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Wed, 03 Mar 2021
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NewsReal: Is War on ('Islamic') Terror Morphing Into War on 'White Nationalism'?

white nationalism
The evils of 'white nationalism' has been a hot topic in the mainstream media lately, especially following the phony mail-bomb campaign targeting Democratic figures and the mass shooting of Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue, sparking countless 'soul-searching' psychological profiles of 'the typical Trump supporter' ahead of the US Midterm elections.

If we reflect on older events, like the Battle of Charlottesville last year, or the massacre at a black church in Charleston in 2015, and even elsewhere in 'NATOstan' - the massacre of children of Norwegian elites by Anders Breivik in 2011, for example - it's clear that this theme of 'white extremists' holding severe grudges against 'all racial and ideological enemies' has been percolating to the surface for some time.

Is it mere coincidence then that - just as nationalist feeling is growing in countries the world over, and producing electoral results that 'shock' the status quo - extremist caricatures of nationalism begin proliferating, occasionally commit atrocities, and thus blacken nationalism and mandate government crackdowns on all dissent that 'smells like nationalism'?

This week on NewsReal With Joe & Niall, your hosts wonder if the 'War on Terror' has become what it apparently always wanted to be: a war on political dissidents...

Running Time: 01:12:20

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The Truth Perspective: Churches Behaving Badly: How Religions Succeed or Fail to Prevent Pathocracy

Some critics of organized religions argue that religions are the root of all evils. Some of the faithful argue that atheism and secular ideologies like communism or capitalism produce the worst atrocities. But is either side correct? Or are they missing an important piece of the puzzle?

Today on the Truth Perspective we discuss a chapter in Andrew Lobaczewski's Political Ponerology on religion and pathocracy: how religious ideologies get infected with pathological material, which can remain semi-dormant for centuries; how religions can be hijacked by malevolent individuals and groups; how the same pathological influences produce secular systems that then attack the faithful; and how despite their errors, religions still offer the best defense against political and interpersonal evil.

Religion is both our greatest aid against evil, and also - because of its importance - one of the greatest portals for evil to manifest itself. Both sides of the debate are correct, in a sense. Ponerology fills in the holes of our understanding of spirituality and evil, bridging the gap between the two and pointing the way to a reconciliation between the scientific and religious domains, where each has an important role to play.

Running Time: 01:42:40

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The Health & Wellness Show: To Booze or Not to Booze?

old drink alcohol age
Alcohol consumption is one of humanity's most socially sanctioned drugs. Humans have been serving up the booze for tens of thousands of years and will surely continue to do so until the end of time with or without the blessing of the established health authorities. At this particular moment in history the medical establishment tends to lean toward advocating a moderate level (whatever that means) of alcohol consumption for its supposed heart healthy benefits. Other health professionals state that there is no safe level of consumption and alcohol's benefits are wildly exaggerated.

Whether you're a teetotaler, a fine wine aficionado or a straight up boozehound join us for this episode of The Health and Wellness Show where we'll discuss the world's favorite drug and if it has any place in the diet of a health conscious person.

Stay tuned, at the end of the show, for Zoya's Pet Health Segment where the topic will be language in animals.

Running Time: 01:39:23

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NewsReal: Mail-Bombs, Migrants, Mass Shootings: US Midterm Election Madness

newsreal midterm elections
A series of dramatic incidents in the US recently have super-charged the run-up to this year's Midterm elections, significantly exacerbating the already-pronounced political polarization we've seen there since Trump's election in 2016. This week on NewsReal With Joe & Niall, your hosts discuss the a spate of 'mail-bomb attacks' targeting high-profile Trump critics, the mass murder just yesterday of 11 Jews in a Pittsburgh synagogue, and the migrant caravan making its way to the US border as Americans go to the polls.

As they say, 'nothing in politics happens by accident', so what on Earth is going on here?

Running Time: 01:20:20

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The Truth Perspective: Being As Communion: Why Information Theory Is Cooler Than You Think

information theory
Information is more than most people think. Sure, we get information from books, the news, gossip and google searches. Information is also the basis of computer programs and the DNA within our cells. But it's also much more than that. In fact, it may be a fundamental aspect of reality as we know it: from the particles and energy of physics to the shapes of our bodies and even the very acts of observation, thought and choice.

In his 2014 book Being As Communion, mathematician, philosopher, and intelligent design proponent William Dembski lays out what he calls a metaphysics of information, arguing that information and intelligence go to the very bottom and top of the cosmos. The ideas of information theory have strong resonances with the thought of Whitehead and Jordan Peterson, too.

Today on the Truth Perspective we discuss information theory, Dembski's book, and how information theory helps us not only to understand the nature of reality, but our place within it, and what our purpose might be.

Running Time: 01:35:09

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The Health & Wellness Show: Pill Poppers: Why are we taking all these supplements again?

