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Fri, 29 Sep 2023
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MindMatters: Unmasking Psychopaths and Narcissists in Business and Politics - with Dr. Clive Boddy

clive boddy
Clive Boddy is Associate Professor of Management at Anglia Ruskin University, a leading researcher in the field of corporate psychopathy, and author of the book 'A Climate Of Fear: Stone Cold Psychopaths At Work'. Today on MindMatters, we interview Clive about his research, why psychopaths do not make good leaders (despite claims to the contrary), how they contribute to employee job satisfaction, and how toxic leadership intersects with incompetent leadership. Once a taboo subject, corporate psychopathy has gained widespread acknowledgment in the last decade or so. But another related subject is only now breaking through academia and public consciousness: political psychopathy. Clive discusses his own work in that field as well, with comments on screening politicians for psychopathy. We even talk about Star Wars.

Running Time: 00:54:26

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NewsReal: France Riots Suddenly End - NATO's Ukraine War Racket - Climate Hysteria Spikes

newsreal ballard ukraine riots
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Remember last week's breathless hot takes on how 'France has fallen'? Well, the urban riots have ended, and you won't believe how: local drug-lords simply called them off, reminding Joe and Niall of the links between the criminal underworld and jihadi-terrorist networks, which are known to overlap via Western intelligence connections.

Meanwhile, NATO heads of state are gathering on Russia's border to plot 'full-scale ground war' against the 'rogue state'. Are these people serious? Probably not. Remember, always, that war is a racket.

Also in this NewsReal, climate hysteria breaks new records as Western media claims - in unison - that 4 consecutive days last week were the 'hottest days ever', propelling hardcore AGW adherents to new depths of lunacy...

Running Time: 01:32:33

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NewsReal: Wagner Mutiny, French Révolution

wagner riots france newsreal
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Oh mon Dieu! France - nay, all Europe - is about to fall!

Or so the screamers say. In this NewsReal, Joe and Niall take a calmer look at the riots in France, and last week's high-octane events in Russia.

First hour: Prigozhin is a snake, and why Putin had to make an example out of him.

Second hour: the root cause of France's riots is a six-decades-long 'African-French' problem that is insoluble - save a miraculous paradigm shift in Western elites' worldview.

Running Time: 02:16:46

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NewsReal: Trump Indicted, Again - Ukrainian 'Counter-Offensive' Failing

trump indictment putin treaty newsreal
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They're really going for it. The regime wants to knock the electorate's favorite to become the next president of the US out of the race. Last week's indictment of Donald Trump in a Florida court for '37 charges of mishandling top secret government documents' are patently trumped-up charges intended to negatively impact his re-election bid - perhaps by rendering his candidacy 'invalid'.

Meanwhile, the Anglo-American 'Ukrainian counter-offensive' attempt to break through Russian military fortifications across southern Ukraine is not going well. In fact, it's being obliterated, along with thousands more hapless Ukrainian men.

The war could have been avoided: Putin revealed to an African peace delegation this week the text of a peace treaty signed by both Russia and Ukraine in April 2022, which Ukraine reneged on after British PM Boris Johnson 'suddenly appeared' in Kiev and effectively ordered Zelensky NOT to accept Moscow's terms.

Running Time: 01:42:31

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MindMatters: The Unbroken Individual Is the True Source of Moral Responsibility

forest passage
This week on MindMatters we take a third and final look at the prescient and resounding thoughts of Ernst Jünger's The Forest Passage and reflect on what it means - in the philosophical and practical sense - to be a forest walker, or forest rebel. For our previous episodes on the book see: How one resists and chooses to respond to totalitarianism is at least as crucial as making the choice itself. But what are some of the many considerations involved? What inner resources does one draw upon and where might one find the light that helps to make the best of all choices? What does one fall back on when many of the institutions that are meant to morally support a society have been effectively gutted, or done away with completely? What is the responsibility of an unbroken and 'concrete individual' to step in and rectify institutional failure to some degree? And where does the power of the spoken or written word fit into this complex equation?

