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Tue, 25 Feb 2020
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Extreme Temperatures


Hundreds of trees fall onto roads due to weight of ice, snow in Chippewa County, Michigan

trees snow
Hundreds of trees have fallen onto the roads in the Upper Peninsula's Chippewa County.

The Chippewa County Sheriff's Office says the weight of ice and snow on the trees has caused hundreds to fall into the roads, blocking the entire path of travel in some areas. Deputies say there is also a danger of downed power lines being mixed in with the trees.

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Two skiers killed by avalanche in British Columbia

Glacier view, Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park, northwestern British Columbia, Canada

Glacier view, Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park, northwestern British Columbia, Canada
Two people were killed after getting swept up by a massive avalanche in a mountain pass in British Columbia, Canadian authorities said.

The two skiers were climbing by foot on a slope near the Alaskan border when they were buried by the avalanche, which barreled into a terrain trap, Avalanche Canada said. A third skier who was with the victims was partially buried but managed to get free and used a satellite messaging system to get help, the organization said.

The skiers were friends from Haines, Alaska, the Haines Volunteer Fire Department said in a news release. Their names will not be released until family members are notified, the department said.

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Italian Alps avalanche kills woman and two girls - 7 such deaths recently

Rescuers at work following an avalanche in Val Senales, Saturday, Dec. 28, 2019.
© AP
Rescuers at work following an avalanche in Val Senales, Saturday, Dec. 28, 2019.
A woman and two seven-year-old girls have died in an avalanche while skiing in Val Senales in the Italian Alps.

The woman, aged 35, was the mother of one of the girls, according to reports in Italian media.

The three, all thought to be German, were skiing about 2,400m (7,900ft) up the Val Senales glacier in South Tyrol, near the Austrian border.

A team of 70 workers and three helicopters helped recover the bodies in a search operation.

Comment: In the same country within 24 hours of the above incident another avalanche killed a skier in the Dolomites.

Snowflake Cold

The Grand Canyon blanketed by snow and ice

snow grand
The Grand Canyon has been blanketed by snow and ice - and it looks magical.

The majestic landmark, in Arizona, US, has turned into a winter wonderland thanks to a sweep of cold weather across the region.

On 27 December, the US National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory warning of between one and four inches of snow in areas above 4,500 feet, adding that snow would accumulate in higher areas of the canyon.


2019: The year of peak green bullsh*t

Greta Thunberg
© Getty
2019 was the most extraordinary year of green bullshit yet. Despite the planet being a wealthier, healthier and safer place than it was when fears of global warming first appeared on the political agenda in the 1980s - and despite the failure of more than half a century of green prognostications - crazy and destructive green ideas still dominate politics.

Royal hypocrisy

In 2019, green doublespeak went mainstream. Harry and Meghan had intended to 'eco-signal' by warning us about climate change. At the same time, they were hopping on private jets to stay in luxury villas. Despite attempts by some celebrities to defend the royal couple from criticism, newspapers across the world pointed out that actions speak louder than words. What Harry and Meghan's royal hypocrisy showed was that elite environmentalism is less about saving the planet than about telling people how to live and to know their place.


2019 science: Absolutely no climate alarm

No alarm on every aspect: stable polar ice, normal sea level rise, no consensus, growing snow cover, less tropical storms, tornadoes, shrinking deserts, global greening, predictions wrong, models flawed, climate driven by sun, ocean cycles, biodiversity, warmer 1000 years ago...etc...

Global Temperatures
© No Tricks Zone
2019 saw a great amount of new science emerge showing that there's nothing alarming or catastrophic about our climate.

Some 2019 scientific findings

Need to make a presentation showing there is no climate alarm? The following findings we reported on in 2019 will put many concerns to rest.

Hundreds of peer-reviewed papers ignored by media

What follows are some selected top science-based posts we published here at NoTricksZone in 2019. These new findings show there is absolutely no climate alarm.

Hundreds of new peer-reviewed papers, charts, findings, etc - which the IPCC, activists and media ignore and even conceal. No wonder they've gotten so shrill.

Snowflake Cold

Storms deliver 54 inches of snow in 7 days for Wolf Creek Ski Area, California - now 16 feet for the season

Wolf Creek Ski Area.
© Christi Bode
Wolf Creek Ski Area.
Wolf Creek Ski Area welcomed a storm Christmas Day that left 27 inches followed by another fast and furious storm that dropped significant snowfall.

The storms that delivered big snow for Wolf Creek elevated the season-to-date snowfall total to 193 inches:

24 hours: 11 inches
48 hours: 22 inches
72 hours: 27 inches
Seven days: 54 inches
Midway depth: 85"
Season-to-date: 193"

Snowflake Cold

The mercury in Skardu, Pakistan plunges to a record-breaking -21C (-5.8F)

Pakistan is currently in the grip of severe cold wave, with the mercury on Sunday, Dec 29 plunging to record-breaking -21C (-5.8F) in Skardu — a city located the central valley of Gilgit-Baltistan.

According to local reports, the small canals and ponds in Skardu have been frozen due to the severe low temperature, while snowfall has also blocked many main roads and passes.

The city's low of -21C (-5.8F) breaks Pakistan's all-time December low temperature, which was set back in 1994 (approaching solar minimum of cycle 22).

In addition, record or near-record lows were also registered in Gupis and Bagrote with their readings of -12C; in Astore with -11C; in Gilgit with -7C; and in both Kalam and Kalat with their lows of -5C.

Dense fog is prevailing in Islamabad, in Punjab, in the upper Sindh, and also in a few districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said in its Sunday weather report.

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India: Weather Office's "Red" Warning over severe cold wave in Delhi

The IMD this morning said the temperature has risen by 2-3 degree Celsius at many places in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi
Delhi's low tempartures

A severe cold wave in the national capital has prompted a "red" warning from the weather office after the temperature this morning was recorded at 2.8 degree Celsius at the Lodhi Road observatory. The Safdarjung observatory recorded a low of 2.4 degree Celsius on Saturday - lowest in decades. A "red" warning from the India Meteorological Department (IMD) means "extreme weather conditions".

Flight and train services have been affected as Delhi temperature plummeted. "My train is four hours late. It was supposed to arrive at 4:25 pm but it will come at 8:30 pm. Our checkout time from the hotel was 12 pm. We have to wait for so long," Adrija Mandal, 19, a passenger going to West Bengal, told NDTV.

Snowflake Cold

Moscow experiencing its warmest winter since 1880s

russia warm
© zaryadye.official / Instagram
As a snowless Moscow winter defies the image of the traditional Russian-style holiday season, piles of artificial snow have been brought to a central park in a last-ditch effort to raise local citizens' spirits.

With temperatures of just -1 Celsius (30,2 Fahrenheit) on the streets of the Russian capital on Saturday, artificial snow had to be imported for a Christmas market at the Zaryadye Park, which is adjacent to the iconic Red Square and the Kremlin.

The snow was piled up near spruces that were brought in from Siberia and installed outside the booths, which sell things like traditional Russian fur hats, handmade souvenirs and Christmas decorations. The market will stay open until early January, when Orthodox Christmas is celebrated in Russia.

The unusual stunt sparked jokes about "the sole snow pile in Moscow" on social media.

Comment: Unusually warm temps are also being recorded in Scotland, meanwhile in areas of the US and Mexico there's extreme cold and record snow.

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