The FDA defines a supplement as any vitamin, enzyme, botanical, amino acid, or mineral that is not intended to cure or prevent a disease. It's estimated that 50 to 70% of Americans take a dietary supplement and we would venture to guess that most consumers purposely intend to cure or prevent a disease by taking supplements or, at the very least, correct a perceived or actual deficiency. Whether it is a genuine effort to enhance an already healthy lifestyle or a futile attempt to out-supplement a bad diet, the consumption -- or over-consumption in some cases -- of supplements begs the question: Are these pills as efficacious as their proponents would have you believe? Are people treating supplements like magic pills and popping them willy-nilly just because they're "natural"?

There are plenty of supplement haters out there who try to warn people away from supplementing citing their danger or uselessness. So what's a person to do? Join us for this episode of The Health and Wellness Show as we try to balance the anti-supplement hype with legitimate questions that every consumer should consider before randomly shoving pills down their throats.

Stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment where the topic will be Canine Stress Syndrome.

Running Time: 01:29:57

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NewsReal: Saudi Arabia: A Wretched Hive of Scum And Villainy, Fully Supported by The West

The murder and dismembering of Saudi opposition journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul is now all but admitted by the Saudi regime. The deed was so brazen and gruesome, we wondered in our last show if 'rogue operators' did it in order to frame the Saudi Crown Prince, aka MBS. Trump apparently heard us because he subsequently suggested the same, before reminding the world that Saudi money trumps all.

The Faustian Pact between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - carved out of the Ottoman Empire under the cover of WW1 - and the British, then US, empires in the early 20th century is so fundamental to Western hegemony that it will not be undone, much less 'transformed' or impeded in any way, by public outcry over the fact that the West keeps serial killers for friends.

This week on NewsReal, Joe & Niall discuss the very public exposure of Western 'values', which turn out not to be democracy, human rights and a rules-based global order, but love of money, lust for power, and sadistic cruelty.

Running Time: 01:23:20

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The Truth Perspective: The Theory Of Positive Disintegration, Or How Not To Be An NPC

npc meme
Memes. They're modern poetry, aphorism, political cartoonery, social commentary, and idle hilarity all mixed in one. They are also dangerously dehumanizing, apparently. Because some people just can't take a joke. Twitter has banned thousands of joke accounts propagating the NPC meme. It was fun while it lasted. Technically, it's still fun, because you can kill a meme account, but you can't kill a meme. Even if you're very, very outraged. And the NPC meme has its targets literally shaking with outrage right now. How come? Because the NPC meme is such an accurate representation of what it means to be social justice warrior. And the mirror of truth is difficult to behold. Seeing yourself as you actually are is a terrifying thing. The SJWs are being shown to themselves in a mirror, clearly, and they do not like what they see. And their response is humorously predictable: the very behavior being lampooned in the memes they're so offended by.

Today on the Truth Perspective we'll be discussing the 2018 greatest meme, and the surprising psychology beneath it. Why do some people actually resemble NPCs? Why can't they see that they resemble NPCs? Why are they so outraged? And is it possible for an NPC to become 'playable', to grow an actual sense of individuality and authenticity? Dabrowski's theory of positive disintegration has the answers!

Running Time: 01:14:29

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The Health & Wellness Show: The Assault on Salt

pink salt
Salt has been an essential part of civilization since as far back as 6000 B.C. It has been the subject of stories, fables and fairy tales, served as currency and has been the focal point of warfare. In the human body, salt is needed for numerous functions from blood sugar regulation to nerve communication to bone density to circulatory health. If that weren't enough, salt tastes great. Humans have an innate craving for salt and it is an integral part of food seasoning. No pantry is complete without it. Despite such an illustrious history of use, salt is the most maligned and misunderstood mineral on Earth. It's blamed for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and kidney disease and we're constantly being told to curb its use or die a horrible death.

Is this simply a case of mistaken identity? Is salt serving as the fall guy for other dietary substances? Will salt ever receive the apology it deserves?
Join us for this episode of The Health and Wellness Show as we discuss one of our favorite crystalline compounds.

Running Time: 01:00:21

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NewsReal: West Discovers Saudi Arabia Has Human Rights Issues & The Real Reason People Hate Trump

newsreal trump jamal khashoggi saudi arabia
In a collective gasp heard 'round the world, the Western establishment media last week discovered that the Saudi regime is capable of doing evil stuff.

The 'brutal murder' of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey is bizarre on a number of levels, not least because everyone knows about it, yet it's not even confirmed that he's actually dead and not just missing.

US Congress appears to be going straight for the jugular, threatening sanctions against its - to this point, from its perspective - unblemished Middle Eastern ally. So 'sanctions', maybe, but cancelling the weapons sales which sustain the proxy war in Yemen? No way!

In addition to discussing the latest Saudi intrigue, this week's podcast explores the ongoing outbreak of Trump Anxiety Disorder across the West, but primarily in the USA. Joe Quinn elaborates on his idea that the real reason people hate Trump is that he is NOT a liar...

Running Time: 01:03:20

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