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Sun, 05 Feb 2023
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Extreme Temperatures


Hundreds of manatees flood Florida state park as rivers remain cold

Hundreds of manatees flood Florida state park as rivers remain cold 1:44  ·  15 hours ago

Hundreds of manatees flood Florida state park
Sea cows come to the spring because it's a constant 72 degrees

The St. Johns River's temperature is still in the 50s, and that means manatees continue to pile into nearby Blue Spring State Park in Volusia County.

The Save the Manatee Club counted 561 manatees at the spring Wednesday.

In recent days, so many manatees have been at the spring that it's been tougher to make the daily count.

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Germany's ZDF public television suggests bathing once a week would be beneficial

Private daily showers to become a luxury for the privileged and wealthy in Germany?

"What if we showered/bathed only once a week?"

Shower Once a Week!
© Image cropped from ZDF kugelzwei.
You won’t shower any more, and you’ll be happy, German ZDF broadcaster suggests.
What the BBC is to Great Britain, are what the WDR and ARD public broadcasting are to Germany in terms of television and radio presence.

Just some weeks ago, the Instagram site of WDR kugelzwei presented some tips that save heat and energy for citizens to consider: showering only once a week.


40-year study finds mysterious patterns in temperatures at Jupiter

Scientists have completed the longest-ever study tracking temperatures in Jupiter's upper troposphere, the layer of the atmosphere where the giant planet's weather occurs and where its signature colorful striped clouds form. The work, conducted over four decades by stitching together data from NASA spacecraft and ground-based telescope observations, found unexpected patterns in how temperatures of Jupiter's belts and zones change over time. The study is a major step toward a better understanding of what drives weather at our solar system's largest planet and eventually being able to forecast it.
Jupiter Temperature Changes
© ESO / L.N. Fletcher, NAOJ
Figure 1: (Left) Color composite images of Jupiter in the wavelengths of 8.6 and 10.7 microns, obtained by the VLT in February, and March 2016, respectively. The colors represent the temperatures and cloudiness: The darker areas are cold and cloudy, and the brighter areas are warmer and cloud-free. (Right) Jupiter at a wavelength of 18 microns obtained in May 2019 with COMICS on the Subaru Telescope.
Jupiter's troposphere has a lot in common with Earth's: It's where clouds form and storms churn. To understand this weather activity, scientists need to study certain properties, including wind, pressure, humidity, and temperature. They have known since NASA's Pioneer 10 and 11 missions in the 1970s that, in general, colder temperatures are associated with Jupiter's lighter and whiter bands (known as zones), while the darker brown-red bands (known as belts) are locations of warmer temperatures.

But there weren't enough data sets to understand how temperatures vary over the long-term. An international research team of planetary scientists from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of NASA, University of Leicester (UK), and other institutes broke new ground by studying images of the bright infrared glow (invisible to the human eye) that rises from warmer regions of the atmosphere (upper troposphere), directly measuring Jupiter's temperatures above the colorful clouds. The scientists collected these images at regular intervals over three of Jupiter's orbits around the Sun, each of which lasts 12 Earth years.


Snow in Saudi Arabia, tourists flock to Tabuk

Snow falls in Tabuk in Saudi Arabia

Snow falls in Tabuk in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's snow season has begun with a freezing winter downfall covering the Al-Lawz region of Tabuk, reported the Saudi Press Agency.

Jebal Al-Lawz is in the northern region of Saudi Arabia, around 1,000km and 12-hour drive away from Jeddah on the west coast of the Kingdom.

The areas witnessed snowfall on Monday night, attracting tourists from across the region as well as residents to see the white-capped mountains.

Snowflake Cold

US winter storm death toll tops 60 as crews in Buffalo work to clear 4 feet of snow

The casualties keep climbing from a savage winter storm gripping much of the nation. The latest counts show at least 60 dead, with more than half of those around Buffalo. Roads there are still paralyzed and air travel in many places is still a shambles. Nicole Ellis reports.

Snowflake Cold

Winter storm death toll rises to 27 in Western New York, 57 across U.S.

snow storm new york
© AP Photo/Craig Ruttle
The winter storm ravaging most of the United States during the Christmas holidays has claimed at least 27 lives in western New York and at least 57 nationwide, officials estimated Monday.

Erie County, N.Y., Executive Mark Poloncarz announced at a Monday news conference that 12 additional deaths had been caused by the historic blizzard, bringing the area's death toll to 25 — most occurring in the city of Buffalo.

One death was reported in neighboring Niagara County of a man who died from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning attributed to the storm, the Buffalo News reported.

The new deaths bring the number of total deaths nationwide to at least 57 people, according to a tally by NBC News.

Poloncarz said that "snow is still dropping" and that officials expect another 8 and 12 inches of snow by 1 p.m. on Tuesday.


Snowfall hits Mexico - only 3rd time ever for Mexico City

There have only been two recorded instances of snow within Mexico City itself on March 5, 1940 and Jan 12, 1967.


Rare snow in the Azores

© Renato Goulart
The island of Pico became, on Monday, December 26th, an authentic Christmas postcard with the snow that fell over the mountain, covering the highest point in Portugal.

Renato Goulart, a well-known Pico tour guide who has climbed the mountain hundreds of times, shared the impressive images on Facebook.

In addition to the images, he also shared several videos where it is possible to see not only the island of Pico but also Faial and São Jorge.

Snowflake Cold

Huge 'bomb cyclone' storm hits US with life-threatening cold as holidays begin

More than 60% of US faces winter weather warnings, with temperatures drastically below normal in many places
snow in flint , michigan
© Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
Street lights and snow blow in severe wind gusts in Flint, Michigan.
A wild winter storm enveloped much of the US on Saturday, bringing blizzards, freezing rain, flooding and intense cold close to record lows. More than a dozen deaths were attributed to the storm. Holiday travel and utilities were disrupted, with around 1.4 million homes and businesses left without power by late afternoon.

Forecasters said the storm, a "bomb cyclone" or "bombogenesis", was caused by a collision of cold, dry air from the north and warm, moist air from the south.

More than 200 million people were under some form of winter advisory or warning in "one of the greatest extents of winter weather warnings and advisories ever", the National Weather Service (NWS) said.

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Snowflake Cold

An insane amount of snow for Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario - over a meter deep

Sault Ste. Marie has a 97 per cent chance of seeing a white Christmas from year to year. After all, to officially call a White Christmas you need 2 cm on the ground Christmas morning. We've gone slightly overboard this year.

Since Friday, the Sault has received over 77cm and that's not including accumulation from midnight Saturday to Christmas morning. Unofficially, another 30cm fell in that time frame.

To put things in perspective, last winter the Sault maintained a snow pack of 40 to 50cm - that was for the entire winter
. As of Christmas morning, we have seen over 100cm and it's still snowing.