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Sun, 16 Jan 2022
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Extreme Temperatures


Early snow and fog blanket Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon’s South Rim Village around noon Oct. 12.
© E. Keable
Grand Canyon’s South Rim Village around noon Oct. 12.
Grand Canyon National Park has experienced the first snowstorm of the season Oct. 12.

The park reported that around 3:30 p.m., the fog and clouds parted to reveal the canyon.

Freezing temperatures tonight and Wednesday morning, with a gradual warming trend this weekend are expected in the Grand Canyon area.

South Rim Village roads have been plowed and are mostly clear, however wet road surfaces will turn into black ice in a few hours. The public is asked to watch their speed.

Foot traction and trekking poles are recommended on footpaths and trails.


Snow makes an early fall appearance in northern Arizona

A cat investigated fresh snowfall in Flagstaff, Arizona, on October 12.

A cat investigated fresh snowfall in Flagstaff, Arizona, on October 12.
The calendar says it's fall, but many parts of Arizona got a dusting of white snow overnight, including Flagstaff, where many broke out the winter coats. FOX 10 Photojournalist Joe Tillman headed north for a look at the early winter blast.


Half of Kashmir covered by early snowfall, snow up to one foot deep

The picture is of Mughal Road Pir Ki Gali in Shopian district.
© Abid Butt
The picture is of Mughal Road Pir Ki Gali in Shopian district.
The snowfall season has started a month ahead of time in Jammu and Kashmir. Snow fell on Monday from Amarnath cave, Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Zojila pass to Pir Panjal range. The maximum snowfall up to one foot occurred in the area along the Bandipora-Gurej road. Here even the roads came to a standstill. According to the Meteorological Department, till a week ago, Sonamarg and Gulmarg were in bad condition due to heat.

But due to this snowfall, the temperature has dropped to 1.5 degree Celsius. It has also provided relief from the heat. The Meteorological Department said that along with snowfall in the hilly areas of the valley, hail also fell in the plains along with rain. Katra recorded the highest rainfall of 23 mm. Meteorologists said that the monsoon has not yet departed from the country. In such a situation, this snowfall is going to give relief. It is known that the period of snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir starts after November 15.


The sting of spring: Late snowfall covers parts of South Island, New Zealand - up to a foot of snow

Snow has fallen in Tekapo overnight
© Tekapo Tourism
Snow has fallen in Tekapo overnight
The Manuherikia and Maniototo regions of Central Otago felt the full sting of a spring storm yesterday which brought heavy rain, snow and severe gales to the southern region.

Residents awoke to blanket of snow and motorists were warned to take care on State Highway 85 between Omakau and Kyeburn and in Moa Flat Rd, and Danseys Pass Rd was closed because of snow.

The depth of snowfall differed with about 10cm reported in Naseby and almost three times that in St Bathans.

There was also widespread snow on the hills throughout Central Otago and above Queenstown and Wanaka.


Storm system dumps autumn snow across the West, including Montana, Nevada, California


Snow in Bozeman, Montana
From Montana to Nevada, snow fell in the western U.S. from Oct. 10-11, creating some very early winter wonderlands.



Sudden drop in temperatures leads to early snow in parts of China

A photo taken on Oct 10, 2021 shows Liuhu Park
© Xinhua
A photo taken on Oct 10, 2021 shows Liuhu Park in snow in Pingliang, Northwest China's Gansu province.
A sudden drop in temperatures recently have led to early snowfalls in some parts of China, surprising many people.


Early heavy snow, falling branches knock out power in parts of Bozeman, Montana

Multiple crashes on I-90 outside Bozeman

Multiple crashes on I-90 outside Bozeman
Downed trees and branches are causing power outages in Bozeman Monday morning.

Power is out in many areas of Bozeman due to impacts from the heavy morning snow.

Many traffic signals are out of order due to the power being out including; Durston/19th, traffic lights on 7th Ave south of Oak St, traffic lights on Main Street west of 7th

Northwestern Energy, the Montana Department of Transportation, and the City of Bozeman are responding to remove downed trees.


Runners rescued after early snowstorm halts ultramarathon in Davis County, Utah - 18 inches of snow reported

Members of the Davis County Sheriff’s Office helped 87 stranded runners during the DC Peaks 50 ultramarathon on Saturday in Utah.Credit...
© Davis County Sheriff's Search and Rescue
Members of the Davis County Sheriff’s Office helped 87 stranded runners during the DC Peaks 50 ultramarathon on Saturday in Utah.Credit...
Some trail runners participating in an ultramarathon Saturday morning were rescued from the mountains in Davis County after a snowstorm hit the area.

At about 9:30 a.m., the Davis County Sheriff's Office was notified about an "emergency situation" involving 87 runners. They faced extreme weather, including 12-18 inches of snow and almost white-out conditions.

The race was suspended, and the sheriff's office's search and rescue team responded on foot, ATVs and snowmobiles to help the runners get down the mountain safely.

Race organizers worked with the search and rescue volunteers to make sure all registered participants were accounted for, and the rescuers covered the entire course. All the runners were off the mountain by 2:45 p.m.

Farmington Canyon was closed to all non-emergency vehicles during the process.


Google demonetizes climate skeptics and bans 'denier' ads

The only people worth silencing are those who are right.

© Hacktivist Parody Google
Hacktivist Parody Google
Google is waging a war against skeptics because skeptics have the truth on their side and they win debates too easily. How do we know? There are plenty of wrong people on the internet, and acres of misinformation, but Google is happy to feed those creators. The Flat Earthers are not spreading fast on Youtube, they're not attracting millions of views. But no one needs to cut off their money supply because their arguments aren't persuasive. To stop those ideas from running amok, the world only needs free speech.
Google announces: ...a new monetization policy for Google advertisers, publishers and YouTube creators that will prohibit ads for, and monetization of, content that contradicts well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change. This includes content referring to climate change as a hoax or a scam, claims denying that long-term trends show the global climate is warming, and claims denying that greenhouse gas emissions or human activity contribute to climate change.

Google demonetizes content creators who deny climate change

by Ian Miles Cheong, Rebel News
Arrogance knows no bounds:
The tech giant claims it will be able to differentiate between content "that states a false claim as fact, versus content that reports on or discusses that claim."
Who needs scientists anyhow - just Google the truth instead of doing all those experiments?

It's time for skeptics to hone their skills in satire and parody. Let's screw those algorithms!

For content creators who were relying on Youtube adverts, losing the monetization could kill the business, it's a cruel blow. Google's behaviour is grossly unfair and deceptive. It sold itself as a "platform" deceived people into watching and sharing their creative talents, and on November 1 could wipe them out. But good talent can still find a way — not only are there other, better video homes, but it's so much better to get a business model that doesn't feed or rely on Google. My advice would be to connect with your audience, set up a blog or a website, and ask for help and donations. Use Youtube while you still can, to set up a list.


Early heavy snowfall in the Alps with up to a foot reported

Passo Stelvio

Passo Stelvio
Ski resorts across the Alps have been reporting heavy snowfall. Glacier areas, including centres that are already open for there 21-22 ski season, have reported up to 30cm (a foot) of snowfall.

Italy's Passo Stelvio is pictured top, it reports 25cm (10″) of fresh snow and is one of eight glacier areas in Austria, Italy and Switzerland already open for the ski season, four more are due to open this coming weekend, along with the first two centres up in Finland, Levi and Ruka. The 21-22 ski season in France is due to start in Tignes the weekend after next.