The Signs Quick Guide

The aim of this page is to briefly describe some of the major players that are moving on the world scene today and contributing to the entropic decline of the human race as we know it. The format is a quick summation of the Signs Team's outlook (At least for now. We are always open to new information and changing our hypotheses), and a quick definition of the some of the terms that pop up regularly in commentary, with links to further reading for those interested. This page is not meant to be complete, but rather is to help those who come to the study of what is with no prior knowledge to quickly come up to speed, or to just give an idea for new readers what we are doing here.

We think that before we can engage in a truly creative act, we have to learn how to see the world as it really is, not as we wish it to be.

The Signs Team is not out to change the world, but this does not mean that we believe one should simply sit back and do nothing. Perhaps the act of seeing the terror of the situation is the first step towards Doing.

At the bottom of this page we have included two pieces of commentary from our Signs Archive.

All opinions and conclusions from external links do not necessarily reflect the Signs Team's outlook. As always, caveat lector.

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Without further ado, and in no particular order...

9/11: The terrorist act that is being used as an excuse by the US government for their current atrocities and stripping of freedoms. We think there is considerable evidence pointing to the complicity of certain factions within Israel and the US in the planning and implementation of these attacks. This is where the line has been drawn. Do you see it or do you keep your head in the sand?

Further Reading: 9/11: The Ultimate Truth, American Coup d'état, The 9/11 Cover Up, September 11: Did you know...?, questions, questions..., PentaLawn 2000!, Debunking Conspiracy Theorists: Paranoid Fantasies About 9-11 Detract From Real Issues, Oddities of 9/11, That Old 'BLACK MAJIC'  Doesn't Have Me In Its Spell - How About You?, September 11: 2 years later, Co-Opting the 9-11 Truth Movement

The War on Terrorism: Terrorism is the buzz word of the 21st Century. The real terrorists are in the White House, in the Sharon government, in the intelligence agencies in the US and Israel, in the KGB, in the Kremlin, etc. However, these state terrorists have managed to foment so much hatred around the world that terrorist cells may very well come out of the woodwork reacting to the oppression of weaker peoples by the imperial bullies. But isn't it curious that the FBI was called away from their investigations of such cells apparently operating within the US?

Terrorism is the tool of the global elite to herd the people into tighter controls which will be felt the world over even more so than now.

COINTELPRO: When congressional investigations, political trials and other traditional legal methods of repression failed to counter the growing movements of the 1950s, '60s and '70s, and even helped fuel them, the FBI and police moved outside the law. They used secret and systematic methods of fraud and force, far beyond mere surveillance, to sabotage constitutionally protected political activity. The purpose of the program was, in FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's own words, to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit and otherwise neutralize" specific groups and individuals. [1] COINTELPRO has now far expanded in scope to the point where the whole planet is an operation.

Further Reading: Cosmic COINTELPRO Timeline, CIA gets go-ahead for a return to murderous Cold War tactics, Chemical Hallucinations, Mind Control, and Dr. Jose Delgado, The Star of  Sorcerers, [1] A Short History of FBI COINTELPRO

Puppet Masters: The real controllers of our little planet are hidden in the shadows. The control hierarchy is shaped in the form of a pyramid. The higher the level, the more feeding on those below. Anyone with a publicly known name is not at the top level, but is likely high enough to engender pain and misery on planet earth. We refer to them as the puppet masters, more to poke fun at the puppets than anything else. Puppets tend to be psychopaths, with the belief that they are somehow special or superior rather than just pawns with a low price tag.

Further Reading: The Gods of Eden, The Stargate Conspiracy: A Review, analysis, and commentary on the book by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

George W. Bush: Current President of the United States, although not really, since he stole the election with help from brother Jeb and his daddy's friends. Semantic aphasia, obvious joy in death and destruction, misguided belief in his great exploits, and his direct line to "God" point to the fact that he is a psychopath. Comes from a long line of psychopaths and Nazi supporters.

Using the excuse of 9/11, Bush is pushing the Patriot Act through and is declaring perpetual war.

