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Thu, 27 Jan 2022
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San Francisco Bay Area wildfire spreads to 3,200 acres

Napa wildfire
© KRON 4
The Butts Fire burning in the North Bay has spread from Napa County into Lake County early Wednesday morning. Smoke from the 3,200 acre wild fire can be seen across much of the northern and central parts of the Bay Area.

By Wednesday morning, the fire remained just 30% contained.

About 200 homes are part of the mandatory evacuations that remain in effect from the west side of the 7800 block of Butts Canyon Rd to north of Snell Valley Rd including the Berryessa Estates.

"Right now they're not bad," one Calfire worker tells KRON 4′s Jackie Sissel Wednesday morning. "Yesterday they looked pretty bad with the wind. It looks like it is a fuels driven fire with the drought that we're experiencing now."

The fire broke out early Tuesday afternoon off Butts Canyon Rd in Pope Valley. That's about ten miles southeast of Middletown. Aetna Springs Road is now closed in the area. Butts Canyon Road is also closed between Snell Valley and Aetna Springs roads.


Wildfire sparks evacuations on Navajo Nation, 11,000 acres burned

Assayii Lake Fire
© Unknown
The Assayii Lake Fire had consumed 11,000 acres on the Navajo Nation and caused the evacuation of two communities.
Two communities have been evacuated on the Navajo Nation as firefighters struggle to get a blaze under control, hampered by "high winds and extreme fire behavior," according to KOB News out of New Mexico.

The Assayii Lake Fire had burned 11,000 acres in the Chuska Mountains as of Monday June 16, and by nightfall the Sheep Springs and Naschitti communities were being evacuated. About 50 residences were threatened, four structures destroyed, and damage was still being assessed on Monday night into Tuesday morning, according to a press release from Southwest Incident Management Team 3.

"For safety reasons, the general public is encouraged not to travel on access roads leading to the Bowl Canyon Recreation Area," the news release said. "Road closures in the area are Rt. 134 at Sheep Springs to Crystal Boarding School and Rt. 30 at Mexican Springs."

The human-caused fire was sparked on June 13, 10 miles northeast of Navajo, New Mexico, the Incident Management Team said. The fire was being fought by 23 crews, 15 engines, six helicopters, two bulldozers and 593 personnel. About 700 firefighters were due to arrive on Monday evening, reported NBC affiliate KOB News out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Wind conditions were expected to continue through Tuesday.

Red Flag

Everglades brush fire burns 20,000 acres, covers South Florida in smoke

everglades fire
People just waking up didn't know what to make of the strange haze hanging in the sky. Was it fog? Was a nearby building on fire? Was it a Miami Heat hangover?

For hours on Monday morning, the surreal scene covered much of South Florida, cutting visibility in some places to a mile or two, obliterating parts of the skyline, closing a major road, forcing a health advisory, and sending first-day summer campers indoors.

The smoke came from a huge Everglades brush fire in West Broward, which burned nearly 20,000 acres, according to the Florida Forest Service.

Less smoke wafted into the suburbs and along the coast Tuesday morning, although the fire continued to burn.

Blue Planet

Signs of change: Video round-up of extreme weather and seismic activity in May 2014


Record flooding in the Balkans last month
Large scale disasters continue to strike with regularity, causing catastrophic damage to multiple areas around the globe, and leaving hundreds of thousands of people displaced. Rare, strange, unusually extreme and 'biblical' weather conditions have taken place the past week or so. Also included are some dramatically breathtaking weather events caught on video last month.

Thanks for watching and stay safe! Have a plan in order!

Bizarro Earth

16 square-mile Arizona wildfire 'growing significantly'

© Patrick Breen
Firefighters say a wildfire burning through forested hillsides in a scenic northern Arizona canyon could dramatically expand as crews scramble to get the upper hand in less rugged terrain. Wildland fire teams are going to allow the flames to burn through flatter lands and into a sort of catcher's mitt to the north and the west, Deputy Incident Commander Pruett Small said Friday. That means the fire could grow to nearly 36 square miles, nearly tripling in size.

The goals for fire managers are to protect the 300 structures threatened in Oak Creek Canyon, keep the fire from pushing into the communities of Forest Highlands and Kachina Village to the east, and minimize the potential for flooding. Fire managers said the blaze has cost $2.2 million to fight as of Friday and might take up to 10 more days to fully control.


