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Tue, 22 May 2018
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Serious weather in Australia

Serious weather in Australia
Tree shadow

Feng Shui Shadow
Uranosaki station, Yamashiro-chō Tachiiwa, Imari City, Saga Prefecture

Earthset from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
© NASA/GSFC/Arizona State U./Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
Earth rising
Moscow region, storms

Meanwhile in the Moscow region
Colima volcano in Mexico
© Sergio Tapiro Velasco/National Geographic
Dark Light
Nikon D610 Tamron 150-600 Czech Republic
© Vlad Sokolovskij
Let there be light tomorrow
© Anatolij Vostochnyi
Let there be light tomorrow
Bromo Startrails by Silentino Natti
© Silentino Natti
Bromo Startrails