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Tue, 03 Oct 2023
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Extreme Temperatures

Snowflake Cold

Four in a row: Winters in Alaska have been on the colder side

So much for being the canary in the global warming mine. If the past four winters in Alaska seemed colder than usual, it's because, well, they were.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the winter of 2023 continued the chill set in 2019, with temperatures in Alaska averaging 11.8 degrees, just .2 degrees above average. The three previous winters were all below the average temperature.

In October, NOAA had predicted warmer-than-average winter for western Alaska. Old Farmer's Almanac also predicted winter would be "much milder than normal, with the coldest periods in mid- to late November, early December, and late January." The publication predicted snowfall would be below average. That was wrong. In fact, much of Alaska saw historic snowfall over the winter, and in Anchorage, a new record was set for the snow still remaining on the ground in April. The snow continued into the first week of May, with more than 100 inches falling this past winter.


Snow falls in Spain after long drought and early heat wave

Snowfall surprises Spain after an early heat wave

Snowfall surprises Spain after an early heat wave
Snow fell in parts of northern Spain on Friday after months without any rain and high temperatures which made it feel more like summer than spring.

The freak snowfall happened in La Raya, a mountainous area of Asturias, while hailstones and heavy rain fell in Mediterranean parts of Spain including Catalonia and Valencia after months without a drop of precipitation.

Spain has registered the driest start to a year since records started, the Spanish state weather forecaster AEMET said on Wednesday, with less than half the average rainfall during the first four months of 2023.

So far this year, Spain has recorded 11 hotter-than-normal days, more than twice the number typically observed during a full year.


Thousands lost power after heavy, wet May snow in Teller County, Colorado

Thousands of people were without power on Thursday in Teller county after heavy and wet snow hit the area. Throughout the day, about four to six inches of wet, heavy snow fell across the county, making for a snowy and slushy commute for many.

At one point, more than 8,000 customers with Core Electric Cooperative were without power. Teller County offices also shut down because of the snow.

Comment: Elsewhere in the state:
Crews at Arapahoe Basin worked to clear inches of snow from the parking lot following an overnight storm.


Cold snap brings snow to Bolivia

Snow, rain, fog and low temperatures prevail in Cochabamba, Oruro, La Paz and Potosí
© Bolivian Police
Snow, rain, fog and low temperatures prevail in Cochabamba, Oruro, La Paz and Potosí
Parts of Bolivia were covered in snow on Monday, May 8, after a fierce cold snap hit the political capital La Paz and its neighboring city El Alto.

Colder weather was expected, but few expected such a downpour of snow and hail. It created havoc on the streets of La Paz and El Alto.

Comment: At the same time in neighboring Peru: Hundreds of passengers stranded after heavy snowfall in Cusco


US winter of 2022-2023 'historic' as 'all western states see record snowfall'

US has had an historic winter.
The western US has had an historic winter. From record-breaking cold spells to unprecedented amounts of snow, this has been a memorable cold season - and one that runs counter to the prophecies of the AGW party.

Starting with the cold - and according to data from the warmth-addicted NOAA - the US has set 7 all-time low temperature records so far this year (through April 24) compared to just one heat record, while 321 monthly lows have fallen in April alone (also through April 24) compared to 66 heat records.

Highest April 1st snow cover recorded this year

Regrading snow, in the official books going back to 2001, the largest area ever covered with snow/ice in the western US at the beginning of April so far was 2019's 1,030,820 sq km, but this year that figure was far exceeded, with satellite imagery showing that more than 1,149-960 sq km of the West was covered with snow and ice on 1 April.

By comparison, the average snowpack in the western US at the end of March is 242,000 square miles.


Winter arrives early in New Zealand with up to 20 inches of snowfall

QLDC Roundshot Webcam

QLDC Roundshot Webcam
Heavy snow falls reached the south island of New Zealand, with snow falling to around 400m (1312ft) on Wednesday, May 10, 2023. State Highway 94 was closed on Wednesday evening at Mount Hamilton, between The Key and Centre Hill, but reopened again at 10:15 p.m. It is still recommended to carry snow chains in the area.

Ski resorts near Queenstown received between 20-50cm (8-20 inches) of snow. New Zealand's south island is home to many spectacular ski resorts, such as The Remarkables, Coronet Peak and Cadrona


Record-breaking heat wave blasts Southeast Asia

Visitors cool off at an amusement park in Hoi An, Vietnam.
© SeongJoon Cho
Visitors cool off at an amusement park in Hoi An, Vietnam.
Record-breaking heat has blasted Southeast Asia over the past several weeks, causing deaths and hospitalizations, schools to close and farmers and business-owners to suffer economic losses.

In Vietnam, the temperature hit a record 44.2 degrees Celsius (111.5 F) on Sunday. In Myanmar's central Magway region, it soared to 46 C (114.8 F).

Thailand's capital of Bangkok had its hottest day on record on Sunday, when the heat reached 41 C (105.8 F), while in Laos, the temperature broke last month's national record to hit 43.5 C in Luang Prabang.

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Moment of massive avalanche in British Columbia captured on drone camera

The footage captures an avalanche in British Columbia, Canada.
A Victoria photographer says it was 'pure, dumb luck' that he was able to shoot some rare drone video of a British Columbia avalanche.


California statewide snowpack is over 300% of average

Current regional snowpack from automated sensors.
© cdec.water.ca.gov
Current regional snowpack from automated sensors.
It is no secret that the winter of 2022/23 will go down in history as one of the best ever. 18 resorts throughout the western United States set snowfall records, many of them in California.

The banner year continues to leave a lasting impression as the current snow water content as of May 8 for the entire state of California is at 304% of normal. Most impressive is the Southern Sierra which is currently at 401% of normal. The Northern Sierra/Trinity area is at 258%, while the Central Sierra is at 295%.


Peru: Hundreds of passengers stranded after heavy snowfall in Cusco

Meteorological DANA causes unusual snowfall in Cusco and low temperatures in the southern sierra

Meteorological DANA causes unusual snowfall in Cusco and low temperatures in the southern sierra
Hundreds of passengers and tourists, both domestic and foreign, were affected by the delay of flights at Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport in the city of Cusco, due to the heavy snowfall recorded in the area.

Since early in the morning, visitors from Europe, North America, and South America have awaited the resumption of their flights, particularly connecting flights.

It should be noted that the resumption of flights is likely to occur as weather conditions improve.

Although no one has issued a communiqué on the impact of the snowfall, various airlines maintain and will resume their services in the following hours.