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Thu, 24 Jun 2021
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The Truth Perspective - Darwinian Delusions: Why Darwin Is More Dangerous Than You Think

The 19th century saw a wave of theories claiming to provide the answers for everything: Marxism, psychoanalytic theory, utilitarianism, Zionism, Darwinism, and more. But what did all their creators have in common, besides impressive beards? They all seemed to have a hollowed out, psychologically primitive understanding of human nature which denatured their own theories, and which has denatured the thought of all those influenced by their theories in the process.

Today on the Truth Perspective, we look at some of these theories, with an emphasis on Darwin, with reference to excerpts from Andrew Lobaczewski's writing on schizoid personality disorder and the creation and propagation of ideologies.

Running Time: 01:33:11

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Objective: Health - Law or Flaw? Let's Talk About Abortion

When is abortion okay and when is it just killing babies? What are the limits? Is it really a women's rights issue, or is there more to it?

The so-called Reproductive Health Act states that "every individual who becomes pregnant has the fundamental right to choose to carry the pregnancy to term, to give birth to a child, or to have an abortion." This erases the state's recognition of preborn babies older than 24 weeks as potential homicide victims, removes abortion from the penal code entirely, and allows licensed health practitioners other than medical doctors to perform abortion procedures.

This has many people up in arms as it essentially removes the limits on abortion. The Left frames it as a victory for women's rights while the Right are calling those who promote the new mandate participants in a culture of death who authorize infanticide.

Join us on this week's episode of Objective: Health as we get down to the nitty gritty on abortion.

Running Time: 01:20:20

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The Truth Perspective: Mafia Politics: How Political Movements and Ideologies Break Bad

Pravyi Sektor
Antifa thuggery, Right Sector barbarity and the political policies that sometimes sweep a nation: How is it that ideologies - whether from the right or from the left - can end up becoming the instruments of evil on a scale that seems unimaginable? Whether liberal and conservative, what happens when a 'spellbinder' or pathological individual attaches him or herself to a movement and hypnotizes those involved into their distorted vision of reality? How does such a process occur and then, like a virus, become a macrosocial phenomenon? And if such dangerous developments are occurring all around us, how does one properly immunize themselves from being infected before its too late?

On this week's Truth Perspective we'll be revisiting Andrew M. Lobaczewski's Political Ponerology and examining some key concepts that can help inoculate us from the ideological fever and fervor that has historically led whole whole nations of individuals astray. Green Deals, Black block heels, and neo-nazi ultranationalists have more in common than most think.

Running Time: 01:40:20

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The Health & Wellness Show: The Vegan Putsch - They're Coming For Your Meat!

vegan vs carnivore
In this special video edition of the Health and Wellness Show, we talk about the vegan putsch, dig in to its origins and deconstruct the faulty premises on which it's based.

Why has practically every mainstream media outlet recently ramped up its propaganda on the vegan agenda? Why has the environmental spin taken over from the health or animal cruelty narratives? Where is all this coming from? Join us for a lively discussion as we dig deeper into these questions and more. To be informed is to build resistance!

The two articles we discuss about the EAT-Lancet report can be found here:

Running Time: 51:59

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NewsReal #26: Globalization vs Nationalism - The Hidden Causes of The Yellow Vest Protests in France

newsreal yellow vests pierre
Now into its FOURTH month, the Yellow Vest protest movement in France shows no signs of going away. Despite some financial concessions from Macron's government to French workers, the popular cry remains On ne lache rien! ("We're not letting go"). This weekend, French security forces were again directed by the government to violently suppress the protests in Paris and other major cities.

On this episode of NewsReal, French SOTT editor Pierre Lescaudron joins us to discuss the deeper historical, economic and cultural reasons behind the persistence of this movement, and why the French establishment is so vehemently opposed to it.

Running Time: 01:17:05

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The Truth Perspective: Mind the Gaps: Locating the Intelligence in Evolution and Design

© CC0/Pixbay
Neo-Darwinism is dead. But is intelligent design the answer? While most proponents of ID are neutral as to the source of the intelligence behind biological design, the vast majority seem to hold a traditional view of God as the creator of biological information. A few others, like Perry Marshall, locate the intelligence of design in the cells themselves. But are there other possibilities?

