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Fri, 02 Jun 2023
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Extreme Temperatures


Alta Ski Area in Utah surpasses 900 inches of season snowfall for first time in recorded history

On March 24th, Alta Ski Area broke its all-time season snowfall record of 748″ set in the winter of 1981-82. It took less than a week to surpass 800″.

Today, after getting 7″ of new snow in the last 24 hours, the legendary Utah ski area has surpassed 900″ of total season snowfall for the first time in its history.


Alta is currently sitting at 901″ with a 195″ base.

Despite being the resort with the most snow in North America, if not the world, Alta closed on Sunday, April 23rd. However, the resort will continue to measure snow through the end of April.

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Spring warming thwarted by unseasonal cold in China - 9 inches of snow, latest spring snowfall since records began for some areas

Snow bends branches on Huashan Mountain in Huayin, Shaanxi province, on Monday. It snowed heavily on the renowned tourist attraction on Sunday night.
Snow bends branches on Huashan Mountain in Huayin, Shaanxi province, on Monday. It snowed heavily on the renowned tourist attraction on Sunday night.
A rare strong cold front has put the brakes on spring warmth, with most parts of China seeing the mercury drop sharply since Thursday.

Temperatures dropped by as much as 20 C in parts of Gansu, Shaanxi and Shanxi provinces, which were hit by heavy snow, the National Meteorological Center said.

Long periods of rain and snow are rarely seen in April, the center said, adding that some areas had experienced their latest spring snowfall since records began.

Elsewhere, heavy rain, thunderstorms and hail hit some areas in Guizhou, Hunan and Guangdong provinces, the center said.

On Thursday in Shanxi, as much as 24 centimeters of snow fell in some areas while others were hit with heavy rain, according to the provincial meteorological service, which added that many weather stations in southern Shanxi had record precipitation for late April.

Comment: View also: Strong cold front freezes vast parts of northern China

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Man dies in avalanche in closed-off area of Lake Louise resort, Alberta

An image shows the aftermath of an avalanche Saturday, April 22, 2023, in Lake Louise Ski Resort's West Bowl area.
© Avalanche Canada
An image shows the aftermath of an avalanche Saturday, April 22, 2023, in Lake Louise Ski Resort's West Bowl area.
A man died Saturday after he and two others were caught in an avalanche in a closed-off area of Lake Louise Ski Resort.

In a statement, the resort in Banff National Park said the avalanche happened around 2:20 p.m. in the West Bowl area.

When crews arrived at the scene, they determined that a group entered the closed-off area and triggered a size 3 avalanche. None of the people were wearing avalanche safety equipment, the resort said.

According to AHS EMS, three people were buried in the snow, two partially and one fully. The two people partially buried suffered minor injuries while the fully buried individual died.


Heavy April snow blankets central Colorado

Heavy snow fell in central Colorado, on Saturday, April 22.

Accumulation would be more likely in the mountainous areas of the state, and travel disruptions were possible in mountain passes, the National Weather Service said.

This footage by @hiracing shows heavy snow falling in his backyard in Woodland Park, a suburb of Colorado Springs. In another Tweet, he showed that 4 inches of snow had accumulated in his area. Credit: @hiracing via Storyful

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Strong cold front freezes vast parts of northern China

A strong cold front has swept parts of northern China in recent days, bringing ice rain and snow.

A local meteorological center said that the snowy weather is conducive to soil moisture, ensuring smooth spring plowing and sowing.


Michigan's total snowfall this winter shows heaviest area over 20 feet of snow

Total snowfall for the snow season of 2022-2023
© Mark Torregrossa/Scott Levin | MLive
Total snowfall for the snow season of 2022-2023 through April 22, 2023 )
For some Michigan cities the snow tallies for this winter did pile up much higher than normal. Like many winters in Michigan we can also find areas that had less than normal snow amounts.

Far southern Michigan had about normal snowfall this winter. Most cities in southern Michigan have come between 5 inches below normal and 5 inches above normal for the snow season. The Grand Rapids area has had over 33 inches more snow that normal.

Just up the road at Muskegon the snowfall has only tallied 60 inches, which is 27 inches below normal. Working our way up into northwest Lower, most cities had just slightly above normal snowfall. Traverse City at 114.5 inches of total snow is 14 inches above normal. Crossing the Mackinac Bridge, Sault Ste. Marie and Marquette both have significantly more than normal snow totals.

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April cooldown to plunge across US with over 11 million under frost, freeze threats

It's another temperature roller-coaster ride across much of the nation as another cold front will send temperatures plunging as we move into the weekend.

Millions of people are currently under a winter or temperature alert.

The FOX Forecast Center says temperatures would go from well above average to well below average for a majority of the US. For many, this could equate to nearly a 30- to 40-degree temperature drop within 24 hours.

"For the past couple of weeks, we've been talking about temperatures warming up being anywhere between 10 to 20 degrees above average," FOX Weather meteorologist Jason Frazier said. "But look at how many people are going below average - nearly 200 million of you by (Sunday). And it's pretty much the midsection of the country."


Indonesia: Magnitude-6.1 offshore earthquake occurs in Banda Sea, April 22


A magnitude-6.1 offshore earthquake occurred in the Banda Sea around 17:23 April 22. The epicenter was about 320 km (70 miles) east of Katobu, South East Sulawesi Province. The tremor occurred at a depth of about 44 km (27 miles), and light shaking was probably felt throughout the Banda Sea, far eastern parts of South East Sulawesi Province and far western parts of Maluku Province.

There have been no initial reports of damage or casualties as a result of the earthquake, and significant damage is unlikely. It could take several hours until authorities can conduct comprehensive damage assessments, especially in remote areas. Aftershocks are likely over the coming days; one magnitude-5.5 aftershock has occurred. The event has not prompted any tsunami advisories.

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Early snowfall recorded in Brazil - historic cold March for Guadeloupe - 19 US resorts broke all-time snowpack records

first snow  Santa Catarina
© Photo: Cristiano Gomes/NSC TV
One day after the first snow of the year, Santa Catarina recorded the lowest temperature of 2023 this Friday (21).
Last night, Brazil witnessed an early taste of winter.

Exceptionally-rare April snow hit the highlands of Santa Catarina do Sul at Bom Jardim da Serra (3280 ft asl).According to meteorologists, "this is one of the earliest snowfalls ever recorded in Brazil".

Temperatures have also crashed, with daytime highs across the Brazilian highlands holding below 10C (50F) — record-breaking.

Reports are currently thin on the ground where this news is concerned — more to come, soon...

Historically Cold March For Guadeloupe

The Caribbean has been holding unusually frigid for the past six-or-so months.

Guadeloupe, an island group in the southern Caribbean Sea, just suffered its third coolest March of the past 70 years.While in nearby Martinique, located 150km to the south, March 2023 finished with an average temperature of 25.8C (78.4F), which is 0.2C below the baseline.

Cloud Precipitation

Snow and hail in Saudi Arabia blankets Taif region

There was more than a flurry of surprise for parts of Saudi Arabia shortly before iftar on Wednesday, as heavy snow and hailstorm hit the Taif region, blanketing streets and delaying traffic.

Some motorists stopped to capture what is a rare occurrence for spring in the kingdom, with many posting videos and images on social media.

As the hailstones and snow built up on the streets and pavements, the Taif Municipality's field teams used bulldozers to clear roads and neighbourhoods.