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Wed, 15 Jul 2020
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Extreme Temperatures


Snow in May in Southern Ontario, Canada

Snow in May in Toronto Suburban area Southern Ontario Canada - May 11, 2020.

The calendar may say May, but that didn't stop Mother Nature from blasting some wintry weather in Toronto area and Southern Ontario on May 11.


May snowfall in Latvia

Snow near Rezekne 12. May 2020.


May snowfall in Lithuania

Snow in mid-May. Walk around the homestead.

This is very rare in Lithuania. It snows during flowering in the gardens.


May snowfall in Germany

With only weeks before the official start of summer, a blizzard struck the mountain peak of Brocken, and covered the whole town of Wernigerode in Germany's Saxony-Anhalt with snow on Monday.

A drop in temperatures brought upon by a polar vortex and even ground frost during mid-May is not uncommon for the Harz mountain range.

Snowflake Cold

Record-low temperature, record-high snowfall for Waterloo Region, Ontario

© Al Eisen
Parts of Southern Ontario saw record-breaking cold over the weekend, and record breaking snow to start the work-week.

Waterloo Region dipped to a new daily record low of -4.2 degrees Celsius on the morning of May 9.

That broke the previous record of -2.8 C set back in 1947. On Monday morning, 6 cm of snow was recorded, beating the old daily snowfall record of 1.8cm set back in 1966.

Conditions are set to clear by Tuesday morning with calm winds, which has prompted Environment Canada to continue a Frost Advisory for many communities.


May snowfall in Grodno, Belarus

© Leonid Shcheglov
Rain and snow mixed from Western Europe descended over Grodno.

According to the Center for Hydrometeorology, Control of Radioactive Contamination and Environmental Monitoring, there will be broken clouds, rain and melted snow in Belarus on 12 May.

Photos by Leonid Shcheglov


Parts of Vermont, New Hampshire wake up to more snow

Some parts of northern New England woke up to more spring snow on Tuesday.

The National Weather Service says parts of northern Vermont saw 1 to 4 inches from overnight snowfall in nearly the middle of May.

In Maine 2 inches fell at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain and 1 inch at Moosehead Lake. Higher elevations got more. New Hampshire's Mount Washington had 8.6 inches at the summit.

Source: AP


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Why are five continents below normal temperature in May?

Ontario Woke Up A Massive Heap Of Snow

Ontario woke up a massive heap of snow
May has been record breaking in both hemispheres for temperature and snow records. This is a deep dive into the crop destroying freezes that are finally in main stream media because the records are so vast and all encompassing on five continents.



May snowfall in Turkey

10 May 2020 - "Very rare" May snowfall surprises residents of Ardahan.

Flaky snowfall imbued the center of the city with white.

Trees that were prepared to bloom in May were covered by so much snow that branches of some trees were broken.

Turkey News: Snow surprise in May. 09.05.2020

The snow falling in Erzurum in May turned the Palandöken Ski Center to white. The snow reached 5 cm at an elevation of 1890 meters and exceeded 10 cm in high sections. Municipal teams carried out snow removal in the hotels area.

Snowflake Cold

Winter returns to southern and central Finland

After warm, sunny conditions in southern and central Finland on Sunday, the week began with a sudden shift in the weather.

Winter staged a surprise return, bringing more than 5 cm of snow to parts of southern and central Finland. Yle meteorologist Anne Borgström explains that the quick change was the result of a cold pulse from the Arctic Ocean.

"In the east the temperature was more than 18 degrees Celsius while at the same time it was less than five degrees on the west coast. The interface between these cold and warm fronts has produced this precipitation," Borgström says.

While the precipitation was mostly over by early evening in Uusimaa and other southern areas, Northern Karelia and Kainuu were still expecting up to 5 cm of snow locally.