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Tue, 07 Apr 2020
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Extreme Temperatures

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Moscow sees warmest winter since records began 140 years ago

Tourists walk at a holiday market
© Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP
Tourists walk at a holiday market during Maslenitsa (Shrovetide) celebrations in front of the Historical Museum, left, and historical hotel Moscow on Revolution Square near the Kremlin Wall in Moscow, Russia, Feb. 25, 2020.
Moscow, which for the past months has largely been deprived of its traditional seasonal covering of snow, has seen its warmest winter since records began, Russia's state weather service has annoucned.

The head of Russia's forecasting centre Roman Vilfand told the TASS news agency that the average temperature in Russia from December to February has been 2.5C warmer than the previous record of -2.8C seen in the winter of 1960-1961.

He said such differences between records were extremely rare. Records began 140 years ago in Russia.

"I am sure that we are not going to see such a warm winter again for a long time," he said. He added that the winter record for Russia as a whole would also likely be beaten but said the data was still being compiled.

Comment: Cosmoslogical processes, indeed. Weather, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and much else besides, are regulated by cosmic ray flux and solar activity.

Don't get us wrong - something is going on, but 'greening the economy' isn't going to put a dent in it.


Drivers snowed in overnight on Iceland's Ring Road

snow iceland
Nearly a hundred and fifty people had to be rescued by ICE-SAR yesterday after their vehicles got snowed in on the Ring Road around the Eyjafjöll mountains and Jökulsá á Sólheimasandi glacial river in South and Southeast Iceland on Thursday night, RÚV reports.

The trouble started around 5pm on Thursday, when police in South Iceland were notified that a car had gotten stuck in the snow on the bridge over Jökulsá á Sólheimasandi glacial river, blocking all other traffic. By the time police arrived, many other vehicles had queued on either side of the bridge while heavy snow continued to fall. In the end, ICE-SAR had to transport passengers from 45 vehicles to temporary overnight accommodations, either at a hotel in Skógar or a shelter that the Red Cross opened in Heimaland.


Heavy snowfall in the Alps - up to a meter in 48 hours

A major snowstorm is currently underway in the Alps.

Snowfall is widespread across the region but so far heaviest in the north and west.

The snow is still falling and new stats are arriving every few moments but so far amongst the biggest accumulations have been reported in France and Switzerland.

Crans Montana has reported the most snow - a metre in the past 48 hours, but it looks like more resorts will pass the metre mark by the weekend.


Summer snow in Tasmania, Australia

Snow in Tasmania

Snow in Tasmania
Snow has fallen across high ground in Australia in the tail end of its summer, which has seen extreme weather in the form of both wildfires and flooding.

Mountainous parts of Tasmania, an island off Australia's south coast, saw "just enough snow to settle" on Thursday, according to a Bureau of Meteorology forecaster.

Glen Perrin said the conditions are likely to last until the early hours of Friday local time.

The national weather service said that more snow could fall above around 1000m in parts of Tasmania, including Mount Field and Mount Wellington.

A video shared on social media showed snow falling across a ski club in Ben Lomond, a mountain in the region's north.

Comment: Four days earlier summer snow hit Mount Taranaki in New Zealand

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21-year-old Unalaska snowmachiner dies in avalanche in Alaska

First responders were notified of the avalanche around 5:30 p.m. After life-saving measures were unsuccessful, Trey Henning was pronounced dead at 6:58 p.m.
© Hope McKenney/KUCB
First responders were notified of the avalanche around 5:30 p.m. After life-saving measures were unsuccessful, Trey Henning was pronounced dead at 6:58 p.m.
An Unalaska man was killed in an avalanche Tuesday evening while he was snowmachining in the Unalaska Valley.

Trey Henning, 21, was buried in the avalanche and later recovered from the site near the quarry on Overland Drive. In a statement, the Unalaska Department of Public Safety said life-saving measures were unsuccessful.

"CPR was initiated and other life-saving measures were taken both on the scene and throughout his extrication from the mountain," said the statement. "Henning was taken to the Unalaska clinic for continued care. After exhausting all efforts to revive him, he was pronounced deceased at 1858 hours."