Raging fires continue to ravage Southern California as Governor declares state of emergency

san diego wildfire
© AFP Photo / David Mcnew
A house burns at the Cocos fire on May 15, 2014 in San Marcos, California.

Wildfires continued to whip through southern California on Thursday, forcing more people to evacuate their homes in the San Diego area and inspiring the governor to declare a state of emergency. Officials have opened an investigation into arson.

San Diego County officials have had no choice but to maintain existing evacuation advisories for the thousands of people who live or work in the path of the fires. Orders issued Wednesday prohibited the 9,000 students who normally attend California State University to avoid campus. More were advised to stay away from their usual places of school and employment on Thursday, as the fires showed no sign of slowing down.

"That's the number one priority, is to save life and then to save property," San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob said at a news conference on Thursday, as quoted by the Los Angeles Times. "We are not out of the woods yet

Comment: It's hardly arson if they broke out in multiple locations simultaneously across the state. Teenagers are a convenient scapegoat to keep folks believing the authorities can do anything about earth changes. Note that they acknowledge the Santa Ana winds are supposed to happen in October, not May! Did the teenagers cause that too?...


Signs of change: Extreme weather, seismic activity, and meteor fireballs in April and early May 2014

The uptick in earthquake activity continues all along the Ring of Fire. At the center of these changes, the United States dealt with "historic flooding" which was labelled a "one-in-500-year event"!

So much more has taken place over the last month or so than this video shows. Deluges continue to hit heavily populated areas. Be prepared for large-scale disasters in your area. It has and it will continue to worsen, whether we like or not. Stay safe and thanks for watching!

Solar Flares

Massive out of control wildfires force evacuation of 30,000 in California

Wildfires in California
© RIA Novosti
More than 20 structures, including several homes, burned to the ground and thousands of people were ordered to evacuate on Wednesday, as a wind-lashed wildfire roared out of control in the heart of a Southern California coastal community.

The fire, which erupted shortly before 11 a.m. in Carlsbad, some 25 miles north of San Diego, quickly became the most pressing battle for crews fighting flames across the region amid soaring temperatures and hot Santa Ana winds.

"The safety and security of the community is our top priority, and all available resources are being deployed," the city of Carlsbad said in a statement on its website that confirmed the destruction of at least two structures.

City officials told reporters at an afternoon news conference that more than 20 structures had been destroyed, at least three of them homes.

Comment: Wildfires have been in rapid increase the last few years and appearing seemingly at all times of year. Could there be an electrical dimension to it of cosmic origin?


San Diego County fire prompts thousands of home evacuations

© Reuters / Sandy Huffaker
A bush is fully engulfed at the Ranch Fire near San Diego, California May 13, 2014.
A rapidly-moving brush fire, agitated by dry conditions and high winds, led San Diego County in Southern California to order the evacuation of 5,000 homes on Tuesday.

The fire, located southwest of Rancho Bernardo, was sparked around 11:00 a.m. local time, according to NBC 7 news.


Siberia's epic wildfires come far too early - April is the new July

NASA LANCE MODIS Rapid Fire hotspot analysis of extreme fire outbreak in the Amur region of Russia on April 28, 2014. In this shot, the Amur runs west to east through the frame. To the right is the Pacific Ocean [off frame] to the left is a corner of Russia’s massive Lake Baikal. The red spots indicate currently active fires.
What we are currently witnessing is something that should never happen - an outbreak of fires with summer intensity during late April at a time when Siberia should still be frigid and frozen.

* * * * *

Last year, during late July and early August, a series of epic wildfires raged to the north and west of Russia's far eastern Amur region. About a week later, the skies opened up in a ten-day-long deluge that pushed the Amur River bordering Russia and China to levels not seen in the entire 150 year span of record-keeping for the region. Whole cities were submerged as the Amur leapt its banks to form a kind of massive inland sea.

The floods promoted strong growth in the region, penetrating permafrost zones to enhance melt, providing major fuel sources for fires should they re-emerge. Come winter, a persistent warm ridge pattern in the Jet Stream transported hotter than usual air over this region. The winter was far, far warmer than it should have been. And when spring came, it came like the onset of summer.

Russia has been hit recently with unusual Winter weather. It's snowing further to the south and west. From April of this year:
Winter suddenly returns again for Russia's Urals

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