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Signs of the Times for Thu, 02 Mar 2006

Signs Editorial:

By Ted Bohne
28 Feb 06

This is a call to action. It is addressed to every American who can read, most especially Veterans of any sort. We can and must now consider the option of relieving the regime of George Walker Bush of his command. This includes ALL of his associates. We cannot, and MUST not let this situation degenerate any further.

The men who founded this country, despite fear and uncertainty, at some point, had to decide IN SPITE of fear and uncertainty that founding this nation was of such great importance that they had to set these fears aside and ride into battle to form and save it. To make it a bastion of peace, safety, and hope towards an uncertain future. Our HOMELAND. If these men could see what has become of the country they and their progeny handed down to us, I can imagine the tear-stained faces seeing what a small group of miscreants has done to the United States, and the agony of seeing what has happened to long held respect for the same by the rest of the world.

If you’d call yourselves AMERICAN, then we must stop this “cancer” now, and attempt to restore ourselves back on the good road to DEMOCRACY.

There are still a few steps that can be taken to let the Bush Regime know that they are to cease and desist forthwith, and prepare to be boarded.

First. There is the INTERNATIONAL COURT OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE in The Hague. We CAN petition them to enact a trial in abstentia against the Regime of George Walker Bush and ALL of his associates in a brief to be prepared by those skilled in things of a legal nature, perhaps Ramsey Clark. With enough people, we CAN get the necessary signatures and make ourselves known to the ICC ASAP! This might be enough to demonstrate to the Bush Regime that its days of having any influence in the United States are over. That they should, without delay, gather their possessions and depart Washington, the District of Columbia, immediately or without delay. At that time, all orders, directions, and any other form of action directed by these People will be Null and Void.

Second, if this action fails, then we as the OWNERS AND CITIZENRY of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA must then sadly and angrily consider the display and possible use of our collective FIST to these animals, and demand under the pain of force, to cease all activity and depart forthwith.

We stand at an historic crossroad. One never seen before in this land. That fact will not work in our favor because we have never raised a hand to an ELECTED government before. I am sure we’ve seen in hindsight where action was probably indicated, but THIS point DEMANDS ACTION AND NOW. Writing letters to any and everyone you know is required. Further, an effort to forge a union with other bloggers and News sites must be attempted to bring as many people into this union as possible. Our strength WILL ONLY BE IN NUMBERS! So if we can’t persuade the corporate media for assistance in this endeavor, then the many Internet sites must join. It is time to ride out in the name of this quest. Every minute we wait, lives are lost, disparaging changes are made, and probably of most importance, the World’s respect for the United States is now hemorrhaging.

Finally, we must consider our own progeny and theirs. We must leave this world better than when it was handed to us. Other parents, world wide, wish this too. I have no problem taking the fall for this endeavor, or the first bullet. But BY GOD we can offer not one more excuse. Let us be about the business NOW OF TAKING BACK THIS LAND and LET FREEDOM RING!!!

Ted Bohne is a Vietnam Vet, and former U.S. Army Ranger, 51 years old, disabled, formerly a paramedic and adjunct faculty at Texas Tech University School of Medicine and tenured faculty at Odessa College, Odessa Texas.

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