Running Time: 01:18:45

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NewsReal: The Great Ukrainian Counter-Offensive Commenceth! Oh, And The US Govt Has Alien Tech

ufos aliens disclosure ukraine counter-offensive newsreal
© Sott.net
Finally, the dam has broken in Ukraine. Literally and figuratively. Heralded by the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam on the Dnieper River, the much-vaunted Great Ukrainian Counter-Offensive to 'boot the Rooskies from sovereign Ukraine' is underway, and it's almost certainly going to end in the fall of the US puppet regime in Kiev.

Also in this NewsReal: the 7-year-long 'Deep State vs Trump' saga continues with the indictment of Trump over 'mishandled Top secret documents'. Will Trump go to prison? Not likely, but this will be hanging over him all through his re-election campaign next year.

But first up: ALIENS! A US national security state insider reveals that the US govt has been retrieving and back-engineering 'non-human' technology from crashed UFOs. A paradigm-shifting development, if true, but is this essentially more 'drip-drip-disclosure' towards some weird endgame involving as-yet-unseen US imperial goals?

Running Time: 01:33:40

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MindMatters: The Road Best Traveled: Ernst Jünger's Forest Passage

ernst junger
What is freedom? Where may it be found and accessed? How does it become actualized from within the individual? And if we are to become free - then what are we to be free from? In this second discussion of Ernst Jünger's seminal book The Forest Passage we follow along with the author's many thoughts on what it means to be free. Concerning political bodies, the media, institutionalized medicine, and organized religion - what, if any, is the most fruitful approach to take in response to their diktats or guidelines? Where does free will, in the truest sense of the term, fit in to our responses? And if we are to face our fears and find a way to resist the tide of totalitarianism how should one approach the possible suffering that will likely be involved?

With the heart of a poet, and the mind of a realist, Ernst Jünger has given us much to ponder as we reflect on what he means by becoming a 'forest rebel'. Join us this week on MindMatters as we delve further into his world view, and a road from which we may find a path to the future.

For the first episode, see: Freedom in Tyranny: Ernst Jünger's The Forest Passage

Running Time: 01:28:28

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NewsReal: Ukraine Warlord Lindsey Graham: 'Best Money US Ever Spent'

terrorism ukraine graham newsreal
© Sott.net
With British and American cruise missiles, shells, and drones currently hitting Russian residential areas on a daily basis, US Senator Lindsey Graham visited Kiev to reassure Zelensky that "the Ukraine war was the best money the US ever spent because we get to kill Russians!" Is this the 'Ukrainian counter-offensive' they're all talking about: outright terrorism against the civilian Russian population?

Completely ignoring last week's victory of Russian forces over NATO in Bakhmut, Western media is instead showcasing British 'counter-insurgency specialists' training die-hard Ukrainians in the fine art of blowing people up, and sending armored columns of Humvees into Russian villages to 'liberate' them using 'separatists' with known links to neo-Nazi organizations.

The 'Great Game' of Washington-London unipolarity vs Moscow-Beijing multipolarity just gets nastier and nastier...

Running Time: 01:49:22

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MindMatters: Women Who Love Psychopaths - A Retrospective and Introspective with Sandra Brown

sandra brown
Psychotherapist, educator, researcher, and author of the books Women Who Love Psychopaths, How to Spot a Dangerous Man, and many others, Sandra L. Brown's insights have helped many face - and heal from - the damage inflicted by psychopaths and the personality disordered. Expanding on her work as a therapist and author, Sandra Brown has developed the training for thousands of therapists who now understand, and are better able to treat, cognitive dissonance, PTSD, and the neurocognitive damage to executive brain function that many victims suffer.

Join us this week on MindMatters as we look back at Sandra Brown's influential writings, what she's been working on since the release of her books, and how her views and perspectives since then might affect what she'd focus on if she were writing these books today - more than 18 years later.

Running Time: 01:04:40

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NewsReal: Bakhmut Holds! Patriots Down Kinzhals! West Winning Bigly!

bakhmut zelensky newsreal
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Sadly, none of the above claims of Western media are even remotely true, but it doesn't stop said media from repeating them ad nauseum. In this week's NewsReal, Joe and Niall discuss the fall/liberation of Bakhmut/Artemovsk, the torrent of misinformation about which American and Russian missiles did what in Ukraine last week, the tardy release of the Durham investigative report into 'Russiagate', and assorted 'weapons of mass distraction' designed to keep you ignorant and afraid.

Running Time: 01:29:31

Download: MP3 — 61.5 MB