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Signs of change: Extreme weather, seismic activity, and meteor fireballs in April and early May 2014

The uptick in earthquake activity continues all along the Ring of Fire. At the center of these changes, the United States dealt with "historic flooding" which was labelled a "one-in-500-year event"!

So much more has taken place over the last month or so than this video shows. Deluges continue to hit heavily populated areas. Be prepared for large-scale disasters in your area. It has and it will continue to worsen, whether we like or not. Stay safe and thanks for watching!

Solar Flares

Massive out of control wildfires force evacuation of 30,000 in California

Wildfires in California
© RIA Novosti
More than 20 structures, including several homes, burned to the ground and thousands of people were ordered to evacuate on Wednesday, as a wind-lashed wildfire roared out of control in the heart of a Southern California coastal community.

The fire, which erupted shortly before 11 a.m. in Carlsbad, some 25 miles north of San Diego, quickly became the most pressing battle for crews fighting flames across the region amid soaring temperatures and hot Santa Ana winds.

"The safety and security of the community is our top priority, and all available resources are being deployed," the city of Carlsbad said in a statement on its website that confirmed the destruction of at least two structures.

City officials told reporters at an afternoon news conference that more than 20 structures had been destroyed, at least three of them homes.

Comment: Wildfires have been in rapid increase the last few years and appearing seemingly at all times of year. Could there be an electrical dimension to it of cosmic origin?


San Diego County fire prompts thousands of home evacuations

© Reuters / Sandy Huffaker
A bush is fully engulfed at the Ranch Fire near San Diego, California May 13, 2014.
A rapidly-moving brush fire, agitated by dry conditions and high winds, led San Diego County in Southern California to order the evacuation of 5,000 homes on Tuesday.

The fire, located southwest of Rancho Bernardo, was sparked around 11:00 a.m. local time, according to NBC 7 news.


Siberia's epic wildfires come far too early - April is the new July

NASA LANCE MODIS Rapid Fire hotspot analysis of extreme fire outbreak in the Amur region of Russia on April 28, 2014. In this shot, the Amur runs west to east through the frame. To the right is the Pacific Ocean [off frame] to the left is a corner of Russia’s massive Lake Baikal. The red spots indicate currently active fires.
What we are currently witnessing is something that should never happen - an outbreak of fires with summer intensity during late April at a time when Siberia should still be frigid and frozen.

* * * * *

Last year, during late July and early August, a series of epic wildfires raged to the north and west of Russia's far eastern Amur region. About a week later, the skies opened up in a ten-day-long deluge that pushed the Amur River bordering Russia and China to levels not seen in the entire 150 year span of record-keeping for the region. Whole cities were submerged as the Amur leapt its banks to form a kind of massive inland sea.

The floods promoted strong growth in the region, penetrating permafrost zones to enhance melt, providing major fuel sources for fires should they re-emerge. Come winter, a persistent warm ridge pattern in the Jet Stream transported hotter than usual air over this region. The winter was far, far warmer than it should have been. And when spring came, it came like the onset of summer.

Russia has been hit recently with unusual Winter weather. It's snowing further to the south and west. From April of this year:
Winter suddenly returns again for Russia's Urals

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Deadly Oklahoma wildfire burns down homes, causes mass evacuation

© AP
What initially began as a controlled burn in central Oklahoma quickly erupted into a massive wildfire with the help of strong winds and dry temperatures, killing one person and destroying at least six homes.

According to local news outlet KFOR, the wildfire has burned through approximately 3,500 acres of land near Guthrie, Oklahoma. Firefighting crews have managed to contain about 75 percent of the blaze - which started growing out of control Sunday afternoon - but local officials said that at least 150 homes are still at risk.

As of Monday morning, roughly 1,000 people had been evacuated from their homes due to the fire. Guthrie Fire Department Chief Eric Harlow told the Associated Press that one 56-year-old man who refused to evacuate was later found dead in his mobile home. Currently, he is the only casualty being reported.