Further Reading: Bush Wars, Bush Family Values Photo Album, DUBYASPEAK, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, Bush and Hitler: Compare and Contrast, Timeline of Treason: The Bush Family Connections to the Nazis

Karl Rove: The guy who shapes all the speeches and carefully crafts all of Bush's appearances for the best hypnotic effect on the sheeple. Recently promoted to deputy White House chief of staff. The promotion expands his power from politics and strategy to also include coordination of foreign and domestic policies. Karl Rove's grandfather helped run the Nazi Party, and helped build the Birkenau Death Camp.

Further Reading: Fourth Reich?

Tony Blair: Current British PM, who forced his country to follow the US into the Iraq Invasion despite one of the largest public protests and outcry. A psychopath as well.

Further Reading: Blair, plausible psychopath, 'set to implode'

John F. Kennedy: His assassination and the subsequent "lone nut theory" foisted on the public served as the Big Lie in setting up the US people for the events of today. By buying into the Big Lie, they effectively gave the Puppet Masters permission to take it to another level. Despite the evidence, most US citizens refused to see what is, and therefore paved the way for the many horrors that were to come. The US was the victim of a coup, and most could not bring themselves to care, choosing instead to believe in a lie.

Further Reading: Signs Supplement: The Kennedy Assassination

Ariel Sharon: Current Prime Minister of Israel, AKA The Butcher Of Sabra And Chatila.

Further Reading: The Legacy Of Ariel Sharon, Sharon's Official Biography from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs: With annotations from The Electronic Intifada

Religion: Interesting that in the 21st Century humankind is still waging war over religion. The Crusades, the Wars of Religion in France, the fighting between Hindus and Muslims, Catholic versus Protestant in Ireland, and the Inquisition have not been enough to awaken people to the horrors of monotheism and belief. It seems that Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism have created some sort of perverse alliance against Islam. We have Christians wanting Armageddon, and so support Judaism to "Bring it On", assuming they will be raptured before it gets really bad down here. We have radicals and moderates. We have sects, factions, splinters, cults, etc. It seems everyone wants their religion to be dominant to validate their choice and their god, assuming their god needs their help.

Free will and learning to think for oneself never seems to enter the picture. A handy device to control a lot of people.

Further Reading: Who Wrote the Bible?, Truth or Lies, The Curse of Cain: The Violent Legacy of Monotheism

New Age: COINTELPRO inspired replacement for traditional religion. Out of the frying pan and into the fire tactic used to herd people away from thinking for themselves, and seeing the true nature of reality. The love and light brigade generally refuse to see what is, considering they know better than the universe how things should be. Usually incorporates twists on Christian salvation rhetoric, which include friendly aliens and such. These sources often include truth with a twist that can be difficult to discern at first, particularly for those who have no knowledge of how the world works, or understand free will.

Further Reading: Why You Don't Create Your Own Reality, Cosmic Spam, A Survey of Channeling, The Adventure Series, Schwaller de Lubicz and the Fourth Reich

Cults: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hindu are the main forces for socio-religious cultic thinking patterns. They make sure you remain a good sheep, while setting themselves up as the shepard.

Further Reading: Cult-ivating Terror, Truth or Lies,

The Second Amendment- The Right to Bear Arms: Let's see . . . the US Government spends somewhere around $500 billion for defense, is implementing Homeland Security, has a multitude of alphabet agencies, the National Guard, Police and Swat teams, and yet there continue to be people who think they can hole up somewhere with their guns and ammo, preparing an armed resistance to the New World Order when UN troops start rolling into Smalltown, USA.

People in the US have been brainwashed into thinking that freedom and liberty are related to the sacred right of bearing arms. What good does a gun under the bed do when government is controlled by a small number of oil merchants, arms manufacturers, and financiers?

There are many sites that keep an eye on the news, focus on the Second Amendment, and fixate on liberal bashing. We think they are missing the point of seeing. We think that more violence is only going to lead to stricter controls. These militia factions have unquestioningly accepted the enemy they were told to have and the role they have been assigned in the Police State, duped by a COINTELPRO campaign.

While these groups may focus their ire on the federal government of the US, complaining about those "socialists" in power that have made the government unresponsive to The People, they rarely put into question the role of the US in the world, as well as its domination of other countries. This US attitude is due to the American people. It is easy to see who is pulling their strings.

Of course, if these "Patriots" ever revolt, the government and their media lackeys will just say they are a cult, come with superior fire power, and blow them away while US citizens cheer them on.

