Extreme Temperatures


Sydney heatwave: City sets record for days above 26C as mercury hits 41.7C

Sydney heatwave
© Jenny Evans/AAP A father and daughter at Bondi beach. The Bureau of Meteoreology forecast temperatures of 41C in Parramatta, Penrith and Richmond, with 35C in the CBD.
Sweltering day 21st consecutive day over 26C as Bureau of Meteorology predicts temperatures above 26C for the next week

Temperatures in parts of Sydney topped 40 degrees today, as the city sweated through a record streak of 21 days above 26C.

In Penrith, the temperature reached 41.7 by mid-afternoon and hovered just below into the evening.

Closer to the city it wasn't much cooler with 39.2C recorded at Sydney Olympic Park and 36.9 at the airport.

Blair Trewin of the Bureau of Meteorology told Guardian Australia the scorcher marked the 21st consecutive day of 26C or over in Sydney, a record stretch not matched at any time of year.

The next-longest streak was 19 days of temperatures above 26C in March 2014.


Heavy snowfall in Akureyri, Iceland: 43 inches (110cms) of fresh snow, most in 20 years

Snow in Iceland
© mbl.is/Skapti HallgrímssonBorgarbraut in the Glerárhverfi district.
The city of Akureyri in North Iceland is seeing great snow accumulation for the third year in a row. This morning, residents woke up to 110 cm of fresh snow.

Snow depth has not been greater since the winter of 1995-1996.

Our Akureyri correspondent took these photographs this morning.

Snow ploughs have a hard day's work ahead.

Snow in Iceland
© mbl.is/Skapti HallgrímssonWalking to school takes a little longer than usual.

Ice Cube

Amazing ice: 5 stunning natural sculptures from this winter

Frozen lake
© RadiantSpiritGallery/YouTubeLake Superior
As winter wanes and spring creeps in for much of the northern hemisphere, we checked out some impressive images of ice, particularly surrounding the world's largest - and coldest - lakes.

Whether it's ice stacking on Lake Superior in the US, car-shaped icicles in Canada, or floating blocks on Lake Baikal in Russia, mother nature has put on quite a show this season.

Lake Superior, USA

As sheets of ice crashed on the shore of the great Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota, they stack up like broken glass, creating a beautiful and somewhat hypnotic scene.

Lake Baikal, Siberia

With temperatures dipping to -19 degrees Celsius (-3 Fahrenheit) and strong winds, a block of ice can be seen floating across the frozen lake as though it's just off to meet another block further along.

Shivering Al Gore
© Compeau's/2009


Heavy snowfall paralyses daily life in Sivas, Turkey

Heavy snowfall in Sivas, Turkey
© Turan TemelHeavy snowfall in Sivas, Turkey
Central Turkish province of Sivas, which had been witnessing spring weather conditions in the middle of the winter for a while, took heavy snowfall, paralyzing daily life across the city.

Snowfall which has begun with blizzard in the late hours continued until the morning hours of Saturday. Following the snowfall the snow has reached 50 centimeters in depth across the province. As walking on the pavement has nearly become impossible since the thick snow layer also many cars have stayed under the snow drift.

Many people, who intended to reach their working place, had difficulty while clearing their car from the snow banks. People shovel up the ways of their working place.


Summer snowfall surprise for Tasmanians after a season of weather extremes

Snow on Mount Wellington
© ABC News/ Kieran JonesWith a temperature of -2C there was a fair dusting of snow on Mount Wellington and its lookout.
Fires, flood and now snow: Tasmania has had a summer of weather extremes.

After weeks of warm and dry weather, there has been a sprinkling of snow in Tasmania's Great Lakes district and on Hobart's Mount Wellington.

The temperature dipped to zero at Liawenee in the Central Highlands overnight, with light rain turning to snow early this morning.

Kaylee Hattinger at the Great Lakes Hotel said it started snowing there about 6:00am, but it quickly melted away.

"It covered the cars, it was enough to go 'oh, snow!'," she said.

"But it's very fine, but more than hail, and fluttering down.

"I get really excited with snow, even in winter. But in summer it's even more special, I think."

Ice Cube

Pakistan government warns the country to prepare for global cooling

Heavy snow fall in Murree,  Pakistan
© Sohail abbasiHeavy snow fall in Murree, Pakistan. 11.2.2016
The Pakistan Meteorological Bureau put out a lengthy 59 page report warning the citizens of Pakistan that Global cooling will begin in 2019 and there needs to be a strategy with urgent action in order for the society to cope with the changes. This is the second country to now come out and tell its citizens to prepare, Russia was first, now Pakistan.

Comment: See also: Heavy snowfall cripples life in northern Pakistan

30 leading scientists predict global cooling

Ice Age Cometh: Russian Academy of Sciences experts warn of imminent cold period: "Global warming is a marketing trick"

Ice Cube

60% of Lake Erie freezes over in 2 days

Lake Erie
© National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationLake Erie
The weekend cold snap in parts of Central and Eastern Canada was so extreme, nearly 60 per cent of Lake Erie froze over two days.

Environment Canada issued cold or winter storm warnings on Saturday for provinces from Manitoba to Newfoundland and Labrador.

Temperatures in Windsor, Ont., for instance, dipped to - 17 C on Sunday.

On Friday, satellite imagery showed three per cent of the shallowest of the Great Lakes to be covered in ice. By Sunday, it was 64 per cent covered, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Snowflake Cold

Ice Age cometh: Heavy snowfall on Honduras-Guatemala border - Hail and snow in Irazu National Park, Costa Rica, 10 degrees north of equator!

snow Guatemala
© Cortesía de Nelson MartínezSnow in Guatemala, February 10th, 2016
Irazu Volcano National Park in Costa Rica received several inches of hail/snow on Feb 13, 2016. This is the second time within three years that this type of event has taken place. Interestingly, in 2013, the same peak experienced its FIRST EVER recorded hail accumulations. Guatemala also received snowfall that year of six inches.


Ottawa's record snowfall caught on time-lapse video

Snow video
Time-lapse video submitted by Twitter user Eric Dupere shows the accumulation of 50 cm of snow in Ottawa during a winter storm on Feb 16.

Snowflake Cold

Whiteface Mountain in New York state records minus 114; colder than Antarctica

Winds at Whiteface Mountain's summit blasted at 45 mph on Saturday night going into Sunday morning.
© The Wild CenterWinds at Whiteface Mountain's summit blasted at 45 mph on Saturday night going into Sunday morning.
While New York City had its coldest start to Valentine's Day in 100 years on Sunday, it would seem balmy compared with the wicked wind chill at upstate Whiteface Mountain.

As temperatures dropped across the Northeast from the blast of a polar vortex, the wind chill at Whiteface, near Lake Placid, made it feel like a body- and mind-numbing minus 114 degrees late Saturday and into Sunday. Central Park could only muster a minus 1 degree.

The Wild Center, which works with the Atmospheric Science Research Center at SUNY Albany, recorded the frigid temperature from a research station at the mountain's summit.