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Fri, 09 Jun 2023
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The Health & Wellness Show: Psychiatric drugs and the Moral Compass

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This week on the Health and Wellness Show we'll be discussing Psychiatric drugs and the disruption of the moral compass.What are some of the dangers and pitfalls of psychiatric drugs? How have they damaged our society? We'll be discussing these topics and more. Tune in Weekly, Fridays at 10am EST.

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Behind the Headlines: Anti-Empire Report - Interview with William Blum

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On this week's episode of 'Behind the Headlines', Sott Radio Network co-hosts Joe Quinn and Niall Bradley discussed current affairs with author, historian, and U.S. foreign policy critic, William Blum, whose popular online newsletter, 'The Anti-Empire Report', chronicles the global horror that is US foreign policy... or rather, empire-building.

Disgusted at what the United States government was doing in Vietnam, William quit his post at the US State Department in 1967, and became a freelance journalist in the US, Europe and South America. He was also a founding editor of the Washington Free Press, the US capital's first 'alternative' newspaper.

In the 1970s, William worked with former CIA officer Philip Agee in exposing CIA personnel and their misdeeds around the world. Among his many books on US foreign policy, Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II, first published in 1995, is critically-acclaimed as the best book on the topic.

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Snakes in Suits

The Truth Perspective: The myth of the myth of the psychopath

There are some recent trends in the field of psychopathy: whitewashing, denial, and glorification of psychopathy. On this edition of the Truth Perspective, we go into the reasons why they are completely wrong.

We also discussed the latest shooting in Chattanooga with its similarities to other shooting events in the US, and the recent rumors surfacing that the Dutch Safety Board may be implicating Russia in the MH17 crash.

Running Time: 01:52:00

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Behind the Headlines: Understanding Grexit - Banksters, Austerity, Debt Control

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Forget the funny money, this is war against the people. And not just the people of Greece, although they're currently in the firing line. On this week's episode of Behind the Headlines, we'll be looking at the context that is woefully absent from the utterly inane mainstream media narrative surrounding 'the Greek debt crisis'.

The euphoria of last week's resounding 'NO!' to austerity in the referendum has quickly given way to bitter acrimony in Greece, following the resignation of maverick Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and the apparent capitulation of Prime Minister Tsipras to the EU's demands for the imposition of austerity measures.

How did this situation come about? And whose debt is it really? Will Greece be forced out of the Eurozone currency? What might happen if it does? Do Eurocrats and European leaders even understand what they are doing? And what is Washington's interest in this apparently intra-European affair?

All this and more this Sunday, 12th July 2015, from 2-4pm EST / 8-10pm CET.

Running Time: 01:28:00

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The Truth Perspective: Joachim Hagopian: US Empire's Psychopathic Psyche Exposed

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This week's guest on The Truth Perspective is Joachim Hagopian. Joachim, a licensed therapist, is best known for his hard-hitting blog, 'American Empire Exposed' (http://empireexposed.blogspot.com/) where he outlines the drives, policies and actions of the U.S. military/industrial imperial juggernaut. His articles can also be found on Global Research.

Joachim's unique perspective comes from his experiences as a West Point Military Academy graduate and a stint in the U.S. army where he learned, first hand, which characteristics were nurtured in an individual; which were punished, and which were rewarded.

Based on this period in his life, Joachim wrote a personal account of his realizations in an online book called 'Don't Let the Bastards Getcha Down' (http://www.redredsea.net/westpointhagopian/prologue.htm) where he gives a firsthand account of how the military mindset actually regards individuals, and what some of the powerful and most well-known U.S. military leaders do (many of whom are West Point graduates) to attain their positions of power.

Join us as we discuss the many disturbing dimensions of the American Empire, where it is today, and where it is leading us.

The Truth Perspective is brought to you by the SOTT Radio Network and SOTT.net, your one-stop source for independent, unbiased, alternative news and commentary on world events. Live every Saturday from 2-4pm EST / 11am-1pm PST / 8-10pm CET.

Running Time: 02:02:00

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Behind the Headlines: Ireland's Holocaust - Interview with Chris Fogarty

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Our special guest this week on Behind the Headlines is amateur historian Christopher 'Chris' Fogarty. Fogarty was born in Chicago and raised on a farm in Ireland. He worked with his father on contract-plowing, meadow-mowing, and on a threshing mill. He has a degree in civil engineering and has worked around the world on major engineering projects. He served with the U.S. army in France.