Suicide Bombing: Ever notice how Mossad has a complete profile of the "suicide bomber" immediately after a suicide bombing? Ever notice how suicide bombings are used to justify what Israel wanted to do in the first place? Ever notice that those Palestinians sure must be dumb to keep bombing civilian targets and are surely not helping their cause in the eyes of the world? Ever notice that no places are bombed that would help the Palestinians strategically, such as military targets? Others have also. At least those that think.

Further Reading: Sharon's Fingerprints on Latest Suicide Bombing, Tooth Fairies And Suicide Bombers

John Ashcroft: Former Attorney General of the US who pushed for the Patriot Act to be passed with a PR campaign entitled the Victory Tour. Another big leap toward a police state and the complete eradication of freedom in the US.

Further Reading: The Triumph of Neoracism., Ashcroft's Narco-Terror War, How to Survive in Ashcroft's America, Mr. Ashcroft's Neighborhood

Alberto Gonzales: The new Attorney General of the US, and advocate of torture.

Further Reading: The Torture Papers: The Road to Abu Ghraib

Donald Rumsfeld: Current US Defense Secretary says using your American right to criticize the President encourages terrorism. Described as a despot by Henry Kissinger himself. Also worked in public relations promoting neurotoxins such as aspartame. Had a previous tour of duty as Secretary of Defense under Gerald Ford, the other unelected President and member of the Warren Commission.

Further Reading: The two faces of Rumsfeld, The Origins of the Bush Iraq War Plan

Matrix: A handy metaphor for how the machine of our reality works. Understanding how this machine works is of the utmost importance.

Further Reading: The Wave

The Patriot Act: Just before the capture of "Saddam", Bush signed even more powers over to the police state. Control and Greed are the motivations for these laws. They are making legal what the US government was already doing illegally.

Further Reading: Paranoia: The Conspiracy Reader, Get Ready for PATRIOT II

Alphabet Agencies: Numerous US Federal agencies who have little abbreviations to distinguish them. Many have clandestine activities as their main commodity, others have what appear to be more mundane duties, although with a little research one quickly learns that many are up to their eyeballs in corruption:

ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics, CIA Central Intelligence Agency, EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EPA Environmental Protection Agency, FAA Federal Aviation Authority, FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation, FCC Federal Communications Commission, FDA Food and Drug Administration, FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, FLRA Federal Labor Relations Authority, FRB Federal Reserve Board, FTC Federal Trade Commission, GPO Government Printing Office, HHS Health and Human Services (formerly HEW), HEW Health Education and Welfare, ICC Interstate Commerce Commission, INS Immigration and Naturalization Service, IRS Internal Revenue Service, LC Library of Congress, MSPB Merit Systems Protection Board, NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NIMA National Imagery and Mapping Agency, NIMH National Institute of Mental Health, NLM National Library of Medicine, NLRB National Labor Relations Board, NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NSA National Security Agency, NTIS National Technical Information Service, NTSB National Transportation Safety Board, OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OMB Office of Management and Budget, VA Veterans Administration...

...and a few others we probably missed.

Mossad: Israel's secret service with a license to kill in a country near you.

Further reading: Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad, The U.S. Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu, Our Vichy Congress, Ross Institute: COINTELPRO or Agent of Mossad?, By Way of Deception

Zionism: A fundamentalist form of Judaism that is racist in its implications. God's one and only chosen people who gave them Israel as a covenant. They collaborated with Hitler during the thirties to entice settlers to Palestine, then left those who didn't want to leave to be killed.

Further reading: The Jewish Tribal Review, The Causes of Hostility Towards Jews: A Historical Overview, NETUREI KARTA: Jews against Zionism, The Culture of Critique, The Zionist Vision of "Eretz Israel"

Anti-Semitism: A ridiculous state of hostility toward or prejudice against Jews or Judaism. As if hating anyone will fix anything. Having said that, discussing Israeli policies and war crimes is actively being associated by Jewish organizations with anti-Semitism. A convenient way to shut down any discussion and to hinder further investigation as to what is really going on in the world. The term is bandied about as a slur, actually endangering peoples' lives, with the laws against anti-Semitism in many countries. The main stream media rarely covers Jewish dissent regarding Israeli policies.

Further Reading: The Politics of Anti-Semitism

Assassination: Standard tool of political maneuvering.

