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Wed, 07 Dec 2022
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Extreme Temperatures


Did Powder Mountain, Utah just get one of its biggest dumps of the season? On June 20th?!

Powder Mountain, UT

Powder Mountain, UT
The mountains of Utah got a dusting of snow yesterday morning, June 20th, 2022, as a cold front moved across the Wasatch.

While the dusting was gone by the afternoon in most areas, it looks like Powder Mountain was definitely the 'winner' from this 'storm'.

The picture and tweet above, from Wasatch Snow Forecast, show the parking lot yesterday morning of cars with at least a few inches of fresh snow on them.

Looking at the snow history for the season, it could definitely be a top ten storm of 2022, but I'm not sure about the season?


2-feet of fresh June snow in Glacier National Park, Montana

Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park, MT on June 18, 202
© Glacier National Park
Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park, MT on June 18, 202
Glacier National Park, MT reported 2′ of fresh snow at 6,250′ on the Going-To-The-Sun road yesterday, June 18, 2022.

It's been a very strange spring in North America with plenty of cold and snow after many areas saw almost no snow in January, February, and March this season.

There is currently no estimate on when the road will open for the summer season.

Ice Cube

On Saturday, Greenland's surface mass balance gained a record-smashing 7 gigatons

If you want proof of mainstream media manipulation and agenda driving drivel, you need look no further than the "official" reporting of the Greenland ice sheet - the poster child for anthropogenic global warming. If today's intensifying energy crisis wasn't rooted in said obfuscations, all of this would be laughable.

Impressive surface mass balance (SMB) readings - a calculation to determine the 'health' of a glacier - have been posted across the Greenland ice sheet all season. But the cherry, at least for me, is taken by Saturday's record-smashing 7 Gigaton GAIN - particularly when you consider the glacier should be losing mass at this time of year.

The MSM appears to love dumb, decontextualized headlines to advance their AGW narrative. So here's one for them:

Greenland's Recent SMB Gains Enough To Bury Central Park, New York City Under 7,833 Feet Of Ice... (it's true, do the math).


Snow flurries hit Lake Tahoe — in June! — the third time this month

The views from the trails near Lake Tahoe’s Incline Village are spectacular.
© Angela Rudolph
The views from the trails near Lake Tahoe’s Incline Village are spectacular.

The summer season at Lake Tahoe has been off to a chilly start, with snow flurries at Incline Village and rain showers around the lake Saturday hampering sunbathing and boating.

"It doesn't look or feel anything remotely like mid-June," said meteorologist Scott McGuire of the National Weather Service's Reno office.

Saturday's snow marks the third time so far this month that snow, however light, fell on the Tahoe area. And as much as it may have ruined picnic plans, "it won't do anything remotely to put a damper into the drought we're experiencing," McGuire said.


British Columbia's snowpack 198% of normal, flood risk remains high for much of the province

© BC River Forecast Centre
As the warmer weather of July approaches, flood risk across the province remains high due to the delayed snow melt following a much cooler and wetter spring.

The BC River Forecast Centre's final snow bulletin for 2022 indicates that snowpacks across the province continue to be well above normal, increasing to 198% of normal over the past two weeks, up from 165% in early June.

Normally, about three-quarters of the accumulated snowpack has melted by mid-June. However, snow melt was delayed by two to four weeks due to the extended cooler weather in April and May.

All regions across BC with snow measurements have snow basin indices greater than 140% of normal levels.

Snow basin levels range from a low of 170% of normal in the Peace to a high of 1,331% in the Stikine region of northern BC.

Snowflake Cold

June-uary! Winter returns to Mount Washington, New Hampshire with snow, ice and below-freezing temperatures - hiker dies

© MWObs
Winter returned to Mount Washington, NH, over the weekend with a couple of inches of snow, below-freezing temperatures, and icing affecting the peak.

Check out these beautiful pictures shared by the Mount Washington Observatory.
© MWObs
A view of our June-uary weather this morning. The higher terrain of NH and ME will continue to see winter-like conditions through the day and into Sunday evening (June 19, 2022). Elevations above 4500 feet will continue to experience ambient air temperatures close to or below freezing, high winds (which will make it feel even colder on exposed skin), for summits in the clouds, rime/glaze ice coating everything, and some summits could even see some additional light snow accumulations (in addition to the 1.3 inches of snow/sleet that has fallen so far). Icy/snowy trail conditions can be expected in areas. If not adequately prepared, hypothermia and even frostbite can occur, especially with prolonged exposure. Winter weather could affect operations on/around Mt Washington and other mountain related operations around NH/ME. Please check websites or social media feeds and/or contact various services in advance to see if their operations might be affected on the day(s) you might be interested in visiting.

- MWObs


Baby swifts 'being cooked' alive as they leave nests in 100F heat wave in Spain

Hundreds of baby birds have been found scattered around streets in southern Spain after falling from their nests in a desperate attempt to escape an extreme summer heat wave.

The birds, swifts specifically, often make their nests in buildings where construction materials such as concrete or sheet metal are used. These conditions, combined with an ongoing Spanish heat wave that has seen temperatures soar to over 104 degrees Fahrenheit in recent days, can turn their nests into ovens.

"They're literally being cooked," said Elena Moreno Portillo, an animal activist at the Seville-based conservation group Ecourbe told The Guardian newspaper.

The group's Facebook page shows how people have been collecting boxes full of the baby birds. In Seville and Cordoba, where there are large urban colonies of swifts, as many as 100 have been collected in a single day.

Comment: Spain in grip of second earliest heatwave on record


Rainbow ski field in New Zealand to open early after 6 days of 'extraordinary' snow - 2 meters deep, drifts of 3 meters

The Rainbow Ski Area team has been working “non-stop” to get the mountain ready for the season, with plans to open two weeks early.

The Rainbow Ski Area team has been working “non-stop” to get the mountain ready for the season, with plans to open two weeks early.
The team at Rainbow was gearing up to start making snow this week. Instead, they've been digging through 3-metre snow drifts to get to the groomer.

Rainbow Ski Area mountain manager Thomas Harry said the snow over the past week could set them up for the season.

"It's extraordinary for this time of year ... We are stoked."

The team was now aiming to open next Friday for the Matariki public holiday - two weeks earlier than expected.

Ice Cube

German agency head warns of gas shortages, bankruptcies, and massive price hikes that will send 'shockwaves throughout the country'

Inflation is already taking its toll on the German economy, but next winter is now being described in near apocalyptic terms by one prominent German agency head.

Putin-Winter is Coming
© pikabu.ru
A gas shortage and high prices will send "shockwaves through the country," leading to landlords cutting the heat for tenants and widespread company bankruptcies, warned Klaus Müller, the head of Germany's Federal Network Agency, which is the regulatory office for electricity, gas, telecommunications, postal services, and railway markets.

Müller paints a bleak picture about the crisis in an interview with German newspaper Rheinische Post, saying it will "send shockwaves throughout the country. Banks will ramp up their business with installment loans, and ailing companies will fall into insolvency."

Müller's office, which is a federal agency within the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, has a bird's eye view of the economic situation in Germany and also special insight into how economic conditions will develop into the future.

Müller says he expects gas prices to continue to climb, resulting in increased inflation that goes far beyond energy. He also warns that there will be a dramatic lack of gas in the winter, which could lead to landlords turning down the heat to save on energy. In turn, Germans may have to grapple with colder apartments.


Thick layer of June snow blankets southeastern British Columbia community of Elkford

While much of the province has rain on the brain, it looks like winter forgot to leave one community. It's still a winter wonderland in Elkford, B.C., which is blanketed in a thick layer of snow.