He has spent years investigating the truth about the Irish 'famine' and runs a website where he exposes the truth that the deaths of up to 5 million Irish people in the 1840s was a result of systematic policy by the British to starve the "rebellious Irish". He has been a regular columnist for the past nineteen years in Irish American News, runs the web site www.irishholocaust.org and is the author of Ireland 1845-1850: the Perfect Holocaust, and Who Kept it 'Perfect''

Chris has been a keen observer of the trials of Irish republicans in London, Dublin and the Cullyhanna reenactment/investigation. He was 'honored' by being framed by MI5 and the FBI for triple murder of the Langert family. Weeks prior to his trial he was warned by an FBI agent that British and US intelligence were planning to "silence him" because of his human rights advocacy on behalf of Irish Catholics in the north of Ireland.

Chris is the Chicago agent of the National Graves Association (Ireland) and is in the process of systematically installing grave markers over some of Ireland's hundreds of Holocaust mass graves.

Running Time: 01:53:00

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The Truth Perspective: In-dependence Day Nonsense

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Broadcasting from deep in the heart of the American Empire, join your hosts Harrison Koehli and Elan Martin, and fellow Sott.net editors, as they discuss everything from current events and the latest machinations and manipulations of the global elite to history, science, and religion, and how it all fits together.

This week, join our hosts as they discuss that glorious American holiday Independence Day, and why you're not as free and independent as you think you are.

The Truth Perspective is brought to you by the SOTT Radio Network and SOTT.net, your one-stop source for independent, unbiased, alternative news and commentary on world events.

Live every Saturday from 2-4pm EST / 11am-1pm PST / 8-10pm CET.

Running Time: 02:01:00

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Behind the Headlines: NATO Slaughter - James and Joanne Moriarty expose the truth about what happened in Libya

Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane

- The End, The Doors
It goes without saying that we rarely get an accurate representation of reality in the corporate media, which is, after all, what independent media exists for. Last Sunday Joe Quinn and I interviewed a very ordinary couple with a very extraordinary tale: businesspeople James and Joanne Moriarty and how they escaped from capture by Al Qaeda terrorists during the 2011 'Libyan revolution'. Listening to James and Joanne tell their story, it was impossible not to be struck by the significance, for every human being on this planet, of the problem of psychopaths in positions of power.

The Moriartys present three powerful motivating factors for the destruction of Libya by Western powers and their internationalist financiers:
  • thwarting Gaddafi's plan to establish a gold-backed currency, to ultimately serve as a pan-African currency and thereby economically unite African nations and free them from Western imperialism;
  • the US desire to establish AFRICOM (military control of Africa to ward off Chinese investment)
  • an alleged $7 trillion lawsuit, on behalf of all participating African countries, at Gaddafi's instigation, to sue for damages incurred from broken treaties with European countries during their "colonial era".
So far from "freeing the Libyan people from a dictator", the NATO bombardment of Libya in 2011 was about the maintenance of US and EU domination over Africa.

But what really comes across in this riveting interview with the Moriartys is the utter recklessness displayed in Libya (and elsewhere, for that matter) by both NATO and the 'rebel' forces, as well as the relish with which they demonstrably enjoyed tearing the entire country apart. These demented animals have access to unparalleled hi-tech weaponry and vehicles, enabling them to 'achieve feats of destruction' that before only 'the gods' could perform. Their handiwork is psychopathy writ large, the nihilistic culmination of Western civilization, and the glorious - for them - embrace of the destructive principle.

Running Time: 02:17:00

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Comment: James and Joanne Moriarty's website: LibyanWarTheTruth.com

Bacon n Eggs

The Health & Wellness Show: The Mood Cure

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The Health and Wellness show on the SOTT Radio Network covers topics of health, diet, science, homeopathy, wellness culture, and more. Tune in weekly!

Today we'll be discussing mood and mood-stabilizing supplements, four syndromes that affect mood, carbohydrate addiction, the gut brain connection and some possible solutions to neurotransmitter imbalances.

Included, as always, is the pet segment.

Running Time: 01:44:00

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Behind the Headlines: The Myth of Jesus Christ - Interview with Robert M. Price

robert m. price
Most people are aware that there is no hard, historical evidence for the existence of the "Jesus Christ" of the bible. So "Jesus never existed", but is that the whole story? What does the real evidence suggest was really going on circa 2000 years ago in the modern-day Middle East and Roman Empire and, more importantly, who wrote the bible?

To answer this most important of questions, we interviewed American theologian, author and biblical scholar, Robert M Price.

Robert is a former Baptist minister who today teaches philosophy and religion at the Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary. He is professor of biblical criticism at the Center for Inquiry Institute and the author of a number of books on theology and the historicity of Jesus, including Deconstructing Jesus, Jesus is Dead, Inerrant the Wind: The Evangelical Crisis in Biblical Authority, The Case Against the Case for Christ, The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man and The Amazing Colossal Apostle: The Search for the Historical Paul.

Robert runs a regularly updated website and hosts a regular webcast called 'The Bible Geek' where he answers questions from his readers.

Regular hosts Joe and Niall were also joined this week by amateur bible critic and researcher Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

Running Time: 01:57:00

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