Explained

newsreal populism
'The rise of populism' is a horrifying prospect to most of the intelligentsia in cities across the West these days, invoking fears of the imminent implementation of totalitarian systems like Nazi death camps.

At the same time, its opponents, when attempting to seriously analyse the phenomenon, acknowledge that its success is down to new parties and leaders acknowledging (or, at worst, 'pandering to') the general public's mistrust of elites, and their efforts to redress injustices or imbalances.

As such, populism, 'right-wing' or otherwise, surely then invigorates democracy, expanding and enacting the 'democratic will of the people'. Why then are its opponents so vociferously ranged against it?

On this episode of NewsReal, Joe & Niall discuss the emergent (and increasingly dominant) political theory of the times.

Running Time: 01:23:58

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The Truth Perspective: The Stoic Roots of Christianity: Self-Transcendence Through Meaning and Responsibility

© Global Look Press/ Hauke-Christian Dittrich
All institutions stagnate over time. But if the original inspiration contains enough universal truth, it can survive the centuries. This seems to be the case with Christianity. Despite millions of Christians who believe all they have to do is verbally profess their faith in their Lord Jesus Christ, a much deeper understanding of the human condition and each individual's capacity for transformation remains just waiting to be rediscovered. Troels Engberg-Pedersen is just one of the scholars of early Christianity to have mined Christianity's earliest texts - the letters of Paul - for insights into what they actually meant - and still mean - for those with eyes to see.

The shape of Paul's thought has much in common with the philosophy of Stoicism. Not only does it provide a pathway of transformation - it presents a vision of the world imbued with meaning and responsibility. In a time when identity politics is on the rise, perhaps it is time to rediscover the values at the root of our civilization. Paul's Christianity was the anti-identity politics of its time. His message was simple, practical, and effective: bear your suffering, act with responsibility and meaning, and consider others interests, not just your own. In short, crucify your old self so that a better self can be born.

Today on the Truth Perspective we look at the Stoic-like roots of Paul's thought and how it fits into a wider worldview where meaning is not only possible, but real.

Running Time: 01:28:09

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NewsReal: California Wildfires, Climate Change, And The Impossible Brexit

newsreal california wildfires brexit
When Trump weighed in on the record-breaking California wildfire season last week, he was - as usual - roundly condemned in the media for 'insensitivity', 'stupidity' and 'ignorance'. But what if his comments about forest management and climate change were actually well-informed?

This week on NewsReal With Joe & Niall, your hosts discuss the raging California wildfires and the pretentious ideological beliefs that lead federal and state authorities to go way beyond their station by attempting (and repeatedly failing) to tackle local environmental problems via hare-brained measures intended to 'save the planet'.

Also discussed on this episode is the interminable 'Brexit' fiasco. This political wildfire flared again last week when May's govt announced that 'a Brexit deal' had been settled with the EU. 'Brexit' in name only, the deal effectively keeps the UK in the EU, which led to the mass resignation of govt ministers and the threat of an imminent leadership challenge.

Watch to learn why the UK cannot leave the EU...

Running Time: 01:27:46

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