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Fri, 23 Apr 2021
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Objective:Health #18 - Attack of the Soyboys - The Feminization of Men‌‌

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We all know the stereotype of the Soyboy - males lacking in manliness, utterly subservient, usually declaring themselves to be a 'male feminist' and generally wallowing in the self-hating guilt of being an oppressive male. It's a clever meme based on the conception that soy consumption leads to a feminization in men. But it's just a meme, isn't it?

As with many examples, stereotypes are sometimes based on truth. Phytoestrogens, plant compounds naturally found in some of the foods we eat that mimic the hormone estrogen, particularly prevalent in soy, have been found in many scientific studies to cause this feminization, as well as playing havoc with the hormones of women. These findings are controversial (mostly because industry funded studies often come to the opposite conclusions), but it's a safe bet that there's at least some validity to the notion. Why take the risk?

On top of soy, there are a whole host of environmental chemicals that also have an estrogen mimicking effect. Called xenoestrogens, these chemicals are found in plastics, food additives, chemicals in body-care products, pesticides and herbicides - we are literally swimming in a sea of gender-bending chemicals 24 hours a day.

Today on Objective:Health, we provide a tentative answer to the proverbial question of our times: Where have all the real men gone? We also talk about how to avoid exposure to these feminizing chemicals, offer some solutions on detoxing foreign estrogenic compounds and give tips on boosting our own testosterone.

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MindMatters: Transformation or Degradation? The Many Faces of Suffering

It appears that every sentient creature experiences pain in one form or another, serving as it does to provide an immediate signal to potentially life-threatening events. As humans we may experience qualitatively different dimensions of pain, from physical illness all the way to moral and spiritual anguish. However, in modern society, whether it's seen as an injustice imposed by the 'elite' or the 'patriarchy', or as the deficiency of one drug or another, all forms of suffering are heaped together and judged as problems that must be remedied. And, more often than not, the remedy is worse than the disease.

Numerous teachings speak of the importance of consciously accepting our suffering, transforming it and ourselves in the process of everyday life. However, this leads us to the question - what are the means at our disposal to accomplish such a task? And, just as important, what is the difference between conscious suffering vs. senseless suffering, and what should our attitude be towards each? Join us today, on MindMatters, as we seek to distill practical answers from these complex questions.

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Objective:Health #17 - ‌Are We Living In A Medical Police State?

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We seem to be confronted almost daily with stories about ordinary citizens being the victims of state overreach in enforcing what is deemed "the right medical treatment". When citizens want to pursue healing modalities that don't conform to the mainstream medical establishment's enforced treatment protocol, they can end up with a gun in their face or even having their children taken away.

Looking for alternatives to chemotherapy; using CBD to control seizures or pain, resisting the forced psych meds for children, dissenting against mandatory vaccinations - there are many examples of people trying to go their own way in healing, only to be confronted by the Medical Police State. Meanwhile, access to natural healing modalities, like kratom, IV vitamin C, raw milk or medical marijuana are strictly prohibited, with many people risking jail time in order to heal.

Are we living under a medical tyranny? Can anyone be said to be living in a free country when they don't have the power to choose their own healing protocols? Is trying a modality not recognized by the medical fascists grounds for removing one's children?

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health for an in-depth discussion on medical fascism: Do we already live in a medical police state?

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Objective:Health #16 - 2 Billion Rea$ons to Avoid Glyphosate

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The controversial herbicide glyphosate has been dominating the news cycle lately, but much of the news actually seems to be promising, for a change. Glyphosate is one of the most evil chemicals ever created by mankind, linked to cancers of the bone, colon, kidney, liver, melanoma, pancreas and thyroid, as well as interfering with the gut microbiome, having a detrimental effect on the liver and has even been implicated in autism. The big news is that there have recently been some successful lawsuits against glyphosate's creators, Monsanto (Bayer) for causing Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of cancer of the lymphatic system.

As a result, Bayer's stock is at a 7 year low, their CEO's head is on the chopping block and the company has been forced to sell off some divisions and has been conducting lay-offs. Could this be the end of the seemingly unstoppable Monsanto? Are we reaching a tipping point, possibly leading to an outright ban on this terrible creation? Join us on this episode of Objective: Health for a lively discussion about the possible future of glyphosate.

And stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment, where she gives vital information about pet emergencies.

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MindMatters: Capitalism and Christianity: Demonic Forces, or Not as Bad as You Think?

capitalism christianity
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Is money evil? Is profit theft? Is poverty the only way to be holy? Then if so, some of the first Western capitalists - Cistercian monks running extensive factories - didn't get the memo.

Today on MindMatters we delve a bit deeper into Rodney Stark's book, Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success, specifically his take on the rise of capitalism.

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Objective:Health #15 - The Dangers of 5G & WiFi - With Scott Ogrin of Scottie's Tech.Info

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On this episode of Objective: Health, Elliot Overton and Doug DiPasquale are joined by Scott Ogrin of Scottie's Tech.Info for a discussion of the health implications of 5G wireless technology.

While wireless technology is progressing at a break-neck pace, with newer, better, faster innovations seemingly appearing every year, little attention is paid in the mainstream as to the possible negative repercussions.