Further Reading: The Bush Body Count, Skolnick's Reports, The John Stockwell page

Conspiracy: The only reality. On the other hand, seeing conspiracies everywhere will make you a candidate for the nut house. Sometimes a plane crash is just a plane crash.

Further Reading: Something Wicked This Way Comes, Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower, UFOs and the National Security State, A Short History of FBI COINTELPRO, The Taking of America 1-2-3, Opium Lords

Patriotism: The dictionary definition is love of and devotion to one's country. The meaning has now become so corrupt that it means an uncritical, illogical following of the country of your birth right into the black hole of fascism. Ego identification that your country is far superior to all others by virtue of your birth in the country, and all those who love the country should shut the hell up or be thrown into a concentration camp.

Further reading: The Necessity for Enlightened Thinking, The Nazi Hydra In Fascist America, The "Good German" Syndrome

Hamas: Islamic terrorist group in Palestine, funded and supported by Israel in the 80's to encourage a counterweight to Arafat. One can ask the question today, how much influence does Israeli intelligence still have within Hamas?

Further Reading: Sharon's Terror Child, Unholy alliance - Sharon, Hamas work in concert against peace

Fundamentalism: The cultish belief that one is among the chosen people of God.

Further Reading: Who Wrote the Bible?, Jewish Tribal Review

Politics: More or less a circus for your distraction. Voting does not equal democracy when "public servants" all take their orders, not from the people, but from their own greed or their puppet masters. In the US there is the breakdown of Liberal/Conservative. Mere ego identification, since they are both the same.

Further Reading: The Psychopathology of Politics

Diebold: One of the manufacturers of electronic voting machines. By moving to computer-based voting machines, all paper trace of actual votes has been eliminated, leaving no paper records to permit verification that the votes actually correspond to reality. Perhaps they are attempting to cut back on assassinations and other scandals like what happened in Florida.

"If voting could really change things, it would be illegal." - Excerpt from the Diebold Documents  

Further Reading: Mark Crispin Miller, USA Coup II

United States: Unfortunately, The current fascist state. The country that symbolized freedom is having those freedoms systematically dismantled. Despite public outcry, Bush is following his agenda unabated. Americans are probably being set up much the same way that the Germans were before WWII. US corporations and politicians funded the Nazis, and now they are funding the current fascist regime. Operation Paperclip, the US government program to bring Nazi scientists and intelligence agents to the US after WWII, staffed the US space program and set up a US controlled intelligence gathering and dirty tricks network around in Europe and Latin America. The current military-industrial complex is heavily influenced by the same ideology. These are sad days indeed for those of us who love the US.

Further Reading: Something Wicked This Way Comes, Independence Day, America - Who is Responsible?, Oh Say, Can You See?

Israel: With a butcher as a Prime Minister, a population largely fundamentalist in belief, residing in a country stolen from the original residents, and funded by the USA.

Further Reading: The New United States of Israel, Israeli Soldiers Resisting the Occupation: Why We Refuse to Fight, Iraq was invaded 'to protect Israel' - US official

Palestine: To understand what is currently going on in the world today, we need to know that in 1948 Zionists expelled 750,000 Palestinians from their homes, in 1967, the Israelis forced another 350,000 Palestinians to move. Palestinians are always under the gaze of the Zionist army and there have been forced marches and massacres since the Balfour Agreement, right up to today.

Further Reading: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, The Electronic Intifada, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

Yasser Arafat: Forced into exile in his own compound, constantly hounded and blamed for every outburst of violence, he finally succumbed to a mysterious illness in a hospital in France. He was set up by Israel and the US, by offering him peace terms they knew he could not take back to the people of Palestine.

Further Reading:, Israeli Cabinet Communique approving removal of Arafat

Iraq: Saddam Hussein, buddy of George H. W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld, was put into office by the CIA. Now the citizens of Iraq are having their country torn apart by the US, and they can expect to have most of their country polluted with depleted uranium for the next 4.5 billion years.

Iran: The next target of the Bush Reich/Mossad? The case is currently being built, and Mossad had a little meeting in Washington D.C. to make their case.

Further Reading: Scott Ritter says US attack on Iran planned for June

India: Recently hosted Ariel Sharon, and are starting to purchase arms from Israel much to the alarm of India's large Muslim population and Pakistan. As if tensions were not high enough with Pakistan, with whom they very nearly conducted nuclear war with in 1999.

