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Mon, 04 Dec 2023
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Extreme Temperatures

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The Fake History Channel

"On August 10, 2003, the United Kingdom records its first-ever temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit."
Record Temp in UK


First snowfall in Lapland

There's fresh snowfall in Finland's northern Lapland region a fortnight before ski areas are due to start opening for their 23-24 ski season.

The country's largest resort, Levi, posted pictures of snowfall down to resort level on Wednesday 20th September. It is still summertime, until Saturday, according to the astronomical measure of the seasons.

Levi and fellow Finnish resort Ruka are due to start their 7 month long 23-24 seasons in just a fortnight's time, on 6th October.

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Greta poses for the cameras amid arrest

Actress Greta
© Armstrong Economics
Greta Thunberg is willing to defy the authorities to fight climate change, or at least that is what they want you to believe. They paint this young girl as a radical activist when she is planted counter-opposition. Greta was arrested for the second time last week for refusing to leave a sit-in at a protest terminal. The picture above shows the true nature of her arrest.

Greta was not violently carted off by the authorities and thrown into a cell. The police held her up for the cameras for the best propaganda pictures. Reuters is reporting that the young globalist could face up to six months behind bars - yeah, right! "It is absurd that those who act in line with science should pay the price for it," Thunderg stated after her first arrest. She pleaded "not guilty" in June, citing that she was blocking the oil trucks from committing a climate catastrophe. "I believe that we are in an emergency that threatens life, health, and property. Countless people and communities are at risk both in the short term and in the long term," Thunberg said in court.

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Six of nine sacred planetary boundaries now exceeded say Earth's sustainability witchdoctors

Planetary Boundaries
© Azote for Stockholm Resilience Centre, based on analysis in Richardson et al 2023.
The new update on the Planetary Boundaries framework shows that six of the nine boundaries are transgressed.
Earth's Blood Pressure is too high now

Modern Science looks more like a Medieval Guild every day

Back in May humans did the first ever study quantifying Earth System Boundaries, which was incredible luck. After two hundred thousand years of homo sapiens stretching the bounds of the planet, we barely discovered "Earth System Boundaries" in time to find out we hit the limit 12 weeks later. What are the odds?

It's almost as if a whole twig of science was invented in order to write scary press releases? It's another unauditable, unaccountable collective of Experts who can never be wrong, only "useful" to the bureaucratic machine. They call themselves scientists but their predictions will never be tested, only marked against the Department wish-list.

We can all appreciate the talismanic symbolism (and marketing value) below, where segments of the sacred arcs are tainted blood red, as Earth progressively descends into the anthropogenic abyss year upon year.
The Planetary Boundaries over time.
© Azote for Stockholm Resilience Centre, based on analysis in Richardson et al 2023.
The Planetary Boundaries over time.
Red Agate pendants cut-to-match will no doubt be ready for Christmas.


Atmospheric river drops 10 FEET of new snow on Las Leñas ski resort in Argentina

Las Leñas ski resort is buried under tons of snow

Las Leñas ski resort is buried under tons of snow.
After getting over three feet in 24 hours, the latest storm total at Argentinian ski area Las Leñas has settled at approximately 10 feet of new snow. This is due to an atmospheric river this past week that has slammed the region of the Andes Mountains that Las Leñas is nestled in.

As a result, avalanche danger has reached an extreme level in and around Las Leñas. Two large inbounds avalanches were documented on Monday, occurring within a closed-off area of the resort.

The avalanches shown in the video above are large enough to bury, injure, and kill a person. Thankfully, the area they happened in was closed by ski patrol as a result of the ongoing storm and avalanche activity.

Comment: Earlier report: Extreme avalanche danger in Las Leñas, Argentina after resort sees over 3 feet of snow in 24 hours

Snowflake Cold

Snow-capped mountains across South Africa as cold temperatures persist

Snow in Ceres mountains
© Ayanda Ndamane/African News Agency(ANA)
Snow in Ceres mountains.
The South African Weather Service (SAWS) said that as the cold temperatures persist countrywide, snow could be seen over the high-lying ground of the eastern half of the Eastern Cape.

In an alert for yesterday, the service said frost could be expected over the northern interior of the Western Cape in the morning.

On Monday, SAWS issued a yellow level 1 warning for disruptive snow over the mountains and high ground of the Eastern Cape, the south-western parts of the Northern Cape, the north-western parts of the Western Cape, and the extreme south-western parts of KwaZulu-Natal.

Residents were advised of very cold, windy and wet weather, with possible light snowfalls over the mountains in the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, and the interior of the Western Cape.

Since the beginning of the week, areas across the Western Cape have been covered in a blanket of snow.


No one talks about it: Solar System 'climate change'... happening beyond planet Earth

Mysteriously, warming is happening across the solar system. The one common factor is at the center of it all: the sun.
solar storm hitting Mars
The solar system’s powerful sun. Artist’s image of a solar storm hitting Mars, stripping ions from the planet’s upper atmosphere.
Because man is burning fossil fuels, our planet is allegedly becoming increasingly covered by a blanket of "heat-trapping" greenhouse gases, scientists like to make people believe. The recent global warming simply couldn't have anything to do with the sun, they insist.

They're likely way off the mark.

Today German Prof. Stefan Homburg tweeted a summary of warming that's happening at other places within our solar system, suggesting the sun is behind it.

"Global warming isn't only happening on earth," he tweets.


Pikes Peak in Colorado gets buried with a few inches of September snow

Many Colorado peaks have picked up the first measurable snow of the season from our September cold wave that pushed through over the weekend into Monday morning.

While most of the Front Range and eastern plains had a steady soaking rain overnight Sunday into Monday morning, many higher peaks of the state above 11,000 to 12,000 feet were treated to early September snow.

Pikes Peak woke up with measurable snow to start the week. While the peak can see snow during the Summer months at over 14,000 feet, most of those storms only provide a dusting. Workers had to do a little early season shoveling.


Extreme avalanche danger in Las Leñas, Argentina after resort sees over 3 feet of snow in 24 hours

Much of Las Leñas’ terrain is closed today due to avalanche hazard.
© Las Leñas
Much of Las Leñas’ terrain is closed today due to avalanche hazard.
1 meter of snow in 24 hours. That's approximately 3.2 feet in a day—roughly 39 inches in only one full rotation of the Earth. And now the people of Las Leñas have to deal with it.

At this time the exact snowfall total from the monstrous 24-hour storm cycle at the Argentinian ski area has yet to be confirmed because it's been too deep for staff to efficiently walk outside and measure it. What is known with precision, however, is that the avalanche danger in Las Leñas right now is extreme, with the probability of a slide considered to be certain.


Brrrrr! Spring snow for parts of South Africa

Very cold, windy and wet conditions and light snowfall are expected on Monday over parts of the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and interior of the Western Cape.

The South Africa Weather Service issued a yellow level 1 alert for damaging wind between Plettenberg Bay and Maputo and along the KwaZulu-Natal coastline.