It seems that technological progress is treated as of ultimate importance, with almost no attention paid to the health consequences. While many scientists (backed up by over 28,000 scientific studies) are sounding the alarm on the negative health effects of wireless communication, its infrastructure and devices; they are ignored by the regulatory bodies, industry and governments who continue to push things forward - beholden to the almighty dollar.

With promises of a 5G digital utopia just around the corner, is anyone listening to these very real concerns? Are we on the verge of a health apocalypse? Is 5G really that bad? Can anything be done on an individual level to mitigate the damage?

Join us as we talk to Scott Ogrin of Scottie's Tech.Info, who has done a deep dive on the research and helps us answer some of these questions and more.

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MindMatters: Forgotten Ideals: Christianity and the Foundation of Western Civilization

stark christianity
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Everyone is by now well aware, whether through personal experience or vicariously via the news, of the toxic legacy of Christian fundamentalism. Whether it's authoritarian dogma or the many scandals that have plagued the Catholic church, many so-called 'Christians' have given plenty of ammo to their accusers. Meanwhile individuals are largely left to fend for themselves in a society that was founded on Christianity but that is overwhelmingly nihilistic and materialistic, denying its own history in the process.

So today, on MindMatters, we discuss those aspects of the Christian belief system that may well be worth keeping and that have definitively shaped our world. Using sociologist of religion Rodney Stark's book Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success, we discuss how Christian beliefs formed the moral matrix of the Western mind from the collapse of Rome onwards. As Stark argues, centuries of belief in free will and individual responsibility in an intelligently designed universe provided the primary impetus for the West to abolish slavery, institutionalize science, use capitalism to improve the lot of the common man, and even pursue the freedom to repudiate Christianity itself.

If he's correct, then losing sight of what these Christian beliefs once stood for (and no they're not just 'fairy tales and dogmatic superstitions') we lose sight of the higher motivation that led ordinary people to found these great enterprises - arguably the few positive aspects of Western society left. So, while today it is fashionable to deny that consciousness exists, and that beliefs can have any impact on reality, today we will be entertaining a different hypothesis - that what we believe matters, and that, in order to understand our history, we should understand the good inherent within Christianity and not just the bad.

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Objective:Health #14 - Booze You Lose - The Myth of Moderation

O:H header alcohol
The relationship between alcohol and humans has been around for millennia. Yet it seems we're still not entirely sure about our love-hate relationship. The news headlines don't help - one day a 'study' is saying moderate alcohol consumption will prevent any number of illnesses, the next another 'study' says even a drop will eventually kill you. And what the heck does 'moderate consumption' mean? How much is too much and how do we know if we're over-indulging?

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we discuss all things boozy; looking past the exaggerated alcohol industry sponsored claims, getting down to the reality of drinking and some interesting methods of treatment for alcoholism.

And stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment, as she shares some tips on car rides for anxious doggies!

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MindMatters: How Psychopaths Infect and Destroy Hierarchies of Competence

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Can a government of, by and for psychopaths exist when the vast majority of individuals governed by such a group can be said to be relatively normal? Psychologist Andrew Lobaczewski believed that it could, outlined the factors that allow for its functioning, and coined a term for such a social structure: a pathocracy. On this week's show we will be delving deeper into the workings of pathological groupings - groupings that wield enormous amounts of power both overtly, and covertly, and over populations both large and small.

Hindsight is 20/20 when we look back at the acts of the 20th century's most notorious and dangerous political movements. But what did those systems anticipate about certain trends we see today? What, if anything, about the psychological health of an individual - or a whole society - can be strengthened to ensure that an oppressive and inhuman power structure doesn't take the reins completely? And if a bonafide pathocracy has assumed control of a population, how can the mere act of seeing it for what it is assist us in dealing with it?

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Objective:Health #13 - The Anti-Human Agenda and the Children of the Quorn

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Does "extinction rebellion" ring a bell? It should because this "rebellion" is not against - but for - the extinction of humanity. Sound crazy? That's because it is.

We've just come through International Workers' Day, a holiday with leftist origins meant to celebrate the work of the working class, the unsung heroes who keep society functioning despite the constant threat of exploitation.

Yet it seems the left has moved away from protecting the little guy toward oppression from the top down under the globalist guise of 'saving the planet'. Environmentalism is now the most important issue, stopping climate change its new rallying cry, and the oppression of the lower classes in order to reach environmental goals - no matter how misguided - is the order of the day.

Whether its AOC or Bill Maher expressing anti-natalist sentements, French President Macron trying to impose austerity measures against the people's wishes to save the environment, George Monbiot telling everyone they need to become vegan and stop air travel (and overthrow capitalism) or a little autistic girl, child of the Quorn Greta Thunberg, telling everyone it's too late and leading a rabid movement into panicked actions, the Anti-Human agenda has worked its way into the mainstream.

Working towards a better life, "abundance for all", is now considered a bad thing - we need less abundance, less freedom, less wealth, more austerity and more restraint. As Monbiot cries out - "Bring on the recession!"

Join us for a lively discussion on the origins and character of this anti-human sentiment and how it shapes our current thinking and discourse.

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