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Mon, 28 Sep 2020
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Extreme Temperatures


At least 6 inches of June snowfall in 12 hours in southeast Wyoming

snow Wyoming
The Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service is warning about continuing snowfall in areas of southeast Wyoming above 7000 feet.

As of 6:40 a.m., the Interstate 80 summit between Cheyenne and Laramie remained closed, according to WYDOT.

Some areas have received 6 inches or more over the past 12 hours or so. The agency posted this statement on it's website early Tuesday morning:


Summer snow falls in Qilian Mountains, China

The Qilian Mountains after the snow that fell late on June 7, 2020.
© Wu Xuefeng
The Qilian Mountains after the snow that fell late on June 7, 2020.
A surprising snow fell in the Qilian Mountains from Sunday afternoon and overnight to Monday morning.

Small towns, including Huangcheng, Mati, Kangle and Dahe in Yugu autonomous county of Sunan, Gansu province, have been wrapped in white.

The snow wonder has amazed netizens.

All four seasons can be shown in a single photograph.


Heavy snowfall in June!? Photos of Idaho's historic weekend weather - 17 inches of snow at Tamarack Ski Resort!

Snow hit parts of Idaho hard this weekend — yes, in June.

The National Weather Service in Pocatello said it hasn't issued a winter weather product in June in at least 15 years.

"Winter in June is Snow much fun!" the Pocatello forecasters said on Twitter. "We haven't issued a Winter Weather product in June in at least 15 years. And here it is!"


Snowplows deployed to the canyons in rare June snowstorm in Utah - FOOT of snow on Alta Ski Area

UDOT has to send the snowplows up the canyons for a June snowstorm.

UDOT has to send the snowplows up the canyons for a June snowstorm.
A June snowstorm brought snow to the Cottonwood Canyons and caused winter-like driving conditions Monday morning for a few hours.

Signs at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon warned of debris in the road after several mudslides and rockslides came down.

UDOT snowplows were dispatched to both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons.

Since the weekend, several inches of snow have fallen causing some pretty big rocks to come down.

Comment: A FOOT of snow reported to have fallen on the Alta Ski Area:

Heavy and cold rain in the valley gave us fresh snow up in the mountains. Accumulating to over a foot of fresh snow, it was a June pow day! A quick skin to the top the collins lift and back down. Everyone was out enjoying it as the parking lot was half full.


Weather swings in Siberia as extreme heat is followed by June snow, tornadoes and floods

June snow in Khakassia,
© Abakan24
June snow in Khakassia.
Russia's coldest region harvests first berries and mushrooms weeks ahead of schedule.

All four Red Book orchids are blooming in the south of Krasnoyarsk region - two weeks earlier than scheduled - but people can't get to them due to a flood.

An angler in the Altai region films clouds of thousands of mosquitos swarming around his fishing boat.

He laughs and swears in disbelief as this is the first time in his life that he sees so many blood-thirsty insects.


June snow for Montana, Idaho brings up to a FOOT of powder to northern Rockies

Snow falls along Interstate 15 near Elk Park, Montana on June 8, 2020
© Montana DOT
Snow falls along Interstate 15 near Elk Park, Montana on June 8, 2020
The summer solstice is just under two weeks away, and yet parts of the northern Rockies resemble a scene out of winter on Monday.

The National Weather Service (NWS) Weather Prediction Center (WPC) said heavy snow has developed across parts of Idaho and Montana.

The NWS office in Missoula said a band of moderate to heavy snow developed along the Interstate 90 corridor from Deer Lodge to Butte, bringing several inches to the region.

Forecasters said an "anomalously cold and vigorous upper trough for early June," is swinging through the western U.S and northern Plains, bringing the threat for severe weather.


June storm dumps 7 inches of snow in 24 hours on Bogus Basin, Idaho - more in store as it tracks over region

Bogus picks up 7

Bogus picks up 7" of snowfall, more in store today as core of storm tracks over region
Say it ain't snow?!?! This soggy June storm is dumping snow on our higher elevations.

Bogus Basin picked up 7 inches over the past 24 hours and is expected to see another 6-10 inches over the next 24 hours.

The last time Bogus saw this much snow this late in the season was back on May 22, 2010 when the mountain saw over 16"!

While Long Valley has so far reported around 2" in accumulations as snow levels have dropped to 5,500ft this morning.

Comment: Nearby at Tamarack up to 10 inches of snow has been reported:


June snowfall hits Scotland a week after it recorded UK's top temperature of 28.3C

Seven days after recording the UK's top temperature of 28.3C, the north of Scotland yesterday struggled to a daytime low of minus 1.1C amid a blanket of snow.

Cromdale in Speyside had registered the high of the year so far as the country sweltered in the sunniest spring ever. However, just a few miles away yesterday temperatures fell below zero during the day at the Cairngorm mountain range in Inverness-shire.

"Welcome back to winter," said Luke Miall, of the Met Office. "The north of Scotland has been distinctly chilly for the time of year. At the same time as this low temperature was recorded, the wind was blowing at 70mph."

Ice Cube

Greenland Ice Sheet growing at record levels

ice ice
Had you heard about this in the mainstream media? No? Has something been diverting your attention?

Vast regions of southwestern Greenland are currently gaining record levels - record levels! - of snow & ice. Never before in June has the Greenland ice sheet grown by more than 4 Gigatons in a single day, until now that is - according to Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) data going back to 1981.

Here are the latest measurements (as of today, June 4, 2020). Notice how much blue (ice growth) you see on the map. And how little red.


June snowfall hits Labrador City, Newfoundland

© angelasknits24 | Instagram/ ocathome | Twitter
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Summer might be officially starting this month but that doesn't mean the weather has gotten the memo. For some unlucky Canadians, it's looking more like winter. Snow in June happened in this Newfoundland & Labrador town and it's so tragic.

People in Labrador City woke up to snow on the ground.

Now, that might not be surprising to hear in the winter months or even as late as April.

However, it's pretty jarring when it happens this time of year.