Rafik Hariri: Was one of the few "men of peace" left in the Middle East. In his two terms as Lebanese PM since 1990, he had brought Lebanon out of the carnage wrought by 15 years of civil war and set it well on the way to becoming once more the "Paris of the Middle East." Most likely assassinated by Mossad, since they are the only ones who could possibly benefit from the brutal murder. His murder may be used as an excuse to invade Syria by US and/or Israel.

Further Reading: Signs of the Times Feb. 15th and Feb. 16th

Syria: Yet another target of the Bush Reich/ Mossad. The Zionists want part of Syria for themselves. The country is bordered by Palestine, Lebanon, and the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey, Iraq, and Jordan. The US claimed that Syria was sending terrorists to Iraq, and that may be enough reason to invade them in the war on terror. Recently invaded by Israel with claims of terrorist camps, thanks to all those helpful suicide bombings.

China: Coming into its own as a global super power, and has overtaken the US in consumer spending. The second largest holder of US debt. Thanks to the War Spending Machine, Bush has made the US economy entirely dependent upon the good graces of Asia. Despite this delicate state of events Bush and Congress have been harassing China, blaming them for hurting the US economy and tossing about vague threats that they need to be more democratic.

United Kingdom: The government is a willing partner in the US led war on terror despite huge protests from the people. Frequent warnings and terror drills to convince UK citizens that the government is doing the right thing by being the little lap dog of the US. Much rumor, almost impossible to verify, that the UK controls the US government.

Australia: Another US lap dog. Their own press claims they are the most spied on people in the world. Recently made it illegal for journalists to report on the conditions of prisoners jailed on vague charges of terrorism.

European Union: May lead to stricter controls and loss of freedoms as power is consolidated. On the other hand, may be able to at least stand up to the US/Israel led destruction of the world. France and Germany, out of their own national interests, have been voicing strong opposition to the unipolar model of the world espoused by the Bush administration. However, the new arrivals from the former Eastern bloc have been bought off by US dollars and appear ready to sow dissension within the EC along with Bush's cronies in Britain, Italy, and Spain.

The future is open, but we have our doubts that much of any good will come about from it. See One World Government.

Africa: Thanks to US, WTO, and IMF repressive trade policies, and raping of the land for rich citizens of other countries, many countries of Africa have descended into civil war, poverty and malnutrition. US military presence there looking for terrorists. Some countries, such as Nigeria, have impressive oil reserves.

United Nations: At times, seems to play "good cop" to the USA's "bad cop". Partly responsible for the destructive and terrifying embargoes against Iraq resulting in much starvation and destruction.

New World Order: It's here. What do you think of it?

One World Government: It's already here. The UN is not going to bring it on, as much rumor on the internet seems to blare. Many international political maneuverings are a charade for your viewing pleasure.

Big Brother: Thanks to Orwell, we have a handy phrase for the US government!

Video: Enjoy the Police State!
Further Reading: Timeline: Electromagnetic Weapons, Satellite Surveillance and "Harassment" Technologies

Propaganda: Pretty much everything you read in the newspaper, hear on the radio, and most definitely see on television.

Further Reading: Propaganda Critic, SourceWatch

Apocalypse: The supposed final war and End of the World much ballyhooed by fundamentalists. Many Christians support Zionism, believing they are supposed to help bring about the End Times. Also see COINTELPRO.

Further Reading: Will the World End on Thursday?, Event Horizon: Incoming and Fast!

You: What you see must be important. Look at all the resources being expended to keep you in line.

"Almost all people are hypnotics. The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced, and the people believed properly."
- Charles H. Fort

Further Reading: To Be or Not to Be, The Taste For Things That Are True, Splitting Realities?

Colorado: Strange things are afoot in the mountains and underground. Home of NORAD, and recent NATO maneuvers. There is much talk regarding the mysterious Denver Airport, which went over budget and took too much time to be built.

Further Reading: The Denver Airport Material

Why do you cover climate change, natural disasters and weather patterns?

We are paying attention to the signs. Ice ages and natural disasters follow cyclical patterns. We are overdue.

Further Reading: Ancient Science

Why Do you cover UFO's, Crop Circles, Archaeology, Fortean phenomena?