UK's mild winter disrupting animal hibernation and insect behavior


FILE PHOTO: Many hedgehogs have not been hibernating after the mild winter
Hedgehogs and other animals have not hibernated this winter, after 'unprecedented' mild weather.

That is according to wildlife rescuer Trevor Weeks, founder of East Sussex WRAS (Wildlife Rescue Ambulance Service).

He says the effects and implications of this 'unheard of' phenomenon are yet to be discovered, but we should be worried.

Mr Weeks said, "Even things like toads, amphibians and reptiles hibernate in the winter.

"But we've had reports of frogs and toads still being out in people's gardens.

Comment: Winter isn't over yet, but it's possible, as we've seen with the unprecedented flooding, drought and record breaking cold in recent years, and all over the planet, that erratic weather patterns are significantly affecting the usual behavior of wildlife. One other recent and concerning example would be the excess rainfall that has been reported to be the cause of the plague of locusts decimating crops across Africa and south Asia.

See also: Unusually warm January in southern & eastern US has plants budding 2 months early

And check out SOTT radio's:


Banana, avocado and potato crops in the Canary Islands hit by wind and calima

Banana, avocado and potato crops in the Canary Islands hit by wind

Banana, avocado and potato crops in the Canary Islands hit by wind
Many crops facing a "lost year"

The assessment of the damage caused by the wind and calima in the Canary Islands is already underway. We will still have to wait a few days to know the full extent of the damage, but the first impressions of the agrarian leaders point to a heavy impact on all crops grown in the open ground, especially on bananas and potatoes, which in many cases will be facing "a lost year."

For some fruit crops (those cultivated in the places most affected by the wind), not only may the current harvest have been lost, but the next campaign is also at risk.

In certain parts of the islands, the effects of the storm on the banana plantations resemble those caused by the tropical storm Delta in 2005, says Javier Gutiérrez, general secretary of the Association of Agricultural Producers and Livestock Farmers of the Canary Islands (Asaga Canarias). In Tenerife, this applies to the farms located in the Orotava Valley, although also to those in part of the south, as well as in La Palma. The leader of Asaga reports that many banana plantations will have to be uprooted and sown again (if the companies that supply in vitro plants have sufficient stocks), "with the investment that this entails."


Breckenridge ski resort in Colorado hits 300 inches of snow: 'We still have 3 months left'

Breckenridge Resort

Breckenridge Resort
Breckenridge Resort hit and surpassed the 300 inch mark for the ski season on Sunday. According to Sara Lococo, the Senior Communications Manager at Breckenridge, the resort is reporting more than a foot of fresh snow as of Sunday morning.

What was expected to be a few inches turned into more than a foot!

"Woke up today at like 5 a.m. and it was about an inch, and then I checked the snow stake a couple of hours later, and it was more than a foot. I was like 'all right I better get out there,'" Lococo told CBS4 Sunday afternoon.

Lococo's job is to help tell the story that is Breckenridge resort. She says she found inspiration today out on the slopes.

"It's incredible. February has definitely delivered," Lococo said.


Copper Mountain in Colorado sees snowiest February ever with 88 inches of powder

Breckenridge broke its own February record last week

With 10 inches of fresh snow to report Monday morning, Copper Mountain broke its record for February snowfall. Its neighbor on the other side of the Tenmile Range, Breckenridge, broke its February record last week.

With six days left in the month, Copper has received 88 inches of snow. The previous record was 83 inches in 1986. Breckenridge has received 110 inches this month

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Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Australia lowest harvest ever recorded - Middle East ice & snow storms

Australia record low wheat harvest
© YouTube/Adapt 2030 (screen capture)
Australia to lose 66%+ crop yield this year taking it below 1980 levels, and importers who rely in Australia wheat will need to look elsewhere. UK warning citizens to brace for cut offs in food as EU exporters need to set up new trade deals. Record cold and ice storms sweep the Middle East with huge increases in precipitation across the Fertile Crescent.

Comment: Global crop failures continue: In Australia this is going to be the WORST HARVEST ever recorded