Today on the Truth Perspective we wade into the debate and propose a third option that incorporates the best aspects of both, without the problems each of these opposing options runs into. The answer may not be 'either/or' but rather 'both/and', with intelligence on both sides of the equation.

Running Time: 01:33:00

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NewsReal: US Regime Change Operation in Venezuela - This Time It's Legit?

newsreal venezuela
Overthrowing the Chavista government in Venezuela, a US-Globalist dream for decades, had been set to 'slow-burn' for years following Chavez's untimely death in 2013. Suddenly, last week, US president Trump declared the leader of an opposition party, Juan Guadio, the 'legitimate' president of that country and demanded that 'no-longer-President' Maduro step aside.

While everybody knows that the US has a long history of meddling in Latin American countries, and a shorter more recent history of meddling in Middle Eastern countries, voices on the left, center, and right across the West have fallen into confluence with supporting the Globalists' dream of "restoring democracy to Venezuela."

Why is 'never again' happening again? IS Maduro an evil socialist dictator who kills his own people and imposes authoritarian control upon his country? Is Venezuela's dire economic situation proof that socialism fails? Should people support regime changing a foreign country in THIS case because it's truly exceptional?

This week on NewsReal, Joe & Niall discuss the unfolding 'coup' in Venezuela...

Running Time: 01:33:34

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The Truth Perspective: What MAGA-hat Kid Can Teach Us About The Corruption of Ideology

MAGA hat
It shouldn't have been newsworthy. Just a few years ago, it wouldn't have provoked much of a reaction. But a smiling teenager and a drumming Native American have caused a firestorm of commentary, invective, heated emotions, and calls for violence. What is it that causes otherwise intelligent people to seemingly turn into halfwits when confronted by such non-events? What provides the template for the stereotyped and 'proper' response to the encounter we've all seen repeatedly and which has been analyzed to death by mainstream media and the Twitter commentariat?

Today on the Truth Perspective we once again mine Andrew Lobaczewski's Political Ponerology for clues to help us understand the puzzling new reality we find ourselves in: how ideologies degenerate, how and why polarization grips nations, what we had to ignore in order to get to this point, and what we have to learn in order to stop it from progressing or from happening again.

Running Time: 01:28:11

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The Health & Wellness Show: The World's a Swole Hole: The Ever Expanding Epidemic of Obesity

obesity US
The United States holds the unenviable title of being the fattest country on Earth and other western (and westernized) countries are slowly gaining parity. It has become apparent to medical researchers and lay observers alike that people are getting 'yuge'. What is the cause of this rise in obesity? Considerable resources have been devoted to seemingly healthy dietary guidelines and exercise recommendations yet they haven't made a dent in the average person's waist size. Are people becoming more gluttonous, slothful and undisciplined or should the spotlight be directed at our current food landscape and those who fund it?

Join us for this episode of The Health and Wellness Show as we discuss all things 'swole': biological factors in obesity, as well as fat-shaming and the fat acceptance movement. Stay tuned at the end of the show for Zoya's Pet Health Segment where the topic will be obesity in cats.

Running Time: 01:16:45

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NewsReal: Will Globalists' War on Nationalism Lead to Bloody Revolution?

newsreal brexit yellow vests
Protests in cities across France this weekend for 'Acte X' of the Yellow Vest movement were met with another round of heavy-handed reprisals from state security forces, not least the deployment of copious quantities of chemical weapons to disperse crowds. This revolution is not being televised - not truthfully anyway - because of a serious risk for the Powers That Be that its ideas will inspire people in other countries.

This week on NewsReal, Joe & Niall discuss the historic stand-off between government and the governed in France. This state of sclerosis is also apparent in the Anglosphere, where 'Brexit' is clearly being manipulated to deliver 'the right result' (i.e., no actual Brexit). Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Trump really wants that Wall, but instead a political wall has gone up, again blocking the popular choice.

What happens when the democratic will of the people has nowhere to go? The 'globalist class' doesn't seem to understand that all its political gamesmanship, social engineering and brutal repression will lead to nowhere but their violent overthrow. As JFK once said: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Running Time: 01:07:37

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