These phenomenon are merely a part of reality, and bursts of "Fortean" phenomena often accompany major shifts. We make no claims to understanding the exact nature of these things, but it is interesting to track media coverage of these items - or lack of coverage.

Further Reading: Charles Fort, Forbidden Archeology, UFOs and the National Security State, Monsters, The Chilbolton Crop Circle, The Case For The UFO, Mysterious Smoke Rings or When is a Cloud not a Cloud?

Why so much focus on psychopathology?

The psychopath is humankind's natural predator, and not knowing about them is like being dropped in the middle of the jungle blindfolded, and both arms tied behind your back and expecting to get out alive. One of the most misunderstood and covered up topics, but that is slowly changing.

Further Reading: Special Report on Psychopathy, The Mask of Sanity, "Official Culture" in America: A Natural State of Psychopathy?, The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence

Why do you encourage readers to send in reports?

It is a huge task to track down all the relevant reports that contribute toward seeing the world as it is, and we ask the help of our readers, often publishing their comments or eye witness reports (anonymously). We particularly appreciate reports from the readers' local area.

Further reading: Dear Readers...

Is there any order to the articles and links posted?

We generally post stories in a thematic structure which requires a lot of time and effort, so the interested reader can notice how one story connects to the other - a job the media is often uninterested in doing. We post news from a wide variety of topics looking for patterns and relationships.

Further Reading: The Signs of the Times Archives

What is this "And Finally . . ." all about?

If you have made it through the whole Signs page, then you deserve a slight laugh at the very least. Of course, we meet this challenge with varying degrees of success. Some days we just don't have it in us, and can't do it.

Who is the Signs Team?

A group of international researchers who keep an eye out on the news and are committed to reading what is between the lines, all with the common goal of looking to see what is really behind the news. Thanks to the technological wonder of the Internet, they are able to work together and assemble a page every day with the latest news, accompanied by further research and commentary.

What are the Signs Supplements about?

When we notice certain patterns after collecting enough data on one particular subject, we will pull it together in one convenient document, usually with additional commentary and research.

See our site map, under the heading SOTT Special Reports, for a complete list.

What are these 'A' influences and 'B' influences mentioned in the commentary?

These terms are adopted from Boris Mouravieff's three-book series entitled Gnosis. Mouravieff calls the influences of the material world, the Matrix, the predator's mind, etc, the "A influences." He has diagrams showing how they affect the consciousness. The influences of the esoteric center, the "real world" concealed by the "matrix illusion," the "truth," are called "B influences."

Further Reading: Commentary on Boris Mouravieff's Gnosis

What is the difference between the Entropic Principle and the Creative Principle?

The Fourth Way, also known as Esoteric Christianity, teachings that we suspect are much older than the man known to us as the Christ, indicates that man is endowed with three lower centres and two higher centres. Through work on oneself, the alignment of the lower centres to form the magnetic centre, and the subsequent establishing of a link with the higher centres, one is able to forge a link with the Creative Principle, the consciousness that is the basis of all existence.

As we establish this connection, we are able to transduce this Creative energy and bring it into this world. We honour our Creator by becoming creators ourselves, in all we do.

Those who do not develop the higher centres do not transduce this Creative Energy. Rather than transducing energy, they fall further and further into a state of Entropy. Entropy is the default position, the direction one goes when allowing oneself to be buffeted around by outside forces.

One chooses whether to align oneself with the Creative Principle or with the Entropic Principle. One must actively choose Creation. No choice at all is a choice for Entropy.

Not enough people who care

George Bush has murdered over 10,000 Iraqis. He has condemned United States serviceman and Iraqi civilians to a short life full of pain and sickness from depleted uranium radiation. Israel has threatened to murder Arafat, igniting the world in a fire that could very well consume us all.

The CIA, in the past, has overthrown TWENTY popularly elected, fully functioning democracies, done primarily in secret, with hardly a ripple in the mass murder media. Now the psychopaths have been able to drop the mask of sanity and wage their murderous rampages in the public view. How can they get away with it?

Because not enough people care.

Bush and his ilk are mere mechanical agents of entropy. Machines. Performing the natural function of the predator. Humanity has allowed these predators free reign, with little resistance.

We see our job here at Signs of the Times as an attempt to see what is, to see objective reality. We are learning to see this objective reality as we go, and everyday we deal with the related shocks, and every day we uncover a little bit more of the terror of the situation.