Blue Planet

Heaven and Earth: Earth Changes and Strange Signs in March and April 2014

Here are some of the events I picked up in March and April.

My series include strange phenomena of all kinds and awesome natural events or beautiful phenomena in the previous month or so. I try to make people focus on the important things. Enjoy!

These videos try to make people aware of the powerfulness of the world we are living in. It's but a fraction, and I'm far from covering all events from these past two months.

Do good. Good will return to you. By one way or an other.

This application is not commercial and is free to use.

I don't earn financial benefit from this video and I have the PERSONAL AGREEMENT of EACH artists' work I share in this video.


Raging wildfire on the Latvian-Russian border at Kaliningrad, military called upon and state of emergency declared

A state of emergency has been declared in the Lithuanian western Neringa Municipality on the Curonian Spit due to a spreading fire on the peninsula, which is a Site of a UNESCO World Heritage.

A call about the fire was received at around 11.55 am.

Having arrived at the scene, Minister of the Interior Dailis Alfonsas Barakauskas told the fire has engulfed 35 ha.

12 firefighter's vehicles are involved in the fire-extinguishing operation, assisted by a Mi-8 helicopter of the Armed Forces. According to the minister, Latvia has been asked to send one more helicopter.

Due to the fire, power supply has been shut down on the whole peninsula.


Grass fires total over 400 in March across South Wales despite cool temperatures


The fire above Ogmore Vale
Fire crews caught on camera dealing with more than 400 fires, many of them started deliberately, across many parts of South Wales

Huge areas of grass and shrubland are a sea of charred black today after a wave of deliberately set fires swept through huge chunks of the Welsh countryside.

These dramatic pictures show firefighters trying to deal with the grass fires, including one which at one point was six miles wide.

The lone firefighter walking through the charred scrubland sums up the battle fire crews have had to deal with since the start of the month.

From March 1, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service alone has attended 215 grass fires and 283 deliberately set fires across huge areas of land. There were another 35 deliberately lit grass fires in the South Wales Fire and Rescue area yesterday damaging over 198 hectares of Welsh countryside


Despite cool damp Spring fire crews tackle nearly 300 grass fires during April in Mid and West Wales

© Roger Vince
Mid and West Wales fire crews were called into action to tackle a blaze on the Black Mountain at 7pm on Saturday. The service has faced 200 grass fires during the month of April.
The latest grass fire to strike the Amman Valley raged for more than five hours on the Black Mountain on Saturday night before being brought under control by emergency crews.

Amman Valley firefighters based at Gwaun cae Gurwen were called to tackle the blaze, which began above Cwmgarw Road on the Black Mountain, following reports of the fire at 7pm.

The incident is just the latest in what has become an ever increasing problem for emergency services.

As well as taking up time and manpower, the grass fires are also proving a massive drain on financial resources.


Over 100 wildfires in Russia occupy almost 60 square kilometers

Wildfires in Russia
© Unknown
Over 100 wildfires in Russia occupy almost six thousand hectares, representative of the Russian emergency situations authority, EMERCOM, Anatoly Elizarov said on Sunday.

"In the territory of the Russian Federation 104 wildfires occupy 5,834 hectares. The most complicated situation is in the Far East Federal District - in the Amur region, Jewish autonomous region, and the Maritime and Khabarovsk territories, and also in Siberia's Baikal territory," he said.

The wildfires do not threat cities, towns or the economy, he told a meeting of a governmental working group, chaired by EMERCOM's head Vladimir Puchkov.

The spokesperson reported the authority had organised a group of over 18,000 people, who are using over 5,000 specialised vehicles to extinguish the fires. The rescuers are using 23 aircrafts. EMERCOM is using its eleven planes and helicopters: two Il-76 planes, two Be-200 amphibian planes, two Mi-26 helicopters and five Mi-8 helicopters.

"Every day, EMERCOM's aviation is making about 15 flights, making about 100 droppings of over 1,000 tonnes of water," Elizarov said.

He continued adding the authority had been attracting new forces for extinguishing the wildfires.