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Thu, 28 Sep 2023
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Extreme Temperatures


Weekend brings dangerous triple-digit heat to southwestern US - records may fall

heatwave June13
© Accuweather
Heat will build to dangerous and record-challenging levels in much of the southwestern United States toward this weekend and into early next week. Temperatures will climb well past 100 F in parts of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Teaxas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona with the worst days of heat likely from Saturday to Monday.

While the summer months can be unbearable in terms of heat in the Southwest, temperatures will climb to 10-20 F above average for the middle of June during the pattern.

"The core of the heat will be centered on Arizona, where portions of the state, including Phoenix, could approach their highest temperature on record for any calendar day," according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski.

Temperatures may not only reach levels not felt in the past several years but could challenge the highest mark on record in some cases.

Comment: Wild swings of weather are a marker of larger earth changes, possibly of cosmic origin. See also:

SOTT Earth Changes Summary - May 2016: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs


Rare summer snowfall for Lapland, Finland

Snow in Finland
A storm with high winds which swept across western and northern Finland Wednesday night and during the early hours of Thursday downed trees and cut power supplies to up to 14,000 households. Parts of Finnish Lapland have also seen a "summery" eight centimetres of snow.

Highs winds are expected to die down as evening approaches as the low pressure area responsible for the stormy weather moves eastward.

Residents of northern areas also awoke Thursday to some rare white June landscapes. Snowfall was seen especially on the fells of Lapland and in the Saariselkä region which recorded as much as eight centimetres in some localities.

A Thursday morning scene in Rovaniemi.
© Sauli Antikainen / Yle
A Thursday morning scene in Rovaniemi.

Comment: See also: Summer snowfall hits China's northernmost province

Global warming? Snowfall in Siberia marks the official start of summer


Summer snowfall hits China's northernmost province

Snow China
People in the city of Mudanjiang of China's northernmost province of Heilongjiang were amazed at the magical force of nature as a snow fell Tuesday morning at the beginning of summer.

The snow lasted for about five hours in Xuexiang in the Shuangfeng Forest Farm of Hailin County, with snow accumulated to about 10 centimeters in some areas.

Analysts say it is unusual to see snow at this time of the year, though snow is frequent in April due to its special geographical location.

Comment: See also: Global warming? Snowfall in Siberia marks the official start of summer


More than 10,000 Argentinians isolated by worst snowfall in 30 years

Guatemala snow
© mdzol.com
Worst snowfall in 30 years - up to 4½ meters (14 ft) in the mountains.

According to Government Secretary of the Department of Las Heras, Raul Villafane, the area involved is from Uspallata to the tunnel mouth, where more than 10 thousand people are affected.

Uspallata, Polvaredas, Punta de Vacas, Mundo Perdido (Lost World), Penitentes, Puente del Inca and Las Cuevas, are all towns that under the snow.

The nívea (snow) accumulation ranges from 35 cm to 4½ meters in Las Cuevas, said Villafane. It has been 30 years since it snowed so much.


Northern hemisphere crop losses for Spring 2016: Cherry 80%, apricot 60%, wheat 6% and more

Frost damage

Frost damage
Northern hemisphere crop losses covering Europe, North American and Asia are staggering.

In several European countries - such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, France and Belgium - apples, pears, cherries and grapes were frozen. 80% of Cherries, 60% of Apricots, 6% of Wheat, 13% of Austrian wine production. North America sits in the 50% losses for fruit. Australian wheat is down.


Global warming? Snowfall in Siberia marks the official start of summer

Residents of Surgut, Noyabrsk, Novy Urengoy and other cities woke on 1 June, the first day of summer, to find it looked more like Chirstmas.
© Vita Golovyuk
Residents of Surgut, Noyabrsk, Novy Urengoy and other cities woke on 1 June, the first day of summer, to find it looked more like Chirstmas.
Freak weather as winter returns to Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets autonomous regions.

The Siberian stereotype says its always cold here, but this is a fallacy. Usually. Elsewhere, for example in Chita, the temperature is 24C, and in many regions there are growing risks for forest fires.

But as these pictures show, in some areas of western Siberia, the thermometers have plunged to around zero. Residents of Surgut, Noyabrsk, Novy Urengoy and other cities woke on 1 June, the first day of summer, to find it looked more like Christmas.

In some areas there were even snow drifts. In Noyabrsk, the local administration restarted heating supplies to homes.

Summer snow Siberia
© Linda Simonyan


Rare 'snow' hits tropical Zimbabwe

Snow in Zimbabwe
© Mlandeli Ndlela
Reached a depth of 30 cm (12 inches)

The "Zimbabwe Snowfall" of last Friday was not a hoax, but real. Albeit it was technically not snow, but a form of sleet, frozen rain. There have been thunder storms and very low temperatures.

It is the first time this weather phenomenon has been experienced in tropical Zimbabwe. The depth of the ice was 30 cm and it all happened within a small radius of 5 km.

A real trail of destruction was left behind, vegetables and houses were damaged, trees were being stripped off of their leaves while many small animals like rabbits and snakes died.

The meteorological services department has described the "snow" that fell in lower Gwero last Friday as a rare sleet phenomenon that has taken place in the country for the first time in history."

Earlier news items were a bit skeptical, but it turned out it was not a hoax, it was really true.

Snowflake Cold

Waiting for summer: Extreme snowstorm freezes northern Russia

snowstorm in Pangody, Russia
© YouTube/Victor Chermak (screen capture)
'Summer' in northern Russia.
Is summer going to start? Well, not currently in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, a federal subject in northern Russia. An extreme snowstorm is currently sweeping everything on its path with wind gusts of up to 22 meters per second tearing away roofs, breaking trees as well as road signs.

This is what the summer looks like in Pangody, Russia:

-2 ° C, constant wind blowing at 5 m/s from the north-northeast with gusts reaching 22 m / s, heavy snowfall... Just insane!

Comment: It isn't only northern Russia that is waiting for summer to arrive.

Snowflake Cold

Weather stations in Sydney, Australia record coldest May morning in 20 years

record cold in Sydney
© Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA
A record cold May morning has left frost and dew across Sydney, following a likely record warm autumn for New South Wales.

Autumn figures are likely to be warmest on record, but Sydneysiders wake up to frosty morning

Several sites in Sydney have experienced their coldest May morning in 20 years, even as the city looks set to record its warmest autumn.

Less than two weeks after well above average temperatures were recorded across the eastern states, Sydneysiders awoke to record cold weather and frost on Monday.

Richmond airport had its coldest morning since 1987 at -2.1C, the coldest morning for May on record in 23 years of data. The previous was -1.4C in May 2011.

A low of 7.3C was recorded at the Sydney weather station on Observatory Hill just after 7am, making it the coldest May morning in five years. (7.3C was also recorded there in 2011.)

Penrith residents awoke to 2C, an unprecedented low for May in 22 years of data, while Horsley Park set a new 20-year record with 1C at 6.55am.

The Bureau of Meteorology's duty forecaster, Rob Taggart, said a cold front had passed over New South Wales, bringing with its drier air mass.


Heavy snow delays some summer road openings in Colorado

Snow on road
Several of Colorado's summer roads typically open for the Memorial Day weekend, but heavy snow is causing some delays this year.

Trail Ridge Road

Officials at Rocky Mountain National Park said crews have been working to clear Trail Ridge Road since late April.

Check out this photo of a snow plow driver working to clear Trail Ridge Road on May 4!

Trail Ridge Road
© Fritz Prehn
Trail Ridge Road blocked by snow
The goal was to open the road Friday, but it will not open Friday due to snow, sleet and low temperatures Thursday night.