One of the most shocking aspects of our work has been to realise that most people do not seem to care.

We recently received several emails telling us how we don't deal enough with spiritual issues, asking where is the joy of discovery, telling us how our work is too dark or "bitter". Instead of simply finding a site more to their liking, (the Internet is vast after all) these readers feel compelled to tell us off, to show us the error of our ways. They want us to change the direction of our work.

Is it because they do not care what is happening in their world?

We live in this world, obviously, because we belong here. If we did not belong here than we would be somewhere else. Pretty simple. Before we can even begin to be able to do, to take action, we have to see what is. The vast majority of people do not want to see what is. That is fine. We consider honoring free will to be of the highest importance. Even if most of humanity do not value the free will of the Iraqis to not be invaded, the free will of the US serviceman to not be poisoned, and their own free will to not be manipulated by lies and propaganda.

We do not invest our time and energy in the Signs of the Times page for those who do not value free will. Who do not care about their fellow human beings. Who do not care about being manipulated by lies. Who do not care enough to give a lie what it asks for - the truth.

We do it for those who want to accompany us on a journey. Who want to share in the unveiling of objective reality, for we are learning right along with you. For the record, we have received more emails from supporters of the Signs page than we have from those who find it distasteful, and it helps. It shows that there are still, even if a minority, of human beings who care. We are all on the quest for something of real beauty - The Truth.

We can certainly understand the perspective of those who write us and want us to change direction. It is shocking and painful to see our reality for what it is - the domain of the predator. Not only the predator out there, but the predator within, from which none of us are immune. The predator whispers, 'everything will be okay, the earth is still here, 'twas ever so', war is hell,' etc. etc.

But the only way this site can continue, despite the attacks, is if there are enough people who care.

On Becoming a Seer

Once we begin to see what IS, then we can learn that what is happening around us is not personal, we can learn to see objectively.

A common theme that runs through the emails we receive here is the fact that many readers feel alone in what they are beginning to see. They notice that they may be the only ones in their work and/or home environments that have that uneasy feeling of encroaching darkness. That creeping fascism may have always been with us, but it has certainly blasted its way into the world scene with a whirl wind force made evident to all those who care.

Those who have the potential to see often have self doubt. They begin to think, "if I am the only one who feels this way, maybe I am the crazy one," or similar such thoughts. If there is a psychopath in their lives, they tend to blame themselves.

New age COINTELPRO has added all kinds of strange and bizarre baggage to the word "seer". It is often used for one who has visions or reality 'bleedthroughs'. Visions of this sort do us no good in attempting to conduct ourselves in the here and now. They are subjective interpretations impossible to verify objectively. They can even inhibit our functioning in this reality - the reality in which we reside, in which we belong.

Seeing who we are needs to be balanced with seeing objective reality "out there" otherwise it is merely navel gazing. We have all built grand and glorious subjective realities, assigned each thing and person some symbolic meaning, known only to us.

To many, the USA symbolizes freedom. This is a subjective interpretation. Ask the activists, who are demonstrating at the WTO conference in Cancun, what the USA symbolizes to them. Ask the Chilean population, on the 30th Anniversary of the overthrow of their popularly elected government, what the USA represents to them. Enough absorption of objective fact overthrows this subjective symbolism, for those who value truth and free will above all else.

Subjective realities or lies or illusions are held about ourselves, families, friends, politics and everything that commonly impacts our lives. Those who seek truth begin to destroy their own subjective realities by the very act of seeking. They are willing to give up narcissistic god-play for something greater. True Creativity. Creativity based on objectivity and not based on illusion. No one can give you this, they can only accompany you on the journey.

Everyone has their subjective realities destroyed at some point. Psychopaths like George Bush are mechanical agents of entropy or 'destroyers'. They may very well take us all to the brink, where we all have to face and see what this reality truly consists of, no matter how we have tried to hide from it.

In the process of seeking objective truth, subjective illusions must be given up. Only then can we begin to objectively see the action of psychopaths in our lives. We will gain the confidence to stand up for ourselves, perhaps timidly at first, but with the pursuit of knowledge comes a certain measure of confidence. We will know that what we see is what IS, and we can then begin to choose whether to act or not. We become responsible.

The Signs of the Times is dedicated to those lovers of truth, who are willing to begin to see.

You are not alone.

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